best bushcraft knife under 100

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The best bushcraft knife under 100 is very important for you if you are interested in bushcraft. In this article, we gonna discuss details on Top 10 best bushcraft knife that costs less than 100 bucks.

Bushcrafting is one of the hobbies that is seen developing in people nowadays, this might have something to do with all the reality shows and online videos that you watch on survival, or just to see how tough you are. Whatever the reason is, you have to be sturdy and learn bushcraft.

Bushcraft is a skill that enables you to fight the ravages of nature and survive without any resources. Bushcrafters also like to feel the sense of basic life in things like making fire or capturing a prey, living under a self-built shelter, in a profound way.

If you are interested in bushcraft, you have to be precise with your equipment, and when the material is concerned, how can you ignore the bushcraft knife? Your knife is a significant element of bushcraft, which is why I am writing this article on the 10 best bushcraft knives under 100. So, you can learn about the perfect knife that will work for you at a low price.

10 best bushcraft knife under 100

For your ease, I have listed some of the best bushcraft knives under 100 dollars reviews, with all the features that make the best ones.

Ka-bar becker bk2 companion bushcraft knife

When we talk about bushcraft knives, how can we not count this compact beast in it? It is reputed for its quality. Ka-bar becker bk2 companion knife is originally linked with US marines and referred to as tactical blades.

It has a full tang blade, and you never have to worry about the blade getting loose during your bushcraft. Its blade is 5 ¼ inches in length and ¼ inches thick, which can cut almost everything in its way.

It has a drop point that performs with excellent durability due to Cro-Van steel coating. This coating is also responsible for giving a blade that razor sharpness. This knife comes with a heavy-duty sheath made of polyester, which protects the blade from corrosion and rust.

Another thing that makes this knife so famous in the market is its all matte black apparel. The better this looks, the more useful features are present in this knife. You can smoothly perform every task with this knife during your bushcraft.

It has a durable handle that allows you a firm grip and control over the blade. It is not as dense as the average, which makes it durable and easy to access. This knife is the best choice if you are looking for a jack of all trades in bushcraft.

Morakniv best durable bushcraft knife

Morakniv bushcraft knife is a fire starter; its features and reviews are breathtaking, which surely makes it in top and best picks for a bushcraft knife that will cost you under 100.

The blade of this knife has a length of 4.3 inches and a thickness of 0.126 inches, which makes it durable and firm. Its blade is manufactured with carbon steel that retains that razor-sharp edge even after multiple tasks.

Morakniv bushcraft knife also comes with a contoured handle, which provides perfect grip and satisfaction while holding. If you are out in nature for a long duration, this knife should be with you because of its low weight (154 grams) and a sturdy blade that would never turn you down in bushcraft.

Morakniv bushcraft knife is designed specifically to meet the harms of the wild with its scandi grind. So, if you want to be safe and sound, always keep this attached to your belt. Its size is kept explicitly in between the small and large knives, which help you in carvings as well as harvesting wood.

This beast is coated with a tungsten DLC coating, which makes this knife anti-corrosive, which means you should not be worried about rain during your adventure. This knife is a king of features and standard that ranks it among the best bushcraft knives under 100 dollars.

Real steel best adventure bushcraft knife

Real steel bushcraft knife is one classic knife for your best bushcraft adventures. Its blade has a length of 4 inches and a thickness of ⅛ inches.

The thin blade of this knife is perfect for carving tasks, plus the blade also has a scandi-ground point that makes this knife remarkable in piercing performance. The steel used to manufacture this knife is D2 steel, which is sturdy, hard, and durable. This steel makes the knife durable than the average blade. 

Real steel bushcraft knife comes with a G10 handle that provides a firm grip for the user and a removable belt. Real steel bushcraft knife is the name of quality, the quality that performs, and remains.

The detachable strap with this knife makes it much easier to carry and access in an hour of need. A lot of modern techniques and processes were followed to design such a knife that gives a great hunting experience.

The colt bushcraft knife

The colt is famous for guns, but to your fortune, they also make bushcraft knives. And they have this piece of bushcraft knife all ready for you to explore. They used some premium steel in their guns, and this is the knife where steel is concerned.

They have used 440A stainless steel blades of 4 inches in length, along with a specially designed drop point that provides you strength and force to cut through the even larger size of branches. Its drop-point is also capable of piercing through logs.

This versatile masterpiece comes with a synthetic handle that provides firm grip and stability in the hand. But there is no texture on the handle, which makes this knife a little prone to slip when it gets wet.

It takes very little storage in MOLLE, which makes it quite easy to carry around and easy to access in an hour of need. This excellent piece is on this list because of the low price and amazing traits. You can buy this bushcraft knife for under 50 dollars.

Fallkniven F1 affordable bushcraft knife

Fallkniven F1 bushcraft knife has always been a trademark for the Swedish armed forces. Its blade is not fully tanged, but it is designed for Swedish armed forces by keeping survival in mind.

Fallkniven F1 bushcraft knife blade is incredibly rigid and robust. In survival, you can fight with the ravages of nature with full aggression, without being worried about the blade. This knife has relatively less weight than the average bushcraft knives to provide ease in the carriage. 

Its blade has a length of 3 ¾ inches, which is considered ideal by bushcrafters for carving. The blade is made up of VG10 steel, which is a highly durable blade that can keep the sharp edge intact even after several tasks are performed.

This knife comes with a thermorun handle that is comfortable and satisfactory to hold in hand. This knife is a compact beast with a few cons on the table, such as due to its lighter than average bushcraft knife, it might struggle with large pieces of wood. But surprisingly, the thermorun handle provides the necessary efficiency on both, gloves and bare hands.

Schrade SCHF36 frontier fixed blade bushcraft knife

Schrade SCHF36 frontier fixed blade is considered the best Bushcraft knife under 100 dollars appearance-wise. Its blade is manufactured of 1095 high carbon steel, which makes it firm and durable.

It has a drop point blade with a finger choil to provide you maximum grip in carving and harvest lumber. Its edge is 5 inches in length and makes the total length of the knife 10.4 inches. This size makes it ideal for a gripping blade over the wood to carve.

Schrade SCHF36 frontier fixed blade weighs 12.4 ounces that will provide you with the force and strength to tear lumber apart. The main thing in this is its appearance, which is drop-dead gorgeous texture along with a TPE handle, providing a firm grip and control in your hand.

This knife comes with a belt sheath of heavy-duty polyester, which makes it easy and fast to access. A complete tang blade can be seen on this knife that will help you to be aggressive and rigid in alarming situations. This knife is loaded with a ton of attractive features, and these features also make your bushcraft experience worthwhile.

Condor walnut handle bush lore

Condor walnut handle bush lore is referred to as the best classic bushcraft knife under 100 dollars. it’s not much expensive, but it is joined with a much more costly brand name. This knife has all the attributes that make it a bushcraft knife.

The steel used to manufacture blades is a 1075 carbon steel blade that is considered ideal by most people and has a blade of 4 ½ inches in length, which is relatively the right size.

Condor walnut handle bush lore bushcraft knife weighs 12oz, which is a little more than the average bushcraft knife. Its handle is made from walnut wood, which adds that hard and brisk feature to the knife as well as provides a firm grip over the knife.

The blade of this bushcraft knife also has a spine engraved in between the handle, which can be used to sprinkle some sparkle over the seasonal wood and make a fire. This knife will surely spice up your bushcraft experience.

Morakniv companion best fixed outdoor blade bushcraft knife

Morakniv companion fixed outdoor blade knife is the best seller among the other bushcraft knives; the reason for that is the quality, performance, and low rates. This knife has earned over 8000 reviews, mostly positive.

The knife is loaded with razor-sharp 4.1 inches Sandvik hardened 12C27 blade made of stainless steel. This knife is specially designed for carving; it might not perform well with cutting wood. Since stainless steel is used to manufacture this knife, it makes your blade completely anti-corrosion and rust-free.

Morakniv companion fixed outdoor blade knife has a plastics molded handle, which provides a lot of friction with your hand that allows a reasonable control and stable grip. This knife comes with a heavy-duty sheath that not only covers the blade but handles too, which would increase your knife’s overall age. If you are planning a quality knife at the best price, trust me, this should be your choice to go with.

Perkin handmade best Bushcraft knife

Perkin handmade Bushcraft knife is one versatile handmade BEST bushcraft knife that counts below 100 dollars. It has a fixed blade made up of 01 carbon steel, which is sharp and hard enough to retain the edge even if used aggressively in performing tasks.

Perkin handmade Bushcraft knife is a full tang knife to give rigidness and a handle made of walnut wood to provide stability, a brisk, and comfortable grip.

This knife is an anti-slip and water-resistant knife. You do not have to worry about rain during your bushcraft adventure. This knife will perform durable tasks because of high-quality materials. It means if you need a classic, durable bushcraft knife, this knife can be your call to go for.

Benchmade bushcraft 162best Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife

Benchmade bushcraft 162 is a knife that everyone should keep with themselves when they head out. This best affordable knife seems sleek and straightforward, will cost you under $100.

it is not less than any heavy-duty bushcraft knife. This knife consists of a full tang blade to give support and rigidity. So, you can perform against situations with thorough aggression.

The blade is manufactured with S30V, which is a stainless steel blade, it might not be able to retain the sharp edge longer, but it is entirely corrosion-free, which is a plus point in some rain forests or areas with high precipitation.

The length of the blade is 4 ½ inches, which is appropriate for carving lumber and skinning some prey. Although this knife is a stainless steel knife, it is not like other ones. The edge retention in this knife is relatively better than other stainless steel knives. In this knife, we get a drop point blade, which is useful in carving and helps to apply adequate pressure in the wood piercing.

This knife is equipped with G10 handles, which provide a firmer grip and control. If you are more like casual bushcraft, this knife might work for you.

What makes a dull knife, a bushcraft knife?

You can not call every knife a bushcraft knife, neither every knife performs as a bushcraft knife. There are some salient factors that you should know before buying your bushcraft knife. The effectiveness of your bushcraft knife depends on these factors.

Steel used to manufacture a knife:-

Steel quality is crucial in the performance of bushcraft knives. There are so many types of steel used for knife manufacturing. Stainless steel is used in some knives, but most of the time is used high carbon steel.

High carbon steel made its recognition by the ability to retain a sharp edge. Although high carbon steel is much more prone to corrosion, which means it needs more care. You can get also Super steels in the markets. This one is a combination of both (stainless steel and high carbon steel), but it is quite expensive.

Edge profile of knife:-

The edge profile is also another thing you need to look out for before buying a bushcraft knife. There are many profiles you have to learn about them and then go for the one that works best for you. Most people go with the flat ground or the flat bevel (Scandinavian). Edge profile narrows down towards your personal preference. Scandi profile helps in working on small-scale activities while a full flat grind is much better in chopping and slicing big woods. Every knife varies from other factors, which means if some knife works better for a friend, not sure it would work for you.

Knife’s point or tip:

The knife’s point is essential in bushcraft. You can use your knife as a hand drill, but only if you have an appropriate knife for that purpose. The right blade of your knife can help you in carving, but you will never be able to pierce without a good point, and for that purpose, bushcraft knives come in different tips such as drop point and spear point. You can choose the one that suits your interests and personality. Most of the bushcrafters go with drop point because it provides strength and leverage in piercing, which is a huge plus.

The equipped blade on the knife:-

As we know, the top part of a knife is its blade. So does in the case of a bushcraft knife. The best knife is the one with the best blade. Your Ideal blade length of a knife should not be less than 3 ½ inches and not greater than 5 inches. Your blade must be able to chop wood in an hour because you might not be prepared for an emergency. The majority of bushcrafters prefer full or complete tang blades because they provide more rigidness and you should think about that too, but it all narrows down to personal preferences.

These are some keen features you should look for:-

  • Drop point or spear tip.
  • Flat spine.
  • Full tang
  • Flat or Scandinavian grind.
  • Hard carbon Steel, but not too stiff.
  • A one fixed blade
  • 3 ½ inches to 5 inches blade length.


After reading the entire article, you would have known the importance of a bushcraft knife. It is not just a hobby. Now, a bushcraft knife is part of your everyday routine. You never know when you might get into some hazard. In alarming situations, your bushcraft knife is the one that decides your life fate. So, it is crucial that you might have one, reliable, and durable blade along with you. 

I hope after viewing all the review articles on the best bushcraft knife under 100 dollars. You would have the proper knowledge of multiple companies and their products. You would be able to choose a knife that would work for you, remember one day your life’s fate might be counting on the knife. So, choose wisely!

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