15 best pocket knife under $100

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How much should I spend on a pocket knife? well. you can get the best pocket knife under $100. Let’s say even $50 you will be able to get a survival pocket knife, which one will be really powerful.

That pocket knives have become common and accessible to all doesn’t validate the fact that you can easily get a good one out in the store without making proper research about it. Although this might be prohibited in some regions, research has shown us that it is illegal in most regions of the world.

A pocket knife as little as it seems remains an essential tool for day-to-day activities, as it fits into multiple purposes. At times having one of these knives with you can be liberating and sometimes save you from dangerous situations; some of the importance of a pocket knife include, companionship, survival tool in emergency cases, usage as a whittling gear, and so on.

We have taken out a huge time to do proper research about the best pocket knives under $100 that are available on Amazon and other notable online shops. All the pocket knives discussed in this article are not just the best but are also the cheapest you can find for the same type, quality, and function. We understand that a good number of people find it hard to spend much on stuff such as a pocket knife, and that made us limit our research to the best pocket knives under $100. 

15 best pocket knives under $100 recommendation

Reviews of 15 best pocket knives under $100.

Let’s have a look at the product reviews, description, pros, and cons for the best folding pocket knife that will cost you under 100

Kershaw Link folding Pocket Knife, Speedsafe Assisted Opening

Kershaw company has been dominating the market of best folding pocket knives. They manufacture high-quality, exceptional, high, and high-functioning knives to their customers all around the world under 100.

This folding knife is popularly known for the quality materials they adopt in the production of their folding knives coupled with the intensive craftsmanship that is involved; this and many other reasons made us list their product among the best knives under $100 to keep in a pocket.

This particular folding knife of the Kershaw brand was manufactured in the year 2017, with a blade size of 3.25 inches. Created with a very strong and modified steel of about 420HC, rich in chromium and carbon. This particular characteristic makes it very easy to sharpen and well durable.

Another characteristic that makes this product stand out is the attractive way the blade is designed, this makes the blade fade-resistant and also gives it a scuffed look that hides fingerprints and smudges.

The blade is also rugged and can be maximized for field works. Other features of the Link folding pocket knife include fast deployment, a secure locking system, a one-handed flipper, a long-lasting handle, and a convenient pocket clip.


  • High-quality standard
  • Secure locking system
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • One-handed flipper
  • Long-lasting handle


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • It doesn’t really fit into the latest standards of a pocket knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife, Serrated Edge

The Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath pocket knife also made it to the list of the best pocket knives under 100. This knife is the result of the collaboration between two experts thriving in the business of making quality knives; these guys are Gerber and Bear Grylls by name. 

The folding sheath knife is a compact affordable knife that can be folded into a very small size and stored easily. A double-sided thumb stud makes it very easy to flip the blade open with just one hand;

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife blade is made of high carbon stainless steel, which is perfect for cutting ropes and similar materials; also provided in the package are a rubber grip and a locked pack that provides extra safety for the person that will make use of it.

Other qualities that make Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife stand out among similar products to include, lightweight design that gives a room or easy carriage, it has a total length of 8.5inches, a blade of 3.6 inches, and also a nylon sheath for durable storage.

This product is perfect for those that want a sophisticated but yet best portable folding pocket knife, that can be carried about without giving adding extra weight to the body.


  • A nylon sheath available for storage
  • Modern design/fashion


  • The length of the blade and handle makes it a little stressful to carry about
  • It might be too sophisticated for a novice to operate

CJRB Cutlery Ria J1917 EDC Folding Knife

The Ria J1917 EDC Folding Pocket Knife is a production of the CJRB company. This company is a subsidiary of Artisan cutlery Inc. They are known to provide tools made precisely, and affordable to fit into the lifestyle of many users across the world.

What brought about this product is the thought of providing a sleek and elegant EDC knife that will make available a ton of class and portability without interfering with true functionality and easy usage.

The knife’s blade, 2.95 inches in length is designed perfectly to perform daily tasks. Although the RDC knife is very small in size, it can hold against other knives that seem to be larger in size. It also fits perfectly into the pocket of wear without being noticed by anyone.

This EDC knife is designed by a group of skilled professionals and experience in the business of making steel products, coupled with the manufacturing processes and machinery used makes the EDC pocket knife stand tall and unique among its counterparts.

It is so amazing that the Ria J1917 EDC Folding Knife is been sold on Amazon for an affordable price. one can easily say the product is worth more than the price it is been sold for.


  • Perfectly designed to perform daily tasks
  • Designed by a group of experts, who has gathered enough experience


  • it doesn’t have a storage sheath
  • its size seems smaller than the usual pocket knives we know.

Gerber Sumo, Pocket Knife, Folding 3.9 inch Fine Edge Blade

Sumo is a popular name among many other brands involved in the business of making folding pocket knives. This extraordinary EDC pocket knife shows super-size style and utility. It comes with all of the needed accessories that would be perfect for an average knife user.

With the specially built edge blade, you can easily maximize the pocket knife for your day-to-day activities, another good thing is that the functions of the Gerber Sumo pocket knife surpass that of an average knife as it can do things you don’t expect it to do. Also, a perfect pivot lock can be handled with just one hand for easy opening and closing.

This oversized pocket knife, having a fine edge blade of 3.9 inches is so easy to operate and also goes for an affordable price


  • Popular brand/company
  • secure locking system
  • specially built edge blade


  • blade seem longer than normal
  • a storage sheath is not provided

Cold Steel Bush Ranger Lite

This best budget pocket knife is an improvement to the previous Bush Ranger model that was designed by Cold Bush and the price is under 100. It has a 3.5 inches clip point blade; this blade is made up of durable steel and a thumb stud to ease the opening and closing of the blade.

As Cold Steel has been trusted to provide adequate comfortability for its customers, they also choose to maintain this trust by providing a handle that is made of glass-filled nylon that perfectly fits into the hand of the user.

The Bush Ranger Lite has been tested and it proves to be the best of its kind, it has been subjected to high standards in the industry and has been made as perfect as it can be. This product is free from any defects or shortcomings that are caused by materials and production.

Aside from the fact that this folding pocket knife is made from the best of materials and skills, the company also gives it a warranty, with this seal a buyer not satisfied with it could get it returned in a few weeks.


  • Popular/trusted brand
  • Product made from high quality materials
  • Comes with a product warranty


  • a storage sheath is not provided
  • product is limited to some functions

Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife is a specially built one for those in the military. In 1891 Karl Elsener, the founder of Victorinox was contacted by the Swiss Army group to help in building a pocket knife. That will be maximized for different functions on the field at a reasonable price of under $100. This is needed because soldiers don’t get access to some of the things they need on the field and are most times restricted by this constraint.

After Karl Elsenar was given this problem to solve, he came up with a special spring mechanism that allows him to attach different useful tools on both sides of the handle. The useful tools that were combined by Karl include blade, smaller cutting blade, reamer, can-opener, screwdriver, corkscrew, and wood fiber grips.

Aside from the ability of this pocket knife to perform different technical operations, I’m also glad to inform you that it is also made with a first-class steel material, designed by experienced craftsmen, and also has its durability proven by those who have bought it in the past.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife can be all yours for just under $100, and also comes with a warranty, with which the product can be returned within a few weeks of purchase. 


  • It comes with different tools
  • Secure locking system
  • Can be maximized for numerous functions
  • Comes with a product warranty


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • it might be too complicated for a non-expert to operate
  • it’s a bit weightier than the other pocket knives

TR-1214 Custom Handmade J2 Tracker Knife

TR-1214 Custom Handmade J2 Tracker Knife is specially designed to last forever. This might sound exaggerated to you but that is the fact. All the materials used in creating this special product are of a high standard and have also been known by many to pass the test of time. This best pocket knife will cost you less than $100.

Its overall length is as long as 9.50inches, with a 4.0inches handle length and 5.5 inches blade length; its handle is made of a solid brown Micarta; it also comes with a durable handmade leather sheath that helps in keeping it safe.


  • High-quality standard
  • Tested durability
  • Comes with a handmade leather sheath


  • it doesn’t really fit into the latest standards of a pocket knife
  • it’s blade and handle length seem too long

Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife

Kershaw has been at the top of producing the best pocket knives of different models and qualities. The Kershaw Leek is the second product of Kershaw we’re reviewing on the list of the best pocket knives under $100.

Kershaw Leek is one of the popular among the products of Kershaw knives, it has a slim, moderate, and versatile blade that can be used perfecting in performing a slicing function.

It has a Sandvik 14C28N steel, which is known to be a high performing and durable steel, the steel is also high in nitrogen making it possible to resist hardness and corrosion.

What makes Kershaw Leek different from the other product is that it has a convenient pocket clip, this helps in fitting this pocket knife firmly in the pocket and also aids carriage.


  • High-quality standard
  • Popular/trusted model
  • Slim, moderate, and versatile blade
  • Convenient pocket clip


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • it might be too hard for a novice to handle 
  • Might cause hand fatigue when handles for a long period.

CRKT Endorser EDC Folding Pocket Knife

 One good thing you get from purchasing a CRKT made EDC Folding Pocket Knife is a guarantee that such a product is going to be free from every defect in materials and production. You would most likely be using this best EDC pocket knife for as long as you live, and even pass it to the next generation.

This knife is specially built to fit into the modern standard and fashion, the blades are specially built and have a length of 3.18 inches. It also comes in both black oxide and satin finish.

One big advantage this product has is the patented safe thumb stud opener. This helps in getting the blade ready or use at any point in time, the outburst assisted opening system also ensures the blade comes out of the stud very fast. If you have a budget under $100, this EDC knife will be your best solution.


  • Specially built to it into the modern standard
  • Safe thumb stud opener
  • Outburst assisted opening system


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • it doesn’t seem perfect for someone with a fat hand.

JAMES The Folsom Straight Pocket Knife

What brought about the existence of the JAMES brand is a quest for something better in quality and function. The company is made of some groups of adventurers who can’t find what they want and thereby determine to make it themselves.

Folsom straight pocket knife was formed with the mind of having a knife that would be useful at home from the city to the rural areas. It is created in a very simple form with a hyper-slim profile that won’t bulk up your pocket in any way; one of its disadvantages is its questionable durability.

This pocket knife is configured for both the right and left-handed, as it has a reversible clip triangular thumb hole.

The price for this power-packed knife is under $100 and can be easily gotten on Amazon.


  • Configured for both the right and left handed users
  • Hyper slim profile
  • Convenient pocket clip


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • it has a questionable durability

TACRAY Folding Pocket Knife

The best feature of the TACRAY folding pocket knife is its sharp blade and durability. The blade is razor-sharp with a VG10 stainless steel blade. You can use it at home or cooking and cut things. it can also be maximized on the field to perform a basic operation. you can get it easily under $100

TACRAY Folding Pocket Knife handle is made of Titanium, making it waterproof, grease-resistant, and ergonomic. All these are put in place to help get more comfortable while holding and using the knife.

TACRAY Folding Pocket Knife also comes with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction. You can easily return the knife if it doesn’t suit you in any way and your money will be refunded without stress.

Although this knife comes with a sharp and quality blade, the probability that you’ll need the service of a professional to sharpen it when it goes blunt is very high.


  • High quality
  • Can be used conveniently at home and on the field
  • Handle made form titanium


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • Blade can’t be sharpened without consulting an expert

Case XX WR Pocket Knife Amber Bone Peanut

Peanut company is widely known for producing the best small-sized pocket knives that fit easily into the pocket. It’s been 129 years since they started producing knives. Case XX WR Pocket Knife will cost you under 100

This particular product of the peanut brand has two distinct blades. which is the pen blade and the clip blade. The two blades that come with this knife are the best for daily activities. The pen blade can be used extensively for carrying out light operations. Such as cutting fruits, leather, cotton, silk, and so on; while the clip blade can be maximized for multipurpose usage.

Just like every other knife made by the peanut company. The Case Pocket knife has the following things unique from knives made by other brands; specially made in Bradford USA. It has undergone a quality test twice before it’s been marketed. The knife has also undergone 160 manufacturing processes. The knife was handcrafted by the best artisans in the knife-making industry.

Indeed, the fact that this knife comes with two blades makes it exceptional, but it would need a professional guide to be handled for the safety of the user.


  • Comes with two different blades
  • Hand crafted by professionals in the industry
  • Undergone 160 manufacturing processes


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • The user needs to be extra careful when handling the product.

Buck Knives: 722 Spitfire Locking Folding Knife W/Clip

Just like some of the best pocket knives that were mentioned earlier, the 722 Spitfire Locking Folding Knife also comes with a lifetime warranty and is under $100. The knife is free of all defects that might arise from materials used for production and workmanship. 

There’s a 100% assurance that any issue that arises after purchase would be attended to, this would be done by either getting it repaired or replacing it with a brand new one. 

Although this product is well made and has its quality tested several times, it is not suitable for usage as a hammer, chisels, pry bars, or screwdriver.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Free from defects that might arise from the material used.
  • One-handed flipper
  • Long lasting handle


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • it usage is limited.

Samior GP035 Small Slim EDC Folding Pocket Flipper Knife 

This best EDC Folding Flipper Pocket derived its inspiration from a pen. when you take a look at it for the first time you’ll easily mistake it for a pen. This makes it easy and more convenient for everyday work, you can take it top wherever you’re going to without it being burdensome.

The Samior GP035 Small Slim EDC Folding Pocket Flipper Knife is built cleanly and simply. It has a usable design and is created in such a way that it will fit perfectly into the pocket of your shirt and trousers. It can easily be posed with as a pen, without others knowing what it is in particular.

The GP035 compact flipper gives it a modern look and feel, this is also proof to the fact that size isn’t a measure of capability.

This pocket knife built as a gentle man’s folder is highly recommended to those that wouldn’t want others to have an idea of what they carry. You can easily be used as a toy for children who might mistake it to be a unique pen, which might turn out very dangerous.


  • Its small and can be maximized for work.
  • Its modern/fashionable


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • it can easily be used to commit atrocities, without been suspected by the authorities.

StatGear x Unbox Therapy Pocket Samurai Micro Knife & Desk Stand

This Samurai Micro pocket Knife & Desk Stand doesn’t stop at having an incomparable design and best quality. it also comes with a desk stand. Its handle is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and a traditional Japanese samurai sword info on it. it has a titanium-made blade of a moderate length.

The pocket knife comes with a stainless made clip and loop that helps in carrying the item about. You can also attach the product to your keys, belts, wallet, and so on.

The desk stand is made of wooden material that can be maximized for displaying the product for sale or other purposes.

The pocket knife itself is compact. It can be taken around. but its stand is a burden and can be as much as useless most time.


  • Comes with a desk stand
  • Has a stainless made clip and loop to aid carriage


  • A storage sheath is not provided
  • its usage is limited.

Buyer’s Guide

Deciding on which pocket knife to go for is the hardest thing faced by most buyers. This is the reason we chose to come up with a guide that can help prospective buyers of pocket knives.

It is one thing to purchase a pocket knife, it is another thing to select the knife that will optimally serve the purpose you are buying it for. We have different categories of knives that are built to serve different purposes.

A single-blade pocket knife comes with only one blade which can be maximized or only one unction, unlike the multi-blade pocket knife that most time serves different functions.

Pocket knives also come with different opening mechanisms; these include manual opening, automatic opening, and assisted opening mechanism, it is best to go for the one that would be easier for you to operate.

Another important thing you should consider while purchasing a pocket knife. Its locking mechanism, not mastering the way your knife is locked can lead to serious injury. The different types of locking mechanisms include, liner lock, slip joint, lock back, mid lock, frame lock, ring lock, and lever lock mechanism.

Other things you should carefully consider while selecting a pocket knife include, brand record, buyers review, blade materials, blade types and handle materials.  


Isn’t it amazing that we have done the needed research and were able to come up with the best pocket knives under $100?

We have carefully gone through all the knives available below $100. Have taken a huge time to compile a list that would assist you. Also several others in making the right choice as regards getting folding pocket knives, without having to pay an outrageous amount for it.

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