Best office chair for swollen feet

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Best office chairs for swollen feet are important when you suffer from swollen feet it can become hard to sit upright in a chair.

Lots of people experience that sitting all day in a traditional desk chair can contribute to swelling and discomfort in the feet. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that! There are many different types of chairs available that will help combat foot swelling-some being more comfortable than others.

The best office chair for swollen feet will help reduce the swelling and make your day a little bit better. If you suffer from swollen feet, an office chair with a footrest is essential. In this article, I will show and share with you our favorite picks about the best office chairs for your swollen feet situation and how to choose one that is right for you. 

List of the 5 Best office chairs for swollen feet

  1. Steelcase Series 1 Work Best supportive office chair for swollen feet.
  2. Flash Furniture  LeatherSoft-PaddedBest leather office chair for swollen feet.
  3. OSP Home Furnishings Adjustable Race Car Office ChairBest mobility standards office chair for swollen feet. 
  4. VECELO Premium Mesh Best long-lasting comfortable office chair for swollen feet.
  5. SMUG Home OfficeBest inexpensive office chair for swollen feet.

Quick overview of 5 best office chairs for swollen feet

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair100% Polyester, Recline tension adjustment, The tilt mechanism is synchronized,23.75 x 27 x 41.25 inches, 29 pounds
Flash Furniture  LeatherSoft-Padded Task Office ChairMesh and bonded leather, Charcoal grey, and red color, customize your mobility standards,27.25 x 26.25 x 49.94 inches, 36 pounds
OSP Home Furnishings Adjustable Race Car Office ChairLeatherSoft-Padded,  Activate rocking motion,  Tilt tension knob controls tilt resistance, Conforms to ANSI/BIFMA standard25 x 25 x 39.5 inches, 28 pounds
VECELO Premium Mesh Chair3D surrounded mesh cushion, Adjustable chair height from 38 to 40 in, High-density net cloth, Sturdy Nylon encased casters18.7 x 19.7 x 37 inches, 22.6 pounds
SMUG Home Office ChairMid-Back desk chair,  Ergonomic computer chair,    360-degree swivel wheels,                      High-quality thick sponge, and resilient33 x 22 x 23 inches, 15 pounds

How to treat foot pain caused by swelling and how a best office chair for swollen feet can work?

Do you have foot pain caused by swelling? We will go over the best treatment options to consider and how to get relief from your symptoms.

First, we will discuss the causes of swelling in feet and what can be done about them. Second, we’ll review the different treatments that are available and which one might work best for your unique situation. Finally, we’ll talk about some prevention methods that can help avoid future problems with swollen feet!

Causes of swelling in feet: 

There Are many different potential causes of swelling in the feet and ankles. Some of these include:

Longer hours of sitting and standing: 

The first cause of swelling in the feet can be long hours of sitting. For this reason, a good office chair can help.

Injury or infection:

The next cause of swelling is the most common and affects people all over the world. It’s caused by either an injury or some type of infection, which causes blood vessels to expand in order to bring more nutrients and oxygenated blood to that area.


The next thing that can cause swelling in the feet is typically caused by something called edema. Edema causes the lower extremities to swell up as a result of fluid accumulating in those areas, and it can be more common among people who suffer from conditions like congestive heart failure or liver disease.

Treatment options for swollen feet:

Treating foot pain caused by swelling can be a challenge. If you suffer from chronic symptoms, there are some things that your doctor may recommend trying before moving on to more serious treatments or surgery. Some of these include:

  • Over the counter medication including anti-inflammatory drugs and non-steroidal medications such as ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen sodium (Aleve).
  • Wearing compression socks during long periods of standing. 
  • Using an office chair that help you with working with swollen feets

Prevention Methods of swollen feet: 

Take steps to prevent swollen feet in the future with these simple techniques! Here are just a few examples to get you started:

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day and avoid caffeinated beverages like soda or because they can dehydrate your body.
  • The next prevention that you can take is  to avoid standing in the same place for too long. It may be good to get up and walk around every once in a while, especially if you’re on your feet all day like many people are these days!
  • Eat healthy foods that can help increase circulation such as dark leafy greens or berries with high levels of Vitamin C. A few other examples include fish (salmon), nuts (almonds), whole grains, beans/legumes, oatmeal etc…
  • Take supplements like Omega-rich fish oil capsules which not only helps with inflammation but also cardiovascular health! Fish oil is great because it’s very effective at reducing pain and swelling throughout the body without any major side effects compared to prescription drugs or even over the counter medication. 

5 best office chairs for swollen feet Review

Now, we will review about 5 best office chairs for swollen feet and their pros and cons so that you can buy the best chair for swollen feet with your pleasure.

1. Steelcase Series 1-best work office chair for swollen feet

Product Review:

The Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair is the best chair for venous insufficiency for your home office or workspace. This chair features a LiveBack flexor system that helps to reduce the pressure on your spine and lower back while you sit. 

The lumbar support can be adjusted to match your preference, and the optional adjustable lumbar support provides additional tension so you can tone down the intensity of the lumbar support if it is too much for you. You can also dial-in comfort with one additional tension control knob.

It is the perfect balance of comfort and support for your active, on-the-go lifestyle. The flexible seat edge moves with you as you move through your day, while the built-in air pockets relieve pressure points to keep you comfortable. The contoured back provides lumbar support so you can focus on what matters most. 



  • The Steelcase Series 1 chair seat has a premium feel that helps to work for a long time.
  • It allows the seat to adapt to your shape and size, providing maximum comfort. 
  • Made of soft polyester fabric with a mesh back for breathability and airflow for comfort.


  • Armrests can be adjusted up or down to provide the best support for your arms.
  • They also adjust outwards to give you more room to rest your arms on the armrests.


  • It is a premium office chair that provides comfort and support for all-day use. 
  • The seat cushion is made from high-quality foam to conform to your body.
  • It helps you to move with you as you work.

Technical Details:

The Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair is the perfect solution for any work environment. With dimensions of 23.75 x 27 x 41 inches and weighing in at 29 pounds. This chair will be sure not only to provide you with comfort but also durability while facing everyday challenges.


  • Highly comfortable and durable.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Fully adjustable arms.


  • No technical flaw in the product

Why do we recommend this product:

We recommend Steelcase’s Series 1 work office chair because it is the perfect choice for long hours of sitting. With optional lumbar support, this chair will help you to maintain good posture and reduce strain on your back. The seat edge can be adjusted in two directions to relieve pressure points. Optional armrests are available for added comfort and adjustability.

2. Flash Furniture  LeatherSoft-best comfortable padding chair for swollen feet

Product Review:

Flash Furniture’s LeatherSoft-Padded Task Office Chair is a great addition to your home office. It is the best office chair for swollen feet and tailbone pain. The padded seat and back provide comfort while you work, and the adjustable height and tilt features allow you to find the perfect position for optimum comfort. 

The pneumatic adjustment lever allows you to easily adjust the seat height, while the tilt tension control lets you choose how much effort it takes to rock forward or backward in your chair. Both arms are adjustable up or down with pneumatic lift assistance.

Flash Furniture’s LeatherSoft-Padded Task Office Chair is a comfortable addition to your dorm room. The padded seat and back provide comfort as you work on homework or surf the web, while the adjustable arms make it easy to find a comfortable position. 

This chair has a swivel tilt control that allows you to easily control the amount of resistance as you rock in your chair. The pneumatic lift assist makes raising and lowering your seat effortless, so getting up from your desk is easier than ever before.



  • Its adjustable lumbar support allows you to customize your comfort
  •  The padded arms provide a place for your elbows.


  • The waterfall seat edge reduces pressure on the tailbone, promoting better blood flow.
  • The waterfall seat edge allows the back to rest comfortably in a natural position.


  • This chair will stand up to years of use with its durable polyurethane frame.
  • The soft, durable LeatherSoft upholstery is easy to clean and maintain.


  • 360-degree swivel allows for easy movement from one desk to another.
  • The height-adjustable swivel chair for added softness and durability.

Technical Details:

The LeatherSoft-Padded Task Office Chair is perfect for those who like a little extra cushion when sitting at their desk. Its dimensions are 25 x 25 x 39.5 inches. This chair weighs 28 pounds and has an assembled seat height of 21.5 inches which is just right if you’re looking to make sure that your backside stays happy all day long.


  • Stationary position.
  • Height-adjustable swivel chair.
  • Controls tilt resistance.


  • Someone complained about its longevity.

Why do we recommend this product:

We recommend this Flash Furniture LeatherSoft-Padded Task Office Chair is designed for comfort and support. The chair features a padded backrest and armrests with soft foam padding. The tilt-lock mechanism provides resistance and ensures you stay comfortable while working. It is a 360-degree swivel base that allows you to turn in any direction without strain.

3. OSP Home Furnishings-best adjustable home office chair for swollen feet

Product Review:

The OSP Home Furnishings Adjustable Race Car Office Chair is the perfect addition to your home office for swollen feet. This is a high back, fully adjustable chair that is designed to fit the body.  It is the best office chair for blood circulation. 

The chair has an ergonomic design that will keep your spine aligned properly and allow you to sit for extended periods without feeling fatigued or stiff. This chair can be adjusted to fit all sizes because it has a large range of adjustability. It also comes with armrests so you can have extra support when needed.

The OSP Home Furnishings Adjustable Race Car Office Chair is the ultimate best chair for working long hours without any edema. The chair has an adjustable seat and backrest that can be adjusted to your comfort level.

It’s also equipped with a flip-back design, which allows you to rock back and forth while working on something important. This racing car office chair comes with a sturdy steel frame and durable fabric upholstery, making it perfect for use at home or in the office.



  • A charming ball on the backrest is a unique design that adds fun to your office.
  • The seat is made of sinuous springs, which are more durable than flat steel springs.


  • Trumpet-style legs with casters will make you feel like you’re sitting in a real race car.
  • It allows you to move the chair around your home or office without any difficulty.


  • Comfortable bonded leather upholstery feels smooth and soft to the touch. 
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain, so you can focus on what matters most: work.

Technical Details:

The Osp Home Furnishings Adjustable Race Car Office Chair’s dimensions are 27.25 x 26.25 x 49 and weigh about 36 pounds. it’s the perfect size for most people to use.


  • Smooth bonded leather
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Maximize quality and comfort.


  • No technical flaw in the product. 

Why do we recommend this product:

We recommend OSP Home Furnishings Adjustable Race Car Office Chair because it is a comfortable and very stylish chair. This chair helps you maximize quality and comfort while working long hours. The back of the chair flips back to allow you to relax and enjoy. This product is worth every penny as it will give you the best value for its price.

4. VECELO-best premium quality chair for swollen feet

Product Review:

The VECELO Premium Mesh Chair with Adjustable Seat Height is the best chair for edema and for swollen feet for any home, office, or classroom. The adjustable seat height allows you to find the perfect position to sit in. 

The 360-degree swivel makes it easy to move around your workstation or classroom while keeping you comfortable and relaxed. This chair comes with a quality gas lift cylinder which provides long-lasting comfort that will keep you sitting comfortably throughout the day! Dual-wheel casters make moving this chair around simple and easy!

VECELO Premium Mesh Chair is designed for comfort and durability. The ergonomic office chair provides leg support while the 3D Surrounded Mesh Cushion adds extra cushioning to make your seat more comfortable. The sturdy nylon encased casters allow you to easily move around in your office space. This premium chair is also high-durable at an affordable price.



  • The high-density foam is designed to provide a comfortable seat and back support. 
  • It’s the same foam used in our office chairs, but it’s also great for your living room.


  • Enjoy comfort with it that provides additional support when you need it most. 
  • You can even sometimes use the armrest as a cup holder.


  • The mesh fabric allows airflow to keep your body cool while you work or relax. 
  • The breathable mesh back panel also helps keep your back dry and comfortable.

Technical Details:

The VECELO Premium Mesh Chair is a comfy, all-terrain seat with an aluminum frame that weighs just 22 pounds. Its dimensions are 18.7 x 19.7  x 37 inches making it perfect for people who love to camp or go on adventures in their tent!


  • Lightweight chair.
  • Affordable price.
  • Straightforward assembly.


  • Someone complained about its comfortability.

Why do we recommend this product:

We recommend VECELO Premium Mesh Chair because it is the best option for you if you’re looking to buy a comfortable and inexpensive office chair. VECELO mesh chair has an ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort for long working hours. 

5. SMUG Home-best ergonomic design home office chair for swollen feet

Product Review:

SMUG is a high-end best home office chair designed with an ergonomic comfort design chair for swollen feet. . The SMUG has been carefully engineered to provide the ultimate level of comfort, support, and functionality for your home office needs. 

It features a one-of-a-kind mesh material that is more reliable, sturdy, and comfortable than any other mesh material available on the market today. The SMUG’s thick foam padding provides an impressive level of support for your backside while also being able to conform to your shape over time. It has a pneumatic control that offers good back support and the structure is very stable.

Sitting for long hours can be tiring, but with the SMUG Home Office Chair, you will never have to worry about that. It is an ergonomic chair with legs. Its soft cushion seat is designed to provide comfort and support for your back and spine. 

You can adjust its height so it fits perfectly with your desk. It has a reinforced pneumatic rod that supports up to 250 lbs weight capacity. The SMUG Home Office Chair is easy to assemble, won’t scratch the surface, provides good stability and mobility, plus its high-density cold-cure foam used in this office chair gives you long-lasting comfort as well as support for your back and lumbar region.



  • The Smug Home Office Chair features an ergonomically designed lumbar support.
  •  It conforms to the natural curve of your lower back. 
  • It also helps relieve pressure on the spine and promotes good posture.


  • Air circulation in the seat cushion allows air to flow freely through it.
  • It keeps you cool during long periods of sitting.


  •  It can rotate 360 degrees smoothly and easily on the floor.
  • The wheels allow you to rotate around freely without having to get up.


  • The SMUG Home Office Chair is designed to be easy to set up. 
  • No need for any special skills or technical knowledge for setting it up.

Technical Details:

it is the perfect place to sit on your lunch break or after hours and enjoy some time with friends. The chair dimensions are 33 x 22×23 inches and the weight is 15 pounds which makes it easy for anyone from all walks of life. 


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Multi-function mechanism.
  • Smooth and durable casters.
  • Much affordable.


  • Someone complained about its color.

Why do we recommend this product:

We recommend the SMUG Home Office Chair because it is a high-class mesh material chair. It’s more reliable, and sturdy than other office chairs. The structural design is a simple and modern look. SMUG Home Office Chair is easy to set up and assemble with a step-by-step manual guide. It’s a great choice for your home office!


Q. What is the best office chair for sitting for long hours?

  1. The best office chair for sitting for long hours is the OSP Home Furnishings chair. This ergonomic seat massages your back and can adjust to support a wide range of postures.

Q. Can a chair cut off circulation?

  1. Yes! If you sit on a hard and narrow chair for too long, it can cut off your circulation because there isn’t enough room to move around. That’s why I recommend buying the wide and comfortable office chair that I mentioned above. 

Q. Which chair is best for long sitting?

  1. We have a chair with long sitting in mind. It is OSP Home Furnishings Chair that allows you to sit up and relax for hours without getting too stiff.

Q. Are recliners bad for leg circulation?

  1. The answer to this question is no because recliners are incredibly comfortable and

provide support for your back. But make sure you get a good ergonomic chair that supports your body and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Q. What is the most comfortable chair for sitting all day?

  1. Well, I recommend the OSP Home Furnishings Office Chair. They’re ergonomically designed so your back is straight and they have good lumbar support so you can sit for hours without feeling aches or pains.


We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for the best office chair for swollen feet or a great deal, we will help find something that will fit your needs and budget. With so many choices available on the market today, it’s hard to tell which one is right for your situation. That’s why we put together this list of our 5 favorite office chairs based on comfort, style, price point, and more! Take a look at these recommendations if you need some guidance in finding an excellent new work-from-home piece of furniture to complete your home office setup.

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