Difference between Chair Height and Comfort Height Toilet

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Comfort is crucial while selecting the correct toilet bowl. In this article, you will get a complete guide about a comfortable toilet, including a real deal about the disparity among comfort height and chair height toilets and other significant factors, such as GPF and bowl design.

Keep in your mind that toilet height can affect your posture. The height deviations among consumers instigate manufacturers to fabricate unique toilet heights. It includes ADA height, universal height, regular height, standard height, and comfort height options. Have a look at the guide below to get a detailed insight.

Chair Height VS Comfort Height

Is comfort height similar to chair height? Well, yes, concerning their description and size. ‘Chair height’ is generally used for toilets bearing the stature of 17 inches. However, comfort height also refers to chair height, but it is brand-specific.

The height of the chair starts from the upper component of the seat and down to the ground. This height is the figure set by the Americans with Disability Act or ADA for observance. Keep this noted that the comfort height is steady despite different toilet models’ designs, features, and styles.

Appealing Look

The look of any toilet bowl chiefly relies upon the shading, shape, manufacturer, and style. Some are in a one-piece plan, while others are in a two-piece. These plans fit well with a contemporary-styled washroom and current restrooms. You’ll see them as simple and easy to clean for consistent use.

However, there are some examples of two-piece toilets that get styled ones. Some of the models include TOTO SCT744SL, KOHLER K-3999-0, and Signature Hardware 413995. These are reliable and less expensive.

These two-piece plans can be worked through a pressure-assisted flush scheme or gravity flush system. Some of the best one-piece toilets that are loveable among people are Swiss Madison SM-1T254, VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-090 SA, WOODBRIDGE T-0019, and American Standard 2034314-021.

Differences While Installing Toilets

The installation process of toilets with comfort height and chair height doesn’t have notable differences. The procedure is identical in both the cases and design, and you need to make sure that the tank and bowl are attached firmly and correctly. Always double-check that whether the flush valve and flapper are functional and working correctly or not.

Do not forget to check the association to discover any sort of leakage. Though, handy people will not face any difficulty with the installation. Anyway, don’t worry if you are not familiar with the installation process. You can get an instruction manual with every purchase that can help you set up the product correctly. You will also get some of the essential hardware parts along with the manual for maximum ease.

If you are planning to install a smart toilet and cannot set up things on your own, it is crucial to hire a pro that can help you in this regard, as minor problems can sometimes lead to more significant issues.

Effect of Toilet Height on Constipation

The estimation of comfort height toilets projects a normal sitting position. This advances the entire clearing of the bowl. In addition, this stature permits the hips to sit beneath the knee’s height. In this manner, the outcome is the squatting position that puts the rectum in the ideal spot for easy defecation.

Do you know that squatting pose also aids in vanquishing hemorrhoids? The comfort height toilet is ideal for those who fight with constipation. This assistance can also be expanded if you use a chair-height toilet by accumulating a step stool.

A step stool will duplicate the said position for dropping a dump quickly. It’s likewise the answer for youngsters and more limited grown-ups to utilize chair height toilets devoid of their legs hanging on the floor.

All about Comfort Height and Chair Height Toilet

Here in this section, you will get a complete guide about the difference between chair height and chair height toilet. The advent of chair height toilets in the marketplace took place in the later period. But there is a boost in its esteem due to the taller young generation and aging population. It deliberates 17 to 19 inches from the summit part of the chair to the floor.

With this dimension, it’s generally taller than the usual height toilet by three or four inches. You might think that it’s not much, but there is a disparity in its effects. It makes the toilet time comfortable that is why it is called comfort height toilet.

You might also come across terms like ‘toilet seat height’ and toilet bowl height.’ Keep in mind that both these terms do not have a similar description. The former is the estimation from the upper piece of the toilet to the floor, which likens to bowl height and seat height, whereas the other one alludes to the time-span of the toilet bowl devoid of a stool on the floor.

Keep in mind that the toilet seat is an inch broad. Hence, a 16-inch toilet is labeled a comfort height toilet as the dimension becomes 17 inches once it accumulates the seat’s thickness.

If you are looking for an 18-inch toilet, go for a 17-inch plus an inch from its seat. It is the best option for tall people with full-size stature. Furthermore, this height is ideal for the aged and those with arthritis and disabilities.

The extra tallness makes it simple for people to get on and off the toilet bowl. Nonetheless, drawbacks are available too. Shorter adults and youngsters might feel uncomfortable when utilizing a chair-height toilet. Their legs will generally hang and not reach the floor properly.


The factors or elements that will settle on your choice include actual requirements, the height of an individual, and the manner in which you go and leave the toilet. Pick a chair toilet height that permits you to sit and stand without any inconveniences. It’s ideal to lay your feet on the floor. Typically, individuals who live in the same family unit have various heights. So, it is essential to think about all the deliberations before you can come up with a choice that won’t compromise someone’s requirements and needs.

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