best milligram scale | 0.01 gram accuracy Scale of 2022

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There are several reasons for having the best milligram scale in your pocket. Best digital milligram scales with 0.01-gram accuracy are great for weighing things with portability

You can use a gram scale or digital milligram scale for the weight of gemstones, powder, medications, and gold. These digital scales are highly preferred due to accuracy, multi-functionality, and use in a wide range.

As we know for weighing small things a single millimeter matters. For instance, if you are weighing medicine and if the scale is not accurate it can result in tragedy. So to avoid such conditions picking the best digital scale with great accuracy is necessary.

In the market, you will find a variety of milligram scales with different features. With some scales, you need conversion tools and with some scales, there is no need for conversion tools. A highly featured milligram scale with 0.001-gram accuracy will show accurate grain reading. So there is no need for a conversion tool which is a great feature. 

Here our complete buyer guide and review of the best milligram scale will help you to pick an outstanding premium milligram digital scale.

List of the 12 best milligram scale for better accuracy

  1. Smart weighs – best Digital milligram scale
  2. American Fristaden Lab Analytical Precision Balance – best  precision lab scale
  3. WAOAW Digital – best milligram scale:
  4. AWS Series – best Digital pocket weight scale
  5. Smart weight – best digital pocket scale
  6. RASSE Pocket Scale 50 x 0.001g – best Digital milligram Pocket scale
  7. GEMINI – best portable digital milligram scale
  8. Fusion – best digital scale
  9. weigh – best gram digital pocket scale
  10. AMIR Digital – best Pocket Jewelry and Kitchen Scale
  11. Bonvoisin Lab Scale- best Laboratory Balance Scientific Scale
  12. Hanchen Analytical Balance 120g/0.1mg – best Digital Balance Lab Scale for Laboratory Pharmacy

best digital milligram scale with 0.01 gram accuracy review

Let’s have a look at the review of the best milligram scale which is digital and will give you accurate 0.01-gram accuracy weighs.

1. Smart weight – best digital milligram scale

High Precision Digital Milligram Scale

Product review:

The smart weigh amazing digital milligram scale for medication comes with high accuracy of 0.0001 g. For this high accuracy, it serves great in measurements of very small things. This smart digital scale is calibrated with. You can switch between any calibrations and can get a highly accurate reading.

This smart weight digital scale can consider as the best pocket milligram scale due to its wide range of applications. You can measure different things with the help of this scale. Furthermore, there is a Tare function in this scale which allows the user to measure things that are harder to weigh.

Product features:

  • The scale has a 20 g capacity.
  • Tare function in scale allows the weight of harder things
  • High accuracy 
  • Multi-purpose scale 
  • There is a precision sensor system on the scale which helps greatly inaccuracy. 
  • The warranty card is available
  • Product dimensions: 3.15 L, 3.7 W, 1.3 H, (Inch)
  • Product weight: 0.26 pounds
  • Material plastic
  • Customer reviews: 4.5*


  • 0.0001g accuracy
  • Precision sensory system
  • To remove inaccuracies of the scale there is added weight calibration.
  • The warranty card is available and the user can replace the product within 2 years of purchase.


  • the weight capacity is small.

2. American Fristaden – best Lab Analytical Precision scale

Lab Analytical Precision Balance 2000g x 0.01g

Product review:

The American Fristaden Lab Analytical Precision Balance 2000g x 0.01g | 01 Gram Scale is one of the best laboratory milligram scales. It has a capacity of 2000 grams with an accuracy of 0.01 grams, making it perfect for weighing precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, or other valuable items such as gemstones, diamonds, jewelry, and more! The scale is extremely easy to use with its automatic shut-off feature after 6 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life. 

This digital scale features an LCD with large digits that make it easy to read from across the room, and it also comes equipped with a computer printer connection for fast and easy data transfer. 


  • This lab balance is a must-have for any laboratory, school, or office. It comes with a large weighing platform and can weigh up to 2000 grams (2kg). The precision of this balance is 0.01 gram (1 mg), and it has an accuracy of ±0.1%.
  • This digital balance also features a data port that allows you to connect the balance to your computer or printer. It also has an RS232 interface, so you can connect it directly to your computer without using a cable.
  • The American Fristaden Lab Analytical Precision Balance 2000g x 0.01g | 01 Gram Scale includes calibration weights and instructions for use right in the box! Use it for weighing chemicals, jewelry, food, coins, gems… anything!
  • With its large stainless steel platform, this scale is ideal for weighing large objects like fruits, vegetables, and small packages that won’t fit on more minor scales.
  • The balance also features a tare button that allows you to quickly subtract the weight of any container holding the object you want to weigh. 
  • This scale features an easily read LCD and comes with a protective cover for safe storage when not in use. A calibration weight is included for accurate results every time, and our one-year warranty backs it!


  • A most precise Milligram scale
  • Strong strain gauge sensor
  • Durable ABS Body


  • No technical flaw in the product.

3. WAOAW – best laboratory Digital milligram scale

Digital Milligram Scale

Product review:

This laboratory milligram scale has a 50 g capacity and 0.001 g accuracy. You can measure the weight of anything under 50 g. in addition to this there is a Tare function that will calculate the total weight of your product. After weighting, it will automatically subtract it from the weighing of the container. 

Furthermore, the product has all the accessories included. For instance, there are 2 size AAA batteries, calibration weight, weighing pan, and 2 tweezers.

Product features:

  • Tare function
  • High accuracy with 50 g weight capacity
  • Indications for low battery
  • Black LCD has 6 units so no need for conversion of reading.
  • Multipurpose
  • Adjustable auto-off
  • Will automatically subtract the weight of the container from reading.
  • 6 different units for measurement
  • Customer reviews: 4.1*


  • There is a high precision sensory stem.
  • High accuracy level
  • Durable
  • 6 different weight units
  • Easy to operate


  • The only con we find with the product is the weight of the calibration is light.

4. AWS Series – best Digital pocket weight scale

Digital Pocket Weight Scale

Product review:

If you are looking for a portable scale then here is the perfect option in form of AWS. This is a highly portable scale for measurements of things on the go. You can use it to measure your coffee, food medications, and grains. 

This a durable and compact mini kitchen scale that provides perfect accuracy and even can fit in your travel bag. Above portability, you can easily convert measurements in grams, pennyweights, ounces, troy, etc.

On the other hand, there is also a built-in cover that will give protection to your scale. The material used in manufacturing for the digital milligram scale is stainless steel. So with just a single wipe, you can clean it easily. 

Product features:

  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Durable materiel construction
  • Built-in cover for the safety of digital milligram scale
  • Three buttons on board 
  • On/off button
  • Tare Mode
  • Product Dimension: 5.8L, 5.8 W, 1.1 H, (Inch)
  • Item weight: 3.2 ounces
  • The warranty card is available
  • Customer reviews: 4.6


  • Durable materiel
  • Easy to use
  • Great accuracy
  • Quality of materiel


  • All weighting units do not shown on-screen simultaneously.

5. Smart weight Medicine,Kitchen, Jewelry – best digital pocket scale

Digital Pocket Gram Scale

Product review:

This is one of the scales of the unique pockets in the market with durability and portability. Its size is pocket size and can meet the need for the weighting of small things. It is featured to make all your weighting tasks convenient.

The Tare function will allow the user to measure the net weight of the product while subtracting container weight. Furthermore, the design is tactile and there are touch screen buttons. For ease of reading the blue LCD has a black light display and stark contrast. Moreover, the digit size is also larger. 

There are 4 units for weight measurements include gram, ounces, carat, and grain. Just select the scale on which you want to take the measurement and there is no need for any conversion tool.

Product Features:

  • Tactile design and easy to touch button
  • Includes many units to the measurement for weight.
  • The weight capacity is 100 g with an accuracy of 0.01 g.
  • Scale protective care can also use as a weighing tray.
  • Multipurpose scale for weighing coins, gemstones, jewelry, and silver.
  • AAA batteries
  • gn/ dwt/ ozt/ ct/ oz/ and grams.
  • Blacklight blue LCD
  • Customer reviews: 4.6*
  • Product dimension: 5L, 0.8 W, 3 H, (inch)
  • Item weight: 4.5 ounces


  • Portability
  • Greater accuracy
  • Quality of materiel 
  • Durability
  • Tare function


  • No con of the product.

6. RASSE Mini Jewelry, Powder Weigh – best design digital milligram Pocket scale

Digital Pocket Scale 50 x 0.001g

Product review:

It is a multi-functional and highly portable scale with a 50 g capacity and 0.0001 g accuracy. You can use this scale as a carat scale, jewelry scale, diamond scale, and lab scale. Moreover, there are different units of weighting like g/oz/ dwt/ ct/ gn/ tl. You can weigh your product in any unit with just a click.

There are only 2 buttons on this digital scale that give the user a convenient experience of weighing. The Tare function will allow the user to take the net weight of the product while extracting container weight. In addition to the tare function, there is a PCS function with this scale. PCS function will allow the user to lock readings on a mini scale. On the other hand, there is also an auto on and off button that will shut downscale automatically.

For the comfortable reading of measurements, there is a sharp color contrast and proper guidelines for the user. Furthermore, a flip-down shield will protect this delicate digital scale from environmental hazardous.

Product Features:

  • Multifunctional scale with wide application.
  • This best milligram scale uses various scales, jewelry scale, and carat scale.
  • There is a tare and PCS function with this scale that will give highly accurate readings.
  • The best digital milligram scale has 0.001 g accuracy. It will automatically shut down after 180 seconds.
  • A protective cover design
  • High précised features
  • The scale has a 50g capacity.
  • Product Dimension: 4.53 L, 2.5 W, 1.38 H, (INCH)
  • Item weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Customer reviews: 4.5*
  • The warranty card is available


  • easy to read
  • Easy to use
  • Display reading in different units
  • Easy to calibrate


  • Shut off mode is a little longer

7. GEMINI – best portable Precision digital milligram scale

Portable Precision Digital Milligram Scale 20g x 0.001g

Product review:

This digital milligram scale comes from a high trustworthy brand in the best milligram scales. It is a perfect choice for weighing applications. It is a portable scale with the perfect size for measuring products conveniently. You can use this scale for measurements of your medication, foods, and jewelry. This scale is made with perfect material which is highly durable and solid.

You can easily store this milligram scale in your travel bag and can take checks and balances of everything. Furthermore, with this scale, there is no hassle of conversion. You can convert your reading into ounces, troy, grains, pennyweights, carat, and gram. Moreover, the digital LCD of this scale is backlit and gives comfort during the reading of measurements.

The product is also manufactured with stainless steel which you can clean easily. Last but not least the product has a built-in cover for the protection of your digital scale.

Product features:

  • Portable scale with 50g capacity and 0.001 g capacity
  • Perfect for travel and for your daily needs of weighing
  • The design of the product is durable and compact
  • Different units of weighing
  • Backlit LCD for an easy read
  • Tare function
  • Built-in cover that will protect your scale from scratches.
  • The product is made with stainless steel material so easy to clean.
  • Product dimensions: 4.94 L, 6.5 W, 1.62 H, (INCH)\
  • Item weight: 4.2 ounces
  • 2AAA batteries
  • Customer reviews: 4.4*


  • battery life is good
  • Easy to read and easy to use
  • Durable materiel
  • High accuracy


  • the weighing tray diameter is small.

8. Fusion – best digital pocket scale for Food, Jewelry, Medicine, Coffee

High Accuracy 0.01g digital scale

Product review:

It is a high-accuracy digital scale with a precise sensor for an accurate reading. It is a small digital scale that is perfect to measure small things with portability. The design of the scale is a mini portable scale. You can weigh coins, jewelry, gems, foods, and all little items. 

The gram scale with backlit LCD clearly displays digits on the screen for an easy read. In addition to this, there are different units of weighing. Units includes oz/ gn/ ct/ dwt/ and gram. For calculation of net weight press the tare button. It will eliminate the weight of the container. Furthermore, the scale will give indications on low battery and when the battery is overloaded. 

There is also a smart auto/off button that will turn of scale after 180 seconds. Last but not least there is 2 years warranty card is available with the product.

Product features:

  • Easy to clean as the scale is made with stainless steel.
  • The scale will be already calibrated with a weight capacity of 50g.
  • There is a high precision sensor in this digital scale.
  • The design of the product is portable and you can easily store this in your pocket or luggage bag.
  • Auto-off time: 180s
  • Display: LCD Backlit
  • 6 different weighing units
  • Product dimension: 5.6 L, 3.3 W, 0.9 H, (Inch)
  • Item weight: 6.1 ounces
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Customer reviews: 4.6*


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Already caliber


  • The plastic lid is not so durable

9. Weigh gram digital pocket scale

Product review:

The pocket scale will allow you to weigh up to 100g with 0.01g accuracy. The product is designed with durable stainless steel which not only ensures durability but also easy cleaning. Moreover, the scale is lightweight and portable and you can easily pick it in your pocket.

Furthermore, the scale has touch buttons with larger size digits. These features are because of easy readability. Furthermore, the backlit display has a stark contrast for easy visibility. In addition to this with this scale, there is no need of a conversion tool. There are 4 different units of weight: g/ oz/ozt/ and dwt. 

Product features:

  • Tare function for the net weight of products. 
  • Different weight units, no need for a conversion tool.
  • Easy touch button and bigger digits
  • Easy to read in dim lights
  • After 60 seconds there is the auto shut off.
  • Lightweight and portable best milligram scale
  • Capacity 100g and accuracy is 0.01g.
  • Measure different products like silver, gold, coins, jewelry, and gems.
  • Protective flip cover 
  • Item weight: 5 ounces
  • Product dimension: 5.79L, 3.86 W, 1.14 H, (inch)
  • The warranty card is available
  • Customer reviews: 4.6*


  • easy to read
  • Durable
  • Different weighting units 
  • Large weight capacity


  • No con of the product

10. AMIR – best digital kitchen scale

Product review:

This is a highly précised scale with a sensor system that will give you an accurate reading. It is easy to clean and easy to use a scale that is perfect to measure jewelry, food, and medicine, etc. 

This is manufactured with superior quality material and ABS frame of plastic. Moreover, there is a PCS function for counting beads and pins. The tare function will help you to choose the proper unit. You can also turn to 180, 120, and 60. The scale will also indicate low battery mode and overloaded battery mode. 

The LCD will give clear visibility during a dim light. The LCD is built with a clear blue backlit. Furthermore, you can convert units into g/ tl, oz, ct, gn, and gram. The scale also comes with two trays and a protector scale.

Product Features:

  • The highly precise sensor system
  • Can give accurate results from 0.05 g to 500 grams. 
  • Easy to clean and easy to use.
  • User-friendly scale.
  • High-quality material constructs with stainless steel.
  • PCS and tare function
  • Stylish design with great portability
  • Blue backlit LCD screen
  • Multi-functional scale with smart buttons
  • Product dimension: 1 L, 6.4 W, 5.1 H, (Inch)
  • Item weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Customer reviews: 4.5*


  • PCS smart button
  • Two different size trays
  • Best milligram scale up to 500g weight capacity


  • The size is a little larger than that type of another item.

11. Bonvoisin 2000gx0.01g Precision Scale – best Digital Lab Scale

Product review:

The Bonvoisin best Lab Scale 2000gx0.01g Precision Digital Scale is a high precision lab scale that can measure up to 2000 grams with an accuracy of 0.01 gram or 1 mg, making it the perfect lab balance for weighing small objects. This lab scale has a large LCD and comes with a removable stainless steel platform for easy cleaning.

This precision balance scale is an excellent addition to your lab or jewelry store. The digital display makes it easy to read the weight, and the 10mg readability allows you to get an accurate reading on small items. It comes with a removable cover so you can easily clean it when needed.

To ensure accuracy each time you weigh, the Bonvoisin Precision Balance features an overload protection system to prevent damage if your weight object exceeds the legal limit. The scratch-resistant tempered glass surface allows you to view your items while being weighed to identify them quickly.


  • The Bonvoisin Lab Scale 2000gx0.01g Precision Digital Scale is perfect for laboratory, pharmacy, and industrial applications.
  • This scale features a large stainless steel weighing pan that can hold up to 2000 grams of material at one time, making it ideal for weighing larger items with ease.
  • The high-sensitivity built-in sensor allows the scale to be used on almost any surface without affecting the accuracy of the reading.
  • The digital display has been upgraded to make it easier to read from a distance and features an adjustable backlight so you can use this precision balance in low light conditions or at night.
  • – This digital scale features a high-sensitivity built-in sensor, which means that you can weigh items with a very low density (such as flour) without having to worry about an unstable reading. It also features a stainless steel weighing pan, strong strain gauge sensor, and PCS” function.
  • You can use the TARE function to zero out the weight of the container, so you only see the weight of what’s inside it!


  • PCS Function
  • Built-in-sensor
  • Tare Function


  • Bit pricey

12. Hanchen Analytical Balance 120g/0.1mg Precise best Digital Balance Lab Scale 

Product review:

The Hanchen Analytical Balance 120g/0.1mg Precise Digital Balance Lab Scale is ideal for weighing various materials ranging from chemicals to jewelry to fossils and more! It features a precision load cell, LCD, and an overload indicator that helps maintain accuracy with its high-precision weighing functions. The zero function allows the user to reset the balance to zero at any time. In contrast, the tare function will enable users to subtract the weight of a container or packaging material before adding in ingredients.

This Hanchen balance is a high precision balance with a large weighing capacity of 120g and 0.1mg resolution, suitable for laboratory, pharmacy, jewelry store, chemical plant, and so on. This digital scale you can use to measure the weight of small samples precisely. It features various applications, including weighing precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and gem. 


  • This Analytical Balance is designed with a high-quality, easy-to-use interface.
  • It has an innovative dual-core parallel computing circuit that makes it possible to complete the weighing process quickly.
  • The balance you can use for many different kinds of analytical purposes, including pharmaceutical and chemical industries, food research and quality control, and education and research institutions.
  • The new design of the tray makes it easy for you to place your samples on the scale without worrying about them sliding off.
  • This balance is equipped with a power adapter, so you can plug it directly into the wall instead of using batteries or changing them constantly.
  • Easy to operate, easy to read. The balance is designed with the most advanced technology and is made of high-quality material. 
  • It has a large capacity and can be used for many kinds of weighing experiments. This balance is widely used in various fields such as chemical, pharmacy, biology, jewelry making, etc.
  • It has an electromagnetic-BⅡ sensor, pure copper fully enclosed transformer, and a digital display to ensure accurate weighing results. 
  • It also has a temperature compensation function that you can use for precise water density measurements over a wide temperature range (from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius). 
  • The dual-core parallel computing circuit makes this balance fast enough to measure small samples.  
  • The plug-in power mode allows you to use it anywhere without worrying about batteries or electricity supply.


  • Plug-in power mode
  • Electromagnetic sensor
  • Temperature compensation function


  • No technical flaw in the product. 

Buyer Guide for best milligram scale

Here we discuss the 10 best milligram scales that can be transported easily. Furthermore, all products are made with durable and highly précised features. For picking a product with all the essential features you required enough knowledge about how to pick the best milligram scale that fits your needs. Let’s discuss some of the aspects that you need to know before buying a milligram scale.


Versatility should be the first thing you need to check on your digital scale. Always try to pick a product that can measure all small things. Like jewelry, grains, powder, medications, and all other small things. Remember, you can’t buy multiple digital scales for measurements of all your things. So try to find a scale that can weigh all small things. 

Different units of measurements

If you want a hassle-free experience with measurements of scale reading then prefer a scale with different units. With a different unit scale, there is no need of converting readings in different units. The device will automatically convert your reading into your desired unit. 

Range of weight capacity

For the best digital milligram scale, the range of weight capacity is from 20g to 500g. However, it is not a good option to pick a product with 20g capacity. The reason is such a low range weight capacity scale will put limitations on weighing different things. So the best option is to pick at least 50 g range capacity for your digital scale. In this range, you can easily measure different small things.

TARE and PCS feature

Tare and PCS features are also necessary to look for. Both these features are great for high accuracy of the best digital scale. Tare features will help you to weigh the net weight of your products. On the other hand, the PCS feature will allow you to measure all small items on the weighing tray.


Calibration is necessary for the accurate reading of your scale. It is necessary for your scale to show zero value when at rest. If it does not show, then you need to calibrate it for accurate readings. Calibration is not a difficult process to do. If you feel difficulty then you can pick a product with an already calibrated scale.


Q. What is a precision sensor on the milligram scale?

The precision sensor is mainly to weigh objects with even smaller weights. This sensor will allow you to measure the smallest objects of about 0.01g. The precision sensor usually works in the circuit board of the milligram scale.

Q. Why there is a need for the best milligram scales?

The milligram scales or digital scales are great tools for weighing of small things. The main reason for using a milligram scale is calibration. A caliber digital scale will show measurements with zero digits. In this way, a milligram scale gives greater accuracy of weighing of small things.

Q. Why there is a need for calibration of my milligram scale?

Milligram scale buying the main purpose is to get accurate weighing of small things and this is only possible with calibration. Without calibration, your measurements will be like guesswork. So what is a calibration here?

Calibration is like the comparison between actual reading and reference weight. If there will be a difference between reference weight and actual reading that will call an error. To remove this error there is a need for proper calibration. You need to calibrate your scale when you buy it or after 3 or 6 months regularly. 

Q. What is PCS and Tare function in milligram scale?

PCS function will measure all small grains or items placed on the weighing tray. On the other hand, the Tare function will allow you to calculate the actual weight of items like net weight without the weight of the container. 

Q. How to use a milligram scale?

The method of using a milligram scale is not very complicated. There are mainly three steps here.

  1. Calibration

First thing while using a milligram scale is calibrating. Press the calibrating button and place the weighing tray on your scale. After that zero, it out and in this way, the weight of the tray will deduct. This is the simplest method of calibrating your digital scale.

  1. Weight

Now place the thing you want to weigh on the weighing tray and take a reading. If you want to take net weight then just press on the Tare option there will be the weight of your thing without the weight of the container. Furthermore, if you want to convert in different units then simply click on the unit in which you want reading.

  1. remove the product

Now remove the product from the weighing tray and clean your weighing tray.

Our best recommendations for digital scales with 0.01-gram accuracy

We try to pick all the products that provide a perfect reading of small things without error. Here we pick two products as the best recommendations from our personal experience with both products.

  1. AMIR Digital kitchen scale
  2. weigh gram digital pocket scale

The first AMIR scale is highly recommended if you are looking for proper measurement of your kitchen foods. This scale is not so portable but it has a capacity of up to 500g weight capacity. This higher weight capacity is great if you are looking for a milligram scale for measurements of food items.

The second scale is a perfect portable scale that provides greater accuracy for weighing small things. This scale is the perfect pocket scale and you can easily store it for your daily basic needs.

Final Verdict

Best milligram scales are the perfect options if you deal in the business of small things like jewelry etc. These scales will give you a hassle-free experience with weighing small things. These digital scales come with greater portability and advanced features of weighing. Just look at some features like accuracy, portability, tare, and PCS functions, and the weight capacity of your scale. If you have all features in one product, then here are your new best digital milligram scales with 0.01-gram accuracy

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