Can You Put a Normal Mattress on a Sofa Bed?

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The sofa bed is the most useful invention for small rooms and hotels that overnight guests always expect. This system enables you to pull a bed from a sofa if necessary. Whenever a friend or guest comes to your home, this sofa bed saves a lot of stress. However, sometimes your guests may feel uncomfortable sleeping on your sofa bed due to the poor mattresses. 

In such cases, you can make your sofa bed more comfortable by using the right mattresses. Now you may be wondering whether I can put a normal mattress on the sofa bed. Although you can use an ordinary mattress on your sofa bed in case of an emergency, it is not advisable to do it regularly. 

This is because the mattresses used for sofa beds are around 4 to 6 inches thin, whereas ordinary mattresses are much thicker. Read the entire context to get in-depth information on whether putting a normal mattress on a sofa bed is good. 

How Does A Sofa Bed Actually Work?

Sofa beds are quite common in hotels and houses, making a sleeping space for overnight visitors. Although they are not used as the main bed, they can offer the same facilities as regular beds in emergencies. Typically, sofa beds are seemingly regular sofas but have some additional features. They allow you to create sleeping areas by expanding the sofa when needed. 

During the unfolding process, a stand and a bar are used to support the mattress. For that,  these sofa beds require special mattresses, which are a little dissimilar to regular bed frame mattresses. The good thing is that there are different types of mattress toppers available on the market. Using the best mattress topper for sofa bed, you can ensure maximum sleeping comfort than a regular mattress. 

Can You Put A Normal Mattress On A Sofa Bed?

Sleeping on a sofa bed can be uncomfortable due to the thinner mattress. You may think about replacing the cover with a thicker and more comfortable one to ensure good sleep. In such situations, it is crucial to know whether you can put a regular mattress on your sofa bed. 

Typically, you can put a regular mattress on your sofa bed in case of emergencies when you don’t have any other option. But it is not good practice to use a normal mattress regularly. This is because normal mattresses are quite different from mattresses specially designed for sofa beds. For example, sofa beds have mattresses about 4 to 6 inches thin, while traditional mattresses are much thicker. 

Due to thinness, these mattresses can be bent several times without damage. On the other hand, normal mattresses are not made to be bent so many times. Besides, sofa beds are designed with metal bars for additional support. For that, these beds require special mattresses that will fit the bed shape. But normal beds are usually not fitted with metal bars, which can be uncomfortable to sleep in. 

Why Should You Not Put A Normal Mattress On A Sofa Bed?

There are various reasons why a regular mattress should not be used on a sofa bed. Here we demonstrated some common differences between regular and sofa bed mattresses.

Traditional Mattresses Are Too Thick 

The height of a sofa bed mattress is substantially lower than that of a regular mattress. Typically, the thinness of sofa bed mattresses is around 4′′–5′′, whereas regular mattresses are about 10′′–14′′. As a result, the ability to fit inside the sofa bed mechanism is much better for sofa bed mattresses. Not only that, folding several times, the regular mattress probably bulges and ruins the mattress. But sofa bed mattresses are made compact and regularly bend tolerant.

Not Accommodate The Sofa Bed Bar     

Sofa beds are usually designed with a metal bar that provides the bed additional support. This bar keeps the mattress from sagging in one spot, such as the center of the bed. The mattress, specially designed for the sofa bed, accommodates this metal bar. But regular mattresses can be uncomfortable and damaged due to the metal bar.

Not Designed To Be Fold

Sofa bed mattresses are made of foam instead of springs like normal mattresses. A foam mattress can be folded over and over again without significant damage. On the contrary, traditional mattresses fold only a couple of times. Much folding of these mattresses will cause irregular shapes and be uncomfortable to sleep.

Advantages Of Using Sofa Bed Mattresses

Compared to normal bed mattresses, mattresses specially designed for sofa beds have many benefits. Here we have discussed some significant advantages of using sofa bed mattresses.

Convenient For Hosting Overnight Guests

Sleeping on a sofa bed can be uncomfortable because of the thinner mattress. In that case, you can use a sofa bed mattress that will be comfortable to sleep on for your overnight guests. This way, you can stay free from worrying about setting up a secondary bed. Having a quality sofa bed with the right mattress will give you the same benefits as regular beds.

Wide Variety Of Styles

Using the right mattress on your sofa bed does not allow you to compromise on your style. Although the sofa bed is designed with charming fabrics, a poor mattress can ruin the overall look. Having a mattress on your sofa bed can ensure the beauty of your interior design.

Variety Of Options

Sofa bed mattresses come in different models and brands, which give the buyers maximum freedom. Among a large number of mattresses, you can choose the best quality according to your preferences. It is also possible to select mattresses based on your home interiors.

Different Types Of Sofa Bed Mattresses

If you think of purchasing mattresses for your sofa bed, it is good to have ideas about different sofa bed mattresses. For your convenience, we have discussed some widely used types of sofa bed mattresses below.

Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress

These mattresses are commonly seen in sofa beds. They provide adequate cushioning and support for a peaceful night’s sleep. Besides, memory foam mattresses help reduce pressure points, which is very helpful for ensuring the right body posture while sleeping.

Latex Sofa Bed Mattress

Choosing the latex sofa bed mattress will be a good option for those who want their mattress to be firm. Since these mattresses are made of soy plants and rubber trees, they are an environmentally-friendly choice. However, when choosing a latex mattress, ensure it is composed of natural latex.

Foam Sofa Bed Mattress

Foam sofa bed mattresses are less deluxe than memory foam and natural latex. But the high-density foam of this mattress is highly effective in providing maximum comfort. Usually, the foam density of these mattresses ranges from 1.2 pounds to 2.5 pounds.

Coil Sofa Bed Mattress

Coil bed sofa mattresses are less comfortable compared to the other three types. They have an average of 12 inches of padding on top of a 3-inch steel coil, which causes back pain to the sleeper. These mattresses are more reasonably priced than others.


Having a sofa bed in your house is the easiest way to set up temporary sleeping space for overnight visitors. Unfortunately, only setting a sofa bed will not ensure maximum comfort. For that, you will need to put a mattress on your sofa bed. However, most people wonder whether putting a normal mattress on a sofa bed is enough for comfort. 

Typically, in the case of an emergency, you can put the regular mattress on sofa beds, but regular use will be bad practice. In that case, using a mattress specially designed for a sofa bed will be an ideal choice. Different types of sofa bed mattresses you will find in the market. Check out the section above to get an overall idea of the several types of mattresses.

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