Tips for Choosing and Using an Air Purifier

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Among other factors to consider while choosing an air purifier, the top one is considering the room size. The rest of the factors are described in the article.

With the increasing amount of pollutants in the air, it has become crucial for almost everyone to buy air purifiers. The indoor air becomes full of air pollutants without having enough circulation options. And the contaminants end up harming your lungs and respiratory system.

However, deciding to buy an air purifier and choosing the best one are not the same. Selecting which air purifier will work the best for your home is quite tricky. There are a lot of factors that’ll play a significant role when choosing one.

So the article is a complete guideline to help you with choosing the finest air purifier for your room. Read along to know the tips to buy the best air purifier.

Tips for Choosing An Air Purifier

To choose an air purifier for you to buy, you must answer the below-given questions-

  • Why do you need an air purifier?

It’s essential to what purpose an air purifier would serve in your house. You can choose an air purifier for various reasons, such as getting rid of bad odors, for having a clean and fresh atmosphere. Even if you have an asthma patient in your house, you may opt for an air purifier.

  • What type of air purifier do you need?

There are varieties of air purifiers one can find around the market. It’s up to you what style and size you want for your room. A water based purifier is the best one if you live in a small space. And if you live in a big space, consider checking the catalog’s space requirement with the purifiers.

Now moving forward to the top requirements you need to check while choosing the air purifier. Here are some of the must-checked factors to select an air purifier:

Size of the Room

If you want your newly bought air purifier to work efficiently, it’s essential to consider the square feet of your room where you’ll place the purifier. Usually, air purifiers can be demonstrated in three major kinds- small, medium, and large.

A small-size air purifier can cover up to 300 square feet room size.

Medium-size purifiers work best for a room up to 300 to 700 square feet.

And lastly, the large size can purify the air for a 700 to 1800 square feet room.

Overall make sure to choose an air purifier that can operate 20-40% larger room.

Another thing you should add to your list while choosing an air purifier is to go for a no-noise purifier.

Types of Filter

Another vital factor that you should figure out is what type of filter you want in the air purifiers. The filters are responsible for cleaning the air when it passes through the purifier. So you should be careful about making your decision about what type of filter you want. These filters are famous around the market:

Carbon Filters- Carbon filters are commonly used for removing gas and bad odors from the air. Activated carbon works to eliminate the bad smell from the air. 

HEPA Filters- High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are known for their effectiveness as it promises and actually removes 99.7% of airborne pollutants. 

Washable Filters-  These types of filters are famous among users as they can be washed several times, and they’re also easily removable.

UV Light Filters- As the name suggests, Uv filters work by using ultraviolet light to eliminate any allergens from the air.

Maintenance Cost

Investing in an air purifier is not only for several months. It’s a long time investment. After buying the purifier, you’ll need a little bit more money for the maintenance cost. 

That’s why one should look for the maintenance requirements before making your final decision. Things like how many times the filters need to be changed or if the filter is replaceable are the factors that concern maintenance cost.

Tips On Using an Air Purifier

If you have finally got the right air purifier for your room, you can use some of the tips we will share in the below section.

Placement in the room

Air purifiers need space around them to circulate the air. It’s best if you can place the purifier with enough space around it. Air purifiers also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so make sure to place them somewhere safe and higher.

Air Flow Direction

Buying an air purifier for a larger room means you need to choose the direction it faces carefully. Why?  Well, you wouldn’t want to suffocate the room with fresh air. But if the room space is small, then you can place the device in any direction.


An air purifier is a device one uses to clean indoor air. You should always keep the machine clean no matter what. Cleaning the device every 7 to 15 days after turning it off e is essential to make purifiers work more efficiently. Change the filters whenever you need to. Check it frequently to see if there’s too much dust stuck in the filter.

If the filter is washable, then wash it or replace it with a new one.

Room Ventilation

When you decide to turn on the air purifier, always keep in mind to close the doors and windows of the room.  Not keeping the door or windows closed would result in overworking the purifier.


We hope that reading the whole article will help you narrow down your options and let you choose the best one. Try to keep the features and price in balance while comparing it with other brands. You can not have it all in just one purifier.

Ensure you know how an air purifier will work for your room before going straight to the store and buying one. Understanding the working procedure of an air purifier will help you choose the best one for your home. You can leave any suggestion or comment regarding the article below.

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