Someone searches on “laptop computers” and clicks an ad. which landing page would be most relevant?

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Do you also wonder that when someone searches on “laptop computers” and clicks an ad. which landing page would be most relevant? There could be multiple different answers to this question. According to some people, landing on a laptop computer store home page is most relevant. While for others a page showing laptops is the perfect outcome of this search.

Someone searches on an ad. which landing page would be most relevant?

We can look into the details of both options to enquire which one should be the correct answer. There will be two more options that will be under discussion towards the end of the article to explain how they are useless for a person typing “laptop computers” in the search engine.

Most Relevant Page

A Page Showing Laptops

It is the general rule that the most relevant page of landing should be the one that should contain the keywords and product “laptop computers”.

It should be the same as the one used by the researcher. It could also be the one that is under-targeted by the advertiser. With good CPA, the most relevant page allows you to get better conversions. This is the reason why a page showing laptops is the more relevant page to land on when someone searches on “laptop computers” and clicks an ad. which landing page would be most relevant?


A landing page is an experience for the users. It measures how well an advertiser is helping the user to reach out to things that are most relevant. The quick, effortless, and most relevant outcomes of every search by the users explain the proficiency of the advertiser. They provide a landing page which is essentially a URL. The user clicks on it and reaches the required place. It helps the advertisers with Ad Rank. This is further linked with their position in Ad auctions and CPC.

In other words, if the advertiser is showing ads that are useless for researchers, and giving poor user experience, their ads will be shown less. They will even start to vanish from the search engines because of their least use for the people.

Other than this option, there are a few more landing pages when the user searches with this keyword. Here is an explanation about them that how they do not fulfill the requirement of the user as most relevant landing pages:

Least Relevant Landing Pages

1. Landing on Computer Store

Landing on a computer store means that the user will get information about all types of computer systems, not specifically laptops. The user is looking for a laptop computer, and not just any computer. Therefore, it is not a very relevant landing page. This page will also distract by showing up various other products that the website or company might be selling to its customers.

The user clicks on an ad to directly reach out to the options available under the laptop computer category. However, a computer store would be presenting irrelevant stuff which is almost of no use to the researcher.

Even if the computer store shows some laptop computer options, it is very hard for the user to navigate through the irrelevant information on the landing page. It is, therefore, almost close to useless for the users who are specifically looking for laptop systems rather than any type of computer or related gadget.

2. Page Showing Tablets

This is yet another type of landing page category which the users come across after searching for laptop computers. When someone searches on “laptop computers” and clicks an ad. which landing page would be most relevant? Definitely, this option should not be among the answers because the user will find nothing useful by landing on a page that sells or advertises tablets. This is not something that the user is looking for at the first place.

However, there are advertisers who mention such ads that lead the users to such pages. How can a person possibly be interested in tablets while typing the keyword “laptop computers”? The user will surely and immediately leave that page and opt for other URLs. It is suggested to the advertisers that they do not trick the users with such tactics for a few clicks because, in the long run, the search engine will find the irrelevancy and remove the ads.

3. Page Showing Both Laptops and Desktops

Another very common answer that the users get is in the form of landing pages that show both laptops and computers. The point of focus is still not the laptops for which the user is coming to that place. It is, therefore, another not very useful option to carry on with.

In this case, the user can scroll down through the stuff given on such landing pages, and in very few instances, get the information of choice. But, in most cases, they prove to be useless because they are distracting due to desktop options. Also, they are time-consuming to filter out what could be useful.

Another reason behind the least useful of such landing pages is that they are meant for clicks only. The advertiser is trying to just grab the attention of the user to get the clocks for the clients. The target is not to provide useful information or the right product which the user is looking for. The content is not satisfactory; thus, it is of no use for anybody other than the advertiser. Sooner or later, the advertiser also loses their utility because the search engines are smart enough to identify such ads and dispose of them from the platforms.


From the above discussion, we are sure that you are now aware that when someone searches on “laptop computers” and clicks an ad. which landing page would be most relevant? It is a very simple concept that does not technically challenge you to understand. You should be able to filter the irrelevant stuff while looking for things of your interest. It is an art that you will learn with time, or through similar informative discussions as above.

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