best security cameras at apartment complexes

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If you’re the apartment building owner you should know the best security cameras at apartment complexes. Here, you can discover the list of best security cameras,

Those best security cameras are up to mark and will fulfill your all requirements in terms of apartments security and your tenants can live in a safer environment. 

How are Security Cameras helpful?

Since, in apartments the risk of theft and vandalism are high.In order to foster the apartment’s safety, installing security cameras has become crucial. Security cameras provide high standard protection system along with flexibility and easiness. They offer an hassle-free installation along with various other benefits to its users. 

Modern security camera systems are wireless and compatible with phones and Wi-Fi. Moreover, these are battery rechargeable and can store a large amount of data. Thus, you can get benefits from this advanced device.

10 Best Security Camera Systems for Apartment Complexes

1- Zeeporte Security Camera Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Zeeport wireless security camera is accompanied with 1080p HD camera resolution, night vision, and motion detection feature. There are other features of this security camera too. Let’s have a look at them.

Key Features:

Long-Standing Battery Life:

Zeeport security camera is featured with a long-lasting battery. The user can enjoy its services for the next six months after recharging it once. 24 hours of protection with this smart device is now possible.

1080p HD Resolution with Automatic Night Vision:

1080 HD resolution with a 130-degree wide-angle makes it able to capture the videos. The integrated night vision automatically detects the darkness and precedes its function when necessary.

Easy-going Setup and Installation:

This wireless security camera device is good at installing and setting up. Since it is wire-free, power cord-free, so it becomes easier to place it anywhere in the apartment.

Smart Motion Detection and Compatibility:

The device provides a high level of protection. When it detects any motion due to its PIR scan feature, it alerts its users via notifications on mobile. It has compatibility with Android and IOS. 


  • Battery Powered
  • 1080p HD video resolution
  • 2-way audio feature
  • Wi-Fi and waterproof security camera
  • Manufactured by ZEEPORT
  • 1-6 months long rechargeable battery time
  • 130-degree wide-angle supporter
  • Automatic night vision with 64 ft range
  • Super comfy to setup 
  • Long-standing battery life
  • Automatic detection for night vision
  • Waterproof
  • The problem may occur in the battery

2- Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Security Camera System

Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight security camera system is on our list, and it can be counted as the best security camera system at apartment complexes. A quick setup, multiple cameras and impeccable video quality make it efficient among others. 

Let’s discuss its details.  

Key Features:

2K with HDR Video Quality:

The wireless Arlo Pro 3 security camera comes with outstanding quality lenses that enable the users to see high-quality video resolution with details. 

Color Night Vision & Integrated Spotlight:

The 2K HD resolution allows it to capture clear and detailed videos. And with the color night vision and built-in spotlight, Arlo Pro 3 can record throughout day and night. 

Simple yet Easy Installation:

We assume that Arlo Pro 3 is an excellent choice because it’s easy-to-install and manageable. It’s a quick setup with multiple cameras. You can take help from the tutorial on the Arlo app to set it up. Moreover, it can be installed anywhere of its magnetic wall mount.

160-degree wide field angle:

The 160-degree wide field angle provides a broader range to capture the video, so then you can keep an eye on every dimension. 

Weather Resistant:

The best part of this security camera system is that it can survive in all weathers. 


It can work with Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings. The user can be updated with this innovative device. 


  • Easy-to-install and wire-free setup
  • Comes with color night vision
  • 2K and HDR video quality
  • Cloud storage of 30 days
  • Compatibility to mobile
  • Integrated spotlight
  • A wider field of view
  • Expendable battery life
  • Standard video resolution
  • Wider compatibility
  • Easy-to-install set up
  • High prices

3- Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera

Toucan is a wireless, built-in rechargeable security y camera and comes with free cloud storage; this security camera is known as one of the best security cameras at apartment complexes. It has all the abilities that a security camera should have. Let’s have a look at its key features and more. 

Key Features:

Crystal Clear 1080p HD Footage:

You can get 100% crystal clear HD footage with this device. This is totally wire-free security camera and can be attached to the wall easily. 

Two-way Audio:

With built-in speaker and microphones, users can communicate to anyone inside the and home and at the door also.

Siren Alarm:

With this security camera, the user can scar the burglars and unwanted visitors. The siren sound is just clicked away. 


Give the order to Alexa and Google to show, who is slamming the door. The device has compatibility to Google and Alexa. You can access from anywhere with your phone. 

PIR Motion Detection:

131-degree angle and within 35ft, the sensor of this device works and detects the motion. In resultant, it automatically sends a notification to the owner.

Night Vision:

The device can record the video in low light as well, with the help of its night vision feature.


  • Night vision
  • 1080p HD resolution camera
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • 1-6 months battery power
  • Free cloud storage
  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 
  • Compatible with Android and IOS and no hub required
  • Weatherproof, efficient for outdoor/indoor usage
  • Two-way audio and PIR motion detection feature
  • 144-degree wide-angle range
  • Siren feature
  • Goes well with Android and IOS
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Completely wire-free
  • Does support 5G Wi-Fi network

4- CANARY (CAN100USBK) All-in-One Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera

Canary all-in-one security camera is in our featured list of best security cameras at apartment complexes. It comes with enough security features; it is an excellent choice and security solution with 90+ decibel siren and many more.

Key Features:

1080p HD Camera with Sound Recorder:

The CANARY security camera is featured with a 1080p HD camera with a 147-degree wide-lens view and a quality sound recorder. So, you can listen to your recording with sounds.

Security Camera with Climate monitor:

We love the climate monitor feature of the CANARY security camera since it can detect the humidity level in the air, temperature, and air quality as well. 

Built-in Alarm:

The CANARY all-in-one security camera has a unique feature of 90+ decibel siren, which will notify you immediately in a problematic situation. 

Get Updated on your Phone:

It’ll update you with push notifications in case of movement and activity on your mobile. With the CANARY app, the user can talk two-way with family and children. This’s how you can protect your apartment with this device.  


It goes well together with Alexa. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network can accommodate it.  


  • Automatic night vision with a wide camera angle
  • Built-in 90+ decibel siren in case of emergency
  • Can measure temperature, air quality, and humidity
  • Emergency access just a touch away
  • Two-way audio feature with the premium subscription
  • 1080p HD video quality powered by Al
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with Siren and climate monitor
  • Emergency access
  • Premium subscription required for some features
  • Night vision only within a 20-foot range

5- Blink Mini – Compact plug-in smart security camera

This is a multi-purpose security camera. We like it because it is a smart security solution with various features like night vision, motion detection, and high-quality video resolution. Let’s have a look at additional features.  

Key Features:

Setup in 3 easy steps:

Within three easy steps, you can setup this plug-in security camera and can enjoy your vacation with ease of mind.


Alexa accompanied it, and both of them work together to keep update the user. Alexa works according to your voice.

Avail Cloud Storage with Premium Subscription:

With the premium package, you can get free cloud storage, but it also provides a trial period as well. The premium subscription starts from $3 to $10 per month.

Blink App allows Speaking and Hearing:

As per this feature, the users can speak and hear the visitors, family members, kids, and others when needed and also can talk to them.

Push Notifications:

Blink security setup enables the users to remain updated with its push notification feature on mobile. So then, the users will always be updated.


  • Motion detection feature
  • 1080p HD camera resolution for video capturing
  • Two-way audio with Blink app
  • 110-degree field of view
  • Cloud storage with premium packages
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Three steps to set up
  • Infrared night vision
  • Plug-in power source
  • Motion detection
  • Connectivity with 2.4GHz
  • 24 hours recording
  • Easy to setup
  • Doesn’t work with Google Assistant

6- Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Camera

Wyze Cam Pan is an efficient security camera system. It’s one of the best security cameras at apartment complexes, among others.

You’ll amaze to know about this device that it can scan the entire room or a specific area just in three seconds. You just need to adjust the setting with the Pan Scan feature. Isn’t it amazing?

Key Features:

Camera’s Motion Tracking Feature:

PTZ means Pan, tilt, and zoom, all-in-one Wyze Cam Pan allows you to monitor multiple directions with its impressive feature.


We like Wyze Cam Pan since its pocket-friendly prices. You can get it at very reasonable prices at your place. 

Live Stream Video:

In real-time, you can watch out the 1080p full HD live streaming video on your phone anywhere. 

Night Vision with 6 Infrared LEDs:

This cool device comes with the night vision feature and the integrated 6 LEDs help to watch explicit videos in the darkness.


Wyze Cam Pan can work with Alexa and Google Assistance. With this feature, you can control this device by your voice, which is a fantastic feature to see who is at your apartment’s door. 2. 4GHz WiFi network is the only compatibility of this device. 

Free Cloud Storage:

It detects the sound and motion and records the 12 seconds video simultaneously. Moreover, this video store for the next 14 days free of cost. The user gets push notifications to be alerted. 


  • 360 degree right/left rotation range
  • 93 degree vertical up/down range
  • 360-degree coverage in 3 seconds
  • Works with Alexa 
  • Night vision with 6 integrated LEDs
  • Pan Scan
  • 2-way audio
  • Free rolling cloud storage for 14 days
  • 8.8 ounces in weight
  • Manufacturer: Wyze Labs, Inc.
  • Affordable
  • PTZ feature
  • Free cloud storage
  • 360-degree coverage with Pan Scan
  • The power cord is required
  • Doesn’t support Android, IOS, and 5GHz Wi-Fi network

7- Wansview Wireless Security Camera           

Wansview Wireless IP security camera is one of the well-reputed and well equipped smart and intelligent device with multiple features to impart better security and protection to its users. 360-degree coverage and 4X digital zoom capture detailed video clips. There are many other features too, which are the following.

Key Features:

1080p HD Camera with PTZ:

1080p HD camera resolution allows recording the clear and smooth video of activities throughout the day. This device accompanied by three different movements, including Pan, tilt, and zoom.

Night Vision with IR LEDs:

Pan, tilt, zoom, the all-rounder Wansview comes with the four pieces 940nm IR LEDs, which enhanced the night vision ability to record footages.

Two-way Audio Feature and Alexa:

The users can communicate easily while using Alexa. Built-in speakers and microphones make this way easier to talk or listen to.

Get Alerts with Motion Detection Sensors:

In the case of detection of motion, 10 seconds video will be sent to the users to alert them. This is quite a unique feature of it instead of sending a push notification.

Reliable and Protected:

Wansview gives the surety to protect the data of its user. Your information and data are highly secured with this security camera device. 


  • 1080p HD camera resolution 
  • Motion detection sensors
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi supporter
  • Two-way audio with Wansview app
  • 320° horizontal & 80° vertical rotation range
  • 105-degree optimized lens
  • 4X digital zoom and complete 360-degree field of view
  • 4 pcs 940nm IR LEDs 
  • Covers up to 5 meters area with night vision ability
  • High camera resolution
  • Digital zoom
  • Limited night vision field range

8- Faleemi HD Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi IP Camera, Indoor Security Video Surveillance Camera

Faleemi introduced this wireless security camera with pan/tilt movements and HD 720p video resolution in the market place. As compare to other security cameras, this security camera had arrived with less resolution, but all other features are similar. Let’s have a look at them.

Key Features:

QR Code Setup:

It takes a few minutes to install and setup. With simple three steps, you can get it in your way. Just download the Faleemi app on your mobile, scan the QR code, and here you go.

720p HD at 30 Frames per Second:

Faleemi security camera device provides a 720p resolution. It has the ability to Pan and tilt. So, then you can get an enlarged field of view video recording with this device. 

Built-in Microphone and Speaker:

Faleemi security camera will be at your doorstep with the built-in microphone and speaker. With these twins, you can talk or hear everything inside or out of the apartment.

Night Motion and Motion Detection Feature:

Night vision comes with the IR LEDs that enhanced the quality of the image even in the dark mode or at night. In the darkness, it covers a 16ft wide area to capture. 

The motion detection feature enables the device to detect the motion and send the alert with a picture to the user.


  • 720p HD resolution camera
  • Compatible to Android and IOS 
  • Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Faleemi supports many mobiles and tabs
  • Faleemi app provides back up to many linked cameras
  • QR scan code to setup 
  • Infrared night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Two-way audio quality
  • Supports many cameras at the moment
  • Easy to set up and can keep anywhere
  • Least camera resolution

 9- Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera

Wyze Cam wireless security solution can be considered as the best security cameras at apartment complexes. It offers plenty of things that increase mental peace and home security at the same time.

Let’s see what it offers more.

Key Features:

Audio and Motion Alert Type:

With this device, you are going to inform, once it detects any motion. You can get the advantage of talking and listening to it.

Night Vision with IR LEDs:

Similar to others, this device also has night vision with IR LEDs which optimize the vision and clarity of video and image.

Automatic 12 seconds recording:

The device is able to record a 12-sec video for sending push notifications to the users. The video saves in the cloud storage for the next 14 days free of cost. So, you can review those videos.

Alexa and Google Assistant Supporter:

You can manage your tasks with the help of Alexa and Google Assistant. 

SD Card Supporter:

We liked this feature of this device that it supports SD cards of different variation like 8GB, 16GB, and 32Gb. This is something unique about this security camera. 


  • 1080p full HD resolution camera
  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio feature
  • Free cloud storage for 14 days
  • Automatic recording of 12 secs video
  • Mobile push notification
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi compatibility
  • FAT32 MicroSD cards supporter
  • 4 IR infrared LEDs to enhance the night vision
  • Zoom ration is 1:8
  • Micro SD card supporter
  • Reliable to use
  • A lit bit pricey

10- Zomodo Wireless Security Camera with 1080p HD Resolution

Zomodo wireless security camera is one of the best security cameras at apartments complexes. Similar to others, it also has impeccable features to deliver better services and security to the buyers. 

Let’s discuss further details.

Key Features:

Night Vision: Adjust Accordingly:

This monitoring solution comes with the special night vision feature. The special part is it’s adjustable. You can turn on and off when needed even the sensitivity of IR LEDs also. 

Cloud Storage; 1 month Free Trail:

You can get a full one-month free trial of cloud storage with device. Zomodo offers you to save, watch and record the footages for the first month, which is totally free.

Weather-Proof and Reliable:

The device is weather-bearable. It means it can survive in any atmosphere. This proves its reliability for sure.

US-Based Tech Support for Lifetime:

Well, it seems interesting that the US-based tech support is available with device for the lifetime. You can consult them and ask your queries any time throughout the life.


  • Alert type in motion only
  • Adjustable night vision 
  • Featured with 1080p HD camera resolution
  • 1 month free trial of cloud storage
  • Weather-resistant
  • 30 days money back and 1 year warranty 
  • Works with Alexa
  • US-based tech support for the lifetime
  • Money-back and 1 year warranty
  • Free trial for 1 month
  • Supports Alexa
  • Doesn’t support Google Assistant

Buying Guide for Best Security Cameras at Apartment Complexes

Over time, as technology has influenced our lives, our lifestyle also has changed completely. Now, we’re more concerned about our homes, kids and their protection. With security camera systems, life has become quickly. Now, you can see what your children are doing inside the house from anywhere.

So, in this regard, we decided to formulate a buying guide, which will help you for sure, if you have decided to purchase it.

Some key factors should’ve kept in mind.

1- Night Vision Mode with Maximum Field Range:

The first and foremost feature is night vision in the security cameras. And it must be useful in the field range. Because, in the day time, every ordinary security camera can record, but in the night, it becomes difficult, if the view of the field range is less. So, keep in mind to select the maximum field range in terms of night vision.

2- Standard HD Resolution:

Usually, 1080p is good enough for the security cameras. And you shouldn’t go down from it. The standard HD video resolution allows you to see everything in detail and clarity. The more the vision is clear, the more you can scan things properly. 

Hence, 1080p HD resolution can compete with your security concerns.

3- 2-Way Audio Availability:

2-way audio availability is an advanced feature in the security camera systems. The users can monitor the activities and can respond immediately when needed. You can talk and listen to home or at the door. This, how it becomes manageable for everyone. Two-way audio helps a lot to keep all tasks on the track. 

4- Able to Send Push Notifications:

The device must be able to send the push notifications or alerts on your phone. Now, most of the devices are coming with this. The devices which have this feature can detect the motion and send notifications to the user. This feature imparts more security and protection from the buglers and unwanted visitors. 

5- Compatibility:

When it comes to the compatibility, the device should have compatible to the Wi-Fi network and phones. Moreover, devices which are accompanied with Alexa and Google Assistant provide peace of mind. The user can just say to Alexa, and it does accordingly. 

These are the factors that decide which is the best security camera at apartment complexes.


Q – Can I paint my security camera? 

No, we wouldn’t recommend painting them. Security cameras are designed in white colour to keep them cooler in the sunlight or warm weather. It’ll also void the warranty of the device. 

Q- How can I watch my recorded security camera footage?

By following easy steps, you can watch the recorded videos. You can watch it on your phone as well with the help of the camera app.

a- Double click the camera device

b- Click the playback button

c- Select video type and start watching 

Q – Can I delete unnecessary footages?

Yes, you can delete them, if these are useless. You just need to go to the settings and input the admin password. Here you go. 

Q- How my wireless camera get power?

 There are two ways to transmit power, including batteries or wireless transmitter. Both are the sources of the transition of energy.

Q- How long video footage can remain on a security camera?

Well, most often, security cameras can store the videos for 30 to 90 days long.  

Final Words

To sum up, apartments are now part of every housing society, whether it’s in urban, suburban, even in small towns and rural areas. Security cameras are specifically originated to achieve security needs. Today’s security cameras are more efficient and promising in terms of their services. Hence, This is the right time to bring the security camera to your apartment and live freely.

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