John Deere 2025R Problems

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John Deere 2025R is a very known compact version of the tractor introduced by the company in recent years. Its engine allows the owner to drive it safely while using the least amount of fuel. Thanks to the Yanmar engine 4 Tier that is helping these tractors achieve these targets.

Other than this, these tractors are also very powerful and durable. Well, this is mainly because of their hydro transmission system and sealed radiators that perform at maximum to make sure the power is at its best.

Overall, this tractor is worth buying but, in this article, we will talk mainly about the John Deere 2025R problems. These problems are observed and reported by the users, so let’s try to learn about them before buying the tractor.

Most Common John Deere 2025R Problems

Given below is the list of all the problems associated with the 2-series John Deere 2025R tractor. Learn about them, and decide about your purchase only after careful consideration if you will be able to ignore or fix these problems even if one of them arises while using it. Let’s get started with one by one in detail:

PTO Problems

A stub shaft or the power take-off shaft is an important component of the tractor’s engine. Even if one switch is out of work, the problem will affect the whole engine. So, you cannot take it lightly because it takes more than your imagination to fix it. Also, sometimes, the PTO is working and all switches are fine, but the efficiency is not up to the mark.

Recently, this problem was considered by the company, and according to their claims, the PTO has been replaced by an advanced version. This means that you are very less likely to face this problem if you buy a new John Deere 2025R tractor.

Better Model Available

The case of this tractor is the same as the smartphones. You would like to buy a recent version if that is available at the same price at which the company is offering the older edition. The higher-powered 3025R is available at the same price as this one, so you should buy the new one rather than this 2-series one with lots of problems.

Other than this, this new version does not require as many attachments as the 2-series 2025R John Deere tractor needs. This makes users think that they should buy the more powerful and robust machine rather than the dull one that has so many associated problems.

No Emergency Brakes

The users could ignore other problems in the tractor, but the problem of no emergency brakes is quite concerning for all of them. Although it is not like a car that needs such a brake system, having it inside the tractor would make them feel safe and they could prove to be useful even if the use is rare.

The absence of emergency brakes makes it quite difficult for people to decide about purchasing this tractor because the new version, which is 3-series, is providing this in the tractors. Also, the cost is the same, so people think about getting the modern one rather than an old series that comes with so many problems.

Brake Adjustment Issues

We know that this tractor runs very smoothly because of its advance working systems, but still, the John Deere gator parking brake issues may arise. They often go out of work due to adjustment issues, thus becoming a hassle to handle.

Well, definitely it is a minor issue, but still, this is not suitable for a 2-series generation tractor to show such malfunction. It should be good enough to facilitate the users rather than offering so many minor problems that become a headache in the long run.

Leaking Problems

Another common problem with the John Deere 2025R tractors is their leaking problems. For some users, the leaking is going out of hand because the hydraulic cylinders blow out. Some report that the cylinder started leaking fuel within just 10 hours of purchase.

It is observed that the main reason behind this is the faulty backhoe attachment. They should be completely flushed out after the attachment. Otherwise, they start to put metal shaving throughout the system of the tractor in a short time.

Not Upgraded

Many users think that the John Deere 2025R tractor is not a 2-series but a 1-series tractor. The claims from the company are false because these tractors do not have enough upgradations especially in terms of engine and power. It simply does not meet the requirements of a 2-series tractor, so this is also a problem that comes with this tractor that cannot be ignored. It’s better to buy the upgraded 3-series 3025R John Deere tractor.

Needs to Take off the Loader

For many new users, the hassle of taking off the loader when the mower deck needs installation is an issue with this tractor. It is believed that the company could make a few changes in the frame of the tractor so that this needs not be done by the users manually. This will save their time and energy.

4WD Issues

The John Deere 2025R problems also include the 4-wheel driver lever. Users think that it is supposed to be placed just behind the driver’s seat so that they could easily access and activate it. However, the tractor has it on the floor. So, it is very hard to reach out and activate especially during the ride.

Transmission Synchronization Issues

According to some of the users, the transmission leads to leaking in many cases. Some people even find out that the transmission synchronization also goes out of hand. Due to this problem, the users have to take the tractor for professional help within one day time. This becomes quite frustrating due to the rush and hassle that is involved in the whole process.

Not Enough Powerful Engine

If you look at the power specifications of the John Deere 2025R tractor’s engine, it is 24.2 HP. Well, we can say that as per the claims of this company, the tractor is also from 2-series, but this power does not justify the claim. It is definitely underpowered. Also, considering the price value of this tractor, the user expects to get higher power than this range.

Delicate Quality

Unlike the other 2-series tractors of this company, this one is known to have a very fragile quality. For instance, while driving it you might hit a tree branch, and that could knock off the oil filter. Well, this would cost you money if you would like to fix it.

Final Thoughts!

We have successfully wrapped up all the John Deere 2025R problems in this article. Maybe one of the above problems could prove to be a deal-breaker for you, but still, it’s not a bad purchase.

The John Deere 2025R tractor can still provide good value to your money if you are running after good power. Moreover, this company is known to have the best customer care services, so it is quite possible that if you face a problem, they will come to the rescue as soon as possible.

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