Best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch

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The best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch will provide you an easy and convenient way of charging and save a lot of your time and energy.

If you are an apple lover, or you own an Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone, then you will know the difficulty of charging all your devices. Moreover, it is not easy to carry separate chargers for every device during your travel and outdoor trips. So the best option in this condition is the best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch.

These chargers come in a lot of variety. The comes in 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 features for charging your multiple devices at the same time. So there will be no more entanglement of wires and cables. With the best wireless charger, you will place your devices at the charging pad, and charging will automatically start. Here we have a list of the best wireless chargers in the market with thousands of satisfied customers. You also need to pick one to make your life easier and hassle-free. 

List of the 10 Best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch

  1. mophie – Universal 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand – best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch
  2. mophie 4 in 1 – best Wireless Charging mat for iPhone and Apple watch
  3. Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger– best for iPhone and Apple watch
  4. LAVONE Best digital alarm clock-Wireless Charger, 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charging for iPhone and Apple watch
  5. QI-EU-DABAGAT Best 4-in-1 wireless charger– Wireless charger, 4 in 1 Wireless charging station for apple watch
  6. LUKKAHIH Wireless charger – best 3 in 1 wireless charging station
  7. Belkin 3-in-1 – best Wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch
  8. QTiler 3-in-1 – best Qi-certified 15 W wireless charger for iphone and apple watch
  9. Hoidokly 3-in-1 charging station – best Charging Station Dock for Airpods Pro/2, AppIe Watch 6/SE/5/4/3/2
  10. mophie – Universal 3 in 1 – best Wireless Charging Stand

1. mophie – Universal 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone and Apple watch

Product review:

If you are passionate about experiencing new modern technologies, then wireless chargers are also a good idea for wireless chargers for your smartwatches and smartphones. Alpharan electronic brands offer you the best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch users. This charger comes with three different charging stations with one stand. 

Either you can charge your iPhone by standing with the wall of the charger face, put the smartwatch on it, and AirPods simultaneously. Using this wireless charger, you can eliminate tangled wires and keep your charging station clean and organized. It is a suitable gadget for your office desk, bedroom side table or for travel. It comes with an elegant design with air vent holes to prevent overheating while charging any device.

Product features:

  • Alpharan wireless charger can charge your device through the case with a maximum of 0,23 inches thick.
  • You can charge your iPhone, iPods, and apple watch at the same time without messing with wires.
  • All three charging surfaces are featured with silicon pads to avoid sliding off from the charging pad. Moreover, the rubber pads are installed on the bottom side of the charger for better grip.
  • The LED light will turn off within a few seconds but only turn to notify your device status. Additionally, while wireless charging your smartphone screen light will never turn on and create any disturbance.
  • The charger has a sleek design with air vents for cooling and preventing devices from overheating.
  • You are using the latest technology for fast charging speed that saves your precious time and charges your devices in a short time simultaneously.

2. mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging mat for iPhone and Apple watch

Product review:

mophie is always focusing on the best and latest wireless charging technology to provide you the ease of life for your changing devices. Here we have a mophie multi-purpose wireless charger that is capable of 4 different types of charging at the same time.

You can put your phone, AirPods, watch, and pencil on wireless charging simultaneously. No more mess of tangled wires. Nothing is challenging to install the dock. Simply attach the adapter and type C cable with the charger and place your four smart devices in their positions and charge them simultaneously. 

It is very suitable for your living room, bedroom side table or the office desk.

Additionally, it has a foldable and adjustable design so that you can carry it wherever you want. Powlaken wireless charger follows all safety measures that are necessary for its users. It comes with a built-in featured safety program that prevents overheating, overcharging, over-voltage, and over-current.

Product features:

  • 4 in 1 wireless charging stations allow you to charge your smartphone, smartwatch, AirPods, and pencil simultaneously without any wire hassle.
  • The wireless charger can charge your phone in any direction, whether it is vertical or horizontal. You can play a video, movie, video chat, and song playlist at the comfy angle during charging.
  • It can charge you by transmitting a power signal through your smartphone case. But, the case should not be more than 0.20 inches. Mind it, the metal and any of the cards will affect the performance of charging.
  • Using high-quality components for better performance. Dual coil design will help to enhance the ability of fast charging.
  • Using protection technologies for prevention overheating, over-voltage, over-current, etc.
  • LED light is equipped to indicate the current charging status of your phone. When you place your phone at the exact place, and it starts charging, the LED light will turn blue from red.

3. Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 best Wireless Charger for iPhone and Apple watch

Product review:

Belkin brands provide you a sleek design 3 in 1 wireless charging station. You can charge your smartphone by placing it on the dock. Additionally, the horizontal pad with magnetic force will enhance the stability while putting on the charging module for the smartwatch. Airpods are generally charged with wire. But, if you have AirPods, which feature wireless charging, you can put them on the dock and charge immediately.

This 3 in 1 wireless charging station will allow you to charge your smart device simultaneously. Its compact design will allow you to carry in your backpack and take it wherever you need it. It is compatible with all Qi-supported devices at both vertical and horizontal positions. So that you can watch movies, video chats, or use any other application while wireless charging easily.

Product features:

  • Widely compatible with Qi-enabled devices. \
  • It can charge you smart devices without removing its cause. Case thickness should not be more than 40mm. Moreover, metal and magnetic effects in the cases and credit cards will interfere with wireless charging.
  •  This wireless charger fulfills the safety measures for preventing overheating, overcharging, and overvoltage misshapen. 
  • It’sIt’s very easy to install and easy to use. Just plug in the charger and put your smart devices on the wireless charging module. It will do its job very well.
  • By using the latest technology and 3.0 adapter, you can enjoy the fastest charging that saves time and a wonderful experience as well. 

4. LAVONE Wireless Charging Station for smartwatches and smartphones

Product review:

Lavone brands are launching its fast wireless charging station. It can charge three gadgets simultaneously. 3 in 1 charging option with a clock and LED lights. The charging station has a mobile phone stent that can hold your mobile in an upright position. So you can quickly join your zoom meetings or use your phone while it’s on charging.

It has a clock 12/24 setting mode, date setting mode, and alarm setting mode. Moreover, there are three different colors: cold light, warm light, and natural light. Moreover, the wireless charger can complete the charging in 1.5-2 hours. 

Product features:

  • It is a multifunctional charger with a 3-in-1 mode. This is the best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch.
  • The charger has a storage base for the state of the cable. So there will be no entanglement of the wires, and you can use it easily.
  • The charger can charge your devices 100% in 1.5 to 2 hours. You can charge your apple watch and iPhone at the same time as the charging station. 
  • The charging station is compatible with the apple watch series, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and all other Qi-enabled devices. 
  • The plus point of the charging station is it has a digital alarm clock. 
  • The charger has 90 days full refund and 24 months warranty.

5. QI-EU-DABAGAT 4 in 1 Wireless charging station for apple watch

Product review:

Here we have the wireless charging station that charges multiple devices at one time. The charging station can charge four different devices at the same time. You can charge your iPhone, your apple watch, AirPods, and another phone with a USB cable. Isn’tIsn’t it unique. According to my, it is the best wireless charging station for you and your partner.

The charging station supports vertical and horizontal charging positions. You can stand your mobile at a viewing angle and perform all your online tasks on change. You can detach the dock of the apple watch and AirPods charging. Moreover, the charger’s design is foldable, and you can easily take it with you everywhere. Furthermore, you can use your watch nightstand as your alarm clock. Overall it is the best multifunctional wireless charging dock.

Product Features:

  • You can charge your two phones, your apple watch, and your AirPods with this 4-in-1 wireless charging dock.
  • The design of the charger is portable and foldable. With the one cable, you can use the charging stand and charging dock to simultaneously charge multiple devices.
  • There is cable storage for the storage, so there will be no mess at your work benchtop. 
  • The charging stands have alarm clock features. 
  • Furthermore, you can stand your phone in a vertical, horizontal, or landscape position.
  • The wireless charger can charge phones with cases more than 5mm, and there is no need to remove the case for charging.

6. Wireless charger, LUKKAHIH 3 in 1 wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch

Product review:

The beautiful color wireless charger is available in different colors. It has a 4-in-1 charging station. You can use it combine and can also detach it for making a small size. It offers you to charge multiple devices at one time. Moreover, the charging coil is designed in a way that will increase the speed of charging.

You can charge your phone at both horizontal and vertical positions and use your phone when charging without any interruption. Moreover, with this wireless charger, there is no need to remove the case of the phone every time. It will charge mobiles with a case thickness of up to 5mm. The important thing you should note here, the charger is compatible with only watches. It is not compatible with Samsung watches.

Product Features:

  • There is the use of Qi wireless technology, and the charging station ensures fast charging to multiple devices at one time.
  • The wireless charger is compatible with the apple watch series, AirPods, iPhone, and Samsung smartphone. 
  • The charger is super easy to use. There is no need to take off the case of the phone as the charging station is case-friendly.
  • There is the use of intelligent chips that offer multifunctional protection to your phone. The smart chip will ensure safety from over-temperature, over-voltage, and detect any foreign body.
  • The design of the phone is foldable and adjustable. For placing your apple watch and your phone at an ideal position, there is a magnetic metal support that will adjust your devices’ angle.

7. Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch

Product review:

Here we have the next charger from a well-known brand in the wireless charging industry. The Belkin wireless charger has a 3-in-1 charging station. You can charge your iPhone, your apple watch, and AirPods at the same time. The power watt of the Belkin wireless charger is 7.5w. It offers fast and reliable charging to your expensive devices.

The charging dock is perfect for your office, home, and all other workplaces. It is a Qi-certified charger and ensures the safety and durable quality features. Furthermore, the wireless charging station is case-friendly and compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. For apple watches, it is compatible with iPhone, apple watch series, and all AirPods.

Product Features:

  • The 3-in-1 wireless charger is a perfect charger for charging your multiple devices. You can set your apple watch, AirPods and iPhone simultaneously.
  • The wattage power for charging an iPhone is 7.5 watts, and the wattage power for charging of AirPods and Apple watches 5 watts.
  • The charger is case-friendly. It means you don’t need to remove the case of your phone every time. 
  • The charger has Qi certification. Moreover, the case is protected with 2-years of limited warranty.

8. QTiler 3-in-1, Qi-certified 15 W wireless charging for iPhone and Apple watch

Product review:

The charger comes with a stable base that offers charging in a horizontal and vertical position. All charging positions make it easy to use your phone when it is on charging. Moreover, it provides a perfect angle of viewing and sending messages. The design of the charger is foldable, and it can become a mini portable charger. The design offers excellent ease during your travels and makes your life easier.

The compact charging station is a powerful charger that can charge three devices at one time. Moreover, it is very easy and simple to use. You will place your apple watches, AirPods, and phone on the charging station, and the charge will start automatically. 

Product features:

  • The 3-in-1 wireless charging station The charger will automatically charge your apple watches, AirPods, and iPhone. The wireless chagrin station also comes with a 9V/2A adapter.
  • Moreover, the design of the charger is foldable and adjustable. Moreover, there is an angle of support that you can adjust according to your needs. It is a perfect wireless charger for travel, home, office, etc. 
  • The charger can support horizontal and vertical positions. In both positions, you can easily use your phone. 
  • The wireless charger has certification from CE Qi and FCC. Moreover, it is coated with multiple protection. The charger will protect your phone from over-voltage, over-temperature and will also detect the presence of any foreign body.
  • The charger is compatible with the apple watch series, AirPods, and all devices that are Qi-enabled.

9. Hoidokly Wireless charger, 3-in-1 charging station

Product review:

It is a 3-in-1 wireless charger with 7.5 wattage power for faster charging of your apple watch and iPhone. The charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. Moreover, the charger is featured with the watch and iPhone nightstand mode. There is a use of ATB technology in the Hoidokly wireless charger.

It can charge your AirPods, apple watch, and iPhone simultaneously. However, you need to buy an adapter separately. Another important thing you need to note is that it is not compatible with Samsung earphones and Samsung watches. Furthermore, the charger has a magnetic and portable design. You can easily attach and detach it. You can charge all the devices together and can also separate them for the charging of all the devices separately.

Moreover, the charger is case-friendly, and it supports charging 5mm cases, and there is no need to remove the case every time. The installation process of the charger is very easy. It has cable storage where you can store the wire, and there will be no more entanglement of cables.

Product Features:

  • The Hoidokly 3-in-1 chagrin station is designed to charge your phone, AirPods, and Apple watches simultaneously. 
  • The charger supports nightstand mode and offers reliable charging to all your devices. 
  • Moreover, the charger has multiple protections for the safety of your phone.
  • The charger also uses a double coil design for providing faster charging to your devices.
  • It is a case-friendly charger and supports cases of up to 5mm thickness.
  • The design is portable, and you can use it in attached and detach for quickly.

10. mophie – Universal 3 in 1 multiple Wireless Charging Stand

Product review:

The mophie – Universal 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand is designed in a way that you can use it as your phone stand and use it conveniently. The body of the charger is coated with soft material for protection from scratches. The design of the wireless charger will look elegant and beautiful. With the charger, you can charge your AirPods, your apple watch, and your iPhone simultaneously.

The design has a powerful outlet, and it can dissipate heat during the process of charging and protect your phone against over-temperature. The angle of the charging station can be adjusted between 0-75 degrees. Moreover, the design is lightweight and compact, and you carry it everywhere you go. 

Product Features:

  • It is a beautifully designed 3 in 1 charging station.
  • The charging station is made with durable material. Moreover, it is protected with soft material.
  • The design of the charger is compact and foldable. You can easily carry it in your small bag or your pocket.
  • The charger has multiple protection against over-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current. 
  • The wireless charger is compatible with all the Qi-enabled devices and Apple watches and AirPods.

Best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple watch buying guide:

Here we will consider some important factors that you should look at before the purchase the best wireless charger for the iPhone and Apple watch.

Speed of charging:

If you want to charge your phone or watch faster, make sure the wireless charger must have enough power. Check before buying what power you need. Some wireless chargers allow the phones from 5W to 15W. But iPhones and many other phones only absorb 7.5 watts, so for apple users, we recommend the 10W wireless charger, which is best for apple’s watches and phones.


In design, the most important thing to see is “how grippy the surface is for holding the phone and how easily we could charge or place our device with a charging coil and where the watch sat. The best charger or its design is whether it’s compatible with your phone and charge phone without creating any problem. 

In wireless charger design, a pad is the most common charger, flat and circular, having 13 cm diameter less expensive. There are also other designs that save space for the desk. The multi-device is designed to charge 1 to 3 devices, your phone, Apple watches, and air pods at a time, but the multi wireless charger is a bit more expensive than other wireless chargers.


Some wireless chargers are noisy, which is very annoying and can be dangerous as well. The charger at night is incredibly irritating. It would be best if you had a quiet place to sleep at night, and it’s hard to avoid the noise of wireless chargers.

Charger brand

We only recommend those brands which have a good reputation for warranty coverage and customer support. There are no guarantees; if the wireless charger is Qi certified, it will never have a problem. If you want the best wireless charger, then invest a bit more money and buy a charger from a famous brand with a guarantee.

Qi certification  

Check their Qi certification; if the charger is certified, it can be both safe and compliant. It should support your iPhone and other smartphones. If the charge is not permitted, that doesn’t mean that the charger is unsafe or non-compliant but choose those things verified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many questions which people are frequently asking about wireless chargers.

Q. Is it a power bank for our phone?

  1. Yes, it is, but the power bank also has a cable through which we connect phones, while the wireless charger doesn’t need any cable for connection. The wireless chargers are very simple. Just put your phone in, they will automatically connect to the charger. There functions as much like a power bank, wireless charging pad, and a fully mobile portable wireless charger that work on the back of your phone so you can use it and charge at the same time.

Q. Is it ok to leave the phone on a wireless charger overnight?

  1. Most of the charging pads have safety trickles that will fully charge your phone battery and don’t harm the phone battery. So it is perfectly safe to leave the phone overnight, but if you use or buy the cheap wireless charger, then there is a chance of damaging the battery. 

Because some cheap brands are not using the safety trickle, before choosing the wireless charger, check their Qi certification. If they are clear and passed in Qi certification, then it is entirely safe.

Q. Should I use an off-brand charger?

  1. There are many reasons people use off-brand chargers. Some people lose their charger equipment that came with the device, then some people search for a cheap charger, so they buy off-brand chargers. There is no significant difference in both, but the branded one is checked by the lab, which is safe for phone batteries, while the off-brand doesn’t have any guarantee of safety.

Some off brands like KMS and Belkin manufacture a good quality charger for smartphones, which is less expensive than the branded ones. If you want an off-brand charger, then use a charger like these companies.

Q. Why does my phone heat up while charging?

  1. The phone becomes heated up because of phone usage while it’s on charging, but if the phone is fully charged and you are not removing it from charging, it will generate more heat. The wireless charger creates heat like other devices, which is harmful to phone batteries. The connection and disconnection of chargers also produce heat. Sometimes multiple apps are running in the background during charging, power consumption will increase, and the device will generate more heat.

Here is a way to reduce the heat:

  • Don’tDon’t use your phone while it’s on charging.
  • Try to charge your phone in a more relaxed environment.
  • Clean the background app during charging. If you are sure where the app is running, restart your phone and put it on charging.

Q. Is it bad to keep Apple watches on the charger?

  1. You can leave the Apple Watch on the charger. You may find it most convenient to charge your watch overnight. The watch cannot be overcharged, or the charger will not damage the watch battery. The charger will stop automatically when the battery is fully charged and start charging if they need it because of their ongoing usage.

Q. Should I charge my iPhone every night?

  1. You will already have heard the warning. Unplug your phone when it is fully charged, don’t overcharge it, don’t leave it charging overnight. Because overcharging of phones will increase the chances of damaging phone batteries, that’s why you have to unplug your iPhone from charging when it is fully charged.


Wireless chargers are popular apple fans these days, and they are the priority of working men and women. However, there are thousands of choices in the market, and it is not easy to find the best tool for your devices. Furthermore, if you have an apple watch and an iPhone, then there is no need to buy a separate charger for both devices. 

There is the best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple Watch in the market. These wireless chargers can charge your Apple watch, your AirPods, and your iPhone at the same time. Furthermore, here to pick the best one, we narrow down the choice to our top 10 best recommendations. Grab your favorite one today and make your life easier.

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