How to get rid of giardia in your yard?

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Giardia is a parasitic infectious organism that is present in the intestine of cats and dogs. The most common way of their transfer to humans is through the feces of these two animals. In human beings, if they get the infection, it could cause vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, and intestinal track damage.

When these parasites come out of the intestine of animals, they for cysts around themselves. This is a protective layer that saves them from dying until they get a new host. This makes their eradication beyond difficult. So, if you are also wondering how to get rid of giardia in your yard, know that it is a problem for many people.

However, in this article, we will discuss the most effective way of getting rid of this infectious organism. Let us get started with it step by step. But first, learn what you will need for this process to finish perfectly.

All that You Need to Get Rid of Giardia from Yard

The process of getting rid of giardia is not very complicated. Therefore, there are very few simple tools or things that one would need for the whole job to be done effectively. However, you should make sure that you arrange them in advance, and then start working on them.

Following are the tools and things that you must arrange before starting the giardia removal process:

  • Chlorine bleach.
  • Water.
  • Shovel.
  • Soaker.
  • Plastic sheet.

A mixture of bleach and water is made. While the other tools are laid down on the ground to destroy the population of giardia in your yard.

Techniques to Getting Rid of Giardia from Yard

Basically, there are two preventive techniques that one can use to get rid of this parasite from the yard. These are also useful when you want to remove them from the yard as they spread and multiply.

One technique is a high-temperature method, and the other one is the bleaching technique. You can use either of these two when the parasite spread is not there. Any one of these could be a great preventive measure that you can practice once a week.

However, if your lawn or yard is now properly infected with this parasite, and you want to get rid of it, you can use both techniques together.

In the section given below, we will discuss in detail how to get rid of giardia in your yard by using a mixture of these two techniques. Follow each step very carefully so that you may properly get rid of this parasite and there is no residue left behind after the process is complete.

Remove Fecal Matter Immediately

The first step is mainly a preventive measure that can stop these parasites from reaching the human body. So, start by using preventive measures if you have a dog or cat pet at home. You should keep an eye on them so that as soon as they excrete the waste, you should throw it out. If you will take time to do so, it will give time to the parasite for penetration in the soil.

After doing this, you should wash your hands properly, and disinfect them as well. Other than this, you must also disinfect the shovels or other tools used in the process of removal. Use chlorine bleach for this purpose because it is the best for infants against giardia.

Make sure that there is no residue left behind because even small traces could multiply and cause a problem for you. Therefore, use a generous amount of disinfectant when you clean your hands and the tools.

Disinfect Hardscape Areas

You should also regularly disinfect the areas at home which have hard surfaces. These are patios or the sidewalks in the yard. You can do this with a simple solution of chlorine bleach and water. Take about 1 part of chlorine bleach and 32 parts of water for this purpose.

As you disinfect, know that this solution is tough enough to kill all parasites. Just spray or spread it in these areas, and leave it there for almost one minute. This concentration of solution and time duration is enough for the disinfection. Try to do it at least once a week so that there is no chance of survival for these infectious parasites.

Lay a Soaker Hose

The next step in the process of how to get rid of giardia in your yard is to lay a soaker hose in the yard. You should do it in the summer season. Also, try to choose the hottest part of this season because that is perfect. The hose has small pores on its surface, just like the pore of your skin. They are of the same size, and water drips from them slowly.

The water coming out f the hose will be able to keep the ground or soil soaked all the time. Any giardia present in the yard will not survive and stay on the ground. It will drain down with the water. This is a very effective step that you should follow as soon as you get a dog or cat pet at home.

Lay a Plastic Trap

To make the process of removing the giardia from your yard more effective, lay down a plastic trap all over the yard and the hose. Make sure that you overlap the end of one sheet with the next if the area is too large and you are using multiple sheets.

As far as the outer edges of these plastic traps are concerned, you cannot leave them as it is on the yard surface. You have to dig at least 6 inches down the soil, and out these edges into it. This will make sure that the trap does not fly away when the wind intensity is high.

Maintain the Trap

You should make sure that the plastic trap is in the yard, properly fix ta its place, for at least six weeks. Also, water the under the surface of the plastic trap on a weekly basis. This will keep the ground moist with water. Along with this, in the hottest summer season, the temperature under the plastic trap will remain high during the covering duration.

After six weeks’ time, you can remove the trap. Now, all you need to do is to maintain the yard in the usual way. Follow the first step given above so that you may not need to put effort into the last few steps. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. So, rather than allowing the infectious parasite from spreading, and then taking care of it, it’s better to remove it as soon as it is there.


We know that giardia is a parasite that needs a host to live and survive. It takes the water and food from the host body, and without it. It remains dormant by a family cyst around the body. If you want to know how to get rid of giardia in your yard, the above information is more than enough to do this job. You never need professional help because a simple solution can help you out in the process.

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