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When you are a big and tall person and have routine tiring days, the ultimate thing that you need is to have the best recliner for big and tall people to relax. 

There are days when you know the only thing that will help is a good recliner, but most bought today just can’t suit people of your dimensions. The big and tall recliner 500 lbs is long and broad enough to accommodate the size of most hip bones, reclining for a relaxed slouch or propping it up against a nearby wall for binge-watching movies on demand.

The article will provide you with information about the best recliner for big and tall available on market. We will review the 08 recliners which are best to use for people who have big and tall bodies. 

List of 08 best recliner for big and tall

  1. SMUG Recliner-best reclining sofa recliner for big and tall people
  2. ICE ARMOUR Recliner-best electric power recliner for heavy and tall
  3. Christopher knight Reclinerbest durable recliner for fat people
  4. Dorel Reclinersbest drawing room recliner for tall people
  5. Ravenna Back Recliner-best living room recliner for fatty people
  6. ZUNMOS Recliner best adjustable recliner for heavy weight people
  7. GDFStudio Recliner-best sturdy recliner for 500lbs weight
  8. Madison Park-best comfortable recliner for big size people

Quick overview of 08 best recliners for big and tall

Product nameFeatures Dimensions/Weight
SMUG ReclinerWell-stuffed back, arms, and seat, Easy to assemble and adjust, Sleek, modern, and elegant31 x 32 x 41 inches, 51 pounds
ICE ARMOUR ReclinerBeautiful and sturdy build, Segmented padded back and seat, Resistant to stains and wear40.1 x 36.6 x 37.4 inches, 65 pounds
Christopher knight ReclinerExtra plus back and seat, Homestyle with classic fabric, Easy to operate, and adjustable latitude27.5 x 34.75 x 41.25 inches, 62.2 pounds
Dorel ReclinersRecliner with high and low adjustment, Sturdy frame material225lbs41 x 36 x 40 inches, 75 pounds
Ravenna Back ReclinerManual push back with solid round arms, Easy to assemble with strong reclining mechanism, Wingback design 33.86 x 36.22 x 41.34 inches, 70.4 pounds
ZUNMOS ReclinerSolid material, Stable and durable, Support 275lbs27.17 x 34.25 x 38.58 inches, 52.2 pounds
GDFStudio ReclinerButton tufted seat back, extra padded cushions, affordable and stylish34.25 x 27.25 x 38 inches, 57.3 pounds
Madison Park ReclinerSleek and modern round army sturdy and stable High-quality frame and deep seat‎33.6 x 28.21 x 41.34 inches, 66.7 pounds

What kind of recliner is best for the big and tall?

  • The recliner should have enough space to accomodate big and tall people
  • It should be adjustable to let you adjust your body 
  • Frame should be sturdy and durable
  • Recliner with extra cushion with deep seat can give you more comfort than any other recliner
  • Recliner with easy to install and move is a good recliner for the big and tall people
  • Easily clean fabric can give your recliner long hygienic life 

What are the benefits of investing in the best recliner for big and tall?

The size of the recliner you buy is important for people with big and tall bodies. You’ll need a chair that has enough space to sit properly, which can help avoid back pain or spinal cord damage caused by tight spaces around your spine while sitting in it all day-so measure well before investing. Investing wisely means spending when found fitting but not until then; otherwise, there might come another day where these investments don’t pay off.

Here we discussed some benefits of investing in the best recliner for big and tall. 

Prevent back pain

The first benefit of investing in a recliner for big and tall people can help you to prevent back pain. The best way to beat back pain is with a reclining chair. The pressure on your neck and lower tail will lessen because the cushions adjust you in comfort while reducing spine tension, which will not cause stiffening or discomfort over time if left untreated like many other health concerns that involve inflammation such as arthritis.

Comfort and relaxation

The second benefit is comfort and relaxation after day-long fatigue. Investing in the recliner is like buying yourself a comfy chair that you can adjust to any position. You deserve comfort after spending all day on your feet, and this will help take care of both body aches and mental fatigue.

Sitting postures 

The third benefit of investing in a recliner for big and tall people is providing perfect sitting posture. Investing in a recliner will improve your posture and make you feel more comfortable. Many people who are big or tall find the seats of regular chairs pinching their legs, making them sit incorrectly all day long.

Best recliner for big and tall review

Here we have a review of the 8 best recliners for big and tall people. We will discuss all the pros and cons of each product so you can decide which recliner is best for you. 

1.SMUG Recliner-best reclining sofa recliner for big and tall

Product review

SMUG Recliner is best for relaxing after day-long fatigue. The fantastic recliner for big and tall people is designed with a wide seat and back. It provides amazing results in terms of healing their backache and lowering stress on their legs.

It’s made of high-quality fabric, so it looks fantastic and feels great to the touch. Push back recliner can be used in your bedroom, living room, or home theater to sit back and relax. The compact size of the recliner for a big person allows you to place it anywhere you want. You’ll never have a bad day when you have this recliner chair by your side. 

Technical details

The recliner is available with a dimension of 31 x 32 x 41 inches which makes it super spacious. It weighs 51 pounds making it easy to move around from room to room if needed.



  • The push back recliner adjusts to your body’s natural position
  • It provides you with the most comfortable sitting experience possible.


  • The thick padded arms and backs ensure that you stay relaxed for hours on end.
  • Wide armrests provide extra comfort and support


  • The thick padded seat and back provide you with a cozy place to relax
  • Its thick padded provide support to hips and back


  • With this recliner, you can sit up straight or lean back into a more relaxed position.
  • You’ll never have to worry about accidentally falling asleep again


  • The unique design supports up to 300 pounds of weight without compromising on comfort.
  • Whether you sit all day long, the recliner will keep you comfortable all day long.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sunlight resistance
  • Modern and elegance


  • No technical flaws in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

SMUG recliner is perfect for people who need extra space or just don’t like the feel of metal on their skin.. It comes in 3 adjustable angles so you can sit comfortably no matter what position your body is in while still being able to regulate how far back it sinks into its cushioning., With round arms, the recliner will never get stuck behind – which means less awkward shifting around.

2. ICE ARMOUR Recliner-best electric power recliner for big and tall

Product review:

The ICE armor recliner is a modern power recliner, designed for a big and tall person to give you the ultimate comfort and relaxation. With its overstuffed seating area and durable build, this amazing recliner for a tall person provides years of relaxation and enjoyment.

The electric pillow allows you to set your head at the perfect angle while the USB port provides you with enough power to charge your devices on the go. Whether you’re watching TV or just kicking back after a long day, the recliner for a big person will keep you comfortable all night long.

Technical details

ICE ARMOR sells an excellent range of recliners that are designed to be the perfect place for you with dimensions of 40.1 x 36.6 x 37.4 inches; these chairs weigh 65 pounds. 



  • This recliner is perfect for multiple uses-use it as a bedside chair or living room recliner.
  • It’s also great as an office chair or reading chair. 


  • The durable build of this recliner will last you years to come.
  • It’s sturdy enough to be used as a bed or sofa chair.


  • With an electric pillow, you can easily adjust the height of your headrest
  • You’ll never have to worry about waking up with a stiff neck again


  • The recliner is ergonomically designed to provide you with a relaxing experience. 
  • The armrests adjust to your desired position for maximum comfort.


  • Excellent seat depth
  • Adjustable back
  • Durable frame


  • No flaws in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

The ICE armor is the perfect reclining sofa chair for any big person living in your home. The Power USB Port allows you to charge devices while using it as an extra bed, there’s also electric massage therapy pillow top arms with cup holders on either side.  Its durable and sturdy build can be used by big and tall adults alike both in their bedroom and in everyday life gatherings. 

3.Christopher knight Recliner-best durable recliner for big and tall

Product review:

Christopher Knight is an amazing recliner. The recliner is a great addition to any style home where a big and tall person lives. It has a weight capacity of 500lbs that is suited for a tall person and it has a classic design with stud covered frame and additional cushions for extra plush comfort. 

The dark beige color blends in easily with most decors, but this fantastic recliner for a big person can also stand out as the focal point of the room. This recliner is easy to assemble and very affordable. Its durable fabrics will endure years of usage without wearing down or tearing.

Technical details

Christopher Knight Recliner is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to relax in style. This 27.5 x 34.75 x 41.25-inch lounger weighs only 62.5 pounds and features dimensions that make it easy to move. 



  • The great addition to any home lasts years
  • Its classic design has a stud covered frame.


  • The recliner cushions that are both durable and affordable for enduring usage.
  • Its seat backing provides additional support while you relax in your favorite position.


  • With the easy to follow instructions, you can assemble this recliner yourself.
  • It’s also adjustable, so you can find that perfect position every time.


  • Just pull on the lever and adjust it to fit your body perfectly
  • You’ll feel like you’re sitting on cloud nine as you sink into the plush cushions


  • Durable material 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Stylish and decor 


  • Some buyers complaints about material of the product

Why do we recommend this product?

Christopher Knight recliner is a classic addition to any style home. The design features an intricate stud-covered frame, extra plush cushions, and seat backing which individually ensure maximum comfort for all users while providing durability with its durable fabrics. A great option if you’re looking for affordable furniture that will last longer than your average sofa.

4. Dorel Recliners-best drawing-room recliner for big and tall

Product review:

A Dorel recliner provides you with a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at work or just watching TV. The fantastic recliner for a big person offers you multiple uses and is available in advanced styles, colors, patterns, and designs that will be sure to match any living area décor.  

The amazing recliner for a tall person is made from quality materials such as leather and microfiber fabrics. The recliner comes with various features such as power headrests, heat/massage functions, cup holders for beverages, and more. The padded seat cushions along with the adjustable back cushion allow you to find the most comfortable position. 

Technical details 

Dorel’s recliners are highly rated for comfort and luxury with the dimension 41 x 36 x 40 Inches weighs 75 pounds but still has a sleek contemporary design that will fit into any room of your house easily without looking too bulky or heavy.



  • This recliner is a dual massage recliner, with both the seat and back massaging.
  • The massage functions include kneading, rolling, tapping and vibration.


  • Various styles of this recliner are available to choose
  • Multiple styles enrich the quality and style of the recliners.


  • Choose from various materials such as leather or fabric in various colors and patterns.
  • You can also choose a wood finish that will match your decorating style.


  • The recliner has a wide range of designs to fit any home décor.
  • Each piece is made with the highest quality materials for maximum comfort.


  • Stylish and durable 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid wood frame


  • No technical flaws in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

This contemporary recliner is perfect to relax in after a hard day’s work. This padded chair features soft fabric upholstery that cradles your back, while also massaging it! The dual motors stimulate both sides of the seat and back for an unforgettable experience all on their own – no assembly required whatsoever.

5. Ravenna Back Recliner-best living room recliner for big and tall

Product review:

Ravenna Home’s push-back recliner is an excellent pick for your living room. This recliner has a plywood frame with a strong mechanism that makes it an amazing recliner for a heavy person. It allows you to lean back and relax. 

The seat cushion is comfortable and it comes with solid, round arms that are essential for a big and tall person. It features a wingback design which makes it an attractive and fantastic recliner for a tall person. Moreover, it is a great addition to any living and bedroom. You can easily wipe clean this recliner using a soft cloth when needed.

Technical details

The Ravenna Home Push-Back Recliner is a beautiful recliner that has great features to offer. The dimensions of the recliner for a heavy body are 33.86 x 36.22 x 41.34 inches and weigh about 70.4 pounds.



  • The plywood frame is designed to last for years
  • It provides you with a comfortable seat cushion that will keep your back and neck supported.


  • The recliner is made of highest quality materials, paying close attention to detail.
  • You’ll love how the streamlined piping adds extra comfort and support.


  • The streamlined arms are designed to provide additional support for your upper body,
  • This recliner is perfect for everyday use


  • The push-back mechanism allows you to recline with ease.
  • Simply press the button on the side of the chair and relax.


  • Adjustable seat
  • Easy to put together
  • Stylish and comfort


  • No technical flaws in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

The recliner is a plywood frame with a strong, comfortable seat cushion and streamlined piping. The round arms are made of solid material that can be comfortably positioned by someone sitting in the chair as they lean back into it for support or relaxation while watching their favorite TV show.

6. ZUNMOS Recliner -best adjustable recliner for big and tall

Product review

The ZUNMOS Recliner Chair is a multi-position recliner that adjusts easily according to your needs. The recliner for a big person brings durable and comfortable solutions.  It’s easy to install and has excellent adjusting technology to make you enjoy reclining. The adjustable single recliner sofa with PU leather, which can be used for home theater seating, reading chair for bedroom or office chair.

This ergonomic design provides better stability and durability whereas you feel relaxed with the fantastic recliner for a tall person. The high-density thick sponge solid frame provides better stability and durability to a big and tall person.

Technical details 

ZUNMOS Recliner is a comfortable and stylish and advanced piece of furniture that offers great massage functionality. The dimensions of the product are 27.17 x 34.25 x 38.58 inches, weighing 52 pounds.



  • Fantastic recliner for a big person is made of high quality and durable materials.
  • The frame is sturdy and the material is soft, which makes it comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.


  • You can adjust this chair according to your needs. 
  • Whether you are watching TV or reading a book, this recliner will provide you with the comfort that you need.


  • This recliner was designed with gamers in mind.
  • It’s comfortable enough to sit on for hours at a time while playing video games or watching movies.


  • Supports your back and neck, providing a relaxing experience.
  • You can adjust your back without any space which can prevent you from pain.


  • Ideal for reading, watching TV, or gaming.
  • You can use it in living room and even in study


  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bouncy


  • No technical flaws of the product

Why do we recommend this product?

This ZUNMOS recliner is the perfect way to watch your favorite shows and movies from anywhere in the room. The high-quality frame makes it durable, while still maintaining its stylish appearance with black leather upholstery that will never show scratches or dirt! You can adjust this gaming chair according to your needs by adjusting two backrests. 

7.GDFStudio Recliner-best sturdy recliner for big and tall

Product review:

The GDFStudio Macedonia Mid Century Modern Tufted Back Fabric Recliner is a well-designed recliner that can be used in various settings. It brings all the solutions your body requires to relax. The recliner for a big person brings durable and comfortable solutions. Its functions make it a unique and amazing recliner for a big person who wants to feel the soft textile part of his skin. 

It works best as an accent piece to your living room or family room. The chair has a button-tufted seat back for extra comfort, and its fabric is made from durable materials for long-lasting usage.

Technical details 

The dimension of the recliner is 34.25 x 27.25 x 38 inches and weighs 57 pounds with an adjustable seat and high-quality material. 



  • The button tufted seat back is a classic and stylish design that will match any room.
  • It gives more strength to the fabric.


  • The light grey tweed fabric is a durable fabric for enduring usage.
  • The color of the upholstery complements any style or décor.


  • This recliner can be used as an accent piece in your living room, family room, den, or bedroom.
  • It’s also great for reading and watching TV


  • The recliners are built to last with high quality materials and construction techniques 
  • You’ll enjoy this chair for years to come


  • Facilitate 300lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to operate


  • No technical flaws in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

The GDFStudio Macedonia mid-century modern Tufted Back Fabric Recliner is perfect for any room in your house. You’ll love that it’s made of durable fabrics so you can be sure this chair will withstand ages—even if it comes down to 300 lbs of weight being supported by its cushions.

8.Madison Park-best comfortable recliner for big and tall

Product review:

The Madison Park Katniss recliner is an amazing recliner for a tall person with a wonderful addition to any living room or your favorite reading nook. Sleek modern construction and gracefully bentwood arms provide long-lasting comfort and support.

The high-density foam filling provides you with big and tall recliners 500 lbs at an affordable cost. The solid wood legs of this recliner will surely provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience. Easy to kick back and relax in style, the Madison Park Katniss recliner is a must-have for any home.

Technical details 

The Madison Park Katniss Recliner has a weight of 66.7 pounds and the dimensions are 33.6 x 28.21 x41.34 inches, making it perfect for any size living room or family area.



  • Use this recliner as a cozy reading chair, as an extra seat in your living room
  • You can use it in the family room, or as a stylish place to sit and watch TV.


  • This recliner features a sturdy metal frame that supports up to 250 pounds. 
  • The foam filling provides long-lasting comfort and support.


  • The arms on this recliner can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly
  • It gives you maximum comfort and relaxation.


  • Stylish and decor
  • Comfort setting
  • Easy to install


  • No technical flaws in the product. 

Why do we recommend this product?

The Madison Park Katniss recliner is the perfect addition to your living room. This spacious, comfortable chair has an adjustable headrest and its softly padded upholstery ensures maximum relaxation for you or whoever might be sitting in it! The sleek shape also makes this style easy to pair with other furniture from different collections because of how symmetrical they look when placed together.

Best recliner for big and tall buying guide: 

This buying guide will help you choose the best recliner for big and tall that will meet your needs as well as provide maximum comfort while sitting down.

Proper measurement:

Before buying the recliner for big and tall, measurement is important. The buyer should have the proper measurement of his/her body as well as the seat and back push seat of the assessing recliner. Proper measurement of the body will lead to getting the reclining chair for desired comfort level and proper seating position. The buyer should have a measuring tape with them so that they can measure everything accordingly.

Lumbar support

It is another important factor to check while buying the recliner for big and tall. Sitting on a recliner without lumbar support surely causes your back.  So, proper lumbar support is essential for the recliners. The backrest of all types should be adjustable on a small or large scale to fit your body shape well.

Assess the uses and material

Comfort sitting for big and tall people remained challenging with the style and size of the recliner. While buying the recliner, a buyer must consider the length, width, and even in/outdoor uses. Some recliners are usable indoors but others are not. So it is important to know the uses of recliners. The fabric and leather can be considered while purchasing for skin allergies or sensitive skin types. 


Q. What is the most reliable and durable recliner that is big and tall? 

It’s important for your recliner to be big enough so you can maximize its functionality. A good option will be one with an adjustable headrest since it lets users modify their comfort based on individual needs- this way they won’t get bored of using only one position over again like what might happen if there were smaller seats available in some recliners.

Q. Why should I buy a recliner for big and tall people?

With styles that fit everyone’s needs from back pain sufferers to those who can’t find comfortable seating at their local store or restaurant; with different types of material covering the seats like leather upholstery which cradles one’s body while the soft mesh allows airflow beneath providing great relief on hot days. 

Q. What is the best way to prevent back pain?

To avoid hip pain when working, make sure your posture stays correct and that no kinks or knots form in the muscles throughout a long day at the office or while watching TV or reading a book. Sitting up straight will help keep you comfortable for hours of sitting down with paperwork!


If you are suffering from back pain, pressure on the lumbar, and stress on your legs, then you are at the right place to find the 08 best recliners for big and tall. They come in different styles including leather or fabric upholstery with additional features such as lumbar support that can be adjusted according to personal preference. For all those who suffer from back pain when sitting down; this is what they need the ability to adjust how much pressure there feels via three positions (relaxed, medium intensity). If you get a solution by reading the review, then go ahead to assess which one suits you. 

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