Kohler adjust 3-in-1 shower head

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KOHLER Maxton Brushed Nickel 3-Spray – best adjust 3-in-1 shower head.

Say goodbye to tired, achy muscles and tired skin after a long day. The kohler adjustable 3 in 1 shower head with Maxton Brushed Nickel 3-Spray Dual Shower Head 1.75-GPM (6.6-LPM) provides the perfect performance and convenience combination. 

With a high flow rate and 3 settings (shower, rain, and massage), this shower head allows you to customize your experience to exactly what you need it to be. 

The dense, luxurious spray is perfect for washing away dirt, oils and massage oil, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

The Massage spray is a focused stream for massaging sore muscles or for use as a utility spray. Finally, make your bathroom just that much more relaxing with the help of KOHLER’s silk spray shower head.

So, whether you’re looking for a refreshing rain shower or soothing massage, the KOHLER adjust 3-in-1 shower head can provide it all!

Standard benefits and features of the product:

Kohler adjustable 3 in 1 shower heads are built with you in mind, delivering a luxurious spray ideal for rinsing off all the dirt and grime. In addition, the silk spray releases a dense, elegant spray ideal for massaging sore muscles or for use as a utility spray. 

  • You can customize your showering experience to your liking. 
  • The knob on the side of the showerhead can be turned to three different positions.
  • Activating the hand shower, shower head or both.
  • To create nine unique spray combinations. 
  • It will perfectly suit your needs.
  • Give you full coverage, silk, and a powerful message.  
  • Designed with an advanced spray engine.
  • This shower head is perfect for everyday use.
  • Powerful massage mode for a truly unique experience. 
  • For a truly stress-free shower.
  • All you need is a thumb tab to change the spray settings.
  • A docking system for quick and easy sliding in and out.
  • The ergonomic design prevents you from getting tired arms after a long shower.

What is the drawback of the product?

There are a few drawbacks to KOHLER shower heads that you should know before making a purchase. One is that the showerhead angle has limited adjustability, which means you may not be able to get the perfect angle for your needs. Additionally, these showerheads are not designed for commercial use. However, KOHLER showerheads offer excellent quality and performance overall, so if you’re looking for a good option for your home, they’re worth considering. 

Technical details of the product:

  • Color              Vibrant Brushed Nickel. 
  • Brand             KLR.
  • Material          Silk.
  • Setting type    Pause, Massage, Full. 
  • Finish type      Brushed.
  • Manufacture   Kohler.
  • Dimensions    15.12 x 8.31 x 6.97 inches.
  • Weight            3.29 pounds.


  • Advanced spray engine.
  • Silk spray releases a dense.
  • Adjustable 3 in 1 shower head.


  • Showerhead angle has limited adjustability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I get more water pressure from my Kohler shower head?

There are a few things that you can do to increase the water pressure from your Kohler shower head. One option is to use a higher-flow showerhead, which sends more water through the hoseless time. 

Another option is to adjust the jet setting on your showerhead. You may also want to consider installing a new supply line or aerator for your sink area if you struggle with low water pressure. Finally, make sure that all of the components of your plumbing system – including your fixtures – are up-to-date and functioning correctly.

By taking these measures, you should be able to improve the flow and pressure of your existing showers while avoiding expensive repairs or replacements down the road!

Q. How do I adjust my shower head?

Showerheads can be tricky to adjust, but it’s not complicated. The first step is to loosen the shower head by rotating it anticlockwise. 

Then, use your index finger and thumb to rotate the handle towards you until it clicks into place. 

Next, tighten the knob by turning it clockwise. Don’t forget to test the water flow by putting your hand under the stream of water!

Q. How do you loosen a Kohler shower head?

There are a few different ways to loosen a Kohler shower head, and the most common is calling a technician. However, if you don’t have access to one or can’t afford one, some DIY solutions may work better. 

One such solution is using soap and water; however, this may not be enough force to loosen the head completely.

Another option is using pipe dope (available at hardware stores), which comes in several varieties, including plumbers’ putty and superglue gel tube knockout compound.

Once you find an appropriate solution for loosening your shower head, use it before it becomes too stubborn or impossible to remove altogether. It will help keep your water flowing smoothly while providing easy maintenance down the road!

Q. Do KOHLER shower heads come apart?

While KOHLER shower heads come apart, they are designed to be easily reassembled. It is done by pushing and pulling on the connectors until they click into place.

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