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If you want to boost the experience of your shower time and make it more fun,  best led shower head is the perfect choice for you. 

Led shower heads are great for you and your family if you want to give spice to your shower time. Your kids will fall in love with them and will enjoy their showers more than ever. Just imagine the delight of taking a shower under rays of constantly changing beautiful led lights. Isn’t it amazing?

LED technology is everywhere! In our lighting, this electronic component is capable of emitting up to 100 lumens per watt is becoming a part of our daily life. Today, you can find LED shoes, LED clothes, and even LED shower heads! We are going to review the 10 best led shower heads, that you can easily fit on your standard shower without breaking the bank. What can it be used for? We sometimes ask questions about the usefulness, operation, or reliability of such things. At first glance, it seems futile, but when you discover its characteristics and how it works, you quickly change your mind! This new technology i.e. the light shower is more and more trendy!

Some features of the led shower head:

Besides being only a luminous bath accessory, the LED shower head incorporates many practical features:

•    It allows you to monitor your water consumption and subsequently save money on your bill.

•    Also allows you to monitor the water temperature and instantly warns you if it is too high and could cause burns.

How does the Best LED shower head work?

It’s very simple, the hand shower is equipped with a hydraulic turbine which activates the small machine as soon as the fleet begins to sink. For the light shower to work, it does not need to be powered by batteries. The dynamo operates the LEDs, which subsequently deliver the lights of different colors. It is, therefore, more autonomous than the classic model.

The led shower head has a temperature sensor which has 4 illuminated buttons that tell us the indication of the heat of the water:

•    The green color indicates that the water is at a temperature between 0 ° and 32 °C, it appears first when you turn on the shower.

•    Blue color indicates water temperature exceeds 32 °C up to 40 °C.

•    And, pink color shows that the temperature is between 41 °C and 45 °C and that you have to be careful.

•    Finally, The red color indicates that the water temperature exceeds 46 °C and that there are dangers and a high risk of getting burned.

10 best led shower head review.

Powers shower Spa LED shower head with air jet

Product review:

The Powerspa led shower head has boost nozzle technology which changes color constantly. For the power of these led lights, there is no need for a battery. The power will be generated from running water. There are about 7 colors that change automatically after a few seconds. Moreover, the showerhead has an air jet design.

The air jet design of the shower maximizes the pressure of water output. To give led shower prevention from clogging, there is an inflow of oxygen in water by 48 elastic rub cleaning nozzles. Furthermore, the installation of the showerhead is tools free and you can connect it in a few minutes on your overhead of a standard shower. 


  • Supercharged hydro turbine
  • The design is an air jet to maximize the pressure.
  • There are about 48 elastic rub nozzles.
  • No battery required, running water will create power for the work of led lights.
  • There are about 4 settings: rain, water-saving economy mode, rain massage, and for rub cleaning there is a 3 zone dial. 
  • Easy to install
  • You can install it on any standard showerhead.
  • There are about 7 colors that change automatically.
  • There is a 1-year warranty with great customer service.


  • Manufacturer: Interlink Products
  • Item weight: 8 ounces
  • Product dimension: 5l, 5w, 5h, (Inch)
  • Item model number: 1500
  • color: chrome
  • Material: High-grade chrome-plated material
  • Customer ratings: 4 out of 5


  • Super easy to install
  • No battery required
  • Quality of material


  • 4 setting are a little difficult to distinguish

prugna Led shower head with hose and shower arm

Product review:

One of the main reasons for picking this product is the filtration system. It means this shower head will filter the water you are going to use for a shower. It removes harmful chemicals like chlorine and other impurities and provides clean water for your shower.

Furthermore, it has great health benefits and it increases the smoothness of skin as well as also reduces hair loss. Moreover, it helps in the reduction of oil secretion and kicks the viability of body cells.  With health and skin benefits, it also has a micro nozzle structure that is especially for saving water. The manufacturers claim that these micro nozzles save about 30% water than any normal showerhead.

Moreover, you can easily install this shower head on your standard shower arms. Last but not least the PRUGNA led shower head has a shower arm bracket and a 59-inch shower hose.


  • The pure filtration system removes 99% of the chemicals from shower water.
  • Small tiny holes help to save water up to 30%.
  • The flow rate of water is 6.7 -6.8 per minute at 0.25 mph. 
  • This led shower head has a flow setting and you can not adjust the spray setting with this showerhead.
  • For high performance change the filter beads after every 6 to 9 months.
  • No more damage to your skin and hairs from dirty water with a filtration system.
  • The showerhead includes 1 shower hose, 1 filter showerhead, 1 PTFE tape, and 1 shower arm bracket. 
  • The finish of the product is done with chrome.
  • There is about 90 days limited warranty.
  • 7 led lights that will change one after another after a few seconds.


  • Manufacturer: Heptagram
  • Part number: HD-SH-LF001-1
  • Product dimensions: 9 L, 3 W, 2.5 H, (inch)
  • Item weight: 8.2 ounces
  • finish : chrome
  • Customer rating 4.5 out of 5


  • Filtration system
  • Micro nozzles
  • Include all accessories


  • Sometimes you can face issues with light shows because of low water pressure.
  • The warranty time is limited

Dream spa All chrome water LED shower head

Product review:

It is one of the advanced and best-led shower heads with chrome water temperature and led shower with color-changing features. With this showerhead, there is no need for a battery. The power will be generated from running water output. The size of the showerhead is extra large and with about 5.25 inches chrome face and reflective perimeter rim. 

Moreover, the showerhead includes 5 different settings. The settings include. Pulsating massage, power rain, water-saving option, 3 zone dial with high power and hydro mist technology. There are rub cleaning jets with high power zones for anti-clogging features. The rim accent is designer beveled.  Furthermore, the process of installation of the showerhead can be done in a few minutes and you can install it at any standard shower arm.


  •  Chrome water temperature and color changing led lights.
  • Extra large size
  • 5 different settings to perform a different function without hassle
  • There is a water pause option for saving water during a shower.
  • No battery required with this showerhead
  • Maximum pressure of water with shower head
  • Provides setting of the pulsating massage
  • The installation of the shower is tool-free and you can do it in a few minutes.
  • It has a limited 1-year warranty and you can get great customer service in case of any mishap with your purchase.
  • The design of the showerhead is innovative with advanced features.
  • Angle adjustable shower head
  • There is blue, green red, and flashing red color which will change automatically.


  • Item model number: 1482
  • Manufacturer: interlinks product
  • Product weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Product dimension: 5l, 5 w, 4.5 h, (Inch)
  • Finish: chrome
  • Customer ratings: 3.9 out of 5


  • Bright shower with 5 different settings
  • Water-saving pause
  • The warranty card with great customer services


  • Color of led lights are limited

DELIPOP HN-11 LED shower head

Product review:

This is a led ceiling bathroom shower head that activates its light when water flows. The power is produced by the active flow of water and led lights to turn on. There are blue, red, and purple led lights that generate a beautiful view.

Moreover, the color of these led lights will change every second with the flow of water and according to water temperature. The temperature range of purple color is 32-38 degrees and the range of red is 39-45 degrees. For blue light temperature less than 31 degrees. It means if your water temperature will be low than 31 the shower will produce a blue color. The red color is also an indication that your water is hotter than normal. 


  • There are 3 sensors of water for different colors of led lights.
  • Red light is a warning of hot water and blue is an indication of normal water temperature.
  • There is no need for any battery, the lights will be on with the power of running water.
  • The led shower head is water-saving with great water pressure.
  • However, with great water pressure, you can feel some sounds of tripping water. But it is not annoying at all.
  • The material of the shower head is ABS chrome that has super resistance against corrosion and lights will not fade at all.


  • Manufacturer: Sears
  • Item model number: HN-11
  • Product dimension: 7.87 l, 7.87 w, 3.94 h, (inch)
  • Color: silver
  • Customer rating: 4.1 out of 5


  • Water-saving
  • Great water pressure
  • High-quality materials


  • No constant change of led light, instead it will change with water temperature.
  • There are only 3 colors of led lights with this showerhead.

PISSON Led shower head

Product review:

It is the perfect replacement for your standard showerhead and you can transfer shower time according to your desire. It is super easy to install and there is no need for any expertise or any tools for the fitting of this shower. Within a few minutes, you can fit this highly affordable shower head on your standard showerhead.

There is no need for any wiring or any battery for the performance of this showerhead. There are 7 led colors that will change automatically when water will flow down. These led lights will get power from flowing water and you will enjoy your shower time. The material of this led shower head is ABS plastic which is super durable and has rust-resistant features.


  • The led lights will automatically turn on with the flow of water. 
  • No battery required and power will get from running water.
  • No wiring as well as no battery
  • There are 2 settings, operating for this handheld showerhead.
  • You will get a unique atmosphere with 7 bright led lights during your shower time.
  • Tools free installation within just minutes. 
  • There are 30 days money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty in case of any issue with your shower head. Furthermore, with a warranty card, you will get great customer service.
  • It is a best-led shower head with an affordable price and great features.


  • Manufacturer: PISSION
  • Part number: PSH-A3
  • Item weight: 9.8 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 10.24l, 4.41w, 2.95h, (Inch)
  • color: multicolor
  • Customer rating: 4.1 out of 5


  • 7 different led lights
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • High-quality materials
  • A highly affordable price shower head


  • We don’t find any con of the product. Overall the product is amazing.

Hotel spa  3 colors LED Hand shower 

Product review:

This is a luxurious led shower head with 5  different power settings. It is a built-in temperature with automatic features in the showerhead.  Moreover, it has a color lighted display with an extra-large size of 4.25 inches. The settings include pause mode for water-saving, hydrating mist, pulsating massage, power rain, and economy rain.

The led shower head has blue, green, red, and flashing red colors on different ranges of temperature.

  • Blue: at 35c
  • Green: 35-42c
  • Red: 43-50c
  • Flashing red: 50c

Moreover, it includes all the required accessories like a hose and dual conical brass for tightening. The showerhead has a warranty of 1 year.   The installation of the showerhead can be done without any tool. 


  • The led shower head has a temperature display and led lights without the requirement of any battery. 
  • It has 5 different sizes of setting for high power. 
  • This is an led/LCD hand shower with multiple led lights.
  • Built-in automatic temperature with the sensor of color-changing light
  • The color of all the led lights will change automatically with the temperature of the water.
  • There is a 1-year warranty with hassle-free customer services.
  • The product is made in the USA.
  • The product includes all the required accessories, like a long ahss and brass tightening tools. 
  • Pause mode for saving water.

Product specification:

  • Manufacturer: hotel spa
  • Model number: 1485
  • Product dimensions: 6l, 9w, 4 h, (Inch)
  • color: chrome
  • Installation method: wall mounted
  • Flow rate: 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Customer rating: 4 out 


  • Flexible stainless steel hose
  • 5 different colors
  • Extra large size
  • No batteries required


  • It may slow water pressure during your shower.

PowerSpa all chrome 4 settings led shower head

Product review:

We made another pick from a power spa brand that is offering high-quality led shower heads with great prices and advanced features. It is one of the best models of led shower heads with chrome faces and no batteries or wirings. The power will be generated from the running water.

This led shower head has 7 different lights that are bright after every few seconds. It has a hydro supercharged turbine led with great design. It has an air jet design that maximizes water pressure output. Furthermore, there is the injection of oxygen with elastic nozzles for rub cleaning. These nozzles also prevent showers from clogging.  There are 3 zones for high power with a click action leveler. The chrome face of the showerhead is a 4-inch  chrome face. Last but not least there is no need for any installation tool for the fitting of the showerhead. You can easily fit it in your old shower in a few minutes.


  • High power 3 zones  with color changing led shower head
  • No battery, no wiring required
  • Led lights will get power for lightening from flowing water
  • There are rub cleaning jets for preventing clogging.
  • It has 4 inches all chrome face.
  • No requirement for installation, you can easily fit it on any standard shower head.
  • Turbine led
  • Seven changes of color automatically after some seconds
  • Limited 1-year warranty 
  • 48 elastic rub cleaning nozzles


  • Manufacturer: Interlink products
  • Item model number: 1491
  • Item weight: 8 ounces
  • Product dimension: 4l, 4w, 4h, (Inch)
  • Color: Chrome
  • Flow rate: 2.5 Gallons per minute
  • Customer rating: 3.6 out of 5


  • High-quality material
  • Include manual instructions
  • 7 different color changes


  • Chrome-plated plastic on chrome parts of the showerhead.

Dr.faucet Wall mounted Bathroom set with Led shower head

product review:

Here is the complete wall-mounted set with a led shower head from dr. faucet brand.  The set includes a hot & cold mixer, 2-way shower fixture, handheld design bathroom. There is a 12 inches copper-led rain shower with a rotated angle of 660 degrees. It is a copper handle shower. Including all these, it has a 79-inch long shower hose. It has mainly three colors that change automatically one after another. It is basically a rainfall showerhead. The color of led lights will change according to the temperature of the water.

  • For blue color: less than 82.4 F
  • Green color: 82.4 F- 100.4F
  • For red color: greater than 114.8F

You have to do the installation of the whole set manually. Here you can get help from a manual card. Last but not least, as the set has included all the accessories so you will not find any issue with installation. However, installation is necessary to be done in a proper way for perfect results.


  • No battery need only water power required that generate from water flow down
  • The surface of the complete set is chrome finished and polished.
  • The dimensions of the panel are 5.1-in and 7.1-in.
  • There are 12 pcs led lights and 196 pcs of shower nozzles.
  • Led lights will turn on automatically according to the temperature of the water.
  • Hot and cold water mixer for switching of water separation.
  • There is a 5 faucet shower set warranty as well as there is a 1-year warranty of the led shower head.


  • Manufacturer: Faucet
  • Item weight: 12.92 pounds
  • Product dimension: 18.9l, 12.6w, 6h, (Inch)
  • Chrome finished
  • Material: Copper
  • Customer rating: 4.3 out of 5


  • Full shower set
  • Chrome finished
  • Longer duration warranty


  • The color will change according to the temperature of the water. Some users may don’t like this feature

FYEER 16 inch Led rain shower head

Product review:

It is a quality shower head and large enough with a 12-inch diameter. Furthermore, it is a lightweight and very thin shower head. The thickness of the shower is 0.08 inches. Moreover, it is also perfect for a ceiling mount for a high flow of drenching rainfall. You will get a great spa experience with this beautifully designed showerhead.


  • The shower has premium coating technology with nickel finishing that makes it a smoother and beautiful shower head.
  • The shower has an adjustable angle for a high level of comfort.
  • The material of the shower head has stainless steel with nickel brushed.
  • The installation type of the shower head is wall and ceiling mount.
  • The flow rate of the shower head is 1.8 GMP
  • The power source of led lights is water flow
  • LEDs will change automatically


  • Manufacturer: Fyeer
  • Item model number: FN102508F
  • Item weight: 1.84 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 8.86l, 8.39w, 2.95h, (inch)
  • Customer ratings: 4.5 out of 5


  • Easy to install
  • Nickel finish, stainless steel material
  • Beautiful designed led shower head


  • You may feel a humming sound, however, it is just a noise of high pressure water running and you will not find any annoying issue with that.

DreamSpa AquaFan 12 inch all chrome rainfall

Product review:

It is a rain shower head with different led lights. This is a 12-inch all-chrome face showerhead with a curved fan design. For easy cleaning and anti-clogging features, there are about 123 rub-free cleaning jets. There is a sensor-operated with built-in temperature and a change in colors of showerhead automatically. With the installation of this aqua fan shower head, you will turn your standard washroom spa into a luxurious spa and can take a perfect shower at any time.


  • Led lights color change with the temperature of the water
  • 123 easy clean jets
  • 12-inch chrome face
  • Curved fan design
  • High power led shower head
  • No requirement for a battery
  • Installation without any tool
  • 1-year warranty and live customer services.


  • Manufacturer: interlinks product
  • Part number: 1489
  • Item weight: 1.32 pounds
  • Product dimension: 10l,10w, 5h, (Inch)
  • Customer ratings: 3.5 out of 5


  • Easy installation
  • The great accuracy of temperature for changing of lights


  • You can not change the water pressure


Q. Why should I buy a best-led shower head?

This is a common question that can come to your mind before the purchase of a led shower head. Well, the answer is, it totally depends on your preferences. But according to my personal experience with led showerheads, they are great inventions for bathrooms. There are the following reasons for this.

They look amazing:

First and foremost thing they will just change the look of your ordinary bathroom. They look amazing and a perfect addition to a standard shower head. You will get a great experience of the shower when you turn off the lights and you will take shower under constantly changing led lights. You should definitely give a try to any best-led shower lead. Believe me, you will fall in love with your shower time.

Perfect for children:

As we know, children usually avoid taking showers and we have to force them to shower. But once you have installed this amazing invention of technology in your bathroom, your kids will automatically love to take a shower every day.

The luxurious look of the washroom:

If you want to do some changes with your bathroom, or you don’t like your bathroom looks so much, then it’s time to get a led shower head. These showerheads will totally change the environment of your bathroom and who will see your bathroom will get impressed. Led shower heads will give a luxurious look to your washroom.

They are not expensive:

Before buying a led showerhead, I have thoughts that a led shower head will be much expensive. But things were totally opposite to my imagination when I searched for the price of these showerheads. Yes, a led shower head has almost the same price as a standard showerhead or a difference of a few bucks. Yes, it is totally true. You can get the best shower head at an affordable price. You can easily get an advanced featured led shower head for under $50. For this reason, you should definitely give a try to led showerheads.

Q. Is it dangerous to use a led shower head?

  1. That’s also a common question that can come to your mind. Many of you may think led shower heads are a hazard for life as these showerheads use electricity and water at the same time. Or you may think about electricity shocks with these shower heads. But things are totally opposite to this. In every product that we pick here, there is no use of the battery, power will generate from running water or from a little turbine. The power that is produced is little and just used in brightening LED lights. So there is not a logical sense of an electric shock from a led shower head.

Buying guide for best led shower heads

Led shower heads are new technology and the purchase of a best-led shower head is not easy without knowing complete knowledge about them. So as a new user, you can get confused about what to buy or what to not. But here our complete buyer guide of the best-led shower head will help you a lot to make a great purchase.


Led shower heads are a new technology of this decade and not so common. You may hardly find a trustworthy brand for the pick of the best quality led shower head.  So the first and foremost thing you need to see about led shower heads is the quality. To find a quality product, make a checklist of the following things.  

  • Is the material of the showerhead durable? 
  • If the showerhead finished completely? 
  • Have a look, Is the material sturdy?

How long is the warranty card duration?

This checklist will help you to make a great purchase for your new best quality led shower head.


The other thing that can get you confused is the price range of led shower heads. You will find a great difference in the price range of led shower heads. But don’t get yourself confused in this. Remember, a high price led shower head is not necessarily a durable and high-quality shower head. Instead of high prices have a look at what the manufacturer is offering you. Once you have done with the quality, material, and features of shower heads, don’t pay so much attention to the low price range. The fact is you can get a great product at a low price also. So don’t get yourself tired of the prices of shower heads.


Now have a look at the design of the product. The choice of design totally depends on your personal preference. So pick a design that looks beautiful in your washroom. You can find chrome finished, metal finished and nickel finished designs. But make sure to pick the one which is not too bulky with too many built-in gadgets.


As we mentioned, the material of the led shower head is important to look for. You will find a lot of options in the material of a led shower head. Make sure the material you are going to choose is rust and corrosion-free. The best material option for best led shower heads is ABS plastic, stainless steel material, chrome finish, metal finish, and nickel finished. You can pick anyone who suits your needs completely.

The number of led lights:

Remember, the number of led lights in every led shower head varies. Some shower heads offer 3 led lights, some offer 5 and some offer 7. The more led lights mean the brighter the shower head. So it is necessary to look at how many colors of led lights are offered by manufacturers before making a final decision. If you don’t love so many colors, you can pick a shower head with 3 colors. However, if you love a brighter shower head 5 and 7 color scheme is perfect for you.


The other thing to look for is the installation type of shower head. Always pick a product that offers easy installation and doesn’t require tools for installation. Moreover, also concerns the fitting of a new led shower head can be done on a standard shower head without breaking its banks.

Our best recommendations to buy led shower heads

In our best recommendations, we pick the two best-led shower heads that not only ensure durability and quality of material but also feature advanced technology. You will find both led shower heads a great choice for the luxurious look of your bathroom.

  1. Hotel spa  3 colors LED Hand shower
  2. PRUGNA Led shower head with hose and shower arm

The first reason for picking both of these products is a great customer rating from users. On the other hand, hotel spa 3 color LED hand shower is a great choice for those who want minimum colors in their led shower head. The hotel spa led shower head offered 3 different colors red, blue, and green that will change with the temperature of the water.

The PRUGNA led shower head is a great choice for those who want a shower head with maximum led light. Yes, PRAGUNA brands offer 7 different colors in their shower head that will change after a few seconds continuously. Furthermore, both products can be installed easily without the use of any tool. In addition to this, the material and finish of both these products make them a great pick if you are looking for durability. 

Final verdict:

I hope you will like our today’s review about the best led shower head and at the end, you will become able to make a final decision about a new led shower head for your bathroom. Maybe our review of the 10 led shower heads makes you a little confused about the final pick. However,  A shower head that will be according to you and your family’s requirements can win this battle of 10 products. Moreover, our complete buyer guide for led shower heads will also help you to pick a high-quality shower head for you and your family.

Good luck…

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