How do pressure washer surface cleaners work?

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If you live in a well-furnished home that has concrete flooring then a pressure washer surface cleaner is a must keep accessory for you. These electrical common household appliances can bring a lot of ease and comfort in your daily life by speeding up the work. 

Surface cleaners have been frequently used for the last 2-3 decades in households of America, Europe, and the rest of developed countries. These have brought significant changes in daily surface cleaning in most of the common households. 

The market is flooded with different brands of surface cleaners. These vary in their size, technology used, and prices. You can buy your unit depending on your home requirements. Your perfect choice for pressure surface cleaner can give you comfort, can save a lot of money, and helps you in thorough cleansing of your house flooring. 

Some surface cleaners if used with minimal pressure output can serve to clean decks and other surfaces without making your clothes wet. 

How Do Surface Cleaners Work?

Surface washer pressure cleaners are the electrical devices which work on the principle of pressure wash attachment connected to the wand on one side and spray the water through a narrow outlet. Due to the narrowed passage, it will work to distribute water quite evenly without spilling it into streaks. It has one special built-in feature such as nozzles. It keeps on rotating while you clean hence preventing your feet from getting wet. 

Electric Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

These types of pressure surface cleaners work by using bayonet connectors. These can be the best choice if you are making up your mind about using it for small jobs. 

Homeowner Using a Semi-Pro Surface Cleaner

These semi-pro models of surface cleaners have been recently introduced for the sole purpose to fill the gap between overly priced heavier surface cleaners and a mini pressure surface cleaner. These have a moderate price range and can do a lot more than what a mini-sized pressure surface cleaner would do. But to wash away stubborn stains on the hallway or in the driveway of your garage then you need to skip the idea of buying this variety of surface cleaner. 

Professional Surface Cleaner

These big and heavy surface cleaners in the markets are reserved only for professional use. Professional surface cleaners use electricity or gas for their functioning. Because of their extensive use, these are portable and lightweight cleaners available to date. IN case of you being a regular user of a pressure washer surface cleaner then you need to choose this one for your house. 

More Options to Clean Faster

Despite their extensive use and a lucrative market, some people are not satisfied with the work of pressure washer surface cleaners. It is well-argued and genuine to feel such irritability with a surface cleaner because some people don’t like these turbo nozzles and washer wands at all. For bigger and larger purposes, you can think of water booms. These can cover a much larger surface area. 

Buying guide for pressure washer surface cleaners

Size and Power

If you have made your mind to buy a pressure washer surface cleaner for your home then you need to be clear about power consumption and the size of the surface cleaner. Because it is necessary to be aware of different sizes of the surface cleaners concerning their price range. 

The general rule is that the heavier and bigger the surface washer, the more hard and bigger works it can perform. Whereas smaller ones consume less power and cover less surface area. 

Bigger ones take less time for your bigger house floor cleansing process. 

If you have a small house and are new to this activity then it is highly recommended that you should go with the small-sized pressure washer first. So before making a choice, be clear about the power and size of the pressure washer surface cleaners.


The probability factor comes into play when you are making your mind to buy a pressure washer surface cleaner of your own. 

One has to take a lot of things into consideration about a surface cleaner before making a final decision. One thing is its mobility factor. Since you may be buying it for commercial purposes, so you will be moving it here and there to provide your services to the clients. Bigger and heavier might cause some kind of obstacles such as its mobility. 

But if you have a nearer job place then this factor can be easily overcome. 

Whereas a smaller unit can be lightweight and portable. It doesn’t give a headache about its movement. 

One thing more about surface cleaners that is related to a buyer. You also need to pick the right device which can help in making things easier for you. 

Take Your Time

If you have made up your mind to buy a pressure washer surface cleaners for your home usage or commercial benefits, take a breath, relax and look at all the possible best varieties and brands. Look into different factors such as price range, size, power consumption, and technology used in it. 

An ideal pressure washer surface cleaner must fulfill all of your basic requirements and is within your budget range. Such devices are meant to bring more comfort to your life. So think rigorously and make the right move. 

Parts of a pressure washer surface cleaner

Well, pressure washer surface cleaner sounds like something very complicated and a complex machine but in reality, it is a simple device that contains few simpler components which act together and make it function smoothly. In simple terms, it is just a simple water pump that takes water from the inlet and is powered by electric motors. Then it throws water forcefully through a hose and outlet guided and forced through a trigger gun. 

The hose is its main functioning base which is used to attach different kinds of parts to alter its function according to your requirements. 

The following parts are the key components that are always part of its internal make-up. 

Water inlet 

A commonly used pressure washer surface cleaner has a hose at its distal end. It throws water out smoothly. It takes water from the inlet. Inlet has been provided with a filter to prevent solid debris or dirt because it can affect the smooth working of the hose. Dirt and debris are carried in with immense pressure but the filter can save the hose and add life to the hose part of the surface cleaner. 

Electric motor 

Electric motors are the basic and key components of a pressure washer surface cleaners. Motors power the pump to draw water from the inlet and force it to exit through the hose. Small and simple versions of surface cleaner use domestically used electric motors for their functioning. 

Gas engine

Gas engines are built-in components of heavy and larger pressure washer surface cleaners which are meant for performing more complex functions. These are gasoline engines. 

Surface cleaners with gasoline engines allow maximum flexibility in their mobility and power. You can use the gasoline-powered cleaners in the area where there is no electricity. 

Water pump

The water pump is the key component of the pressure washer surface cleaners. This is to the surface cleaner what is heart to the human body. 

It is controlled by a gasoline engine or electric motors. It has two functions to perform. It draws water from the source or inlet and simultaneously it pushes the water out through the hose. These are capable of throwing 4-7 liters of water out through the hose in a minute 

High-pressure hose

It is a tube made up of very high tensile strength material. It runs from the cleaning catchments to the washer. This is not an ordinary tube. It is specially designed and built to serve the purpose. It is reinforced with high-density plastic and wire mesh. 

A general rule is that a hose tube is made to stand more pressure and has more threshold than that of the pump.

Cleaning attachment

This is the attachment to the hose. It depends on your work. You can modify the attachment as per your own needs and desires. You have plenty of options here from the rotating brush to trigger guns. Even you can alter the hose by adding a spinning wand spray to it


  • These devices are meant to be given the uninterrupted and excess supply of water continuously. So the key drawback is that these use plenty of water. 
  • Pressure washer surface cleaners produce a lot of unnecessary noise. 
  •  While you are using it, it through the filthy particles and dirt in different directions. So use it carefully and consider the directional aspect of its hose and your body. 
  • You need to be more rational in choosing and setting its attachments. Because this is the key area that can make things more difficult for you.

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