Best Reheatza Microwave Crisper review

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While you are in the kitchen, you may find a common microwave oven. It can help you with plenty of functions. But it also has got some limitations and weaknesses such as it doesn’t brown or crisp the foods. For this purpose, a new device has been introduced in the market. This is Reheatza Microwave Crisper. 

Reheatza Microwave crisper the best Crisper pan is specially designed for making crispy foods and reheating frozen foods. 

Reheatza crisper works on the principle of heat conduction method.  Firstly the microwave heats the pad which ultimately converts and transfers microwave energy in the form of heat. 

So by using this mode of heat conduction you can reheat products of your choice with minimal leftover foods which usually leave a lot of sludge and sticky foods behind. Hence one needs to clean up the mess. So new technology and specialized apparatus has made things more easier. 

Reheatza Microwave Crisper. 

About company :

Reheatza Microwave crisper has been specially designed by Allstar Innovations. Allstar Innovations is a famous multinational company having years of experience in introducing more than 300 products of different categories in the global market.

They have a total $8 billions sale across the globe. So All Star Innovations is the name of quality and highest standards.

Reheatza best Microwave crisper is the latest addition to the long list of their products and one of the best microwave crisper.

Reheatza microwave crisper reviews.

Here are some features and reviews of reheatza crisper. which one will help you to decide if it’s worth the money or not, and where to buy reheatza.


One of the key benefits of buying this Crisper unit by Amazon or eBay might cost you between $30- $35 plus a shipping cost of $7 making it a total price tag of $37-$42.

Some differences in prices can be seen on different selling platforms depending on models. Even you can get some discounts on these units if there is a sale on going. 


best Microwave Crisper by Reheatza provides you with ultimate tasty and crispy food. 

Crisp Leftovers

One of the prominent features is its reheating function for leftover foods which makes Reheatza Microwave Crisper a leading model in the competitive market. One can easily reheat frozen stuff, cheese sandwiches, leftover pizza, and eggs. 


Reheatza microwave crisper is able to withstand higher degrees of temperature and it can heat foods upto 400°. 

Because of this particular characteristic, you can make it to function the same as that of a frying pan. And use ir to sear or brown your foods. 


It is a lightweight device with an average weight of 3 pounds only. 


Reheatza Microwave crisper has pretty good size and shape with the following dimensions. 

30.48 x 29.97 x 9.4 inches

Specially designed Lid

Because of its specially designed lid, it will help you in preventing the food from burning. So you can view while it’s being reheated and cooking.

Marshmallows preparation 

By using this crisper unit you can crisp and brown the jumbo sized marshmallows. 


  • Crisper can be used for a variety of foods. 
  • If you are a pizza lover, this model is a perfect choice for you as it will ensure a quality pizza. 
  • A Reheatza best Microwave crisper can be used more than just pizza making. 
  •  A Lot of eateries can be cooked by using Reheatza Microwave Crisper such as chicken wings, grilled cheese sandwich, fresh vegetables, frozen foods, hamburgers, also it can help you in reheating your leftovers. 
  • Specially customized and designed lib of crisper is a fascinating feature that allows even and equal distribution of heat in every corner and particle of food, so at the end, you get flavored and tasty foods.
  • After having done with your tasks in the kitchen, it takes very little energy to clean it. One can clean it with a simple damp cloth. 


  • Well this model because of its limitations and technology employed and structure, can only be used for reheating foods in microwave crisper ovens. 
  • If you are not fond of regularly reheating foods in your kitchen then it may disappoint you.

How it functions:

It works on principles of heat conduction methods. 

Firstly microwave energies and heat up the pan

The heated pan then converts energy into a conductive type of energy which helps in even and smooth heating of foods in the pan. So Reheatza crisper works the same as that of a grill. Food is placed inside the microwave, because of the conduction method of reheating, heat is evenly distributed from the bottom, up through the lid, and finally into the food placed inside. All this mechanism is repeated again and again which gives us crispy foods at the end. 

Breaded foods such as pizza, chicken wings or fires are the products of choice for Reheatza crisper. 

Because most breaded food items when kept in the fridge go through a complex chemical reaction in which chemical bonds at the biochemical levels are broken down. Which makes things freeze. So it works on the principle of the oven by reheating such foods and rebinds whatever may have lost during the freezing process.

The proper way to use the best Microwave crisper reheatza

Below is the standard operating procedure for its regular use.

  • Firstly you need to place food of your choice down on its cooking surface. 
  • Then the next step is to cover it with a lid that is provided with it. This will allow even reheating of the item. 
  • Then place this apparatus inside the microwave and push the button to start reheating. 
  • The end product will be your delicious food items. 
  • Take it out and enjoy it. 


  • Don’t Overfill Crisper 

Reheatza Microwave’s Crisper has been designed and built for specified functions with limited space in it for foods to be placed. So its interior spacing will hold a specific quantity of food. If you put more than what has been described in its guidebook, then it can pop off the lid of your apparatus while preparing your food inside it. Oversized foods can swell and spread all over the oven. So it can harm your Crisper in the end. Hence avoid putting too much food inside it. 

  •  Overeating is dangerous 

Remember to always cook your food in the crisper as per guidelines given in the food packets. If there are no directions mentioned for the duration of reheating the food, then you need to reheat your items minutes by minutes. It will help you to understand the basic functions and reheating capabilities of a crisper. By following this protocol you won’t be ending up cooking overheated foods. 

  • Don’t put Crisper in the oven 

This reheatza crisper is made to carry out specific functions. Reheatza crisper designed to be used in specific microwave ovens only. So please avoid putting it inside a Toaster or traditional oven or on the top of a stove. By doing so you may end up with an uncontrollable fire in your kitchen. Also, you’ll get inedible food as the end product. 

Conclusion :

So making a long story short, Reheatza is a newly invented device that can be used in reheating any leftover foods and pizza. It can help you get your foods reheated also ensuring that no cheesy or sludgy material is left in the oven. Reheatza Microwave crisper is in economical ranges, a very much simpler device, and easy to use by everyone from family members to whoever frequently visits the home kitchen. 

It is a multipurpose device offering a variety of functions in one unit, from reheating to marshmallow preparation, you can get your desired heated foods in minutes on the dining table. 

Special features such as temperature settings, customized lids, and enough space for plenty of food make this a more reliable and trusted unit as compared to its counterparts. 

There are certain precautions about its usage which actually prolong its life and preserve its functions ultimately benefiting the buyer. Don’t overheat and also try not to overfill it with foods. 

Regularly clean it for proper maintenance. 

The final question is from where do you buy your Reheatza best Microwave crisper. Well, the answer is very easy and we all know there are plenty of trusted online platforms like eBay and Amazon. But one thing is worth mentioning that before making a decision to buy a unit of your own for Reheatza Microwave crisper, please check out reheatza microwave reviews by different customers. Because they share their experience with different brands and models. So pick your unit wisely. 

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