how to make kale less bitter?

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A healthy diet is one that is able to improve overall physical and mental health. A healthy diet provides essential micro and macronutrients to the human body. Kale is one of them, packed with beneficial nutrients. But the thing is how to make kale less bitter, to use it more often in the morning without any fear of its unfriendly taste.

This is something we all have listened to somewhere and it is true that “you are what you eat.” If you eat well and healthy you will feel healthy and energetic. Talking of healthy food, one cannot forget to mention the most nutritious plant food on this earth that is kale. It belongs to the family of Brassica oleracea you can call it the powerhouse of nutrition because of kale’s healthy benefits. You can eat it cooked or raw. Kale can be used in both forms.

You can consume Kale in different ways, you can make kale salads, kale smoothies, kale chips, kale soup and sauces so on and the list of recipes is long as the list of its benefits.


The healthy green kale has dozens of benefits but here we are going to share some of them.

  • We can find vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin B6 in kale.
  • It contains calcium, copper, potassium, and magnesium.
  •  Kale is low in calories and helps in weight loss.
  • Kale is high in antioxidants, which are very healthy for us.
  • A cup of kale juice has more vitamin C, present in an orange.
  • It helps in maintaining a good cholesterol level in the human body.
  • Kale has many substances that can be of help against cancer cells.
  • Consuming kale in any form is the best source of minerals.
  • Kale can do wonders to your skin it helps in detoxifying pores, eating kale reduce wrinkles and brighten your skin tone.
  • If you love to make healthy fat in your diet then eating kale is not a bad option.

While talking about kale’s health benefits one cannot avoid the bitter taste that made it difficult to consume. But how to make kale less bitter is not a challenge anymore. By applying some methods, you can get rid of kale’s bitter taste. Do not hesitate to eat kale because of its unpleasant taste. You don’t have to be afraid of kale’s bitterness anymore.


The bitter taste of kale had made us avoid eating it. Despite knowing its health benefits and wonders. But now eating kale is not a challenge anymore. Here Let me help you with some interesting methods about how to make kale less bitter and more delicious and fun to eat. By these methods you all would know eating healthy is not a punishment in the form of a bitter taste.


The stems of kale are something more harsh and bitter. To avoid bitterness, you have to cut the stems and use only the leaves of kale. Avoiding stem makes kale less bitter and easy to eat.


Massage kale leaves before using them can make a huge difference in kale bitter taste. It makes the leaves tender softer and less bitter and also easy to chew.


Adding lemon juice, vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and other citric juices to your kale while cooking is considered to be very helpful. It helps to cut the harsh and bitter taste of kale.


Cook and prepare kale with your favorite vegetables and fruit will help in a better taste. Mixing with other ingredients will balance the taste of kale.


Marinate kale leaves in olive oil, and leave them overnight. Cook the kale leaves the next day without any bitter taste and harsh smell.


Ingredients with strong flavors like garlic or ginger and dried fruits help balance the taste of the dish. You can add sweet flavor or spices to change kale’s bitter taste to better.

There are a lot of recipes that tell how to make kale less bitter and better in taste. Now time to reveal  a kale smoothie recipe which is a deadly combination of fruits and veggies, rich in nutrients and fiber for your daily use.





3.pinapple juice

4. mangoes, apple, banana, and kale.

Take a high-power blender for kale smoothies, pour some milk into it and add some banana, apple, almonds, and blend, then Wash the kale leaves with water and remove the stem to avoid bitter taste now add kale with some pineapple juice and mango cubes and blend. The melody of fruit with kale gives the smoothie a sweet and sour taste.

This is how mixing kale with other ingredients and removing its stem can assist how to make kale less bitter. It will balance the taste and enhance good flavor.

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