Otterbox comparison chart | An ultimate solution to your confusions

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Suppose confusing thoughts are rolling over your mind regarding Otter box cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Here’s an otterbox comparison chart to clear your confusion.

You are striving to get an otter box case for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. But you’re tangled between several choices, and it’s still indecisive for you what will be the best option for you.

Then, here’s a piece of good news for you because we’re going to provide an otterbox comparison chart.

Well, this chart will ultimately become a source of help for all those seeking otter box cases.

You are adding high-quality cases to your expensive smartphones. These protectors are also a reason behind the increased shelf life of your phone. So, you should also pay attention to your phone protection.

Moreover, suppose you’re investing in an expensive smartphone. In that case, you also need to rescue your phone from all harsh external factors because these factors could be a reason for your phone’s decaying performance or deface your phone.

Therefore, a worthy investment could provide you a lifetime warranty. In other words, Otter box cases are adding protection along with ergonomic designs by wrapping out your smartphone.

Further, there are many options that otterbox provides to all iPhone users and specific smartphone owners. Well, here we’re going to highlight details about Otterbox defender, commuter, symmetry, the pursuit for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases.

However, let’s dive into the features of all cases through the otterbox comparison chart. So, you can quickly decide about the specific case suitable for your iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

OtterBox Defender

Features: compatiable with iPhone 8/7 (Not Plus), Triple-layer defense, Port covers prevent from dust and debris, Belt-clip holster included

OtterBox Commuter

Features: compatiable with iPhone 8/7 (Not Plus), Thin, lightweight 2-piece case , OtterBox limited lifetime warranty 

Otterbox comparison chart

Otterbox Defender vs Commuter – comparison chart

Otterbox cases        Otterbox defender       Otterbox Commuter
Manufacturing material                Polycarbonate       Polycarbonate, silicone, and rubber
Form factor                    Bumper                  Mobile phone case
Logo/ window vanity    Differ according to the device model      Differ according to the device model
Compatible models iPhone 7 and iPhone 8( Not for iPhone 7 or 8 plus)iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 (not for iPhone 7 or 8 plus)
Have Certified drop plus protection                           Yes                     Yes
Color assortment                 Solids                Two-tone solid colors
Number of layersHave three layers that are inner shell,    outer cover, and screen protector                Have two rigid layers
Capable to work with otterbox screen protectors                Yes                  Yes
Contains holster         Contains belt-clip holster                  No
Protection against dust and debris               Yes                  Yes
Screen protection                    Yes                Screenless
Warranty               Available                 Available

Otterbox Defender vs Commuter comparison-iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

Otterbox defender features

Suppose you’re trying to provide ultra-protection to your iPhone. Then, you may wonder that Otterbox defender is fulfilling your wish because an otterbox defender is a tough case with a tri-layer design acting as a shield against all outdoor effects.

Moreover, its impressive design contains polycarbonate along with a rubber slipcover. So, this defender case could provide a firm grip.

Most importantly, the otter box defender also comes with a belt clip holster. This feature allows hands-free viewing, video calling, or watching movies by just keeping it on any surface.

Yes! Any surface. Because its drop protection feature will secure your phone from moisture or drops but, this protective case is not waterproof.

Well, investing in heavy-duty cases will be your best decision for enhancing the durability of your phone. Moreover, the otter box defender design is well-manufactured.

Also, it undergoes rigid testing, including its exposure to other radiations, dropping from a height, exposure to extreme temperatures, and moist conditions.

Therefore otter box defenders are among the most reliable and durable cases that the otterbox offers to iPhone users.

So, if you’re seeking a protective case for your phone. Then, the otter box defender will do its job.

But, you may experience a little bit of interference of the case to the functionalities of your phone because bulky, complex cases could be a barrier in typing a text correctly or may cover fingerprint sensors.

Otterbox defender pros and cons:


  • Have tri-layer design
  • Provides ultra-protection
  • Contains a rubber non-slip cover for a firm grip
  • Offers a belt clip holster for hands-free use
  • Provides compatibility to different devices


  • Bulky design
  • Require more effort to install

Commuter otterbox features

Here comes the commuter series of otterbox cases. Well, you can get an idea about the commuter series according to its name. However, commuter otterbox cases are specifically designed for commuters.

These otterbox commuter cases have sleek designs that could grab everyone’s attention. Therefore, if you believe in enhancing your smartphone protection along with style. Then, the commuter series of otterbox fulfill both needs within one item.

This protective case by commuter has dual protective layers. However, its outer layer acts like a hard protective shield made of polycarbonate. While its inner layer has a soft TPU cover.

Its dual-layer design offers immunity to your cell phone against all scratches, bumps, drops, and much more. Also, its pocket-friendly nature provides an ease to keep in the pocket.

Moreover, you can fearlessly put your phone in your pocket or bag. Because the otterbox protective case has a scratch-resistant surface. Now, Your phone is in a secure grip of polycarbonate.

Well, if you’re out in a rainy season or facing extreme temperatures. This otterbox commuter high-profile protective case will help you to compete with all outdoor factors easily.

Moreover, it also has flaps to cover all ports of your phone. You can flip easily all flaps whenever you want to use them.

Further, it doesn’t offer screen protection and you have to get a separate screen protector for your phone.

otterbox Commuter pros and cons:


  • Offers two layers for protection
  • Have flaps to cover ports
  • Provides complete protection against drops, bumps
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Have variable sleek designs with high-quality material
  • Pocket-friendly design


  • Doesn’t offers screen protection
  • Doesn’t offers a holster

In the end, if your mind is still stuck to decide from Otterbox defender vs commuter-iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases. If you always use phones carelessly and your phones always experience fallouts.

Then, you need to get an Otterbox defender. Because its bulky design offers extra protection along with a belt-clip holster to enjoy hands-free viewing.

But, if you want to put your phone in your pocket easily and get sleek designs along with complete protection for ports. Then, you may find an otter box commuter a suitable option for your phone. But, it doesn’t offer screen protection.

Moreover, the otterbox comparison chart will assist you in your decision.

Otterbox defender vs symmetry comparison

Otterbox casesOtterbox defenderOtterbox symmetry
Manufacturing material         PolycarbonatePolycarbonate and synthetic rubber
Form factor             Bumper              Bumper
Compatible devicesiPhone 7 and iPhone 8( not for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 plus)For iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2020(not for iPhone 7 or 8 plus)
Logo or window vanity    Differ according to models       No apple logo shown
Have certified drop protection                     Yes                Yes
Color assortment                     solids            Solids, clear
Number of layers              Tri-layer designSingle piece with dual-material case
Capable to work with otterbox screen                      Yes                Yes
Protection against dust and debris                       Yes                 No
Contains holster            Belt-clip holster                 No
Screen protection                       Yes                 No

Otterbox symmetry features

If you’re in search of a protective case that offers protection and a sleek design to enhance the aesthetic value of your smartphone. Then, you may come across a diverse range of graphics within otterbox symmetry cases.

A wide range of graphics with seamless designs will amaze everyone. So, these protections are for those who are willing to get protection and style within one case.

Moreover, this case is specifically for those who always pay attention to their phones rather than using them carelessly.

Well, this protective case has only one layer. But, the outer shell has polycarbonate that acts as a scratch-resistant surface.

While its inner soft layer has a synthetic rubber that protects your phone. Well, its slimmer design is quite easy to put in the pocket.

Further, its anti-slip surface provides a robust grip to all users. In addition, this protective case provides enough protection against drops and absorbs all shocks.

Otterbox defender pros and cons:


  • Slim single-layer design
  • Doesn’t interfere with normal functionalities
  • Not much pricey like other cases


  • Doesn’t offer enough protection

Otterbox Defender vs Symmetry comparison-iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases

Now, you can pick out a suitable protective case easily. Because if we make an otterbox vs. symmetry comparison-iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Then, we may find out several hallmarks along with flaws that need improvement.

Well, an otter box defender performs like a champion when your phone needs protection from almost everything.

Its rigid outer shell offers more protection. Plus, its belt-clip holster provides the freedom to enjoy hands-free viewing. But it’s pretty hard and cannot easily fit in pockets.

However, you may get numerous stylish protective cases for the otter box symmetry case for your phone. Its sleek designs will facilitate your pricey cellphone with impressive looks.

But, these cases don’t offer enough protection. Moreover, it would help if you also got a screen protector that could fit in an otter box case because otterbox symmetry cases don’t offer screen protection.

You may also come across the otterbox pursuit series that is also offering dual-purpose cases. Ottherbox pursuit cases have a rigid outer surface to absorb shocks and provide protection against other factors.

Well, these cases are extremely thin. But, offers protection during foul weather conditions by covering all ports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my otter box case have enough tendency to protect my phone from water?

If you’re seeking the tendency of your otter box protector. Then, otter box cases provide ultra-protection against all external factors.

These cases have the capacity to absorb shocks, drops, and dust particles. But, these cases are not sealed. In fact, the otterbox doesn’t offer waterproof protective cases. So, you need to protect your cell phone from water.

Which otter box case is heavier?

Amongst otterbox symmetry, commuter, defender, pursuit you may find otterbox defender as heavier cases. Because otter box defender cases have a tri-layer design and contain a hard shell.

Moreover, these cases have almost five ounces of weight. While other cases have weight equal to two ounces or lesser.

Does otterbox replace broken cases?

Yes! You can replace broken cases and get new ones but only in the case of two conditions:

  1. If you have bought an otterbox protective case from the authentic retailer
  2. If the product is still within the warranty period

Are otter box defender cases worth it?

If you’re tough with phones and want to secure your phone from all outdoor effects. Then, you may find the otterbox defender cases as the best protective case.

Because otter box defender cases have a multi-layer design containing polycarbonate to offer complete resistance against scratches.

Moreover, otter box defender cases also have a holster to offer hands-free video calling or watching movies.

Further, defender protective cases also provide screen protection. So, you don’t need to buy a separate screen protector that can fit an otter box case.

Should I buy a screen protector with an otter box defender?

No. If you’re buying an otter box defender. Then, you don’t need to get any separate screen protectors.

Which protective case offers more protection?

If you’re willing to provide ultra protection to your pricey phone. Then, the otter box defender series will help you to enable enough protection to your phone.

Because otter box defender cases have a tri-layer design that acts as a shield against bumps, shocks, dirt, and many other factors.

Final words

Suppose you’re passionate about wrapping your pricey phone with a protective shield. Then, the otterbox comparison chart will help you to choose a suitable protective case for your phone. Well, if you’re not sure.

Then, we already highlighted otterbox defender vs. commuter comparison and otterbox defender vs. symmetry comparison. So, you can easily select a suitable case depending on your choice. Plus, if you want to protect your phone from all the worst conditions.

Then, choose otter box defender fearlessly because this protective case will be worth your investment if you like dual-layer and pocket-friendly points. Then, get otterbox commuter cases.

But, if your preference is a slim design case. Then, otterbox symmetry will do this job perfectly.

If you have a wireless charger for the otterbox defender, you need to know that most of the otterbox is wireless charger compatible. 

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