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The best luxury shower head revolutionizes your bathing experience with the high quality, affordable line of innovative handheld and fixed showerheads.

Freshen up after your day with the best luxury shower head. Great for any home décor, the material is durable and gives you a luxurious shower look without extra effort. The product is fantastic in its style as it is the best luxury shower system 2021 in the market. 

Moreover, the product decor of your bathroom and best luxury shower head 2021 sleek design gives it that luxurious showerhead feels of a high-class spa you have been craving to visit, but we’re right in your shower spot. 

With a body spray of the best luxury rain shower behind the head in case, you need to reach those tough spaces while also adjust-ability so you can enjoy a luxury shower head as long as possible no matter what type of height you are. 

List of top 10 best luxury shower systems 2022

  1. SR SUN RISE Shower System-best mounted rainfall luxury shower head
  2. TRUSTMI Shower Head System-best brushed gold luxury shower head
  3. AYIVG Luxury Bathroom Brass Brushed-best ceiling luxury shower head
  4. Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet rain Mixer-best Handle Bathroom Bathtub luxury shower head
  5. SR SUN RISE Luxury stainless steel shower– best high-pressure luxury shower head
  6. Enga Luxury Bathroom Matte Black 3 Way Shower – best Combo luxury shower head 
  7. KES Black Shower Faucet Shower Valve Rain Shower Head-best pressure balance luxury shower head
  8. BATHLAVISH Bronze Shower System-best Head Faucet Rough luxury shower head
  9. AYIVG Bathroom Square-best body jets mixer luxury shower head
  10. Shower System, shower faucet set with dual functions-best metal luxury shower head

Comparison of Top 10 Best high-pressure luxury shower head

SR SUN RISE Shower SystemBrass, 304 Stainless Steel‎Oil-Rubbed Bronze12.21 poundsRectangle
TRUSTMI Shower Head SystemCopperBrush Gold11.53 poundsRound
AYIVG Luxury shower for bathroom with Brass Brushed‎Brass and Stainless SteelBrushed Rose Gold11.43 poundsSquare
Showerhead Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet rain MixerBronzeOil Rubbed Bronze10.12 poundsTraditional
SR SUN RISE Luxury stainless steel shower headStainless Steel Black06.29 poundsSquare
Enga Luxury Bathroom Matte Black 3 Way ShowerheadCopperMatte Black14.79Square
KES Black Shower Faucet Shower Valve Rain Shower HeadBrass, Stainless Steel, Engineering Grade Plastic (ABS)Matte Black5.15 poundsSquare
BATHLAVISH Bronze Shower System‎Stainless Steel, Brass‎Oil-Rubbed Bronze12.56 poundsSquare
AYIVG Bathroom Square shower head‎Stainless Steel, BrassBrushed Gold15.56 poundsSquare
Shower System, shower faucet set with dual functionsCopperBrushed Gold9.9 poundsSquare

Features of best luxury shower head

Showers are a great way to relax and beat the heat of summer. The best luxury shower head 2021 will make your experience even more pleasurable, no matter what kind of water pressure you have in your home. There are many features that a luxurious showerhead should have, so take some time to read through the list before you choose.

Multi-Functional Shower Head

When looking for a luxury shower head, multi-functional features that allow the water temperature to be personalized are desired. Currently, marketed products can adjust water pressure and temperature with just one simple turn of a dial, which is an attractive option for people seeking relief from sore muscles or heating themselves on cold days.

Durable Material:

When it comes to getting the best shower experience, you start with your head. A stainless steel rain shower head has a wide spray that can cover your body and will work well for an invigorating morning routine. It is also made from durable materials, so you don’t have to spend time or money replacing it like other materials do, which saves you both in the long run.

Massage shower Relieve Stress

When you invest in a high-quality showerhead, other considerations will make your experience more pleasurable. One is quality toiletries to offer aromatherapy and help relieve stress in the bathroom and bath towels for warmth and comfort after stepping out of the tub or shower. You may also want to have candles burning to provide an aromatic environment while relaxing on a hot, steamy day.

The following section of this review article will read about the 10 top luxury shower systems 2021. 

10 best luxury shower head review

Let’s have a look at the review of the top 10 luxury shower heads-

1. SR SUN RISE Shower System-best mounted rainfall luxury shower head

Product description

The SR SUN RISE Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower System is a complete shower system that includes a 10-inch brass rainfall showerhead, an L style handheld showerhead, and a 70.8-inch metal hose to create the perfect combination for .your bathroom.

Moreover, with the included rough-in valve body and trim, this set can be installed in minutes with no additional parts needed. The unique oil-rubbed bronze finish will add elegance to any bathroom while keeping it simple enough for any skill level.

Furthermore, the handheld showerhead can be adjusted to five different settings, which include the rain, massage, spray, wide spray, and pause modes. It also comes with a wall-mounted rainfall shower head that you can use if your bathroom does not have enough space for a standalone one.

Technical details 

The SR SUN RISE Luxury Shower Head is made of durable metal with 10 inches in size and weighs 12.21 pounds, coming packaged at 16.46 x 12.87 x 5.94 inches, so it’s sure not too big or bulky for any bathrooms you may have throughout the house.



  • This shower system comes with a 70.8″ (1.8m) hose.
  • The length makes it easy to bathe kids and pets.


  • The L style handheld shower head has multiple settings for your convenience. 
  • You can change the settings by pressing a single button. 


  • The brass finish of the showerhead adds an elegant touch to any bathroom decor.
  • It improves style and comfort with its luxury shower head. 



  • Anti-clogging and resists rust
  • Easy to install and replace
  • 10-year warranty


  • Some reviewers complain that its hose gets stiff

Why do we recommend this product?

The SUN RISE Luxury Shower Head is 10-inches, and it’s easy to install with its quick connection. This showerhead has a modern design that will look great in your bathroom! The package includes two extension tubes for flexible installation options.

2. TRUSTMI Shower Head System-best brushed gold luxury shower head

Product description 

For the modern bathroom, you need a TRUSTMI shower system that brings together form and function. With a 12-inch Round Bathroom luxury rain mixer shower head combo set, you’ll be able to experience the ultimate rainfall shower in your abode right away. 

Featuring brushed gold brass construction with cUPC certification pressure-balancing, this is quality at its finest. Its cartridge monitors water pressure balance for complete control over every aspect of your luxurious bath time ritual.

This also has a solid push-down lever for easy flow adjustment and an arm lock-off handle that locks down to prevent any accidental dis-lodgement so you can spend as much time as you want heating up before getting into your forthcoming relaxation.

Technical details 

TRUSTMI Luxury Shower Head is a 12-inch set weighing 11.53 pounds and has package dimensions of 15.75 x 13.27 x 5.47 inches. 



  • Made of solid brass construction for durability.
  • It has a long-lasting performance.


  • The round bathroom shower Luxury Rain Mixer has a cartridge monitor
  • It checks water pressure balance, which helps to maintain an even flow of water 


  • A shower head system with high-quality spray patterns for your ultimate comfort and relaxation.
  • It also comes with a combo set that contains the faucet, trim and rough-in valve body.


  • 360-degree rotation, wall-mounted and adjustable
  • Easy to clean and long life
  • Flexible and long hose


  • Some reviewers complain that it does not resist rust

Why do we recommend this product?

The TRUSTMI Luxury Shower Head is a 12-inch shower head that provides you with the opportunity to enjoy your daily activities in peace and comfort. With its patented design, this product can effortlessly adjust water pressure for any setting. It also features an ultra-grip handle, so there will be no slips while handling under wet conditions.

3. AYIVG Luxury Bathroom Brass Brushed-best ceiling luxury shower head

Product description 

AYIVG Luxury Bathroom Ceiling Rainfall Shower System is the ultimate showering experience. Experience a relaxing and refreshing rainfall shower that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

 The luxury shower head is a ceiling rain shower system that you can install in minutes with no tools required. The system comes complete with everything needed to complete the installation – including all brackets, mounting hardware, and instructions.

With a 10-inch diameter rainfall head, this is the perfect upgrade for your bathroom or master suite. The brushed rose gold finish gives this unique fixture. 

Technical details 

This is a fantastic product that will make your shower experience even better. It weighs 11.43 pounds and has dimensions of 18.05 x 14.05 x 4.75 inches, so it can be mounted on the ceiling without any hassle. The size is for ceilings, but you are still able to mount it horizontally if needed.



  • The showerhead is compatible with most standard water pipes
  • You can enjoy your new luxury shower head without having the hassle of modifying it.


  • The showerhead makes you feel healthy and improves the environment.
  • You can enjoy a luxurious experience at home.


  • The simple design makes for easy installation.
  • Simply unscrew the old showerhead and screw on the brand new one.


  • Anti-clogging and rusting
  • Easy to install and high-quality copper
  • Hose and ceiling mount


  • Some reviewers complain about leakage of the seal

Why do we recommend this product?

The AYIVG Shower Head is so powerful it can clean your entire body and hair in less than five minutes! I love how light this product feels on my arm when I wash it. It’s the perfect addition to any bathroom, plus you’ll never have a cold shower again with its adjustable temperature setting for optimal comfort. If you’re looking for an easy way to turn up the heat without turning off the water flow, then look no further. 

4. Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet rain Mixer-best Handle Bathroom Bathtub luxury shower head.

Product description

Junhai Xu Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Luxury Showerhead Faucet Rain Mixer 8 Inch Round Head Double Cross Handle Bathroom Bathtub Hand Spray Tub Tap Wall Mount Bathroom Fixtures resist corrosion and tarnishing handheld spray, tub spout control hot and cold water.

The oil-rubbed bronze bathroom fixtures are crafted from solid brass. The faucet is made of durable metal that resists corrosion and tarnishing. It has a round shower head which can be used.

Technical details 

With the Junhai Xu luxury shower head, You can enjoy your shower and get rid of stress.  It weighs 10.12 pounds and has dimensions of 24 x 15.7 x 5.5 inches.



  • The showerhead is compatible with most standard plumbing connections.
  • The hose allows you to attach it to your existing shower arm easily.


  • This handheld sprayer has a built-in filter that prevents the spread of bacteria. 
  • You can control the amount of water pressure coming out.


  • Adjust the temperature using the dials on each side.
  • The unit is easy to hold while spraying your body with warm water.


Art decor and traditional

Wall-mounted and long hose

1.25 GPM and Adjustable


Some reviewers complain that it does not maintain water pressure.

Why do we recommend this product?

The Junhai Xu luxury shower head is a high-quality product with an attractive but practical design. This 8-inch handheld device has pressure, water flow, and coverage settings easily adjusted to suit your individual needs for the perfect experience in the bath or at home.

5. SR SUN RISE Luxury stainless steel shower head

Product description

The SR SUN RISE Luxury Shower Head is an innovative showerhead that provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience. This product features a 16-inch square design with a modern matte black finish.

The showerhead has eight adjustable settings that provide you with the right amount of water pressure for your personal preference. It also includes a wall mount that makes installation very easy, allowing you to enjoy your new shower head in minutes.

Technical details 

The SR SUN RISE Shower Head is a fantastic device that provides you with a shower experience like no other. This 6.29-pound masterpiece will save space in your bathroom as it only needs one hole to install and can be mounted at any angle – even upside down for some unique sensations! The package dimensions are 17.2 x16.4 x3.1 inches, so this should fit on most walls without issue.



  • The showerhead is designed to be large enough
  • It provides you with a comfortable shower experience.


  • High-pressure settings are perfect for enjoying the power of water.
  • Water throw is enough to take a quick shower


  • Ensuring corrosion resistance and durable, 
  • Long-lasting material


  • An easy time installing it on your own
  • It’s also simple to remove if you’d like to switch it up.


  • Multiple settings allow you to choose hard or soft water
  • You can find the perfect location for your needs


  • Stainless steel and wall mounted
  • 1.8 GPM and Adjustable
  • It fits to standard showers


  • Some reviewers complain that it does not resist rust

Why do we recommend this product?

The SR SUN RISE Shower Head is the perfect addition to any home. This beautiful, metal-finished product will not rust and has a slip-resistant base that keeps it steady on your shower floor. The design of this head also prevents bacteria from growing in hard water conditions with its antibacterial coating.

6. Enga Luxury Bathroom Matte Black 3 Way Shower best Combo luxury shower head 

Product description

The Enga Combo Set is a three-way shower system that includes a 12-inch rainfall showerhead, 12-inch handheld shower, and body jet. This combo set features an easy-to-use single lever design for effortless flow temperature control.

It also comes with a faucet mixer valve that will fit any standard US plumbing configuration. The Enga Combo Set is designed to make your life easier while providing you with the ultimate relaxation and comfort.

Moreover, the Enga showerhead is an excellent choice for any bath enthusiast. It features an easy-to-use push and pulls mechanism so you can turn the water flow off or on without having to reach up high in your tub, which makes it perfect for taller people who have longer arms. 

In addition, this model includes two additional jets that produce more air pressure than most other brands of showerheads do by using reinforced silicone instead of rubber washers that are found elsewhere.

Technical details 

The Enga Shower Head has an adjustable head and rainfall setting, which allows you to direct water in any direction for optimal coverage! The item weight is 14.79 pounds, and its dimensions are ‎21.42 x 15.2 x 5.59 inches.



  • The 3 Way Shower Head System is easy to install,
  • It comes with everything you need for a quick and clean installation.


  • Enjoy the benefits of multiple showerheads.
  • It includes the Hand Shower and Body-Jet.


  • The products are made from high-quality materials
  • The showerhead will last for years to come. 


  • Durable and natural rain shower
  • High pressure and spa functions
  • Anti-clogging and resists rust


  • Some reviewers complain that its nozzles are not enough

Why do we recommend this product?

The Enga Shower Head made me feel like a celebrity. This super high-pressure showerhead is perfect for anyone who needs to save water with its advanced eco-technology. For people who love the feeling of clean and refreshed skin after each use, this product will help you achieve that desired goal more quickly than ever before.

7. KES Black Shower Faucet Shower Valve Rain Shower Head-best pressure balance luxury shower head

Product description

The KES Black Shower Faucet Shower Head is a high-quality, durable product. This showerhead was built to last and will not rust or corrode. The showerhead has a solid brass construction with an extra-long straight arm for easy reach.

It features a certified pressure balance cartridge that protects against water hammering and damaging pipes. The showerhead has an adjustable spray pattern with five different settings: full body spray, massage, gentle rain, comprehensive coverage, and combination.

Technical details 

The KES Shower Head is perfect for the person who wants to have a new experience with their shower. The head weighs 5.15 pounds and has 15.59 x 13.86 x 4.02 inches; it’s not too big but also isn’t tiny either. It can be used as both a fixed or hand-held showerhead.



  • The extra-long shower arm offers a wide range of motion
  • It allows you to adjust your shower head to the perfect height.


  • The brass swivel ball allows for easy positioning
  • It ensures that the showerhead stays in place.


  • This adjustable sprayer provides a comfortable
  • Maintains gentle flow of water while coming out.


  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Adjustable and multiple options
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Some reviewers complain that its hose is inflexible 

Why do we recommend this product?

The KES Shower Head is a durable and lightweight shower head that has many great features. This convenient, portable device can be conveniently carried with you on camping trips or in the car as well! It’s got an easy-to-use coupler handily tucked away; it also comes with five connector tips to fit any faucet size.

8. BATHLAVISH Bronze Shower System-best Head Faucet Rough luxury shower head

Product description

The Bathlavish Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower System is the ideal solution to your bathroom renovation needs. It features a 10-inch square rainfall showerhead, wall-mounted faucet, and pressure balance valve that are all made out of brass.

These products are built with high-quality materials ensuring longevity and durability while providing you with years of enjoyment in your new shower.

The pressure balance valve has been designed with air pressure technology for an easy installation process; it also comes with a lifetime guarantee against leaks and drips.

Technical details 

The BATHLAVISH Shower Head is pretty big. It’s 12.56 pounds and has 17.8 x 13.78 x 4.88-inch dimensions, which means it should fit in most showers without an issue.



  • The air pressure technology allows for an even and consistent flow of water.
  • You can enjoy air pressure tech in a luxurious shower experience.


  • This combo set includes both the rainfall faucet and showerhead.
  • The rainfall faucet is designed to be mounted on your wall.
  • The showerhead can be mounted directly onto your existing pipe. 


  • With a selection of 2 Effluent Modes, Revolves Around the Center, Touch-Clean Spry. 
  • Maximum coverage with minimum efforts


  • The Shower System is a stunning addition to any bathroom. 
  • Enjoy the rain and relax in style.


  • Ensuring high quality and longevity with its solid brass construction and durable finish.
  • Durable material lasts for a long time


  • Easy to install and clean
  • Long-lasting durable material 
  • Flexible hose and anti-rust


  • Some reviewers complain that the nozzles block sometimes

Why do we recommend this product?

The BatHlavish Shower Head is a must-have for anyone who cares about the quality of their shower. It’s made with high-quality materials and designed to withstand even your most challenging days at work or any other strenuous activity you do in the shower! With its sleek design, it seamlessly integrates into most showers without taking up too much space and comes with an ergonomic handle that makes changing settings easy as pie.

9. AYIVG Bathroom Square-best body jets mixer luxury shower head

Product description

The AYIVG Square Shower Head is an excellent addition to your home. This showerhead features 6 body jets with a rainfall effect that will relax and rejuvenate you after a long day at work.

The square shape gives this showerhead an elegant appearance, while the brushed gold finish makes it look luxurious. With 12 inches of rainfall, this showerhead will provide you with the feeling of being outdoors without having to worry about any rain getting in. 

Whether you have a low water pressure or high water pressure, this product will work for you because it has standard threads.

Technical details 

This showerhead is perfect for showers with low water pressure. It has a total weight of only 15.56 pounds, and its package dimensions are 20 x 15.5 x 4.75 inches, so it can be easily carried around the house.



  • The surface treatment of the showerhead is multi-layer
  • It makes the shower more durable and corrosion-resistant.


  • The showerhead has a self-cleaning function
  • It prevents mineral deposits from clogging up the nozzle.


  • The brass valve provides a smooth and reliable operation.
  • It’s easy to install and remove with its standard threads.


  • Anti-clogging and leaking system
  • High quality and water conservator
  • Spa experience and air pressure


  • Some reviewers complain that the hose isn’t flexible. 

Why do we recommend this product?

This beautifully crafted device features 4 spray settings: Rainfall, Water Saving Spray (Full), Massage Mode, and Mist mode, which gives complete control over pressure, water flow rate as well as temperature, all through an easy-to-use remote panel on top of your headboard. The hose can be easily adjusted up or down with just one hand so you can comfortably bath without having any strain put on joints while enjoying hot showers.

10. shower faucet set with dual functions-best metal luxury shower head.

Product description

The Shower System, Shower Faucet Set with Dual Functions is a great choice for your bathroom. It comes with two functions: the showerhead and the faucet. The 10″ Rain Shower Head has 8 adjustable spraying modes to suit your needs and preferences.

You can use the detachable handheld showerhead to rinse your body or hair in any way you like. The faucet not only provides water flow but also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor.

This luxury shower head has a sleek design that is perfect for anyone who values hygiene and cleanliness above all else – the water droplets are so thin they can barely be seen, which means there’s no chance of any leftover dirt or bacteria; on your body after using it! The widest coverage area also maximizes how much you can get done in one go without having to move the hose around too much.

Technical details 

The ANTO FAUCET Shower Head is only 9.9 ounces and 14 x 10 x 5.6 inches big. It has three settings – soft misty spray, forceful message stream, and gentle rain-forest style soaking lullaby that will wash away any stress or anxiety.



  • The nano-brushed technology is the highest quality available.
  • It is not the cheap, thin coating.


  • The perfect length for your shower
  • You’ll feel as you wash away the day’s fatigue.


  • The most durable and reliable hose on the market
  • It will never rust or corrode. 
  • Guaranteed to last a lifetime, unlike other hoses.


  • Easy to clean and install
  • Elegant and sleek
  • Wall-mounted and quality nozzles


  • Some reviewers complain that the product has less water pressure

Why do we recommend this product?

The ANTO FAUCET Shower Head is not like your ordinary showerhead. It’s lightweight and easy to install, which makes it perfect for the quick traveler! You can easily slip this item into your suitcase without taking up too much space or weighing it down with an additional carrying bag. With a water flow of 2 GPM at a 9-inch height – you’ll be able to get clean anywhere.

Best luxury shower head buying Guide

When buying the best luxury shower head, you need to know what qualities to look for. We’ve put together this guide of the 10 best high-pressure luxury shower heads available and reviewed them all so that you can do your research before making any purchase decisions. Read on to find out which considerations are worth paying more attention to.


While finding an individual’s showerhead, one of the essentials to look at is the materials it is made out of. This decides how dependable this particular type can be and may make a difference in quality. Usually, you will find these types which are created with stainless steel, bronze, brass, and sometimes ABS plastic.


The hose is another essential component of the showerhead, in addition to being the flexible pipe that supplies water to and from your sprayer. All these types of hoses have a standard size before they’re sold, so you can find one that will fit your needs if you know what type of fitting you have for your walls or plumbing.


Nozzles are an essential consideration while buying the showerhead for your washroom. The clogging and rusting of nozzles are common; they are not manufactured with proper materials. Look for nozzle materials like brass, stainless steel, or chrome-plated solid brass that can resist rusting and corrosion. Showerheads collection: There was a time when only one type of shower head existed, but today, there are many types to choose from based on a need you may have as per water temperature control requirement, size required, etc.


1. What is the best material for a showerhead?

Showerhead material varies from product to product. Usually, manufacturers use stainless steel, brass, and high-quality plastic while make the best shower head. Every material has pros and cons. Such as stainless steel has pros due to its quality against rust, look, and durability.

On the other hand, brass also has qualities like classic finishing and durability. The plastic-made shower heads have different grades of plastic.

All types of materials including metal, plastic, and brass, are available on the market. Users have been experiencing all but showerheads made with stainless steel that are durable and anti-rust. Moreover, the stainless steel-made handheld shower is good in handling due to its balanced weight.

2. Do all metal showers fit the same connections?

Of course, the manufacturers are vigilant and conscious about the user-friendly all-metal handheld showerhead. All the metal handheld showers fix quickly to connections and perform well.

The manufacturer marked ½ inches as standard and used in the USA. So every shower head has this standard connection size. Therefore, it fits easily. Even if your shower is ceiling-mount, you can use the exact measurement to connect your shower head to the rainfall shower head coming from the roof.

So, you can choose whatever shower head you want to install; it will connect easily. Don’t worry about leakage; the universal size handles it well.

3. Do all metal handheld showerheads have water restrictors?

Yes, all the metal handheld and showerheads have water restrictors that help you to control water wastage. Water restrictors are beneficial in times of water scarcity. Such functions enhance the impact of your shower on the household economy and the quality of bathroom accessories.

Environment and water-friendly function prolong the viability of shower heads with water restrictors. Moreover, the shower heads used practical buttons to make the restrictors user-friendly.

You can handle water pressure with a button. Therefore, you always find something that works to restrict water flow. The function could positively impact your utility expenditures. So, learn if your shower head has water restrictors in any way?

4. Why are all metal handheld showerheads good?

All metal shower heads are good due to their durability and their advanced functions. The finest stainless steel made the handheld shower and showerhead of absolute quality. The quality hoses, nozzles, valves, and buttons are all made of quality material. Therefore metal luxury showers do not leak. It resists rusting. The showerhead has an anti-clog system to minimize the mineral’s deposit.


At the end of a long day, nothing feels better than taking a refreshing shower. But for some people, even that simple act can be difficult to enjoy when they have a low water pressure or must take multiple showers just to wash away all of their grime and sweat. This is where the best luxury shower head comes in handy. 

A luxury shower system 2022 with high-pressure water jets will make it feel like you’re standing under a waterfall every time you step into your bathroom. And if you want something more stylish, we also offer sleek modern systems that are perfect for those looking for sophistication in their home décor. Whether it’s style or functionality that matters most to you.