How to fit two monitors on a small desk?

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Desks are often cramped, especially in small spaces. While it can be challenging to fit a desk and chair into smaller rooms, it is not impossible. Desks are designed to hold one monitor or laptop, but what if you own two monitors? It is a common problem that many users face when they want to do more with their computers. Luckily there are some simple solutions for how to fit two monitors on a small desk?! These tips will help you find the perfect fit for your desk space and lifestyle. 

Best hacks to fit two monitors on a small desk

Do you work from home? Is your desk small? Are you looking for some hacks to make more space on your desk without buying a new one? Then, this blog post is for you! Here are some of the best ways to fit two monitors on a small desk.

Monitor stand:

The first tip for setting two monitors on a small desk is to get monitor stands. There are many different monitor stands, from simple shelf-style ones to adjustable arms that can fit your monitors at any height you desire. For example, if you have a pair of tall speakers or shelves on your desk already, the stand might be able to attach right onto one of them!

Mountable monitor holder:

Another trick for fitting two monitors on a small desk is getting an arm mountable monitor holder. This type sits between the back edge and corner/sidewall of your desktop with its mounting points along either side, so it’s not dependent upon other items for support. Plus, if there isn’t room behind where you’re going to put this solution because you’ve got wires plugged into something else in that area, then these are also arm mountable!

LCD Monitor stand:

If you’re determined to use two monitors on a small desk, then another setup that could work might be using an LCD monitor stand. This type doesn’t take up any floor space at all, but it does require your computer tower to be placed somewhere else so the monitor can sit in front of it with enough room for cables. On the other hand, some stands are thick and sturdy enough to have their built-in pivoting capabilities. So if you want one screen higher than the other, this is possible! Or perhaps both screens are precisely above each other, which isn’t always ideal for getting things done. Either way, there are options out there that will suit what you need them to do just fine.

Get a clamp mount:

Another tip is to get a clamp mount. A clamp mount is an excellent solution for when you have an ergonomically-incorrect desk that’s not adjustable in any way. Clamp mounts are relatively inexpensive and work exactly as they sound, attaching to the side of your desk with a clamping mechanism. In addition, they’re often able to rotate from left to right so you can get things positioned just how you like them (obviously, make sure there’s enough room on either side before purchasing one).

Get Monitor Arms:

If space isn’t an issue at all or if maybe your current monitor stand already pivots but it still doesn’t give you enough flexibility, then consider getting some monitor arms. It will attach directly onto each screen and allow complete freedom over their positioning. They come in many designs, so choose carefully.

Place monitor vertically:

Another thing you can do is place your screen vertically. Again, it can be done with a simple VESA adapter which you attach to the back of the monitor, and then the stand attaches to that instead, allowing it to hold up without any problem.

These are more expensive than regular monitor arms. Still, they provide less hassle if your needs happen to change in the future, too, because all you have to do is un-clip them from their base plate and put on an adaptor for just about anything else (including mounting one above another).

What size desk do I need for two monitors?

For two monitors, you will need a desk that is at least 40″ wide and 18″ deep. You will also want to ensure that you have enough room for your keyboard, mouse, speakers, or other peripherals.

If one of the desks has casters, be aware that they may not hold up under the weight of two large screens without some reinforcement on the bottom surface before adding them on top of it! Also, be wary of drawers attached underneath because all this weight might break them off after time, even with reinforcements in place. And lastly, some people like to have a large desk for their two monitors but if you’re one of them, be wary because this might mean that your keyboard and mouse will sit off to the side, which can cause some discomfort.

In general, it is best not to use any smaller than a 36 inch wide by 18 inches deep desk as anything less may not accommodate both screens without feeling crowded or forcing you to move things around once they are on the surface. In addition, desks should always be sturdy enough to not shift under pressure from typing or mousing!

What are the benefits of having two monitors on a small desk?

There are many benefits of having two monitor abilities on a small desk.

Multitasking capabilities:

Easier multitasking capabilities, having multiple windows open at once makes it easier for you to focus on the task at hand. Having two monitors also helps with productivity because of the to see more information without having to switch between screens. It is excellent to work in an industry that requires extreme multitasking, such as graphic design or video editing!

Less stressful work:

Working from home becomes much less hectic and stressful when using dual monitors since everything can be seen right in front of you while still feeling like your own personal space! With this added stress relief comes increased comfort, increasing creativity and efficiency throughout work tasks.

More comfort:

Suppose one monitor isn’t big enough for all your work and tasks. In that case, having an additional monitor is perfect since it still provides all the same stress-relieving comfort without making your desk feel cluttered and unorganized.


We’re giving you tips and tricks on how to fit two monitors on a small desk. If your office space is limited, finding the perfect place for all of your devices can be challenging to allow enough room for working comfortably. However, with these helpful suggestions, you should have no trouble fitting in all of your electronics. Our guide shows you how to make the most out of what little space you do have! Check back often as we continue our series about saving space at work.

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