What kind of blanket keeps you cool in the summer? 

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The available cooling blankets in the market are designed to keep you cool during the summer. These blankets are usually light in weight and are made up of natural fibers such as eucalyptus, bamboo lyocell, and linen. All these fabrics help in releasing body heat instead of trapping it.

Things to Look for while Selecting the Blanket

A lot of things must be checked before purchasing a cooling blanket. It includes size, fabric, color, price, washing procedure, and much more. While buying a blanket that keeps you cool during summer, it is important to look for breathable materials such as bamboo lyocell, linen, and eucalyptus. Similarly, always set a budget in your mind and then start exploring the options.

Different companies offer sleep trials to their users for some specific period. Do not forget to check for valid warranty and return policies about the companies from which you are planning to purchase your cooling blanket. Moreover, always check the customer reviews before finalizing your purchase. Before buying the blanket, ensure the one you are planning to pick does not require additional, inconvenient, or expensive care.

What kind of Blanket Keep you Cool in the summer?

Here in this section, you will learn about some blankets that can keep you cool during summer. Check the guide below for detailed insight.

Luxome Lightweight Blanket

It is one of the best bamboo cooling blankets. This extremely light in weight blanket from Luxome is made with bamboo viscose, counting the fill and the fabric. The Luxome Lightweight Blankets are extremely soft. It is a perfect option for hot sleepers. The best thing about this blanket is that it contains a thinner profile than other traditional comforters available today.

This amazing blanket is available in five colors and two sizes to go well with most beds. It is simple and easy to wash. People love to use this blanket in summer because it is silky soft, breathable, and great for hot climates. Moreover, Luxome offers its users an amazing 30-day return policy with a prepaid delivery label.

Buffy Breeze Blanket

This amazing comforter is made up of 100% eucalyptus fiber. The buffy breeze blanket is specially designed for hot sleepers. It is a perfect blanket to use in warm climates. This comforter’s fill and cover are made with the same silky-soft material.

The best thing about this comforter is that it absorbs moisture more proficiently than polyester or cotton and merely retains nominal body heat. People love to use this comforter as it is light in weight and extremely comfortable.

Gravity Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket

If you are looking for a blanket that keeps you cool in summer, then the Gravity Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket is the right option. This amazing blanket contains all the features people love about their weighted blankets. The best thing about this blanket is its moisture-wicking duvet cover.

This amazing blanket provides its users with a luxurious feel, moisture-wicking properties, and high breathability to keep them comfortable and relaxed.

It is available in three weight options and three color choices. One can easily pick their desired option according to their choice. The cover of the blanket is machine washable; however, the inner weighted blanket is not.

This amazing blanket comes with a 30-day return policy. However, ensure the blanket is in the same new condition and original packing when you return it. Moreover, the buyer must pay all return shipping charges while returning the product.

Rest Evercool Comforter

The amazing Evercool cooling comforter is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and durable. This comforter is explicitly designed to control body temperature by transferring and absorbing heat away. It is one of the best blankets that keep you cool in the summer.

The manufacturing material that is used in the making of this comforter is soft and silky smooth. It contains ultra-thin fibers that wick away all the moisture and sweat. The Evercool comforter is made up of Sorona fabric, a sustainable material that regulates body temperature.

The rest evercool comforter is available in only one color, i.e., blue. One can easily wash it in a machine. The best thing about purchasing this comforter is that it comes with an amazing 30-night sleep trial with returns and free shipping. It also contains a 1-year warranty.

Slumber Cloud Lightweight Comforter

This incredibly lightweight comforter is made up of a patented material known as ClimaDry by Outlast, which helps regulate moisture and heat.

Outlast technology is an excellent material that completely absorbs and releases all the excess body heat to assist you in preserving an even body temperature.

The comforter’s cover is made of 100 percent cotton material for breathability and softness. One can easily wash it in a machine without any difficulty. This amazing comforter offers its users a 60-night trial along with free shipping.


The cooling blankets are designed to keep you cool by releasing all the heat present inside the blanket. These blankets are usually light in weight and are made up of good quality materials such as bamboo lyocell, eucalyptus, linen, and more. Here in this article, you will learn about some of the best cooling blankets that are made up of high-quality material and come with a warranty. Check the guide above for an in-depth understanding.

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