Country Clipper Mower Problems

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The most common problem that comes into mind is the pathetic customer service when one thinks about a certain brand. After this, the dealers of a particular product of that brand also play their part in making the situation even worse. A mower without a problem is supposed to manicure your lawn effortlessly. But a bad one can be a nightmare.

If you have country clipper mower problems, we know how hard it must be for you to handle them. Therefore, we are here to share what could be the actual problem, and how you can get rid of it effectively. Stay with us till the end.

Common Country Clipper Mower Problems

Before moving forward, let us first point out the most common country clipper mower problems. These include the following:

  • Sputter issue in engine.
  • Issues in cutting blades.
  • Joystick problems.
  • Lose deck belt.
  • Turning over in mower.
  • The mower does not start.
  • Bad dealership.
  • Bad customer service.

It is not that this particular brand is not good, or it is the only problem in the industry. It is the dealership that is the base of the brand quality which is significantly missing in this case. A simple example of this is that they do not give warranty services when you fail to handle the joystick, so people get frustrated.

Apart from this, the other problems shown by this mower are quite similar to those shown by others. Lose deck belt, problematic engine, and cutting blade issue are the same as of others.

Right Tips and Guideline

You can prevent, and get rid of many of the above technical problems if proper advice is given. However, you should not do it on your own as long as you have a warranty. The key to having easier life with this mower is to get a reliable dealer. You can contact the manufacturing company and ask them about the best one in your region

There are so many dealers of county clipper mowers, so it’s hard to find the suitable one on your own. It’s better to put any effort into this stage rather than suffer from it later on. The bad dealer will not register your unit with the company. In this way, they will not even offer a warranty which is your right.

Other than this, even if they pay heed to your complaint, they will suggest you send it to head office. No one has the stamina to deal with such bad service, we know.

In case you do not know who is manufacturing this mower, it is by Shivers’ Manufacturing Inc. which is in Iowa. So, rather than experiencing irritating country clipper mower problems, get yourself a reliable dealer.

Ways to Troubleshoot the Country Clipper Mower Problems

No matter what are the various country clipper mower problems you might be facing, here are some of the most effective troubleshooting tips. Follow these quick steps to immediately fix the problem:

Proper Cleaning

When there is a lot of dirt, dust, particles, and gunk build-up on the underside of the clipper mower, the engine starts to stall. As soon as the drive blades will engage, you will see this problem in the working of your county clipper mower engine.

Therefore, you should regularly look into the underside of the mower and clean it properly. This will improve the stalling problem of the mower engine immediately.

Tighten Spark Plug

You should tighten the spark plugs when you see that the county clipper is hard to even move an inch. You can also opt for the replacement of spark plugs when the tightening does not work for such a problem. If you do not have the tools to do it at home, take it to the professional.

Replace Fuel Tank and Filters

When you see that the county clipper is turning around, but it does not start, then you should clean the fuel filters. You can also try topping up the fuel tank with fresh fuel to solve the problem. If cleaning and topping up are not working out for this problem, then you should opt for replacement immediately.

If these three solutions do not work out for this problem, you can definitely try to adjust the choke. Like many people who fail to top up their fuel tanks regularly, if you keep an eye on it and do it, you won’t face this problem at all. However, you should also make sure that you clean the tank from gunk build-up before you fill it up again.

Replace Fuse, and Battery

For instance, you turn on the county clipper mower but it fails to start altogether. You should immediately put it in the neutral mode when such country clipper mower problems show up. Along with this, make sure that the cutting blade’s connection is also removed. These blades should only be in working condition when unfastening is done, and when all the setup is changed.

The factors that require you to do it include gunk build-up inside it. Due to continuous use, they start to accumulate. This results in serious issues while the blades are also running continuously.

However, if this does not work out for your county clipper mower, you should opt for fuse and battery replacement. This solution will surely solve the problem, restore the overall energy of the machine, and bring back the actual working caliber. In this way, the drive blades also have the chance to work perfectly once again.

Reconnect Transmission Shift Arm

Another common problem is the mower stuck in one place. You start the engine and it runs smoothly, however, the machine does not move an inch. This means that the engine is working perfectly well, but the mover is stiff at its place.

You can troubleshoot it by adding new oil if the last one is too old. You can also replace the oil filters so that the new oil could filter out without a problem. Other than this, reconnect the transmission shift arm.

If these solutions do not work for your county clipper mower, then try drive belt replacement. Replacing it and reconnecting the drive belt back could possibly solve the problem. This is because many times it wears out, or becomes lost due to which the transmission shift arm also stops working properly.

Contact A Professional

You should call a service professional if you are not sure about the above solutions. You should try these tips only if you are confident about positive outcomes. Know that a single mishandling can go a long way. You can cause a bigger problem for yourself, so rather than randomly taking over troubleshooting on your own, call a professional.


We are sure that the above discussion about the country clipper mower problems and troubleshooting must be of great help for you. Know that the biggest issue is a bad dealer of the product, not the company itself. So, do yourself a favor, and try while buying the product rather than wondering about finding solutions to various problems later on. Having a responsible dealer at the back end will save you even if the product shows dramatic problems.

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