Phone Showing Charging but Battery Percentage Not Increasing

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How do you really feel when the phone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing? Well, this must be an even more terrible feeling when you have put it on for charging overnight. You will only find it out in the morning that it didn’t charge, and you clearly do not know the reason. When you find out that this is also going to cost you money to fix the problem, then it must become even more concerning.

There could be two main reasons why the phone is charging but not showing an increased percentage on display. One could be a flaw in the software, and the other could be the problematic hardware of the phone. Well, we suggest that you should learn and find out about the reason behind it before dumping it into the market.

Here we will discuss why this problem is happening. Also, we will show you the ways to get rid of it on your own. Let’s get started with the details:

Reasons Why Phone Showing Charging but Battery Percentage Not Increasing

When you keep on using your phone without charging, or maybe reboot it many times, it starts showing this problem. You should also just wait a while and look for the solution and reasons behind it. Here are the most common reasons why the phone is showing charging but battery percentage is not increasing:

Weak Battery

When the battery of your phone is faulty, this means that the charges are repelling each other. This is mainly because you are using the battery for a very long time. Also, it is a fact that the battery loses its charging every time you plug it for charging.

It is also possible to use another charger for your phone, but that is not a solution to this problem. You can find no reason to blame that why the battery is not working by using any method. With time, when the battery becomes weak and faulty, the charging does not occur because it is not collecting current. This is how you see the discharging at the actual rate of current flowing through it.

This means that if the battery is weak, it will not increase in percentage no matter what you do. If you ever feel that the percentage is stuck, you should know that it is time to move on and get a new battery.

Bad Motherboard

One thing in the cell of your battery that is controlling all activities and connecting one with the other is the motherboard. It is definitely a faulty motherboard that is causing the percentage to stuck at one point in your phone. This static percentage can only get better if you change the motherboard.

There could be multiple reasons behind this problem. One could be an overheating issue that occurs when the phone is in use for a long time. Also, there are some activities that heat up the battery and result in such outcomes. You could also identify a glitch as a result of this faulty motherboard to confirm what is the actual problem.

No matter whether your iPhone, Samsung or Redmi phone is showing charging but battery percentage not increasing, know that this problem is not a big deal to solve. You might think that the repair would be easy, but you should know that only a technician can do it. So, unless you hire the services, this problem will persist and aggravate further with time.

Defective Cable

The charging cables coming with the phones are usually not working properly due to which this problem arises. You should try some other charging cable as soon as you find out a little bit of issue in charging. You might get the solution in this if you try a few new charging cables. It might be possible that the original charger has become loose due to long time use, so you need to get a new one to fix the problem.

What actually happens is that the defective cable does not allow full current to pass through the cable. Thus, the charging might be shown on the screen but may not be happening actually inside the battery. It is also possible that the cable is not working due to damages that occur after twisting and turning. A break in the USB port or charging adaptor could also be faulty so that damages the cable. This in return does not allow it to charge the phone even if it is showing a charging sign.

Damaged Charging Port

The current flows into the battery of your phone through the charging port. It is made sensitive for this purpose, so it should not be faulty at any cost. Now, if there is less than normal sensitivity of this port at the connecting point, the current will not flow properly.

In such a case, the charging port will only be able to get the current that is coming through the cable of charging. However, it will refuse to increase or change the percentage of your phone battery. So, when your phone showing charging but the battery percentage not increasing, this could be a problem behind it.

The damages in the charging port cause loopholes when the phone is charging. The dust, dirt, and spills of water could cause faults in the port of the charger. This causes hindrance in the charging of the battery which will eventually die due to zero percentage.

You can check by having a close look at the charging port. The corrosion and dirt could be seen through the naked eye. This is why the percentage will neither go up nor down when such type of glitch is present in the charging port of the phone. You can fix this by changing the charging port immediately.

Software Bugs

Just like the hardware problems, the software problems can also be serious and cause this issue. Any fault in the software is called the software bug that can stall the percentage of your battery while charging it. Due to software glitches or bugs, the smooth running of the battery is altered. Thus, there is no chance that the battery will recover and start charging unless you change the software.

How to fix phone charging but not increase battery percentage?

There are only a few ways to solve this problem, and the following are the solutions given below:

  1. If thephone is showing charging but battery percentage not increasing android solution.
  2. Try troubleshooting. It could also be a simple solution for this irritating problem.
  3. Consult professional services for your iPhone, Samsung, or Huawei phone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing.


We are sure that the above-given reasons and their explanation must be useful for you. If your phone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing, one of the above-given reasons could be behind it. Make sure you spot the right reason and then get a relevant technician to fix it. Although you always need to change the battery once this problem appears because it is the dead end. Usually, you can do nothing but change the battery of your phone as this problem no longer has any solution at this level.

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