Is a Kneeling Chair Good for Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

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As a workaholic, if you sit hours every day in a regular chair and get back with back pain, then you should worry. This type of pain can cause anterior pelvic tilt. Doing exercise will help you out, but this is not the ultimate solution. 

By adjusting your sitting style, you can reduce the pain of anterior pelvic tilt. But a regular chair can not help you with the correct sitting posture. So you need a kneeling chair which is for anterior pelvic tilt. 

With the help of this kneeling chair, you can come into the posterior pelvic tilt. In this write-up, we’ll explore whether a kneeling chair is good for anterior pelvic tilt or not. Let’s find out what the anterior pelvic tilt means and what we can do about your pain and the kneeling chair.

Is There A Way To Find If You Have An Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

A simple test can determine whether you have an anterior pelvic tilt or not. Hope this simple exercise test will help you to puzzle out what’s the cause of your lower or back pain. Here is the test, follow the sequences and find out- 

  • Ensure you have the most sturdy chair to sit down on.
  • Lean back against the table, your legs dangling from the table at the knees.
  • Lift one of your legs close to you, keeping your hand under your knee. 
  • Bend your leg this much until it rests against your chest.
  • Continue with the opposite leg.

If your pelvis is aligned properly, the back of your resting leg should be touching the table. You will feel tightness in your front thigh muscles if you rotate your leg to reach the table or extend your resting leg. This is surely a sign of a pelvis tilt.

What is a Kneeling Chair?

Chairs with a kneeling position for your thighs are called kneeling chairs. You can drop your thighs at the angle of 60° to 70° from vertical. This is totally 90° as opposed to sitting in a normal chair. 

Kneeling chairs are commonly used to enhance posture and arch your lower back by adjusting the pelvis position. If you have several types of pain caused for sitting hours in a bad position, you’re the person who needs this chair. 

The main purpose of kneeling chairs like this one is to alleviate lower back pain. This is more like a chair for anterior pelvic tilt, which offers a different way of sitting. The seat of the kneeling chair is inclined forwards to keep the pelvis and spine balanced, while the shin pads keep you from slipping forward.

Is a Kneeling Chair Good for Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

We are all unique and perform several responsibilities at various workplaces. Sitting for an extended period without proper stretching will cause an issue like anterior pelvic tilt. So, there will never be a single ideal chair for everyone. Most health experts suggest exercise; stretches are beneficial to correct an anterior tilt, 

Switching to a rocking, swiveling kneeling chair is a wonderful method to motivate more exercise, as thousands of users do. You get out of the static positions which slowed you down by doing this exercise. 

It’s good to introduce a kneeling chair as a seating alternative in the office to generate more mobility for your body. Kneeling chairs support ‘active sitting,’ which fosters more core activity in many settings. It’ll also help you if you have pain caused by anterior pelvic tilt. 

Your back and knees will be in the right posture with the proper sitting position. Thus kneeling chairs will help you with pelvic control. After acclimatization, most people can sit on kneeling chairs and spend hours. 

Static kneeling chairs do not stimulate the user and are best used for short-term work. Kneeling chairs are great for desk work and other tasks that would typically keep you active that require you to lean forward. 

To have a decent set-up and stimulate movement, your kneeling chair, like other chairs, must work well with your other working office furniture. 

A decent kneeling chair is built to last, with adjustments for varied builds and surfaces, as well as a swivel and wheels for mobility. It gives you the necessary changes and movement possibilities to keep you active all day – with frequent rests, of course.

What Is The Best Way To Use A Kneeling Chair?

Your bottom should bear most of your weight to use your kneeling chair properly. Place your knees on the lower pads of the kneeling chair once you’ve sat in the seat. 

Slightly pressing into the bottom pads helps extend the spine by providing an upward lift. Some folks find the initial sensation unusual because it’s unlike anything they’ve ever felt before.

Final Thought

You can do several exercises at home when you have the anterior pelvic tilt issue. Doing hard with the exercises but sitting in the regular chair at work will not help you out. 

It would be best to have a unique kneeling chair for your hip and knee pain. Exercise will help you to make your abdominal muscles stronger. On the other hand, a kneeling chair makes it easier for you to maintain a good posture while sitting.

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