Ledge Lounger Alternative

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The in-pool furniture can be as constructive as a great outdoor dining set. If your pool contains a Baja shelf, accumulating furniture helps you get the most use out of your outlay.

While buying the in-pool furniture for your pool, you’ll see that only a limited number of options are available, and all are incredibly pricey. Ledge Lounger is one of the top in-pool furniture companies. It contains all the expensive products. In this article, you will get to know about Ledge Lounger alternatives. Check out the article in detail.

All about Ledge Lounger

Ledge Lounger company is famous for providing wear-resistant, waterproof, and all-weather furniture to users. They create items that can be set up and left in your pool the entire year.

Edge Loungers initially stirred a splash in the commercial center with their signature lounge seat. The piece is intended to fit on tanning shelves, also known as a Baja rack. As years continued, tanning racks filled prominence in commercial and residential spaces.

Presently, Ledge Lounger offers around 40+ furniture models to people on demand. One can easily get chairs, tables, in-pool sectionals, and more as per their choice and requirement, giving their space a striking look. But the only thing that makes consumers pause before making a purchase is the cost of the products.

Pricey but Rich in Quality

Ledge Lounger products are pricey, but they remain in a good state for a more extended period. Ledge Lounger provides top-quality products to people. Ledge Lounger furnishings is resistant to harsh chlorine and beating sun.

The Ledge Lounger products are pricey because they are created from high-mass polyethylene and are seemingly made individually.

The materials used for soft component construction and complex component construction, such as float pillows and sectional covers, can easily withstand 16,000 hours in direct sun rays without fading. The presence of all these properties makes these products pricey.

Ledge Lounger Alternatives

Some Ledge Lounger Alternatives are wooden chairs, plastic chairs, aqua chairs, and more. If you cannot afford the pricey Ledge loungers for the Baja shelf, don’t worry at all. You can make your pool striking with some of the incredible alternatives to ledge loungers.

There are not countless choices regarding tracking down the Ledge lounger contender. That is why the pool company put the Ledge lounger in their design. Putting plastic seats will kill feel, and wooden seats will decay over the long run. Aside from being cheap, those are not something you needed in the first place.

As per the user reviews, Aqua Chair in-pool lounge chair is considered the best alternative to the Ledge lounger as it is budget-friendly and rich in quality. Aqua Chairs have gone through years planning exquisite looking and comfortable pool lounge seats. These are the nearest to Ledge loungers, and you can include them inside your financial plan keeping your original pool dream intact.

Aqua Chairs – Best Ledge Lounger Alternative

Here in this section, you will learn about some of the reasons that make aqua chair the best alternative to ledge loungers. Have a look at the points below.


An aqua chairs in-pool lounger is highly affordable and is considered one of the best alternatives to ledge loungers. All the items provide maximum comfort to the body. These are available in different sizes and shapes while preserving a more upright position.

All the in-pool loungers designed by the company are made of solid high-thickness polyethylene and resistant to synthetic substances. All the features of this in-pool lounger are almost similar to the ledge lounger. The only significant difference is the price. The aqua chairs in-pool lounger is affordable.

Material Used

Fading shading is a significant worry for any outside furnishings. It’s even substantial for the in-pool furniture. Edge Loungers use UV16 rated resin to balance out the shading. It can endure as long as 16,000 hours of direct daylight. UV16 is the best quality in the U.S. for longer outside performance. The Ledge Loungers products are pricey because they contain long-lasting color properties that won’t fade away for more than eight years.

Aqua chairs also contain UV16 rated resin, just like the ledge loungers. The aqua loungers can easily withstand the ruthless chemical of the sun, the pool water, the weather, and more. 

Sun Shelf Compatibility

Both the Ledge Loungers and Aqua seats are appropriate for ledges. They can be utilized on decks and beaches.

In any case, Aqua seats can utilize only 6″-9″ of water. You can’t use them for more profound ledges. Ledge Loungers, on the other hand, offer profound ledges.

In case you choose to get Aqua seats; however, you have 10″-14″ of water, you can get a riser from the Aqua Outdoors to take care of the issue.

Great Usability

Whenever you have set them on the sun shelf, they are intended to hold water inside so they don’t drift away or move. Thus, it would be best if you filled them up.

Filling your Aqua seats is genuinely straightforward, just like Ledge Loungers, and you can do so within a couple of moments. Like loading up with water, it’s not difficult to drain them also. It’s not generally as difficult as depleting the whole pool!


Ledge Lounger is so expensive than Aqua seats because of the excellent quality materials utilized and years of exploration they have spent. Thus, usually, Ledge Loungers are more solid than Aqua seats.


This is presumably the most significant contrast between the two. The cost of the Aqua seats is the main reason behind the popularity of this brand. Individuals pick this company rather than Ledge Loungers because it contains less pricey products rich in quality and style.

The value contrast is genuinely high between the two. Though the cost of a Ledge Loungers chair will cost you around $700, however, one can get an Aqua seat for about $500.


After sorting out their key elements, materials, and accessories, you still wonder why ledge loungers are so costly, right? On the off chance that you have a financial plan, they are still worth it.

You get a fantastic watery experience, and your venture will pay off for a long time to come. However, only a few pool enthusiasts have that sort of financial plan. If you are low on budget, consider buying a Ledge Lounger alternative to complete your pool paradise.


1.) Which material is used in the making of Ledge Loungers?

The Ledge Loungers are made up of top-class UV16 rated resin and marine-grade fabrics.

2.) What makes in-pool loungers expensive?

Keep in mind that pricey lounge chairs are made up of molded plastic. Such chairs provide your pool a unique and modern feel for a more extended period.

3.) Are ledge loungers comfy?

Ledge loungers are incredibly comfortable. Apart from soaking up the sun and being immersed in the water to stay cool and wet, it embraces the body in all the right places to make you comfortable.

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