Dell XPS 15 all in one

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If you’re in the market for an all-in-one PC, Dell has some great options to consider. The new Dell XPS 15 is one of our favorites – it’s a powerful machine with a sleek design, and it’s perfect for multitasking or gaming.

The Dell XPS 15 all in one is an elegant, powerful and innovative desktop computer. It’s ideal for those who want a laptop with the power of a desktop. The screen is large enough to allow dual-monitor setups or video editing workflows.

Have you been looking for something that will give your productivity a boost? Check out the Dell XPS 15 all-in-one today.

Dell XPS all in one review


Display size‎15 Inches
Processor‎5 GHz apple_ci7
Screen Resolution ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎3840 x 2400 Pixels
Hard Drive‎512 GB SSD
Operating systemWindows 10 Home
Graphics Card Ram Size4 GB
Dimensions‎20.5 x 19.8 x 14.8 inches
Weight‎4 pounds


The Dell XPS 15 All-in-One is an excellent choice for a home office or student. It’s powered by the new Intel Core i7 10th Gen processor and has 16GB of memory and a 512GB solid-state drive.

In addition, the 15.6″ Full HD display features a narrow border with virtually no bezel, so it looks great from any angle.

The Dell XPS 27 AIO is the world’s smallest 15-inch all-in-one desktop computer. It’s perfect for home and office use with its high-performance processor, powerful graphics card, and stunning display. In addition, this system is ideal for editing photos or videos in Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro. 


The XPS 15 is the smallest laptop on the planet to feature a virtually borderless InfinityEdge display. With an available FHD resolution, it features a 16:9 aspect ratio and a nearly borderless screen that measures just 6mm at its thinnest point. The result? An expansive viewing experience with more pixels than standard Full HD displays for highly detailed content. Plus, you’ll enjoy vivid, accurate color reproduction thanks to 100% sRGB coverage and Dell PremierColor technology.

 It also has a new optional 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2400 Pixels) OLED display option. It comes in silver or rose gold colors and features an entire aluminum body that makes it durable and lightweight at just 4 pounds. In addition, the InfinityEdge display is incredibly thin, which allows you to see more of what matters most to you on your screen without any distractions from bezels.

This innovative engineering gives you superb brightness and clarity with over 8 million pixels—ideal for 4K video and wide viewing angles. And when you have to share your screen, a full HD webcam helps everyone see more of you.

See the detail of every pixel with the Dell Premium Panel Guarantee, which includes a comprehensive panel-level warranty and fast exchanges for a new display if yours is damaged or defective. Dell’s InfinityEdge borders create an almost seamless viewing experience by minimizing distractions and providing more screens for your content. With Full HD resolution, this monitor delivers brilliant color from any angle. In addition, the Dell HDR Ultra HD Premium certification ensures accurate colors across different types of HDR content – like movies, games, and photos – and a wider range.


Dell XPS 15 is a modern, powerful laptop with an all-metal construction. It’s built to be robust and portable, with a smaller footprint than other devices in its class. The carbon fiber finish on the lower side adds a touch of sophistication while complementing the silver design.

The Dell XPS 15 is the first laptop to offer a virtually borderless InfinityEdge display, maximizing screen space by minimizing the front-facing bezel. In addition, the anti-glare display with wide viewing angles makes it easy to share and collaborate, while Windows 10 home lets you do everything you love faster. 

Its smaller bezel display features Dell’s InfinityEdge borderless edge-to-edge glass, which provides more screen space without increasing the display’s overall size or chassis. In addition, the keyboard and trackpad are black, adding to their professional look.

Battery Life

Dell XPS 15 All-in-One is a high-end laptop with a price tag to match. This device comes with three different battery options to select from. It includes a non-touchscreen model, 4K+ touchscreen, and OLED touchscreen. Each of these models comes with either a 56Whr 3 cell battery or 86Whr 6 cell battery.

It includes the 86 Whr 6 cell battery for 4K+ touch and 86WHr 6 Cell battery for OLED touch version. In addition, the powerful processor allows you to multitask between your favorite applications, such as streaming video, while running other programs simultaneously.

The benefits of long battery life are numerous, not just for students or people who use computers outside. Whether you’re an office worker looking to work on your laptop from time to at home while avoiding those pesky power outlets.

The OLED display is great for those who want to use their phone more professionally. It will provide up to 10 hours of battery life and has an Ultra HD+ panel, meaning you can watch videos all day without needing to charge it!

The three-cell pack can provide you with 9 hours of battery life. However, the 86 Whr 6 cell battery will regularly give 13 backups for work and multitasking!

 Ports and Connectivity

The Dell XPS 15 is a beast of the best laptop you can find. This thin and lightweight marvel has all sorts of connectivity options, including two Thunderbolt 4 ports on its left side for data transfer rates up to 40GB/s with ease! There’s also a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C connector that provides video output, power delivery capabilities, and a full-size SD card reader, which means it will never be lacking in storage again.

The Thunderbolt 4 port allows you to connect GPU and external display. With the latest technology, you’ll also get dual-band Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 for your wireless connection, which has potential throughput speeds up to 2 Gbps! It means that all of those devices in Pairing Mode will be able to operate correctly – even if Apple or Microsoft does not explicitly make them (though their respective logos should show). The Bluetooth 5 standard supports everything from headphones through speakers.

Touchpad and keyboard:

This Dell XPS 15 premium laptop’s keyboard isn’t superior to its competitors with an improved typing performance. However, I did enjoy using the snappy feel and precision of my keystrokes on it; there was no need for me to use more pressure than usual since they were already at full force when necessary!

This keyboard is excellent for typing. It has three different light options so you can choose what type of lighting suits your needs best! Unfortunately, you’ll have to use a little more pressure than usual because there isn’t an auto-backlight on this full-size model like some newer computers. 

This keyboard is ergonomic and functional with its split design, allowing you to type more quickly. You can also adjust lighting power on the F5 key for those who want their screen lit up at all times!


The Dell XPS 15 all in one pc is an excellent option for those who want a powerful laptop with the convenience of using it as a desktop. It’s got plenty of storage space to store your files, and its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around or move from room to room. Plus, you can get up to 12 hours of battery life on this device! If you’re looking for something that will allow you to work comfortably anywhere without compromising power, look no further than the Dell XPS 15 all in one. Interested? Buy now.

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