Does Reheatza work? all you need to know about microwave crisper

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No more confusion about how does reheatza work? You will learn all about this microwave energized pan that can heat up to 400 degrees. Rest assured that this product will make your leftover food ideal for you.

Does Reheatza work?

Do you want to get your leftover pizza to get crispy again? Well, there is a product called Reheatza in which you can heat up your slice from last night. Although the reviews claim that this product works very well, still people are confused about it. This is mainly because the product is new, and people come up with mixed reviews.

Well, here we will try to help you understand this item. Also, an in-depth analysis of its working principle and following results will give us an answer to the most asked question, Does reheatza work?

Specifications of Reheatza microwave crisper

Reheatza is a microwave crisper. It is energized by microwave energy which is converted into conductive heat. It has a nonstick surface and average interior dimensions are 12.5 inches length x 12.5 inches width x 5 inches height.

Not only for pizza, but you can also use Reheatza for frozen food, grilled cheese, eggs, mozzarella cheese, sandwiches, bacon, vegetables, burgers, rolls, wings, and much more. The best quality of this product is its ability to prevent food from getting soggy.

Working Principle

To understand how does reheatza work, we need to learn the procedure at a deeper level. Starting from the main structural component of Reheatza, which is ‘microwave energized heating pan’. Its principle of working depends on energy conversion. The microwave energy heats the material of the pan. It is then transferred to the food that needs to be cooked.

In other words, we can say that it is working just like a stove. The only difference is in the source of heat. In the case of the stove, it is coming from the fire, while in the case of this product, microwaves do the job. Only the surface that is in contact with the food gets the heat. This means that the remaining parts, like the pan lining and lid, remain cool.

Before you start cooking, make sure you preheat the pan. This heating process is also similar to a stove; however, it is relatively slow. As it heats up after three to four minutes, you are ready to put the food inside it. Then put it back inside and let it cook for the prescribed time. In a matter of a few minutes, the reheatza microwave crisper will give you oven-quality results.

The Result Review


If you want to cook fried eggs or scrambled eggs, then rest assured that they will not stick to the surface. Apart from its ability to cook them perfectly, it will slide off everything from the surface. However, one no-go is the difficulty to determine the heat level required for cooking. It’s a hit and trial at the start till you learn the precise control.

2. Vegetables, and Chicken

In the case of vegetables and chicken, the product seems to take more than the recommended time. This means that, rather than 15 minutes, it took 20 minutes in total. So, the product is not working as claimed. The main advertising theme is its ability to provide quick and crispy food. Some people who experience such results feel upset as they do not get the expected results.  

Does this observation raise questions that how does microwave crisper works?Well, it explains the fact that reheatza is a reheater device, not a cooker. It does cook soft food items like egg, but not good enough for the others. In other words, you can say that it is easy to cook chicken on the stove in one go rather than putting it back and forth in Reheatza for a long time. That’s not a wise decision.

3. Reheating, and Grilling

Reheating pizza gave positive results to many cooks, while for many others, it does not work at all. Similar confusion exists for grilled cheese. Also, there is a lot of debate about time control. Everything takes a bit more time than it is mentioned in the manual. Some people are of the view that preheating time is not included in the actual cooking time, therefore, it should be counted without it.

The truth about this microwave crisper lies somewhere in the middle. It is said by many reviewers that this can be of good use for students who live far away from family in hostels. They probably cannot afford to buy a toaster or hot plate, so they can buy this affordable product.

Is it a crisper?

Experiments based on cheese grilling are not quite up to the mark. The cheese turned out quite soggy, and no crisp as claimed by product manufacturers.Because it can cook chicken, it is mysterious why it didn’t work for cheese grilling. One potential explanation could be that the pan wasn’t properly preheated in the microwave. According to the instructions, preheating is crucial for grill cheese. If this is the missing practice, then the cheese will never become brown and crispy.

This means that there is no doubt about the working of this product. However, the user needs to understand a few things before buying it. At least, when you go for the purchase, try to go through its manual. Discuss what confuses you, and learn what you do not know. These are the few precautions that can help you with its future use. You will get crispy and proper food that you like. It’s a new technology and a new type of cooking method. So, give it your time, and you will come to know how exactly reheatza works.


Overall, we can say that Reheatza is a crisper only if you follow the instructions. If you skip even a simple step like preheating in most cases that complain about its inefficiency, then the product will not produce expected results. Now that everything is explained in detail, do you still wonder that does reheatza works or not? We hope that the mist of your doubts is settled, and you are waiting to get your hands on this product as soon as possible.

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