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Searching for a paddle tennis racket that helps in the improvement of your game is a quite tricky process. This is because every tennis player plays in a different way.

Rackets are all designed a little differently in order to cater to a certain type of player. Racket designers change the specifications slightly in the areas of balance, thickness, construction, and head shape. Each variation, regardless of how slight, affects the racket’s performance.

Rather than attempting to get the racket that’s the newest or one that’s the most advertised, take some time and figure out what type of player you are. Ask a tennis coach at the local club to play a game with you and then tell them what type of player you are. Once you have this figured out, determining which racket is the best is much easier.

Finding the best tennis racket is a matter of reducing the available options to ones that will help you maximize your performance and increase game consistency.


Paddle Tennis:

We will start first with a Paddle Tennis court, the court for paddle tennis usually smaller than platform tennis and regular tennis court. Furthermore, in paddle tennis courts there are no double lanes. The net in paddle tennis rackets is usually higher than other tennis courts. paddle tennis usually plays with paddle and balls in small spaces. It is a quick game without the need for too many accessories. Furthermore, paddle tennis has been playing for a long time and it is similar to pickleball. The service of paddle tennis is underhand, for this reason, it has few aces and returns points.

Platform Tennis:

Platform tennis started in 1920 with two tennis players, who want to play a game in weather not suitable for tennis. Here they come up with the idea of playing tennison platform, with heading underneath, they play their game.

Now everyone can play platform tennis at any time because of underneath heating. the court for the platform is less long and wider than paddle tennis racket. Overall there are 6 feet difference in both courts. It can be played indoors and outdoors both. Furthermore, there will be a fence around the court to keep the balls inside.

What is Platform Tennis?

Platform tennis is started by two tennis players James Cogswell and Fessenden Blanchard. It is similar to paddle tennis and other games of tennis but it can be played all year. There are a few types of equipment that are required in the game of paddle tennis and everyone can enjoy his game in a small space. The court for paddle tennis is also smaller than other tennis courts and surrounded by wire fences for keeping the balls inside.

Now here before deciding on a new racket, you should take the time to read many different paddle tennis racket reviews to find out how each racket has performed in a trial. Reading many different reviews will give you all of the information you need related to the newest rackets as far as size, head size and shape, flexibility, control, and power. Below you will find information on each paddle tennis racket from different manufacturers.

1. GRANDCOW Paddle Tennis Racket

Product review:

If you are looking for a durable paddle tennis racket then the GRANDCOW paddle Tennis racket has all your needs. It is a great tennis racket for pro-practicing.
The GrandCow Tennis Paddle is a high-quality paddle with the most affordable price. With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing, their team has been committed to providing customers with top quality products and services.

The carbon fiber tennis paddle is carefully crafted from high quality materials for durability and optimal performance. The racquet’s balance point is located at the sweet spot (the center of gravity) where you can get maximum power for every shot you make. The design of this product makes it easy to use by both beginners and experts alike.

Product Features:

  • The quality of the paddle tennis racket is great with carbon fiber composite for reaction-based and fast gaming.
  • The racket has a greater strike and quick response reflex.
  • For better speed hits, the tennis racket has used hole drilling technology with the proper distribution of holes. The hole drilling technology also increases the control of the player on the game as well as reduce windage. 
  • The handle of the paddle tennis racket has a wrist tether to avoid wristy strings. Furthermore, the handle has non-slippery features and the grip is sweat resistant.
  • The EVA memory foam has hole distributions for better control of the performance of the game. It will also provide a soft touch to hands while playing a game for a longer time.
  • The surface of the paddle is smooth.
  • The cover will include the product.
  • The paddle is 38mm thick
  • Paddle surface is made with carbon fiber fabric
  • The core of the paddle is made with soft flex foam of high density.
  • Great paddle racket for pro practicing.
  • The paddle is lightweight and responsive
  • Great quality
  • Color may be too bright for some people.

2. Ianoni Pickleball paddle Pickleball racket

Product review:

The Ianoni Pickleball paddle is a high-performance composite pickleball racket with a graphite face and polymer core. The graphite face gives the ball pinpoint accuracy, while the lightweight polymer core provides power without sacrificing control.

This advanced composite pickleball paddle is designed with a large sweet spot for increased consistency and playability. It’s ideal for players of all skill levels – from beginner to pro!

Product Features:

  • The core of the racket is made of polymer honeycomb which will provide greater strength and durability.
  • The paddle is made of a graphite composite face for greater performance in the game.
  • Furthermore, the graphite face also ensures precise control and accuracy.
  • The weight of the paddle is between 8 to 8.4 ounces which is a power-optimized weight range for increasing the all-around performance of the player.
  • The grip of the paddle is sweat absorbent and cushioned. The design is flared octagonal which can easily fit in hands. 
  • This graphite pickleball paddle is perfect for every level of player.
  • The grip length of the racket is 5. 1 inch
  • The overlapping edge guards are ¼ inches
  • USAPA approved
  • Great quality with great price
  • Well structured and balanced racket
  • We don’t find any con of the product.

3. Wilson 84 inches Paddle Tennis Paddle Racket

Product Review:

Wilson Ultra Light 84” Paddle Racket is a professional racket designed for players looking to improve their game with a lightweight paddle. The ultra-lightweight design allows the player to swing faster and deliver more powerful shots.

This racket comes with Killer Grit Technology, which increases spin on your shots by three times. It also has an open string pattern that delivers maximum power while providing ultimate control of the ball. If you are looking for a lightweight racket that will help you increase your game, then this is the right choice for you!

Product Features:

  • It is a lightweight composition for maximizing responsive and stronger results without being heavy on hands and arms.
  • The manufacturer removed the rough grit texture from the paddle of the bottom for unparalleled comfort.
  • No grit zone is established in this racket with killer grit technology.
  • For enhancing spin there is LH technology
  • The racket has the maximum hole sizing because of the advanced hole drilling process.
  • LH technology
  • No grit zone
  • Lightweight
  • The product has a 5.5* rating and we don’t find any con with the product.

4. Drop Shot Pala Conqueror racket

Product Review:

The Drop Shot is a high-performance paddle that provides maximum power and resiliency with the latest technology. It features an exclusive Curv 360 Armor made from revolutionary carbon fiber to provide superior protection against ball impact shock. The Curv 360 Armor protects your hand from injury

Product Features:

  • This drop shot pala padel racket has a frame made with carbon 3000 extremes.
  • For maximum power and resiliency, the design is curve  360 armor.
  • For greater elasticity and comfort, there is a foam core from EVA soft memory.
  • It is the paddle of choice of the number 1 paddle player in the world Juan Martin Diaz.
  • Great quality of material
  • EVA soft memory
  • Little pricey

5. VIKING Triple Threat Pro ultra Tennis Paddle racket

Product Review:

The VIKING Triple Threat Pro ultra Tennis Paddle racket is the ultimate weapon for advanced players. It features a 100% carbon fiber frame and handles, which are lighter than traditional wood frames.

The smaller head size allows you to generate more spin with less effort! This paddle has an open string pattern that also helps you to create more spin. You’ll love the feel of this racket, it’s light enough for quick reflex volleys but powerful enough to crush your opponent on the serve!

Product Features:

  • The core density of the paddle racket is low.
  • Surface features are Max grit
  • The overall length of the racket is 18 inches
  • The grip size of the racket is 4 ¼
  • The racket is loaded with new silencer damper technology as well as with triple threat carbon mesh.
  • There is extra hole enhancement.
  • Lightweight
  • Silencer damper technology
  • Spinmaster
  • May take some time to get used to it, due to its extraordinary lighter weight

6. GRANDCOW Carbon Fiber Power Lite Pop Tennis Paddle Racquets

Product review:

GRANDCOW Carbon Fiber Power Lite Pop Tennis Paddle Racquets is a lightweight, high-performance tennis paddle that provides the ultimate power and control.

The racquet features an all-carbon composite surface to provide a fast, reaction-based game with the highest impact hit and quick response flex. Improved hole drilling technology with hole distribution and size to provide better control and reduce the windage for better speed hit.

Product features:

  • For high performance and high speed in the game, the surface of the racket is made with graphite composite.
  • There are a balanced hold distribution and EVA memory foam core.
  • Greater control on the performance with a softer feel on hands
  • There is an adjustable safe wrist tether that will avoid swinging of the wrist during the game.
  • The longer reach of the racket also improves the efficiency of retrieving shots.
  • The design of the racket is up to date that will keep your fashion shape.
  • The grip handle is non-slippery with sweat-resistant features.
  • Adjustable wrist tether
  • Great for retrieving shots
  • Non- slippery and sweat resistant
  • The lighter weight of the racket maybe not perfect for professional players.

Buyer Guide:

There are some important points that you need to know before going to buy a paddle tennis racket.

The material of racket:

Select a racket frame from the graphite-composite materials, thermoplastic resins, and fiberglass with graphite in order. A small amount of titanium is OK. Stay away from aluminum, Kevlar, ceramics, and drilling. Most beginners or intermediate beginners have a slow swing speed and moderate their clubhead speed increases when more control. The best compromise is to choose flexibility in the print media.

WEIGHT racket frame

The current trend is the lighter frame, moving the 9 to 11 grams. Many professionals tend to use heavier bats, about 13 to 14 grams. A heavier frame has a tendency to vibrate less and therefore less likely to eventually cause arms problems. I recommend a medium (10 ounces) or slightly heavier frame weight.

Length racket

The normal measurement is 27 inches for years. Choose a racket that is 28 or 28 ½ inches long. These are sometimes called “stretch” or “extended” thugs. The extra length will not hurt, and it would be a little help. Most players seem to have some problems transitioning from a shorter a longer racket, but it is better to start with the extra length.

Grip strength

Grab a racket and put your hand around the handle. Place the index finger of your other hand on the handle in the space between the fingers and palm. If your index finger comfortably handles the size of the thing, sit for you. Look at the butt or handle of the frame by the handle and you will find a number, usually in inches. Most women use four 8.1 “to 4 3 / 8″. Most men use 4 ½ “to 4 8.5″. (Some European equivalents are: 2 = 4 1 / 4 “, 3 = 4 3 / 8″, 4 = 4 1 / 2 “, 5 = 4 8.5″.). If you are a player hitting under off-center hits very often, a larger diameter handle is better than a small handle.

FAQ for best paddle tennis racket

Q. Are paddle tennis and pickleball the same?

A. Both paddle tennis and pickleball are derived from tennis and also play similarly. However, the main difference between both games has eschewed the strings. The strings can be opting for a solid paddle or air holes. Furthermore, in pickleball, a smaller court is used as compared to paddle tennis. The underhand server is also used in pickleball tennis.

Q. Who invented the paddle Tennis racket?

A. paddle tennis racket is invented by Frank P. Beal. It was firstly introduced in 1920 and the idea came from the British 1890 shipboard game.

Q. Is paddle Tennis is easier than tennis?

A. Yes, we can say. The reason is in tennis a lively ball is used that comes on a string racket, which is not so easy to control. On the other hand, a paddle tennis player has better control of the game because the ball is coming off his paddle than a string racket.

Q. What are the rules for paddle tennis rackets?

A. In a paddle tennis racket, first of all, a toss is performed between two players. The player who won the toss will choose a side or serve. If he will choose the side the other player will get to choose to serve and vice versa. Now during serving player has not to hit the ball more than 31 inches

Final Verdict:

Paddle tennis is fastly growing since last year and now it is played by more than 20 million players. Paddle tennis is a great game to play with your family and have fun. However, to start with paddle tennis there is a need for a Paddle tennis racket, but here we also guide you completely about how you can get a perfect racket for you and your family. Our complete buyer guide will help you to pick a racket which meets all your game needs.

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