How to clean up computer to run faster windows 10?

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If you’re experiencing slow computer running, it might be time to clean up and start fresh. There are several reasons computers run slowly: overclocking, spyware, and viruses can all cause the problem. But, even if you’ve done nothing wrong, there’s no reason for your PC to run slow anymore! So check out our guide on how to clean up computers to run faster Windows 10 today!

What are the best ways to clean up computers to run faster windows 10?

How often do you find yourself frustrated with the speed of your computer? Is it frustrating when a simple task takes minutes to complete? If so, we will discuss some of the best ways to clean up and optimize your computer to make it run faster. You may be surprised by how easy these steps are!

Delete Unneeded programs:

The first step to clean up the computer to run faster is to delete unneeded programs. Nowadays, computers come with so many unnecessary pre-installed apps that slow the computer down over time. Most of these are not used or needed by you or anyone else using your computer. You can easily navigate to “Programs and Features” to uninstall any program slowing your PC down.

Clear store files: 

Another simple step to clean up the computer would be clearing out Windows Store files left behind after deleting an app from the store. It will speed up your system quite a bit as well since it clears RAM taken up by unwanted cached data on hard drive disks.

Delete old printers: 

Deleting old printer drivers may also help cleanse PC performance for better results because outdated drivers do not always communicate correctly with newer software. As a result, you may experience an overall slower performance of your PC.

Use disk cleanup: 

Windows includes a built-in disk cleanup utility that can help to free up space on C drive by deleting temporary Windows files, old installation files, downloaded program installers, and more.

Using the Disk Cleanup utility to remove these unnecessary items is one simple way to allow users to keep their computer running smoothly without having any lags or delays while navigating through different applications.

Automated cleaner: 

However, the best solution would be downloading an automated cleaner. This cleaner also helps optimize startup programs for faster boot time. In addition, this software provides several other features, such as system optimization tools along with registry repair, so it’s beneficial if you’re willing to invest some money into speeding up your computer.

Uninstall unnecessary programs:

Another method to speed up your computer is to uninstall any unnecessary programs. To do this, go to the main control panel and look for the “Programs & Features” option, where you can uninstall different software with just a single click. However, if you’re unsure about an application is safe or not, then it’s best to check online reviews before proceeding. Also, remember that even though many applications are free these days, they often come bundled with hidden junkware, which only slows down your computer instead of helping speed up its performance!

Stop heavy-duty programs and tasks : 

The first thing you can do is stop heavy-duty programs and tasks from running. For example, if you are not using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, there is no reason for those programs to be open and take up your computer’s resources!

Update drivers: 

Another thing that you can do is update the drivers on your computer. Updating the drivers on your laptop or desktop will ensure that everything is connected correctly and working, which means you can have a faster experience when using it.

Update your OS: 

Next thing that you update your OS. Updating your OS can also help you to clean up your computer to run faster windows 10. 

Upgrade the hardware:

The last thing you might be able to do is to upgrade the hardware on your laptop or desktop. For example, some laptops will come with a solid-state drive (SSD) as standard, while others may not have this option available for purchase. If yours didn’t, then maybe now would be a great time to install one! With an SSD installed alongside having updated drivers and OS, doing all of these things together could make your Windows faster in no time at all.

If there is still no improvement after following all the above steps, consider buying a new computer. Older computers tend to perform worse over time, especially when running Windows OS due to slow hardware updates from Microsoft Corporation.

What are the benefits of using system cleaner software for Windows 10?

It’s no secret that Windows 10 is a great operating system. It has many benefits, including security features that are unmatched by other systems on the market. But it also comes with its fair share of problems, which you can quickly solve with the help of system cleaner software. By using one, you’ll be able to remove unwanted files and reclaim valuable disk space for your device. You will also experience faster boot-up times and overall improved performance – making your PC run like new again! Moreover, you can also remove traces of your online activity for even more privacy with system cleaner software.

Why Do Computers Slow Down Over Time?

Computers slow down over time for many reasons, but there are some basic reasons for it. 

Limited space and memory:

Computers have a limited amount of memory and processing power. If the computer is not regularly maintained or cleaned up, this will cause problems within the system and make it more vulnerable to viruses and malware, which could lead to another crash.

Unnecessary files:

Another reason for slowing down a computer is that it gathers and stores more data and files over time. These need to be removed regularly for the computer to run faster again.

Everyday usage of a computer will lead to degradation of its parts. Eventually, these become faulty or break down entirely, slowing your computer down even further or causing unexpected shutdowns, which can impede how quickly you’re able to get work done!


Computers also slow down with age as they are not built for longevity, so paying attention to cleaning out old software and letting them rest every once in a while will keep them running smoothly longer.


 We’ve given you a few helpful tips and tricks to help speed up your computer in this article. We hope that these will be useful for those looking to speed up their computers running Windows 10. Also, if you have any other suggestions or comments about speeding up a Windows 10 machine, please let us know in the comments below! Happy computing, everyone!

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