best vacuum for concrete floors

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The best vacuum for concrete floors is a convenient vacuum cleaner to clean your concrete floors. It protects your lungs from dust and allergens by providing you clean environment at home and office.

The best vacuum for concrete floors is a powerful, lightweight vacuum cleaner with high suction capacity that cleans the oil stains off of your concrete floor. It has a patented nozzle technology to suck dirt from concrete surfaces.

Moreover, the product brings you a solution to remove dust from concrete floors within no time. Your concrete floor will shine without the use of any chemicals. 

It’s a highly functional and flexible cleaning tool – adjust it to fit large or small places, use attachments and tools, perfect for quick drying after spills or wet vacuuming concrete floors. Pick up impurities from the concrete floors in just one try, so you don’t need to wipe them again. 

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for a concrete floor, the article is your best in which we discussed the best vacuums.

List of 10 best vacuums for concrete floors

  1. Bissell HARD FLOOR EXPERT – best MULTI CYCLONIC vacuum for concrete floors
  2. Shark NV356E S2 – best Navigator Lift-Away vacuum for concrete floors
  3. Shark ION F80 Lightweight – best Cordless Stick vacuum for concrete floors
  4. BISSELL Crosswave All in One – best Wet Dry vacuum for concrete floors
  5. EUREKA NEU522 FloorRover Dash – best Upright vacuum for concrete floors
  6. Kenmore Intuition BU4022 – best-Bagged vacuum for concrete floors
  7. Eureka FloorRover Elite – best Anti-Tangle Swivel Steering vacuum for concrete floors
  8. Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet-Friendly – best Beltless vacuum for concrete floors
  9. BISSELL BigGreen Commercial – best PowerForce vacuum for concrete floors
  10. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS – best Power Bundle vacuum for concrete floors

Quick overview of 10 best vacuums for concrete floors

ProductColorHose LengthCord lengthWeight
Bissell HARD FLOOR EXPERT best MULTI CYCLONIC vacuum for concrete floorsBurnt Orange7 feet18 feet8.3 pounds
Shark NV356E S2 best Navigator Lift-Away vacuum for concrete floorswhite silver6 feet30 feet13.7 pounds
Shark ION F80 Lightweight best Cordless Stick vacuum for concrete floorsBlack GrayN/A30 feet8.51 pounds
BISSELL Crosswave All in best One Wet Dry vacuum for concrete floorsGreenN/A25 feet11.02 pounds
EUREKA NEU522 FloorRover Dash best Upright vacuum for concrete floorsDeep Ocean12 feet28 feet20.8 pounds
Kenmore Intuition BU4022 best-Bagged vacuum for concrete floorsGreenN/A30 feet14 pounds
Eureka FloorRover Elite best Anti-Tangle Swivel Steering vacuum for concrete floorsGreyRedN/A30 feet15.8 pounds
Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet-Friendly best Beltless vacuum for concrete floorsBlack10 feet30 Feet31.7 pounds
BISSELL BigGreen Commercial best PowerForce vacuum for concrete floorsGreenN/A30 feet12 pounds
Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS best Power Bundle vacuum for concrete floorsMultiple colors20 feet35 feet21.5 ponds 

What is the main features of the best vacuum for concrete floors

Powerful suction

One of the best features of a vacuum for concrete floors is that they are very powerful. This means your floors will be thoroughly cleaned, and you’ll have nothing to worry about: grime, dirt, or hard-to-reach places left behind in the cracks. The best vacuums also come with attachments for surfaces like furniture and carpet so that. they can be used on just about anything! Some of the best features of vacuums for concrete floors tend to offer strong suction power.

Cord and Dust Seal

The concrete floors upright vacuums are best for cleaning concrete floors because they have the ability to clean large areas without stopping. The key features of an upright vacuum cleaner are its cord and dust seal, which are necessary to avoid scratches or other damage on hard surface flooring that has tile coverage.

Fingertip controls: 

The best concrete floor vacuums will also feature fingertip controls on the top or side panels of the machine, which are more accessible than pushing buttons located at the base of a large piece of machinery. 

Best vacuum for concrete floors Reviews

Let’s have a look at the ultimate buying guide and review of best vacuum for concrete floors

1. Bissell hard floor expert- best multi cyclonic vacuum for concrete floors

Product description

Bissell’s Multi-Cyclonic technology provides powerful suction to lift and remove dirt and debris from the concrete floors. The vacuum provides you with excellent and best solutions for your concrete floors.

The easy empty dirt tank features a wide opening for the simple disposal of pet hair, dust, and other debris.

The lightweight vacuum for concrete floors is easy to carry around your home with an ergonomic handle that swivels into any position. This canister vacuum has a TurboBrush tool that delivers deep cleaning on carpets, rugs, and upholstery with ease.

Technical details 

This backpack vacuum cleaner is small and lightweight for easy storage. It’s just 12.9 x 19.2 x 15 inches, but it can hold up to 8 pounds of dirt with the help of a powerful motor that pulls air in through one side, then forces dust out from another.



  • With the lightweight design and easy-carry handle
  • You can easily carry your vacuum from room to room.


  • The turbine floor brush attachment is designed for cleaning hard floors
  • Excellent vacuum functions for tile, wood, laminate, and marble.


  • The multi-cyclone technology separates dirt and debris from the air
  • The cleaner air is being sucked into your home with less dust in it.


  • Easy empty dustbin and cleaning
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Multi-functional and heavy duty


  • Some reviewers complain that it does not suck efficiently. 

Why do we recommend this product?

The power brush features a 13-inch wide cleaning path, which gives you more surface coverage than many other models on the market today. With a swivel head and an absolute pet hair tool, this little machine can tackle any area around your home or office without problems – even those pesky dust bunnies under furniture! We love this new model’s self-cleaning technology, so it never needs filters changed too often. 

2. Shark NV356E S2 – best Navigator Lift-Away vacuum for concrete floors

Product description 

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away best Professional Upright Vacuum is a powerful vacuum cleaner for concrete floors with an innovative lift-away design.

The vacuum provides your solution to keep your concrete floor clean and dirt-free. It allows you to switch between hard floor and carpet cleaning easily.

 It features anti-allergen complete seal technology, a HEPA filter, and brush roll shutoff for superior cleaning performance on concrete floors. It also works well on wood floors. 

The easy empty dust cup has a 2.2-quart capacity, so you can clean it longer before emptying it. You can also use the included Pet Power Brush and Crevice Tool for added convenience when vacuuming the concrete floors with the lightweight vacuum.

Technical details 

The Shark One-Touch vacuum cleaner is a versatile device that can be used to clean all types of surfaces. The weight and measurements are: 45.5″ x 11.4″ x 14.96″. This product weighs 13.7 pounds.



  • Powerful suction lifts dirt and debris from deep within the carpet fibers
  • The brush roll shutoff feature prevents damage to your furniture.


  • The lightweight design allows you to carry this vacuum cleaner up easily
  • You can take it downstairs or move it around in tight areas.


  • Prevents damage to your furniture by shutting off the brush roll
  • It detects the object when it comes into contact with a thing.


  • 2.2 quarts of capacity lets you clean for longer
  • Enough space to carry out cleaning job without having to empty the dust cup.


  • Upright with brushes for hair collection
  • Easy to connect and clean
  • Equipped with advanced technology


  • Some reviewers complain that its material is not durable.

Why do we recommend this product?

The Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight, portable and versatile upright vacuum that features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology to keep dust and allergens away from the concrete floors. 

3. Shark ION F80 – best Lightweight Cordless Stick vacuum for concrete floors

Product description

The Shark ION F80 is the best lightweight, cordless stick vacuum for a concrete floor that delivers powerful cleaning performance and versatility.

This lightweight vacuum has multiFLEX technology and DuoClean for concrete floors and carpet cleaning modes to tackle everyday messes with ease.

The hand vacuuming for concrete mode allows you to clean stairs, upholstery, or any other hard-to-reach areas. With the power pack system, you can easily swap out batteries in just seconds, so it’s always ready when you need it.

Technical details 

The SharkNinja vacuum cleaner comes with a dimension of  13.43 inches by 10.24 inches x 45.98-inch product weighs 8.51 pounds and has functions to capture dirt, dust and pet hair, etc.



  • Lightweight, powerful suction that easily cleans hard floors and carpets.
  • You can hang it anywhere when done with the cleaning. 


  • Multi-Flex technology allows the vacuum to clean concrete floor
  • The brush-roll can be switched on or off depending on your cleaning needs.


  • The handheld mode is perfect for quick cleanups
  • It’s also great for getting into tight spaces. 


  • The power pack system allows you to remove the battery
  • You’ll never have to stop vacuuming because one battery died.
  • You’ll always have a charged backup ready to go.


  • Smart and efficient system
  • Cordless and handheld
  • Durable filters and easy to change


Some reviewers complain that the product does not suck well. 

Why do we recommend this product?

It’s easy to clean any type of mess with the SharkNinja vacuum cleaner. This durable device offers this model’s, Heightsuction. To clean your floors thoroughly nowadays. It reaches construction and has an impressive suction power that ensures items are picked up quickly off surfaces like carpets, hardwood floors, tile floors in kitchens or bathrooms. It also includes LED headlights so you can see dirt hidden deep within corners and under furniture without having to get on your hands and knees.

4. BISSELL Crosswave – best All in One Wet Dry vacuum for concrete floors

Product description

Bissell Crosswave is an all-in-one best vacuum recommended by our expert that profoundly cleans concrete floors and carpets. It’s a vacuum, hard carpet, particular plus mop for concrete floors, and a vacuum plus steam mop for carpets.

The patented swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver around furniture, baseboards, walls, and other obstacles.

Moreover, with its multi-surface cleaning capabilities, you can tackle everything from pet stains to sticky messes – without changing tools. The vacuum for concrete floors works effectively on wet and dry floors. 

Technical details

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is the best vacuum for any floor, but it’s incredibly fantastic on linoleum. It’s corded and weighs 11-pounds, so this makes vacuuming very easy! The dimensions are 10.5 x 12x 46 inches, making storing complex because you can squeeze in just about anywhere with that size footprint.



  • The mop performs excellently on concrete floors with ultra steam to remove the stains without scratches.
  • It’s safe to use on sealed hardwood, tile, marble, and more due to its multiple functions. 


  • Two tanks give you the option of vacuuming dry or wet messes with just one machine.
  • Easily switch between wet and dry cleaning with a flip of a switch.


  • The extended flexible cord lets you clean large rooms 
  • You can use it without having to unplug in the middle of your cleaning routine.
  • With a 25 foot cord, it’s easier than ever to get every corner of your home clean!


  • The product is safe for multiple surfaces, including sealed wood floors, tile, stone, marble, and more! It also features a removable hand tool that can be used on upholstery or stairs.


  • It features a hair turbo brush roll to remove pet hair from your carpeted areas quickly and easily. 
  • Great for homes with concrete flooring that often retain stains.


  • Lasting for an extended period
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Multiple washable and replaceable brushes


  • Some reviewers complain that its wifi and cordless functions don’t work 

Why do we recommend this product?

The Bissell Crosswave for all is a great vacuum cleaner for anyone with tile or wood floors. It’s corded, so if you have the space to store it somewhere in your house, then this may be just what you need.

It removes dirt and debris from both linoleum and hardwood surfaces without having to change attachments, meaning that all of your floors will get clean quickly and efficiently.

5. EUREKA NEU522 FloorRover Dash best Upright vacuum for concrete floors

Product reviews

The EUREKA NEU522 Floor Rover vacuum is an excellent and best vacuum cleaner if you want to use it on concrete floors.

Moreover, it has many great qualities including an efficient motor and effective sucking power. It is a lightweight vacuum for concrete floors that comes with swivel steering for hard carpet floor pet hair cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner for concrete floors also has an extended reach & flexibility, which allows you to clean your home more efficiently without moving the furniture around too much.

The multi-angle adaptor of this pet vacuum makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles in your home. The automatic height adjustment of this particular vacuum gives you the option to change from one surface. 

Technical details

The Eureka vacuum for concrete is a particular item that weighs 20.8 pounds and measures 14 x  11.2 x 32.9 inches in size. The product has some pretty hefty measurements that might not make for a great traveling companion.



  • The multi-cyclonic technology prevents dust from re-entering the air.
  • It is a powerful vacuum with a compact design that provides superior cleaning power.


  • The vacuum features a multi-cyclone filtration system
  • It separates dirt and debris from the air stream for maximum suction power.
  • It allows you to clean without worrying about clogging or loss of suction power.


  • This vacuum will adapt to your floor surface for optimal results.
  • You can choose between hardwood floors and carpeting 
  • No more bending down to adjust your vacuum’s height.


  • The lightweight design makes it easy to carry 
  •  You clean up the dirt from your furniture with the machine.
  •  It also comes equipped with two built-in tools.


  • Multi-angle adapter
  • Re-defined steering 
  • Detachable handle 


  • Some reviewers complain that it does not work on wet floors.

Why do we recommend this product?

Eureka’s All-Purpose Cleaner is a perfect solution for the messy mishaps that come with spring cleaning. This rolling luggage is an ideal size for traveling across the country. It has plenty of room to pack all your essentials and more! The wheels are tough, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down. 

6. Kenmore Intuition BU4022 – best Bagged vacuum for concrete floors

Product description

The Kenmore Intuition BU 4022  is the best 10 in 1 detachable handheld steam cleaner used for cleaning concrete floors, carpets, tiles, laminate flooring, and marble.

Moreover, It has a 450ml water tank that heats up in 30 seconds and delivers steam to remove stains from concrete floors. It performs well on hard floors and removes all types of stains and spots without extra effort. 

However, the unique design of the steam mop allows it to clean effectively without damaging your floorboards or leaving any streaks behind. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for the concrete floor, it is one of the best vacuums on the market. 

With an adjustable steam level, you can use it for light cleaning or more intensive deep-cleaning tasks.

Technical details

With 450ml water tanks, an adjustable steam level, and a 180-degree swivel head, you can’t go wrong with this household appliance. Heats up in 20 seconds, so it’ll be ready to clean your floors the minute you get home from work. 13 inches long x 6 inches wide (34 cm) – 44-52″ (113-133cm), weighs just 4kg which makes cleaning those hard to reach places much easier too.



  • The steam mop is a powerful floor cleaner that allows you to clean
  • It’s easy to use, lightweight, and has an adjustable handle for comfortable cleaning.


  • Simply fill the water tank with water, plug it in, and turn it on.
  • It does not lug around heavy buckets of cleaning solution.
  • The steam mop heats up quickly, so you can start mopping right away.


  • The product is light in weight and has effective functions to suck the dirt.
  • The handle adjusts from 33″ to 41″ so you can reach all areas


  • The steam mop uses high-temperature steam to penetrate deep
  • It cleans cracks and crevices where dirt hides and clean all sorts of stains


  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Multiple tools
  • Adjustable handle 


  • Some reviewers complain about overheating

Why do we like this product?

You can quickly and easily remove tough grease stains from your floor, get rid of any pesky bugs lurking in crevices around your home, or finally do a deep clean on high traffic areas like kitchens or common living spaces without having to pull out an ironing board. This versatile steam cleaner uses hot water with regular tap water for fast heating, which means you don’t have to wait hours before tackling all those tasks piling up at once.

7. Eureka FloorRover Elite – best Anti-Tangle Swivel Steering vacuum for concrete floors

Product description

The Eureka Floor Rover Elite NEU 630 is a vacuum cleaner that offers excellent service if you have concrete floors. It also has convenient solutions for pet owners as it sucks the pet hair quickly from the concrete floors. 

However, the machine features Anti-Hair Wrap Technology to keep your home free from tangles, allowing you to clean up pet hair without having to worry about knots.

Moreover, this vacuum cleaner model for concrete floors also comes with Swivel Steering for Carpet and Hard Floor, making it easy to maneuver the vacuum around furniture and other objects on the concrete floors.

You can easily switch between carpets and hard floors by using this model’s convenient floor selection dial.

Technical details 

The manufacturer is Eureka which produces many items, including vacuum cleaners, air compressors, and lawnmowers; however, This is a minimal product and has dimensions of 13.4 x 12.4 x 44.7 inches in size, with an item weight of 15.8 pounds that weighs approximately one fifth the average human body’s recommended maximum load to carry for long distances (100lbs).



  • The Vacuum Cleaner has a tangle-free brush-roll. 
  • It allows you to clean your carpets and hard floors.


  • This vacuum cleaner is designed for a pet owner
  • It’s the perfect vacuum for pet hair removal 


  • With its anti-tangle brush-roll, this upright vacuum cleaner will not lose suction.
  • It can work on the carpet or flooring surface.


  • Total seal and easy to empty
  • Easy-glide wheels 
  • Adjustable handles 


  • Some reviewers complain about the overheating.

Why do we recommend this product?

The Eureka vacuum is a powerful machine with an innovative design. It has a large capacity, making it perfect for people who have lots of pets or messy children – all in under one product. This lightweight cleaner can be used on carpets and hard floors without changing attachment heads because it comes equipped with dual-surface brushes.

8. Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet-Friendly best Beltless vacuum for concrete floors

Product description

Kenmore Elite 31150 best budget vacuum for concrete floors. It provides you the alternate solutions for the removal of stains and dirt from your home and office floors.

This concrete floor cleaner also has featured a bagged, Handi-Mate, HEPA filter system, 3D Inducer Motor. 

Moreover, its powerful cleaning supported with the telescoping wand with 5 positions provides you cleaned environment within minimum time. 

However, the vacuum cleaner for concrete floors is a lightweight that can clean all the hard floors of your house and pick up pet hair from carpets. This bagged upright vacuum has easy to empty and easy to carry. 

Technical details 

This dryer from Kenmore is the first thing you’ll want to check out this season. It’s 31 x 16 x 14.6 inches, weighs just over 30 pounds, and will have your laundry all ready in no time.



  • The adjustable height setting allows you to customize the vacuum
  • It’s perfect for hard floors, carpets, and everything in between.


  • The included crevice tool and dusting brush,
  • You clean every nook and cranny of your home.
  • No missing a spot will left behind.


  • The high-efficiency filter traps 99% of dirt particles
  • You’ll be breathing easy with this vacuum cleaner


  • The long, slim design of the telescoping wand
  • It allows you to reach those hard-to-clean areas.


  • This vacuum is ideal for cleaning bare floors and area rugs.
  • It has a powerful 12 amp motor that sucks on all surfaces. 


  • An exclusive 3D inducer motor that delivers more airflow 
  • This vacuum’s quiet operation will not disturb your family or pets while you clean! 


  • Cleaning transition
  • Height adjustment and cord storage 
  • Easy access control


  • Some reviewers complain about its suction power.

Why do we recommend this product?

The Kenmore Elite 31150 Elite upright vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice for your concrete floor. This belt-less vacuum has a powerful motor and features an anti-tangle brush roll to clean your floors thoroughly. The telescoping wand extends from 33” to 48” so you can reach high places, while the 5-position height adjustment makes it easy to customize the vacuum to any floor surface.

9. BISSELL BigGreen Commercial best Power Force vacuum for concrete floors

Product description 

Bissell Big Green Commercial best vacuum cleaners are the ideal choice for cleaning sizeable concrete floors and carpet areas.

With a 5 position height adjustment, these upright commercial vacuum cleaners provide powerful suction with a 10 amp motor and 30′ cord to clean large areas quickly.

However, this Bissell commercial vacuum for concrete floors had 3 stage filtration systems that capture fine particles like dust, pet dander, and pollen. The Power Force Bagged Lightweight vacuum cleaner has an easy empty dirt cup so you can change the bag without having to touch the dirt or debris.

Technical details

The BISSELL vacuum is a pretty large and heavy device. Its dimensions are 13 x 14 x 44.5 inches which makes it 3/4 of the size of my car! The top part that traps dirt can hold 10 gallons, but at 17.96 pounds, it’s not light by any means.



  • The vacuum cleaner is powerful and versatile. 
  • With its 10 Amp motor, you can clean for hours.


  • It allows you to adjust the vacuum to your desired position easily.
  • This makes it easy to reach under furniture or in hard-to-reach places.


  • The 3 Stage Filtration system traps dirt particles
  • Your vacuum stays running strong for years to come.
  •  It also reduces dust clouds which clean air your house. 


  • Upright and bagless
  • Collect pet hairs and clean wet/dry floors
  • Easy to clean and recharge


  • Some reviewers complain about the material of nozzles.

Why do we recommend this product?

The BISSELL Big-Green Commercial vacuum cleaner is perfect for your home or business with powerful suction to clean carpets and bare floors. This commercial vacuum has a 5 position height adjustment, 3 stage filtration system, 10 amp motor with a 30′ cord.

10. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS best Power Bundle vacuum for concrete floors

Product description

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Power Bundle with Oreck Super Deluxe best Compact, Bagless upright vacuum cleaner for concrete floors, 35-foot commercial power cord, and ergonomic handle with power switch.

The concrete floor vacuum comes with a bag-less upright vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to clean up any mess on all types of floors. The product also features a 35-foot commercial power cord for easy reach and an ergonomic handle with a power switch. 

Powerful motor delivers superior cleaning performance to clean concrete floors,  carpets, and wood floors in one pass without changing attachments. 

Technical details 

The Oreck XL2100RHS vacuum cleaner weighs 21.5 pounds and is 35.51 x 14.02 x 10 inches in dimension, making it a commercial-grade vacuum machine.



  • The vacuum is a powerful, commercial-grade upright vacuum cleaner.
  • It’s ideal for cleaning carpets and hard floors
  • It can pick up large debris and removing pet hair.


  • The vacuum has a wide cleaning path of 11″.
  • This makes it easier to clean larger areas in less time.


  • The handle on the vacuum is ergonomically designed
  • You can have an easy-grip handle to maneuver the vacuum


  • Powerful blower with switch option
  • Powerful HEPA Filter and Tools
  • Easy to install and move 


  • Some reviewers complain about the cord storage

Why do we recommend this product?

The Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS vacuum is an excellent choice for both carpets and hard floors. It features an ergonomic handle with a power switch, a 35′ commercial-grade power cord, brushes roll shutoff, and an on/off switch for the motorized floor tool.

Best vacuum for concrete floors buying guide

Many people are unsure about what kind of best vacuum is for concrete floors. There are a few things to consider before deciding and getting a vacuum for concrete floors. If you want to know what to look for before buying a vacuum cleaner for your concrete floor, read the buying guide. 

Noise intensity

The noise level of a vacuum cleaner is not ideal for those with sensitive hearing. The sound of the vacuum cleaner is loud. It can be uncomfortable to listen to when you are vacuuming your floor or trying to do something in an adjacent room like watching TV, reading papers on your desk, working online.

Suction power

Some vacuums have good suction power, while others do not. This is important to consider because the more powerful your vacuum’s suction is, the better it will clean up dust and dirt that has fallen on your floor.

Low suction level – A wet/dry vacuum cleaner with low suction power comes from 1 HP to 4.5 HP (medium). It is perfect for light-duty tasks such as car upholstery cleaning; pet hair removal from furniture cushions and stairs; dusting bookshelves, etc., but not designed well enough to suck up objects like pieces of paper on carpets or hard surfaces without blowing away some dirt particles which could accumulate due to lack of airflow at the nozzle.

Cord length:

The best cord lengths are those that allow you to plug in one end of the extension cord into an outlet or wall socket before getting started with cleaning. It would be best if you had at least 16 feet for most of your house floors, so this should be something that you should look for when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner.


To capture all the dust, not just some of it, you need to get a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters. The good news is that there are many high-end models on the market with an inbuilt filter nowadays! But be warned: because they’re so rare and expensive, these vacuums can cost upwards of two thousand dollars.

The best thing about wet-dry vacuum cleaners is their versatility – whether you want them for dry cleaning or wet mopping floors; if your goal was to clean up something spilled from time to time; or if everyday use would include spotless carpets and heavy-duty jobs like car interiors then this type will work well for any job around the house.


Why do I need a special vacuum for the care of concrete floors?

Let’s talk about the care of concrete in this post. Concrete gets beat up with heavy traffic and can become quite dusty over time, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep changing your flooring. A good vacuum makes it easier on both your wallet and someone else’s lungs.

What is the best way to clean the concrete floors?

There are many different ways to clean concrete floors. Using a vacuum is one of the best-advanced ways to clean the floor. On the other hand, some people prefer vinegar; others have found that hydrogen peroxide works the best for them and their families because it doesn’t leave any lingering odors behind like some other cleaners do.

Do you find that concrete dust clogs up your vacuum?

It can be a real hassle trying to clean it out. You could try using water, but not all of the particles will come off. The best way is with this great new product we have in stock called Concrete Cleaner, which does an excellent job cleaning and deodorizing at the same time.


The best vacuum for concrete floors is a powerful one.  We researched the most popular vacuums on the market and found these to be among the top-rated models. If you’ve had trouble finding a good model, take your pick from this list of our favorites. 

We know that vacuuming a concrete floor is tough, but you can make it easier by choosing the right vacuum. 

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