Are wooden chairs better for your back?

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Wooden chairs are often considered the best option for someone who wants a chair that will provide good back support. However, this is not always the case. For example, wooden chairs can cause more problems with your back if you work in an office environment where many people are around you or your desk is too high. So you can say, sometimes you can get great benefits from a wooden chair, and it also has some bad things for your back.

Why should you not use a wooden chair for your back?

Many reasons make a wooden chair not comfortable to sit in if you have a back problem. Here we have some reasons. 

No good cushioning: 

There are many disadvantages associated with using a wooden chair, including durability issues, difficulty moving around easily given its mass, and maintenance that needs to be done regularly. In addition, it can cost money to keep looking new, etc. Furthermore, it doesn’t provide good cushioning, meaning the pressure will build up behind the bones, causing aches and pains or even something worse like sciatica or slipped disc. 

Harder surfaces: 

Many people mostly use wooden chairs, and they do not know the disadvantages of using a chair. However, suppose you are working in an office environment where there are many other workers around. In that case, it will increase your chances of getting back problems as sitting on a hard surface like wood can cause more pressure on your spine than plastic or leather.

Not adjustable: 

Another disadvantage of using a wooden chair is that you can adjust according to your body size. It can cause you more pressure on the back as well as neck because of this reason also.

Many experts have seen that wooden chairs are not suitable for long term use or daily basis, so if it’s possible, then try to avoid using a wooden chair and switch yourself with an ergonomic office chair which may have some extra features like lumbar support, etc.,

What are the benefits of using a wooden chair for your back?

There are many disadvantages of using a wooden chair; there are also some benefits of using a wooden chair for your back.

  • The first benefit of using a wooden chair is that it is durable.
  • Another advantage of using a wooden chair for your back is that it can support weight well.
  • Finally, another benefit of using a wooden chair for your back is that you can be more creative with decorating compared to other types of chairs.

How can you make a wooden chair more comfortable for your back? 

Do you have a wooden chair in your living room? Is it uncomfortable to sit on? One of the most common reasons for this is that the chair has no armrests. The lack of armrests tends to force people into one position, which can be painful over time. Fortunately, there are some easy ways that you can make any wooden chair more comfortable.

Add armrest: 

The first method to make an office chair comfortable is to add an armrest. It will make the chair more comfortable, but it can also help prevent back strains of sitting in an uncomfortable position for long periods.

Add a seat cushion: 

The next thing that you can do is to add a seat cushion. Furthermore, a firm pillow to your chair will help prevent the chair from being too uncomfortable. It is often done by either sewing or gluing a piece of foam onto the seat part of the chair. 

Add footrest and lumbar support:

The next thing that you can do is to add a footrest and a lumbar support cushion. These two simple changes can significantly impact your comfort while sitting in a wooden chair for extended periods. Again, you should be able to purchase both at your local office supply store or online retailer, and they are relatively inexpensive as well.

What can you do to relieve your back pain while working for long hours?

There are many ways to relieve your back pain while working for longer hours. For example, you can purchase a back support cushion that will provide better lumbar support.

Good posture: 

The best way to sit at your desk and not strain yourself is by keeping good posture, maintaining an open chest, keeping your feet flat on the ground with a slight bend in the knees, and having both arms relaxed alongside you as opposed to crossing them over one another. I tend to keep my legs either crossed or side-by-side depending on what feels more comfortable for me throughout my working session.

Take breaks: 

Another thing you can do to keep your back happy is to take a break every so often. Stand up, stretch out, and walk around for about five minutes or so to get the blood flowing through your body again. That will help you feel refreshed if you have been sitting in the same spot for too long without any movement.

Use cushions or pillows: 

If all else fails, there are ways that you can make an already comfortable chair even more relaxing by using cushions or pillows on top of it while working at home or work. It provides extra comfort, but it also makes the task easier when trying to perform office tasks such as typing away with two hands on a keyboard stretched across from one side of the desk to another end of it.


Are wooden chairs better for your back? There is confusion in answering this question. It’s no secret that sitting for long periods isn’t good for your back. But if you want to make the most out of an office chair, it might be better not to go with a wooden one. Wooden chairs are not so comfortable and can even cause pain in some cases because they don’t have cushions as upholstered ones do. However, there are many ways to make them comfortable. Follow our tips and tricks to get comfortable seating in your office environment. 

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