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Inadequate ventilation leads to germs, disease, and unpleasant odors. So for proper ventilation, there is a need for the best exhaust fan for kitchen window. 

Summer is on the way, and we all need a fresh and cool environment. Proper ventilation is best for the cool and fresh environment for your offices, home, and of course, for your kitchen. If you live in a small apartment or a congested area and there is no proper airflow, then the exhaust fan should be your voice. The kitchen is the area where there are all kinds of accessories, and there is a presence of moisture, especially if you live in a small house. 

An exhaust fan will attract healthy and fresh air and eliminate all the bad odors and moisture from your kitchen. They will also help in removing all the smells of cooking and food from the kitchen. So the environment of your other home also remains fresh.

Let’s have a look 10 best exhaust fan for kitchen window

  1. Comfort Zone CZ319WT 9 Inch Twin Window fan-best twin window fan
  2. Air King 9166F Whole-house window fan-best whole house window fan 
  3. Comfort Zone CZ310R Twin window fan-best multi-functional window
  4. Extractor Fan 220V exhaust fan-best powerful exhaust fan
  5. Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan-best reversible airflow window fan
  6. Genesis Twin Window Fan-best sturdy material exhaust fan
  7. iLiving 12 Wall Mounted Exhaust Vent Fan-best durable vent fan
  8. Broan Nutone 508 Through Wall Exhaust Fan-best noiseless exhaust fan
  9. Broan NuTone 8210 8 vertical discharge exhaust-best versatile exhaust fan
  10. iLIVING ILG8SF24V-T 24 inch -best kitchen window exhust Ventilation Fan

best exhaust fan for kitchen window review

To help you, we have compiled a list of exhaust fans for your kitchen window. Let’s have a look at our best-recommended window fans reviews. 

1. Comfort Zone CZ319WT 9 Inch Twin Window fan

Product review :

This window exhaust fan is manufactured in a comfort zone which gives the fan a model number CZ319WT. The fan is very portable and lightweight. When the exhaust has not been installed, we had a problem with dust and cold or hot air which comes in the window hole.

But the best window fan-like comfort zone provides a removable fabric cover on the front of the fan, which prevents the dust, debris, and every tiny bug from entering. Comfort zone CZ319 is a window fan that provides twin fans with reversible control of airflow. 

The legs are removable to set up on the window quickly. For long life, they provide UV protection to the plastic frame. The fan comes with two-speed controls, one is low, and the other is high. They have 6 inches of extension panels which can fit in a wide window of 32 inches. You will also find a handle on the back of the fan, making it easy to place the fan anywhere.

Product Features

  • Provide two-speed fans, the one is low, and the other is high speed.
  • They had excellent blades, which give fantastic airflow.
  • UV protection for long life.
  • The airflow twin windows have auto-locking expanders.
  • For more portability, the handles available with the package.
  • Installation of fans is very easy.
  • The window fans are very affordable in price.


  • Twin blades.
  • Manual reversible function.
  • Lightweight.


  • Low power.

2. Air King 9166F Whole-house window fan

Product review  :

Air king manufactured several fans, but the 9166F model is the best window exhaust fan. This model fan is for large windows that can pass more air and, in summer, make your home a lot cooler. The blades and front grill are of steel. Also, at the front, they have a switch through which you can easily change the fan settings.

Air king 9166F height is around 26.25 inches, and the opening of the window is the width between 27 to 38 inches. If you want to fit this fan in your window, then these measurements are necessary. The fan will not fit in a window that is less than 27 inches wide. 

There is a dial on the front, and on the dial, there are two sides, and then both have three settings. There is a fan speed option on the left side, and on the right side, there are exhaust speed options. The fan has impact-resistant plastic and pretty quitter as compared to other fans.

Product Features:

  • You can use the window fan for both purposes, as a regular fan, and as an exhaust.
  • Window fans come with rotary switches and RPM, which have high, medium, and low speeds.
  • The blades and front grill are of powdered coated steel.
  • Pretty quitter, you can use it for all kinds of houses.
  • Quickly and perfectly fit on the window width between 27 to 38 inches.
  • The installation of the fan is very easy.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Well designed.
  • Large size.
  • Remote Control


  • Produce vibration.

3. Comfort Zone CZ310R Twin window fan

Product review  ;

This is another Comfort Zone model, the best exhaust fan for the kitchen window, which can be remote-controlled. The remote control allows you three options which each have different settings. The exhaust set will remove the stale air; the cooling setting brings fresh air. 

The circular option will move the dual fan in opposite directions, which will improve the air in the room. And the speed options will allow you to choose the fan’s speed and how fast you want the fan to operate.

Comfort Zone CZ310R twin window fan is a high-quality design with multi-function options. The expanders can be extended from 23 to 37 inches adjusted at any size window. Once you install the fan, the expander will be locked, and you can it from the remote control. 

They also provide removable legs, which can be removed when the fan fits in the window. Accordion expanders locking can hold the fan at any window.

Product Features:

  • High power electric motors feature their fans.
  • On the twin window fan, you can choose the three different speeds of the fan.
  • Through remote, you can select the fan for three additional functions.
  • Can pick the exhaust function, cooling function, and circulating function.
  • It can be easily adjusted on the window with a width between 23 to 37 inches.
  • Hard to find anything like that fan in this price range.


  • Multi-functional.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Affordable.


  • Noisy.

4. Extractor Fan 220V exhaust fan

Product review  :

It is a small window exhaust fan manufactured by Estink. The Extractor performs the operations silently, also consuming less electricity. Window extractor fans are suitable for every kitchen, toilet, and bathroom. It will keep your family in a healthy and comfortable environment, also some humidity. The product comes in two different sizes and at a reasonable price.

An extractor fan 220V exhaust fan is from ABS plastic material, making the fan durable and won’t deform easily. The installation is very easy and installs on both walls or windows. The fan has great exhaust properties, and electricity consumption is deficient. Because of the low energy required, you can use it for 24 hours. The fan will not be old; you can use it for lime time.

Product Features:

  • Made of quality ABS plastic material, it can work for a lifetime.
  • The fan can be installed on both walls and windows.
  • Reduces humidity and makes the environment healthy.
  • The product performs very quietly.
  • Consumption of less electricity.
  • You can apply the product quickly in your bathroom, kitchen, room, etc.


  • Quieter.
  • Easy installation.
  • Affordable.


  • Small size.

5. Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

Product review:

Bionaire Twin reversible airflow is the best window fan, also with the most accessible control. Their powerful unit and excellent features make this fan unique from others. The fan is best suitable for the kitchen, and the design fits into the casement, vertical side of double hang. It comes with a dual-fan, the one fan allows us to suck the air in, and the other fan will enable us to exhaust the dirty air, which gives us pleasant weather.

It reaches 8 feet further than the air, which makes the fan more powerful. And their seven buttons allow you to easily control the speed, thermostat, auto manual operations, and airflow; all these can be easily from the provided remote.

The programmable thermostat LCD screen will help you select the room temperature, which the blades automatically turn off and on, to maintain your preferred temperature. Invest in this high feature exhaust fan. It will provide a comfortable and healthy environment.

Product Features:

  • The motors are water-resistant, you can use the exhaust in the rain.
  • Digital programmable LCD screens come through so you can easily control your fan.
  • The fan has three-speed options, low, medium, high.
  • The installation and usage of the fan are pretty easy.
  • The actual size needed for the window is 12 inches in which can be easily fit.
  • The company offers three years of limited warranty.


  • Excellent design.
  • Multi optional.
  • High speed.


  • Beeps of buttons are loud.

6. Genesis Twin Window Fan

Product review  

Genesis Twin is also a perfect kitchen window exhaust fan, designed with a LED indicator. They also have a 3-speed option, high, medium, and low that comes with dual motors. The fan has both the intake and exhaust air ability which are also perfect for smokers.

 Provide a holding handle that is easy to hold, and also, the fans are very lightweight. You can buy the fan with free-standing legs or fix it on the window. The Genesis Twin Window Fan is from a sturdy plastic material with a high-powered motor that runs at high speed. 

For the kitchen window, this fan is also considered one of the best window exhausts. The product is very durable and comes with 9 inches blades, and the motor of the fan is built from copper to withstand all kinds of weather.

Product Features:

  • They have a m:aximum of cooling technology.
  • To your kitchen, it will provide perfect air circulation.
  • Dual motors come built from durable coffers.
  • Reversible blades operate for both intake or exhaust purposes.
  • The 9 inches window fan is fantastic for household use.
  • For more portability, provide a carry handle.
  • They can be moved easily from one room to another.


  • Three-speed options.
  • Dual motors.
  • Easy in caring.


  • Noisy.

7. Living 12 Wall Mounted Exhaust Vent Fan

Product review :

The window-mounted exhaust fan has the automatic shutter open when you switch the fan, so you don’t have to worry about dust or any other things which can enter through the window hole. It has energy-saving and heat-protected features. 

You can easily install this exhaust in your kitchen, garage, bathroom, etc. The 12 inches kitchen window vent fan will provide perfect cooling and also reduce the cooling bills expenses. Their motors are water-resistant from high aluminum grades that can be used in rainy weather without any worry.

 They are protected from corrosion and can be used for life long. Their thermostat allows the fan to automatically generate the room temperature in the range of 32 to 130F. The package contains a six feet cord that can be easily fit anywhere.

Product Features:

  • When the fan switches on, the shutter automatically opens, and when switched off, the shutter automatically closes.
  • For portability, it comes with an extended 6 feet cord.
  • They have three adjustable speed options.
  • Water and heat resistant, constructed from high-grade aluminum.
  • You can use it in multi places such as room, kitchen, bathroom, garage.
  • Less Electric consumption requires for operation.


  • Thermostat control.
  • Impressive performance.
  • Easy installation.


  • The large gap in which the water can be easily entered.

8. Broan Nutone 508 Through Wall Exhaust Fan

Product review  

The kitchen window ventilation fan of the Broan Nutone runs on a high 270 CFM, which leaves an impressive effect. This product will clean your house from cooking odors and tobacco smoke and make it from fresh air. The product airflow capacity is suitable for 240 square feet. They have powerful motors which operate quieter.

The installation of Broan Nutone is super easy, which can be installed by yourself. People love this because of their noiseless performance. In the kitchen wall, exhaust maximizes air structure to improve ventilation. This fan fits in which is 4-9 thick and 5-10 wide. Their white grills are paintable, which will also decorate the wall.

Product Features:

  • The motors are powerful and noiseless.
  • The replacement and installation of the exhaust are very easy.
  • For maximum performance, the blade of the fan design is from a polymeric fan.
  • Paintable grills come with a fan that fits your kitchen decoration.
  • The Sone rating is 7.0, which runs quietly.
  • The manufacturer offers one year of limited warranty.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Easy installation.
  • Affordable.


  • Water can get inside quickly.

9. Broan NuTone 8210 8 vertical discharge exhaust

Product review  

Broan NuTone is a kitchen window exhaust fan that will keep the kitchen fresh-smelling fresh. The fan will eliminate the smoke from the kitchen and preserve the environment fresh. The motors and blades work silently and also provide excellent ventilation for a long time. The fan blades have an outstanding balance that will not deform.

The polymeric grill to the blades ensures that fans will more decorate the existing space. The fan has around 7 inches of the duct that you can install anywhere. Also, the fan has a twist lock. This fan will be an excellent choice for kitchens, rooms, commercial restrooms, and all those places where air volume is required.

Product Features:

  • The design of the blades is excellent, which stays balanced and will not distort.
  • Operate quieter performance.
  • Fans come with fast and easy twist locks.
  • The installation of the fan is very easy and can install anywhere.
  • The fan will eliminate smoke from the kitchen.
  • It will keep your home smelling fresh.


  • Great performance.
  • Quieter.
  • Versatility.


  • It didn’t come with the required hardware.

10. iLIVING ILG8SF24V-T 24 inch Shutter Exhaust Ventilation Fan

Product review  

iLIVING ILG8SF24V-T is a kitchen window exhaust fan that will keep the kitchen fresh-smelling fresh. The fan will eliminate the smoke from the kitchen and preserve the environment fresh.

iLIVING’s wall-mounted automatic shutter vent fan is your solution to reducing expensive cooling bills at home. This fan features a built-in 2-speed thermostat, 6 foot long 3 plugs cord, and convenient remote control for easy operation.

The iLIVING Wall Mounted Automatic Shutter Vent Fan reduces the temperature of hot air coming into your house. The innovative design of this vent fan helps keep your living space cooler and more comfortable year-round

Product Features:

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The maintenance of the stainless body is low and also durable.
  • Perfect design for apartments and condos.
  • Easy control of airflow just by pressing the pushbuttons.
  • The Cosmo provides five years of limited warranty with 5U30 exhaust.
  • Simple, electrician free installation


  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.


  • Not suitable for large kitchens.

Exhaust fan for the kitchen window buying guide

The kitchen can be one of the busiest places in the house. And if you cook a lot, you might have encountered many problems, and smoke is one of them. Getting rid of the smoke might not be as difficult of a task because all you need is exhaust and life’s good. 

But choosing the right exhaust fan for the kitchen window can become a little tricky because you have too many options. You have to select the one which suits your kitchen the best. Look out for what we mentioned to get an idea of what to look at when buying window exhaust for your kitchen.

Size of the exhaust

If you have a smaller kitchen and no ventilation means, you should consider having a window exhaust. Since your kitchen is small, an exhaust with a single fan might do the job for you. But if your kitchen happens to be a bigger one, you should consider having a fan with more enormous wings and more than a single fan.

Know the size of your window

Before buying an exhaust for your kitchen window, you should always check the size of your window. Because if you buy a fan that happens to be larger than the window, then obviously, you’ll end up regretting your decision.

Buy one with extenders

If you need a smaller fan and your kitchen window happens to be a big one, don’t worry because fans exist out there that come with the extenders. So you can use the extenders to fit the exhaust in virtually any window if it’s not crazy big, like the size of a cinema screen.


If you make recipes in your kitchen by watching an expert on your phone or just like to listen to the news or other media in the background while cooking, you should look after the fan’s noise.

The reason is if the exhaust is too noisy, it will distract you and will leave you annoyed. So always go for the one which runs smoothly in the background.

Airflow capacity

A lot of people and companies talk about the CFM(cubic feet per minute). Which, in simple words, means the amount of air that the fan can pull out in a minute in cubic feet. But if a fan has a more incredible CFM does not mean that it will remove the smoke better, so if you like a fan that has a smaller CFM than the others, don’t get confused with that.

The build material of the fan

We always think that the most premium and reliable products have their parts made up of metals. But if you live in coastal areas where humidity is more remarkable, you should think twice before buying the best exhaust fan for a kitchen window with metal blades. Because the metal will become rusty over time and may result in the noisy performance of the fan. Go with ones who have plastic blades, and there are two main reasons for that. The first one is they are lightweight and save you electricity; the second one is they are less noisy. But if you live in a less humid environment and want something solid and long-lasting, you can go for the metal one, but the plastic is best.

Power consumption

We always tend to buy stuff which improves our lifestyle or makes our life easier than before. The product which falls in any of those criteria gets selected. So also, while choosing the exhaust for your kitchen window, you should check how much power it uses because if it increases the bill more than facilitating you, it’s not worth it. So you should be checking the power consumption of a unit before getting one.


Q. Do I need a kitchen fan if I have a large kitchen?

Whether you have a small kitchen or a larger one investing in an exhaust fan for the kitchen window will be good for you. Smaller kitchens tend to get filled with smoke very often, but if you have a larger kitchen with excellent ventilation, you probably don’t necessarily need it. Because if the air circulates, it will take the smoke with it.

But for the smaller kitchen, you need one. It makes your kitchen experience nice and clean. These exhausts also help you keep the kitchen’s temperature down, so having one helps a lot.

Q. What size should I go for?

When it comes to the size of the exhaust fan for the kitchen window you need, you should mainly consider two main factors.

Size of kitchen

If you have a bigger kitchen and no other means of ventilation, you should go for a bigger fan because it’s common sense that a bigger kitchen needs more power than a fan.

Size of the window

This thing is evident that if you have a small window, you should buy a small fan, but you should buy an enormous fan if you have a big window.

But some fans also come with extenders so that you can fit a small fan in more enormous windows.

Q. Does the speed of the fan matter?

The fan manufacturing companies always talk about the CFM, measuring airflow in cubic feet per minute. But it turns out that the CFM does not matter in getting the smoke out of the kitchen. Some fans with less CFM can produce better results than fans with more excellent airflow.

Q. Do kitchen exhaust fan make noise?

All the fans that exist in this world make noise. But some are quieter than others.

Usually, the kitchen exhaust fans are quiet and don’t make a lot of noise because they don’t have large blades, so they are not noisy.

Q. Which one should I buy? ducted or ductless.

The answer to this question depends upon your kitchen. If you have a kitchen with a fitted kitchen range and a duct to install the fan, you should go for a ducted one. But if your kitchen doesn’t have a chimney, we recommend not to go for a ductless one. Instead, you would consider getting and install one exhaust fan that fits in the window. 

Because in the ductless one, you may have to change the filter after some time. The ductless one does not expel the air outside to spread the smells around the kitchen and the house. 

Q. Is metal blades one better than the plastic one?

The answer to this question relies on two factors. The first one is your area. If you live in a humid climate, it will be better to buy a plastic blade. Secondly, if your environment is okay, you can buy the metal one for better strength.


Proper ventilation of your home will save you from moisture, bad smells, and all kinds of germs. If you think that only small kitchens need the best exhaust fan, then you are wrong. The exhaust fan for the kitchen window is for all kinds of small and large kitchens. Now it’s time to get rid of all sorts of fried odor from your kitchen’s foods and moisture. 

I hope you will like all the above our best bathroom fans’ product reviews, grab the one you want most, and perfectly fit your needs. For further guidelines, you can take help from our buying guide and enjoy purchasing the product. 

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