best toilet seat for heavy person

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Installing an appropriate toilet seat cover is essential for heavy people and obese. The best toilet seat for heavy person or overweight people will last longer.

The life of a toilet seat depends on the weight of its user. A heavyweight person needs to install the best toilet seat for overweight. The perfect heavyweight seat will help you for your safety and comfort to accommodate your weight.

Therefore, selecting and installing the best toilet seat for heavy people is integral, mostly public toilets.

7 best toilet seat for heavy person recommendation

  1. BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty Toilet Seat – best for heavy people
  2. Ginsey Standard Resin Toilet Seat – best design toilet seat for heavy person
  3. Mayfair 830CHSLB 000 Toilet Seat – best overall toilet seat for heavy person
  4. Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Slow Close Toilet Seat – best affordable heavy person toilet seat
  5. Sanilo Round Toilet Seat – best toilet seat for overweight
  6. KOHLER Stonewood Quite-Close toilet seat – best budget toilet seat for heavy person
  7. Ginsey Standard Resin Toilet Seat, Sea Isle – best heavy duty toilet seat

How do I choose a toilet seat?

The manufacturer’s design standard-size toilet seats for heavy person to give more variety. Even then, it is essential to identify the exact need and size of a toilet seat. If you are heavyweight, you need to include weight resistance capacity in your selection criteria—the weight of the overweight toilet seat matters.

Measuring the exact size of your best toilet seat for overweight is easy now. You start measuring your toilet from the center of the mounting hole to the front of the toilet bowl. It will give you an accurate measurement. You can apply the same measuring method for elongated and round toilets.   

Moreover, it is essential to determine whether your overweight toilet seat is public or private. If it is a shared washroom, you should have different selection criteria or otherwise. Check the quality and material of hinges in that context. The hinges are essential about durability and its move-back and forth. 

Additionally, reading the product policy of manufacturing companies is a must. Do not skip this step while choosing the best toilet seat for heavy people.

Product Review

1. BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty toilet seat for heavy person

When you decide to install the best toilet seat for a heavy person, BEMIS 1000CPT is the best choice. It is durable with accurate dimensions.

BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty Toilet Seat fits well and never loosens quickly. It fits all round and elongated toilets.

The product can bear up weight 1000lbs, and the product is viable for commercial toilets. The used plastic is comfortable and has enough flexibility to adjust. The use of steel metal and hinge material resists chips and stains. The toilet seat of a heavyweight gives you comfortable back support. So, you can rest your back with a toilet seat cover.

Metal-made hinges are stronger to hold heavyweight and do not allow the cover to move back and forth. Such technical inputs made this plastic-made the best toilet seat for a heavyweight.

White color looks neat and clean and gives you a quintessence to a hygienic environment. However, the product has technical support from the manufacturer. The product serves both commercial and private needs of toilet seats. Its technical design suits both round bowls and elongated toilets. The product has a warranty, and you can replace it according to the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Product Features:

  • The product weight is 5 pounds.
  • It fits all forms of toilets.
  • Available for elongated and round
  • Metal made hinges
  • Enough weight to bear 1000lbs
  • White color
  • Giving fastening system
  • Stains resistance

Product Pros

  • Easy to fix and use
  • Warranty covered
  • Flexible

Product Cons

  • A lightweight cover could fall quickly on the bowl.

2. Ginsey Standard Resin toilet seat for heavy person

The product solves your challenge with a frequent break of the toilet seat cover. Technically sound ginsey standard resin toilet seat is hard-wearing. The oval-shaped product gives a golden look to your toilet.

Golden foil with resistance to stains and chips is best for round and elongated types of toilet bowls. Its heavy-duty chrome hinges are powerful enough to resist stress. Best quality hinges do not allow wiggling when in place.

The product is the best toilet seat for the obese, and 16.5 inches long seat cover is made for standard toilets. The use of resin material enhances its durability and resistance to heavyweight.

Its weight is under 8 pounds which is quite fair when we talk about heavyweight on toilet seat covers. The heavy-duty structure has the sturdy sport of hinges to shut down calmly. Its impressive design brings more beauty to your washroom.

Adjustable is another quality of this product- you can easily adjust it in length to have comfortable seating. 

The manufacturer offers a warranty. However, you need to read the product policy first for further details.

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty oval-chapped
  • It fits round and elongated bowels
  • Chrome made hinges
  • Resin material
  • Gold foil with beautiful texture
  • Available with weight 7.48 pounds
  • Close slowly

Product Pros

  • Weight balancing
  • Hinges withstand stress
  • Comfortable

Product Cons

  • Only available in an oval shape

3. Mayfair 830CHSLB 000 – best heavy duty toilet seat

The Mayfair toilet seat is impressively designed with chrome hinges. Beautiful use of wood material improves the technical functionality of the best heavy duty toilet seat for the overweight. Heavy-duty hinges control the closing process mildly.  

White round color with enameled wood is a durable product. Its long-lasting hinges eliminate pinching fingers. The seat is comfortable with a commercial fastening edge. It is round and can fit standard toilets. 

Its mechanical functions prevent it from wiggling and give you withstand stress. A heavy-duty cover is available in weight 7.05 pounds. The product can resist stains and scratches. Its classic-gloss finishing always keeps it new, and therefore, you do not need to clean it again and again. Its quality color never gets faded and is resistant to peeling.

830CHSLB 000 is technically sound, and it eliminates the wiggling through robust installed hinges. Due to this, its life lasts more than expectations. Positively build withstand stress and back control system always support your comfort and relax seating environment.

Easy learning installation helps you to take care of this by yourself. Your little bit of care will increase its life and effectiveness.

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty
  • Wood made
  • High chrome hinges
  • No wiggling
  • Long-lasting
  • White color in round shape
  • Easy to install
  • Eco-friendly

Product Pros

  • Eliminates pinched finger
  • Closes slowly
  • Easy to clean

Product Cons

  • Only available for customers of USA and Canada

4. Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Slow Close best Toilet Seat

Delta Faucet offers quite a simple slip-free toilet seat for Elongated toilet bowls. The white surface of the best toilet seat for obese can easily install and clean. Its heavy-duty plastic hinges are strong enough to resist the heavyweight.

Available in standard size with 4.25 pounds weight. The clear surface eliminates the chances of water drops. Therefore, it is non-slippery. The seat closes very slowly and does not create any risk of pinching the finger.

Easy to install and, therefore, it is viable for personal toilets. Its cemented construction bolsters it’s in getting strength. The product resists stains, cracks, and scratches. It does not fade and peel. 

However, product weight suggests its utilization at private toilets last more than a commercial toilet. It is a lightweight toilet seat viable for the private bathroom. As commercial toilets have less care, any person with heavyweight can damage such lighted weighted toilet seat covers.

The product requires 31 inches from the wall to install as compared to a round bowl. Therefore, it is essential to take an accurate measurement before buying it.

Product Feature

  • Clear surface
  • Lightweight
  • Secure and fast installation
  • Best of personal toilet
  • No slamming
  • Easy to pull upwards

Product Pros

  • Resists stains
  • Color does not fade
  • Economical

Product Cons

  • Not made for commercial toilets

5. Sanilo – best Round Toilet Seat

Sanilo toilet seat is a beautiful piece of art and craft made with wood. Plastered with lumber color and having a round shape looks fantastic on the toilet bowl.

Impressive design with a no-slip best toilet seat for the obese. Its strong hinge with full control over the closing process makes this seat unique. Despite wood material, the weight of this seat cover is about 5.94 pounds.

Molded wood gives seating comfort to a heavyweight person. Its lumber color and sturdy grips enhance its mechanical adjustment. Hence, you can adjust its length from 15. 3-17.1 without taking extra effort.

A round toilet seat covers less space in your washroom. It requires 28 inches from the wall. Therefore, this product is made for small washrooms.

However, it is viable for the large washroom as well. Sanilo made it to give you more options, such as a round bowl plastered with beautiful color. The overweight toilet seat looks lovely. The product can last more than five years if you do care. The painted color is washable and never fades. It can resist stains and scratches.

Product Features

  • Easy to install
  • Eco friendly
  • Non-slippery
  • Easy to clean
  • Premium surface
  • Round shape

Product Pros

  • Clear surface
  • Multiple dimensional
  • Laminated

Product Cons

  • The seat is not cushioned.

6. KOHLER Stonewood Quite-Close best toilet seat

Oval best toilet seat covers manufactured by KOHLER with molded wood. The elegant white color looks astonishing with a clear surface. Therefore it is quite cool in the sense of elongated toilet bowls. A smooth surface with high finishing can resist scratches and stains.

Strong hinges are essential to control the wiggling. The product has strong plastic hinges with a matching white color to resist the stains—sturdy material protecting covers from peeling and color fadedness.

The best toilet seat for a heavyweight is made with molded wood, and elimination helps you clean it. Scratchless product weights 6.77 with 14.31 x 1.06 inches dimensions. Measurement is imperative while selecting this product.

The product is free of scratches, and the color will never fade. Its unique design has a strong rust resistance and peeling. Unique oval style is the best toilet seat for overweight visitors either in the public or private washroom.

The product is only for elongated toilet bowls. It gives you a sense of cleanliness, and the hygienic Technically right product has a comprehensive product policy and home delivery guidelines.

Product Features

  • Sturdy hinges
  • Compression and molded wood gives an outstanding look
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Oval shape
  • Pure white color
  • Stains resistance

Product Pros

  • Matching white hinges
  • Opened and outside of original packing
  • Only made for elongated toilet bowl

Product Cons

  • No return or exchange product policy

7. Ginsey Standard Resin best Toilet Seat,

Ginesy home solution beautifully uses resin to craft a round shape best toilet seat cover for a heavy person. The product falls under a heavy toilet cover with strong hinges. The resin-made best toilet seat for heavy people is not only viable but decors your washroom. 

Cool look and colorful surface look amazing in your luxury bathroom. Technically assembled product suits, particularly toilets at the beach. It decors the whole toilet and adds value that inspire heavyweight visitors too.

The overweight toilet seat has a unique texture plastered with tonal sand and seashells. Its overall weight is 8. 59 inches with a standard length suitable to standard toilet bowls. It occupies 28 inches of space from the wall, and it suits small washrooms. The product can resist peeling and never fades its color. A long-lasting toilet seat adjusts the overweight person in private or commercial washrooms.

A durable seat cover gives withstand stress to a heavyweight person and gives them comfortable seating. Its heavy-duty hinges help the lid to close slowly. Its beautiful molded shape provides a full shutter down the system, refraining the washroom from smell and germs.

Product Features

  • Lovely texture painted with sand and seashells.
  • Suits to the beach and coastal toilets
  • Stain resistance
  • Durable
  • No fade color
  • Available in standard size
  • Product closes slowly

Product Pros

  • Easy to clean
  • No peeling
  • Easy to install

Product Cons

  • Six bumpers are essential to protect seat cover from cracks.

best toilet seat for heavy person buying guide

The above review listed the 7 best toilet seats for heavy people. The purpose of reviewing each product concerning pros and cons is to guide our readers with trustworthy information. Following are the different guiding principles for you.

Comparison approach

Use the comparative analysis of matching products before ordering the toilet seats.

Product Policy

Ensure reading the product policy. Some manufacturers offer a return or exchange policy with a warranty but some do not. However, reading policy helps you to find a valid offer.


Measure your toilet bowls before placing an order. Toilet seat covers have different dimensions and shapes. Therefore, be careful with the shape of your toilet and its measurement.

Specification –Color and materials

A variety of colors and materials you can see while searching for the best toilet seat for a heavy person; keep in mind the color scheme of your bathroom and its specifications. 

Durability of Hinges

Check the hinges and how the cover closes while choosing it.


Check the texture and think about what type of surface you needed.

Stains Resistance

While selecting the white, it can resist the stains and chips.

Color Quality

Ensure the quality of color; it should not fade after some time.

Installation and its material

Understand the installation process. Ensure the availability of installation material in the packing

Home delivery

Confirm the delivery time and safe arrival of the toilet seat at your home.

FAQ of best toilet seat for heavy person

How often should you change your toilet seat?

There is no specific time for changing the toilet seat. If its use is according to the given weight, the seat will last more than expected. However, if a heavyweight person sits on a lightweight seat, it won’t last a day. Therefore, it is hard to say how often we change it. But exceptions are always there.

Usually, a durable toilet seat lasts more than 04 years, but it depends on the care and appropriate toilet seat use. Quality matters a lot. If the quality is perfect, the seat has more life.

There is a difference in the lives of seats installed in private and public toilets. Plastic-made toilet seats with plastic hinges have less life than wood-made seats. So, it depends on the material.

Some seats are plastered with sands and seashells; such seats are suites of public toilets. It lasts for more than 05 years. Wiggling is the key issue with toilet seats. If hinges work well, it does not wiggle. Otherwise, it starts wiggling after 02 years even.

What should I look for when buying a toilet seat?

While carrying selection exercise, you have to look technical and practical viability of the toilet seat. Toilet seat selection is a specialized process. A series of products with multiple pros and cons are waiting for you out there. Selection needs a comparative study. For your assistance, below is the entire checklist. 

  • Measure the size of your toilet
  • Prices and discounts of available toilet seat covers
  • Material and texture
  • Creditability of manufacturers
  • Weight of toilet seat
  • Color and quality of color
  • Match the color of the toilet seat with the bowl and the color of your bathroom
  • Purposeful selection- public or private washroom because it matters a lot.
  • Stain resistance
  • Color fadedness
  • Peeling
  • Hinges – plastic or metal
  • How to toilet seat cover closes.
  • Molding 
  • Lamination on the surface is very important.
  • Adjustability
  • Installation process
  • Product policy

What is the best material for a toilet seat?

The manufacturers typically use two types of material to manufacture the best toilet seat covers for heavyweight- plastic and wood. Most users use plastic-made toilet seat covers as they think such covers are lights in weight and durable. Economic factor also influences the decision-making process.

However, people also think wood-made toilet seat covers are more stylish and durable than plastic. On the other hand, the resin is another material being used to manufacture beautiful toilet seats.

All manufactured toilet seats are available in the market, and people are using them frequently according to their requirements. Usually, people assess the scratch-free, stain resistance, wiggling, and hinges. The commercial sector considers durability as compared to household users.

Which is the better round or elongated toilet?

It depends on the need and size of your washroom. Practically, an elongated toilet takes more space than a round bowl. However, it again depends on your need. According to standard measurement, the elongated toilet takes 31 inches from the wall, and the round bowl takes 28 inches.

Before further distinguishing both styles of toilets, it is worth mentioning to take measurements of your washroom. If your washroom size is small, then go with a round bowl. Otherwise, both options are open to you.

When your turn your budget page, you will find a round bowl more economical than the elongated toilet. The price of round bowl items and their installation is less than the elongated toilet. 


The significance of choosing the best toilet seat for heavy person is vital. Therefore, product reviews are essential while selecting the toilet seat. The purpose of this review is to spotlight the best toilet seat for the heavy person. Provide adequate information to readers on material, hinges, and durability.

In this review, you found the pros and cons of the 07 best toilet seats. Now it is easy for you to have access to the required information. This information is collected by searching for best-ranked and best-rated products. We enhance your technical knowledge about the products.

The difference between commercial and private toilets is also imperative in the context of the selection of the best toilet seat. The requirements of a public toilet are different from the private toilet. Therefore, you found a comprehensive discussion on both types of toilet seats.

You need to remember the technical information listed above while selecting the toilet seat for your washroom. 

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