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IMAX is the modern theater technology that comes with a 3D format and a huge screen. It is known all over the world due to these features and becoming increasingly usable in multiple scenarios. Those using it give the audience a very immersive movie experience. The sound system, projectors, and huge cameras in it are making it quite an investment. However, the results are quite impressive.

RPX, on the other hand, is known as the Regal Premium Experience. This theater technology is even ahead of the IMAX as its use in cinemas is also increasing with time. Its huge screen display is from the Regal Cinemas, and that is also a reason behind their popularity. Its sound system and other features are also a source of its successful launch in the past years.

When we compare RPX Vs IMAX, RPX exceeds in the quality display, premium quality, and excellent sound output. There are so many things that we can compare between these two theater technologies. Given below is the section that will provide an overview of all of them in detail:

RPX Vs IMAX: A Comparison

These two technologies can be compared in so many different ways because of their differences in terms of size, quality, display, etc. Let us get dig deeper into these points to understand the exact differences. You will be able to select the better one on the basis of your own personal judgment.


The comfort of IMAX lies in its seats that have extra padding. They are basically much more relaxing to sit on in comparison to the usual or standard theater seats. However, if we talk about the RPX, their seats have leather finishing. This is why they are even more comfortable than the IMAX ones.

Other than this, the type of seats in RPX are recliners, and they are quite wide. Other than this, the overall environment is very elegant which adds to the comfort. Its size is also reasonable, not too big and not too small. The range of seats varies between 150 to 300 at maximum.

So, in terms of comfort, if we compare RPX Vs IMAX, RPX takes the lead and wins.


The technology that the IMAX uses for the cinema is quite modern. The screen structure is deep and rolled at the center while the side shapes like a dome. Thus, it gives a 3D experience to people watching a movie in the theater. Other than this, the projector is also up to a 4k laser one. The cameras have very high resolution along with about a 12-channel sound system.

The screen on which the images appear as a silver coating. They are capable of showing horizontal, vertical, and superimposed images that make the whole experience quite fascinating. With deep and steep seat infrastructure, the theater is capable of showing the center of the screen to every person in the cinema room. Also, the seats are set at a height, so that the closer look experience makes it even more fun for people.

The technology features of RPX are almost the same as the IMAX. However, their aspect ratio is different and stands out from the IMAX one.

Display Size

In comparison to the standard screens, the length of the IMAX screen is about 100 feet while the width is around 50 feet. This means that they are about 6 times bigger than the normal screen structures. The biggest one so far is the 177.2×97 feet screen display.

If we compare RPX with it, the screen is even bigger than the 2k display IMAX screens. This is how they are bigger and taller than these screens.


In the case of IMAX, the screen seems to be immersive so that the audience gets real-life experience. They start to feel that they are in the movie and everything is happening around them. This is possible because of their extremely bright screens that have very clear displays. The laser technology of this theater makes an image very clear and real. There is also a 70mm thin film on the screen that makes the image output even more real.

The RPX is an expert at providing movie effects and the best quality images. It can display both 2D and 3D movies in its cinemas. Overall, its quality and output are also premium and high-end when RPX Vs IMAX comparison is done.

Sound System

The audio system of RPX has a 7.1 channel system. Other than this, each and every seat of this theater have low-frequency transducers in the seats. This means that they provide a very clear audio experience to the audience. Sometimes, people find it annoying because of the loud harmonics of the audio behind the movie. This means that it is not a very good feature, but still better than the normal or standard cinema sound system.

In comparison to this one, the IMAX is known to have a 12-channel sound system that has more clarity than RPX. It also has the head-up seat option that makes the audio even more clear and reasonably loud. Thus, the IMAX exceeds in quality and results when we compare it with the RPX.

You can choose to experience any one of these because not all people dislike the RPX experience. It could be possible that you like its working system more than the IMAX. Both have premium quality, so you do not need to worry about the whole experience. It will be fine overall, but you have to just figure out which one is better suitable for your ears.

RPX Vs IMAX: A Contrast Table

ComfortabilitySeats are better than normal ones.Recliner and wide seats provide a better experience than IMAX.
Technology2k laser projector with deep and curved seats.The screen is rather flat and the technology of the projector is digital.
DisplayThe length of the screen is up to 100 feet while the width is about 50 feet.Screens are even wider and taller than IMAX.
Sound SystemThe sound system is clearer due to the 12-channel system.A 7.1 channel sound makes it very clear audio for the audience.
Movie ExperienceThe 3D system makes the whole experience very real.It can display both 2D and 3D movies.
CostThe cost is about 5 dollars higher than the standard cinema experience.This one is even 5 dollars more expensive than IMAX.
Which is Better?IMAX focuses more on on-screen display than story. So, not very good for romantic and story-telling movies.All types of movies could be displayed with it. They all fit well with the sound and display system.

Final Words

We are sure that the above RPX Vs IMAX comparison of all the possible aspects of this theater technology must be useful for you. You can pick up any of these because both are good and worth your money. All you need to consider are your needs and the budget. If one of these fits well and the other does not do not worry. Both are a good deal to go with, so go ahead and make the wise choice on the basis of your personal research and findings.

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