How to turn on laptop without power button dell?

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If you’ve ever tried turning on a laptop and the battery is dead, or it’s just broken, you know that you can’t just use the power button to turn it on. The process is a little different for each brand of laptop, but in this article, we’ll show you how to turn on a Dell laptop without the power button. Stay tuned, and we’ll show you how to do the same for other brands of laptops as well!

Turning On Laptop Without a Power Button: Step by step guide

The power button on a laptop can turn the machine off and on. If your laptop’s power button is broken, you will not be able to use it. However, there are a few other ways that you can use to turn your computer on without a power button.


The first method is to boot up your laptop with an external USB bootable device.


Another method is to press the ESC key on your keyboard while powering up your computer. It will allow you to get into BIOS settings and configure it to work without a power button. You can then save this setting so that the next time you turn off or restart the machine, it will not ask for any input from the power buttons again.


Another method is to use an external keyboard. There are some keyboards available in the market which provide an on-off switch at the back of it. If you have one, attach it to your laptop and use that power button for a successful boot-up of your machine without using any other input device.


If you have window 10, then you can Enable Wake-On LAN. When you use Enable wake -on-LAN, it will turn the machine by sending a special packet to its network interface. The main advantage of using this feature is that you do not need any other device to boot up your laptop or PC and nor do you require connecting an external keyboard with it.

You can also create a shortcut for enabling Wake On LAN in the window’s power menu, which does not even show an option for turning off the machine without inputting data from the keyboard or mouse.


Reboot your machine, and this time Enable Legacy Boot Mode in BIOS settings. Save these changes and exit BIOS. Your system should start without any problems even if there is no power button pressed on the laptop!

Can I Install a New Power Button?

Yes, you can install a new power button. You will need to remove the old one and then install the new one. Make sure that you are careful when doing this, as it can be a little bit tricky. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Once you have installed the new power button, your device should be good as new!

To fix your laptop, you’ll first need to remove the battery and AC adapter. Next, take out any hard drives or RAM from inside its casing before removing each part for ease in assembly. It includes taking off both keyboard bezels as well! Once all these things have been detached from their respective spots. Now, remove the top frame and remove the old switch. Now it’s time to insert the new power button. Lastly, put everything back together again.

How to Turn On Laptop Using Clock Battery Method?

When your laptop is not working and the power button isn’t responding, you can get it started using its battery. To do this, follow these steps.

Disconnecting these cables will help you fix your laptop when it doesn’t turn on. First, disconnect the battery cable from where it connects with Motherboard and unplug the Clock Battery. Then remove the power source by removing any USB connection or wall outlet attached to this device. Then reattach the battery, and it won’t remember if you connected your laptop with a charger before.

How to Turn on a Laptop With a Keyboard?

we will explain how to turn on a laptop with a keyboard and touchpad. The steps for turning on your computer will vary depending on the laptop you have, so we recommend checking the manufacturer’s website or manual if you are not sure. However, in general, here’s what you need to do:

How to turn on your laptop with a touchpad?

Firstly, locate the power button on your laptop. It is usually located on the top or side of the device.

Secondly, press and hold down this button until the computer turns on.

If your laptop has a touchpad, you can also turn on your device by pressing and holding down the mouse buttons.

How to turn on your laptop with a keyboard?

To turn on your laptop with the help of a keyboard, you will need to locate the power button on your device. Once you have found it, press and hold down the key until the computer starts up. You can also use this method to restart or shut down your laptop. If you want to use your mouse instead of the keyboard, you can press and hold down the mouse buttons.

Now let’s take a look at some common issues that people experience when using their keyboards:

  • The keys don’t seem to be working properly: This could be due to various reasons, such as dirt accumulation or damaged keys.
  • Your laptop is not recognizing your keyboard: This can be due to faulty connections between the two devices or incorrectly installed drivers for the device itself.


If you’re looking for a way to turn on your laptop without the power button, we have some great tips and tricks that can help. Of course, this process is different depending on what type of laptop you are using, but there are several ways to do it, no matter which model or make you own. Our team has written this article of experts who want to ensure that everyone knows how to properly take care of their electronics, so they last as long as possible. Follow these steps below and see if one works best for your device. Which method did work?

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