Best office chair for knee pain

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Are you struggling with knee pain? You may need to invest in a good office chair. Not all chairs are created equal, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

Whether you’re at work or at home, it’s important to find a chair that is comfortable and supportive. Unfortunately, many people suffer from knee pain due to improper seating. If this is the case for you, it may be time to invest in a good office chair for knee pain.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best office chairs for knee pain relief. We’ll also provide some tips on how to choose the right chair for your needs.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best options available on the market and discuss the benefits of each one. So, whether you’re looking for a new chair to improve your comfort level or are dealing with knee pain, read on for some helpful tips! Keep reading to learn more.

List of the 5 best office chairs for knee pain

SL.NoProduct NameFeatures
1DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling ChairThe best chair for knee pain, Weight 27-pound, support for your knees, thighs, hips and lower back, the 4 casters (wheels) allow you to easily move around in any direction.
2Gaiam Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Best whose sickness knees, soft foam padding, cradles tired muscles while providing good posture support, comfortable, healthy way to sit, stand and meditate, strong, adjustable metal base
3Master Massage Comfort Plus Wooden Kneeling Chair The best wooden chair for painful knees, perfect for meditation, office, or home use, moving around easy, chair for any body type, the material is wood, Weight capacity of 441 pounds
4CHADIOR Ergonomic Kneeling Stool Best kneeing chair, comfortable to sit on for long hours, 4 well-built casters, item weighs 14 pounds, durable faux leather is stain and tear-resistant, 
5Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with CastersUsing this chair for almost 4 years, lightweight measure 25″ x 17″x20″, adjustable armrests, pneumatic seat height adjustment system, made of memory foam, Move around easily 

5 best office chairs for knee pain Review

Here we will get into a detailed review of 5 best chairs for knee pain. We will discuss both the pros and cons in detail so that you can decide which product is best for you. 

1. DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – The best chair for knee pain

Product review:

DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is specially designed to provide you with the best posture while sitting. It also helps to relieve back pain and prevent future injuries. 

The chair comes with a heavy-duty metal frame that can hold up to 250 lbs. Its ergonomically shaped seat is made of breathable mesh fabric for maximum comfort, and its padded knee rest offers superior support for your knees, thighs, hips and lower back when tilted forward. 

Sitting for long periods of time can cause pain in the back, neck and shoulders. The ergonomic kneeling chair provides excellent support to the lower back and hips while sitting in a more natural position. The kneeling chair is designed to be used with or without an office desk, making it a great option for anyone who wants to reduce their risk of developing chronic pain conditions.

Technical Details:

  • The best chair for knee pain
  • Weight 27-pound
  • 18 inch high black model comes with dimensions of 27″ x 19″ x 8″



  • Designed to keep your back straight and upright, distributing your weight evenly throughout your buttocks and legs. 
  • The mesh cushion provides excellent support for the back, while the 4 casters (wheels) allow you to easily move around in any direction.


  • Sitting on a kneeling stool will help improve your posture by keeping your spine aligned properly. 
  • helps relieve pressure from the lower back area and improves circulation.
  • Distributing your weight evenly throughout your buttocks and legs.


  • Functional design that gives you the posture benefits of standing and the relief of sitting all in one.
  • Equipped with a mesh three-inch-thick cushion to ensure excellent support


  • Comfortable than regular chair
  • Customizable for people both short and tall
  • Nice thick padding and easy to put together


  • 30-minute reminder to change sitting to standing position, and back

Why do we recommend this product?

The best chair for knee pain relief is the DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair. This ergonomically designed office chair offers a more natural posture, which helps prevent injuries and provides better back support. The adjustable height of this kneeling chair also makes it appropriate for shorter individuals as well as those who need to work at their desks while standing up. The wide seat and deep design make it comfortable to kneel on all day long, even when you are working with intense concentration or performing a physical exercise such as yoga.

2. Gaiam Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – Best chair for sickness knees

Product review:

Gaiam’s Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is a comfortable alternative to the standard office chair. The ergonomic design conforms to your body and helps reduce pressure on your spine, hips and knees. 

This kneeling chair also supports an upright posture that combats back pain. An adjustable metal base provides stability while the cushions are built with comfort in mind. Available in black or grey, this functional design works well in both home and office settings.

The chair can support up to 250 pounds, making it ideal for users of all sizes. The functional design helps reduce stress on the spine and joints by aligning your body into a comfortable position. 

With its adjustable height and tilt features, this kneeling chair offers comfort and stability as you work. The included cushions are covered with breathable mesh fabric for added comfort as well as easy cleaning. 

Technical Details:

Gaiam’s ergonomic kneeling chair is the perfect way to get down on your knees and pray without worrying about back pain. This comfortable, adjustable design can be used at home or in church-it won’t take up too much space either!

The 27″ wide seat features soft foam padding that cradles tired muscles while providing good posture support–no more sore shoulders after sobbing out prayers all day long thanks mainly because of this awesome invention is known as “the Gaiam Ergonomic Kneeling Chair.”



  • Provides you with a comfortable, healthy way to sit, stand and meditate
  • Comes with a strong, adjustable metal base


  • Designed with a strong metal base that can hold up to 250lbs. 
  • Easy-glide, lockable caster wheels so the chair is both portable and sturdy.


  • With padded cushions for support and comfort, this rolling chair can assist with concentration while maintaining a comfortable posture.
  • Improving Posture and Core Alignment 


  • Adjustment made for height.
  • Adjustable Office Chair with Padded Cushions
  • Easy-Glide Lockable Caster Wheels


  • No complaints about this chair

Why do we recommend this product?

Sickness keens need the best chair to make their pain go away. The Gaiam Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is beneficial for sickness keens because it has great features and is comfortable in the office or home. This innovative design helps people with back problems, knee problems, neck pain, sciatica, arthritis and more!

3. Master Massage Comfort Plus Wooden Kneeling Chair – Best chair for injury knees 

Product review

This chair is perfect for meditation, office, or home use. It was designed by a massage therapist to aid in the healing of injuries and pain. The chair allows you to sit with your spine in the correct position while relieving neck strain and keeping your knees from hurting. 

This chair can be used anywhere because it has wheels that allow you to move it around easily. It is also very easy to store when not being used because it folds up flatly like an ironing board! The whole body can be supported by this one chair!

It is the best chair for any body type, it will give you comfort and relieve your pain. The material is wood, so it looks elegant and does not take up much space in your home or office. 

This massage chair is easy to carry around and can be storable for space-saving. It has universal wheels on the bottom of the chair to make moving around easy. 

Technical Details:

  • Adjustable seat height 17.32” to 18.11”
  • Weight capacity of 441 pounds
  • 13″ x l3 ”(WxL) size makes this product compact enough that you can carry 
  • Seated due to its 20 – 23 inch length adjustment feature



  • With a solid wood frame and legs. 
  • Perfect size to fit in any room
  • Lightweight enough to be easily moved from place to place. 


  • helps you relax while relieving pain in your back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. 
  • comfort for those who suffer from arthritis or other joint conditions as well as those who are recovering.
  • sitting at the home, office, church or even while traveling by car or plane


  • Easy movable with universal wheels 
  • Material is breech Wood cover & Foam: 2″ Foam cushion on the knee Padded and seat


  • 3 years Manufacturer Warranty
  • great option for those looking to take their massage therapy experience
  • great features that will provide comfort 


  • No complaints this chair

Why do we recommend this product?

If you suffer from injured knees, then we recommend Master Massage Comfort Plus Wooden Kneeling Chair. This best chair for injury keens is comfortable and great for those who work at a desk all day. It has a padded seat with an ergonomic design that curves out to the front of the body to relieve pressure on your tailbone and spine. The backrest of this best chair can also be adjusted to help you find that perfect position for your neck and shoulders!

4. CHADIOR Ergonomic Kneeling Stool – Best chair for painful knees 

Product review:

The CHADIOR Ergonomic Kneeling Stool is a great chair for people who suffer from painful keens. The ergonomic kneeling chair is the best solution for people who spend a lot of time sitting on their chairs. The 90-degree seating angle achieved by the knee pads will help you maintain better posture and prevent back pain. 

The seat pad and knee rests are filled with thick foam for extra comfort. It is made from high-quality material that is durable enough to use for years, so it will be a great investment for your health. 

You can adjust the height of this rolling chair with a turn lever under the seat to fit your personal needs, and it comes with two wheels lockable.

It is between the seat and backrest, this orthopedic seating solution provides support to your spine while you work or study. The rolling kneeling stool also has a locking mechanism that prevents it from rolling around when not in use. 

You can adjust the height of this versatile desk chair with the turn lever under its seat, and its thick foam cushioning makes it comfortable to sit on for long hours.

Technical Details:

  • It can adjust between 22 inches and 28 inches in height, making it perfect to fit any individual’s needs! 
  • The stool also has extra armrests that provide more comfort when sitting on hard surfaces such as wood or concrete floors. 
  • This item weighs 14 pounds with dimensions 27″ x 19″



  • 4 well-built casters allow you to move around in the chair relatively easily 
  • with two of the wheels lockable to prevent unwanted movement


  • With gliding casters, & brake casters handle an upper weight limit of 300 lbs. 
  • Durable faux leather is stain and tear-resistant. 


  • Perfect fit for your home, office, classroom, and anywhere you need a little extra support. 


  • Comfortable and helped lower back issues
  • Convenient height is adjustable
  • Move pretty easily


  • Does not fold down

Why do we recommend this product?

We will recommend the best chair for painful knees: CHADIOR Ergonomic Kneeling Stool because this product has some of the best technical details, and it is very comfortable to use. It will also help with back pain or any other kind of discomfort that comes from sitting too long on a traditional office chair. Both sitting or standing for long periods of time with poor posture, as well as overusing your knees, can also lead to pain and inflammation. 

5. Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with Casters- One of the best chair for knee pain

Product review:

The Office Star Knee Chair with Casters is an ergonomically designed, lightweight knee chair that features a memory foam seat cushion and casters. 

Made of durable steel frame construction, the knee chair has a pneumatic gas lift to adjust the seat height from 18″ to 22″. The backrest can be adjusted forward or backward for additional comfort. The black finish gives this chair a sleek contemporary look. It’s ideal for use in the office, game room, recreation room, classroom, and library. 

It is easy to move around on any surface! This product expert is careful when designing this ergonomic design so they considered every detail from how people interact using their hands or feet all different body sizes into consideration. 

It comes assembled with two included Extendsleeves – one black armrest insert (for use when needed) plus another reed mount which replaces the original handle so users can leave their hands free during typing sessions if desired.”

Technical Details:

  • It is a lightweight measure 25″ x 17″x20″.   
  • Adjustable headrest, pneumatic seat height adjusters and casters 
  • It has adjustable armrests, pneumatic seat height adjustment system for improved comfort over long periods of use 
  • It has a memory foam seat and an all-metal base that make it comfortable to sit in for hours at a time. 



  • The ergonomically designed seat cushion is made of memory foam, which provides maximum comfort and support.
  • Move around easily on any surface without worrying about scratching or denting your floors



  •  It is beneficial for people who have a knee problem and want to avoid pain. 


  • It has a caster wheel
  • Using this chair for almost 4 years.
  • Adjusted into height.


  • Not a comfortable as the SleekForm

Why do we recommend this product?

Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with Casters are good for people who are suffering from knee pain. It has a good structure and is comfortable for knees pain. Many people do at long time office without any knees pain, so why not you? I think you should buy one of the best chairs for your good health!


Q. How should you sit in a kneeling chair?

Begin by sitting in any chair. Then, resting the majority of your weight on your tush, place your legs on the knee pads. You can adjust the height of your kneeling chair by releasing the ratchet mechanism on the leg posts. The correct height for you will be determined by what is most comfortable for your legs, hips, and back.

Q. What are the benefits of using a kneeling chair?

There are many health benefits to using a kneeling chair. The main consideration when using a kneeling chair is to have good posture. This means keeping your neck straight, shoulders squared, head up high, and maintaining a natural curve in your lower back. To maintain comfort while using this seating position it’s best to place additional cushions behind your lower lumbar spine. Additional ones are recommended once you find that they are necessary to keep proper form.

Q. Why should you use a kneeling chair?

It’s time to replace your chair if you end every day with a big stretch and various involuntary noises that indicate your back is in pain. A kneeling desk is a fantastic alternative for many individuals, and it’s well worth incorporating into your routine. Your neck, back, shoulders, and abs will thank you if you discover the ideal kneeling chair for you.

Quotes from different doctors about the nilling chair

Dr. Sapna Sriram (a chiropractor and injury expert at Integra Health Centre in Toronto) has given a clear idea about this. She says, “A kneeling chair tilts the pelvis forward, which could help with aligning posture as it does require some enhanced engagement of the back and abdominal muscles compared to general desk chairs,”  She also says, “Kneeling chairs can also take some loading off the spine, which can alleviate back pain for some.”

Kneeling chairs are frequently advised for individuals with certain physical problems linked to their spine or hips. Those who have hypertension or obesity will benefit from them too, as they force you into an upright posture, which aids circulation and lowers the strain on your lower back.

In a statement, Dr. Conrad said “As a result, your muscles will build up strength as the kneeling chair forces your back to sit upon proper spinal alignment,”. He says, “Just like a new exercise, it is recommended that you use a kneeling chair for 20 minutes or so at a time so that your body can get used to the unique sitting position.”

Mazlish also thinks that using a kneeling chair can be more beneficial. 

“Some of the benefits include changing your position during the day, using the biggest bone in the body (femur or thigh bone) to support your weight, and working on improving posture and core strength.”

“There are wood kneeling chairs and metal kneeling chairs, memory foam, and a regular foam kneeling chairs, adjustable kneeling chairs, and fixed-ratio kneeling chairs,” says Mazlish. “They all put you in essentially the same position, thus the difference is based on the individual’s comfort level and needs.”

Mazlish recommends judging them on three criteria: design, fit, and durability. The chair should be designed to reduce pain and strengthen your abdominal muscles, fit you comfortably and accommodate your weight, and be built to last.


Chances are, you spend a lot of time sitting in your office chair. Whether it’s for work or just to relax, the right chair is beneficial for many reasons. It can improve circulation and help alleviate back pain after long hours at the desk. It also provides comfort that will keep you from slouching or feeling stiff when working all day. The best office chairs are made with good lumbar support and offer various options to choose from so they’re perfect for any body type!

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