How to charge a laptop with HDMI?

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How do you charge your laptop without a power cord? What if there is no available outlet in the area, or if it’s just inconvenient to plug into an outlet? The answer may be surprising.

Did you know that laptops can charge via HDMI? If you’re like me, the first time I heard this was when my friend told me about it. It is a great way to cut down on those pesky cords and chargers! So today, we’ll be discussing how to charge your laptop with an HDMI cable. Let’s get started!

How To Charge Laptop With HDMI Step By Step Guide

Many people have laptops, and they often find themselves in a situation where their laptop runs out of battery life. People with laptops want to know how to charge their laptops using an HDMI cable. This blog post will show you step-by-step instructions so that you can do this.

  • Get the right type of HDMI cable: If you already own a standard LCD or LED TV, then the chances are that you also have an HDMI input on it and an output for connecting the TV to another device like a DVD player or gaming console. You’re going to need one of these cables because it has both inputs and outputs, which is necessary for charging your laptop batteries using the HDMI port on your TV screen.
  • Now that you have an HDMI cable plug one end of the cord into your TV and the other end into your laptop. If you have a desktop computer and not a laptop, don’t worry – you can still use this guide! Just plug the HDMI cable into the back of your monitor instead and follow the same instructions.

Purchase a multi-port USB charger if you want to charge multiple devices (e.g., laptop and smartphone). Now that you know how to do it step by step, go ahead and try! You will be sure to love the results because every time your battery dies on your laptop, all you need is access to an HDMI input for charging purposes.

Is HDMI a safe method to charge your laptop with HDMI?

This article discusses whether or not charging your laptop with an HDMI cable is safe. We will explore the pros and cons of this method and how to charge a computer with an HDMI cable safely.

Pros of using an HDMI Cable:

  • There are multiple pros to using an HDMI cable. The first benefit is that an HDMI cable is a direct connection, meaning there is no loss of quality or signal. Unlike other charging methods such as USB cables, it can often be slow and lead to data corruption.
  • Another pro of using an HDMI cable for charging is that it’s very fast. An HDMI cable can charge a laptop in minutes instead of hours with a standard charger.
  • Finally, using an HDMI cable for charging is convenient and easy. There are no extra cords or adapters needed – plug the HDMI cable into your computer and the wall outlet.

Cons of using an HDMI Cable:

The only con is the higher possibility that it can damage your laptop due to voltage issues. As long as you are aware of this and take precautions such as buying a good quality cable, there should be no concern when charging with an HDMI cable. Just make sure not to use any extension cables—make sure the cord from the TV goes directly into the computer.

How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger?

When you are on a trip or somewhere without your charger, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. It’s not as easy as just plugging in and powering up, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be back up and running in no time!

1) Connect your laptop’s power adapter to an electrical socket with the help of an extension cord.

2) Plug one end of the USB cable into the power adapter and the other end into any free USB port on your laptop.

3) Now press the “Turn On” button located at the upper right corner of the screen; this will start the charging process.

Another method to charge a laptop is by buying a power bank.

A power bank can be easily carried with you anywhere, and it can provide your device with the required amount of power to run smoothly.

There are various types of Power Banks available in the market, i.e. Lithium-Ion, Li-Pol, etc., that have different capacities ranging from 5000mAh, 10000 mAh, or even 20000mAh depending on how much backup time do you need for your laptop while traveling?

If we talk about compatibility, then every brand, either Apple, Dell, HP, or Acer, comes with its list of supported devices, so there won’t be any issues regarding compatibility, but still checking on the manufacturer’s website is highly recommended. Before; making a purchase decision!


Whether you’re at home or on the go, knowing how to charge your laptop is essential. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for charging your laptop with an HDMI cable so that you can keep working while plugged in! It may seem like a daunting task if this is something new to you, but we assure you — these instructions are pretty simple. So get started today by following our easy steps below.

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