Coleman queen airbed cot

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If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable sleep solution, then the Coleman queen airbed cot is an excellent option that won’t break the bank. The Coleman air bed cot provides a comfortable and luxurious sleeping solution for any camping enthusiast.

The cot’s design makes it easy to use; it can be inflated in just minutes with an external pump that comes with the product. This mattress uses durable vinyl in construction, making it water-resistant and perfect to use outdoors or indoors. What’s more…? If you want to know more about this amazing Coleman cot, this review will discuss how this product comes in a design to make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Detailed Features:

Versatile design:

The Coleman Queen Airbed Cot is a great way to get a comfortable bed on the go. It has an inflatable, queen-sized mattress with raised sides that can be used as a cot or an air bed when it’s not inflated. This makes it perfect for camping and convenient for those who like sleeping in the living room while their kids are watching TV. 

For camping Trips:

This Coleman Queen Airbed Cot is great for camping and just lounging around. It’s lightweight but durable. I’ve had mine for a year now without any problems, so I think it’s safe to say that this bed cot is built to last! You can easily take it on your camping trips, and it will be worth getting one of these to enjoy your summer.

Side Tables:

Side tables that attach easily to the cot. These side tables are great for storing your drink or other items while you sleep. The side tables also make it easy to get in and out of bed without moving the table each time. You can fold it when not in use, so they don’t take up any space when packing up the cot. 

Battery operated pump:

The battery-operated pump makes it easy to inflate the mattress quickly so you can get on with enjoying your camping trip instead of spending time blowing up beds! It is an excellent feature if you have kids impatient about being cooped up inside because they want to play outside! You won’t have to worry about them getting cranky while waiting for their bed to inflate!

Easy to transport:

It can conveniently fold up for easy transport to your campsite. The Coleman folding cot has sturdy steel with a powder-coated finish that will hold up to the elements. This camping bed has a built-in pump so that you can inflate it quickly and easily. The mattress has a thick, durable vinyl that resists rips or tears. When you’re done using this airbed, deflate it and store it in its handy carrying bag until your next adventure.


The Durable steel frame with powder-coated finish holds up well to the elements. Built-in pump makes inflating quick and easy; Thick, durable vinyl resists rips or tears; Deflates quickly for storage in a convenient carry bag.

Comfortable Air Mattress: 

The air mattress has a flocked top to provide a soft sleeping surface. A built-in battery-operated pump inflates the mattress quickly so you can get comfortable faster. When it’s time to pack up, the mattress deflates promptly for compact storage. 

Airtight System:

Coleman took extra care when designing this airbed by using an Airtight® system that prevents air from leaking out during the night while you’re sleeping on it. You’ll wake up fully rested every morning without waking up in a pool of sweat! Plus, the bed’s flocked top makes sure that you don’t get stuck in between the bed.

Great Edge Support 

The Coleman queen airbed camping cot, features sturdy construction with a durable steel frame and fabric top that provides excellent edge support so you can sleep all night comfortably. The Airtight® system keeps the air inside the mattress for maximum comfort and durability, while the heavy gauge PVC bottom prevents punctures from sharp objects on your campsite floor or hard ground at home.


I am so happy to tell you that you can purchase this product for less than $200. I found it at the lowest price of only $155.48 for a queen-size model! If you look at its quality and how well it holds air, I think you’re getting an excellent value with this mattress – one which should last quite some time if properly cared for!

Customer feedback for Coleman queen airbed cot.

One customer from the United States says, 

“On the way to becoming senior citizens, my wife and I wanted to camp but not have our backs give out when we needed a picnic table for support. The Aerobed elevated us off the floor of the tent so that getting up was easy and it easily supported two heavier people with no problems at all! In order to start using this bed, you need first fill it up with air as instructed in an initial rush then let your mattress stretch before topping it back off again if desired (we did). This made camping much more enjoyable because of its ease on both our bodies plus being able to sleep really well without having fear about rolling or falling from such a high place – something those old bones don’t always like doing anymore.”

Another customer from Canada praise this comfy bed by saying, 

“We love our new bed frame! It was heavier than I initially thought, but it’s perfect for camping since we can’t stand up in the tent. The little side tables on each end of the mattress make a great place to store your flashlight or reading book, so you don’t have to keep getting out of bed when it gets dark. We’ve been using this as our guest bedroom, too, and they love how comfortable and easy setup is – no more wrestling with those old air mattresses that need inflating every night before sleep time comes around again. But my favorite part about this thing has got to be the carrying case which moves quickly over different terrain because of its lightweight features. 

Process of setting up a Coleman Queen cot:

Setting up a Coleman Queen Cot is not hard, but some tips will make the process go more smoothly. Here are some tips for setting up a Coleman Queen Cot:

1) Open and unfold your cot, so it’s ready to set up

2) Put the bedding on your cot (check out this video for how to do it!)

3) Attach the feet of your cot to the ground with stakes or rocks

4) Connect one end of your tent pole to each side connector bar near head height to find where they should be inserted

5) Insert poles into connectors and push them together until they lock into place.

This process is not complicated, but some tips will make the process go more smoothly. Here are six tips for setting up a Coleman Queen Cot:

  • Insert legs into place in a cot frame, then lock them by turning one side clockwise and another counterclockwise until they click together (you may need to use elbow grease!)
  • Level out the cot on flat ground before unfolding it so you can get an idea of where any unevenness should be placed.
  • Find ground level using either rocks, sticks or something else stable like two logs -this way, when you assemble the cot’s metal bars with stakes at each end, you’ll know where to place them, and the cot will be more stable.
  • Some people find it easier to assemble the frame before taking off any of the plastic wrappings. This way, they can see what’s inside and avoid having anything fall out during setup!
  • After assembling all four sides with bars in place and stakes at each end, make sure that it is square by measuring diagonally from opposite corners. If one diagonal measurement is greater than another, adjust corner posts until both measurements are equal.
  • Tighten up screws using a screwdriver, so everything stays together nicely.


Q. How do I make my cot less noisy?

  1. A cot is a perfect place to sleep when you’re camping, but it can be noisy and uncomfortable. Some things to try is wrapping the cot with a blanket. Some people also like putting rubber sheets on them, which can help make them less noisy and keep you more comfortable. You could also put a mattress on top of the cot for a better experience. 

Q. How do you deflate a Coleman air mattress?

  1. Lie the mattress flat on a surface and then take off the plug valve; press down on one side of the mattress with your hands while holding in the air. Then let all of it out.

Q. Why does a cot make noise?

  1. It’s because of the “cotter pins”, like a small metal strip that holds two other parts together. They make noise when you move around at night and hit them against each other.


We know that you’re out there like we are, looking for a good night’s sleep. The Coleman Queen Airbed Cot offers the perfect solution to help you get your rest without breaking the bank. Consider this air mattress cot by Coleman if you want an affordable way to have a comfortable place to lay your head at home or while camping with friends and family. Many features on this bed will make it easy for anyone in any situation to enjoy their time sleeping comfortably (and they’re so cheap!). If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find an inexpensive fix for getting some decent shut-eye, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to buy it today!

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