How to Run an Antenna Cable through the Roof?

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A roof antenna receives transmissions from confined broadcast towers set up by the TV networks, providing free television. One must connect an antenna cable between the television and the roof-mounted antenna to receive the signal properly.

The installation process of the antenna cable involves various factors that need to be observed. It includes proper tools, mounting equipment, masts, and coaxial cabling. It is important to understand TV aerials to tune the television antenna properly. However, note that installation tools are different for different roof types.

Required Tools

Some of the important tools that are required in the installation process are as follows:

  • F Connectors
  • Drill and drill bit set
  • Cable stripper
  • Silicone
  • Coach screws
  • F compression crimp tool
  • Field strength signal meter that measures BER and MER
  • Electrical tape
  • Driver and socket set

How to Run an Antenna Cable through the Roof – Installation Steps

A roof antenna helps in providing free television service to its users. It receives free transmissions from all the local broadcast towers in your area. It is necessary to connect an antenna cable between the television and the roof-mounted antenna for receiving the signal. Some of the installation steps that are involved in the process are as follows:

Step 1: The first step is to remove both the screws present on the air duct cover. Carefully remove it and place it on one side.

Step 2: After this, attach one end of your antenna’s coaxial cable with the coax output link on the antenna which is present on your house roof. Look for an air duct and staple the cable to the roof using U-clamp staples. Do not forget to apply a layer of silicone paste over it for maximum safety.

Step 3: After this, strip the end of a fishing line to the coaxial cable with strips of duct tape.

Step 4: Properly grip the cover present on the air duct. Pull it off and place it aside. Similarly, plunge the end of the fishing line into the air duct. After this, pull the lead weight out of the wall.

Step 5: In this step, drill a hole inside the left corner of the air duct with the help of a drill. Eliminate the lead weight and push the end of the cable all the way through the hole.

Step 6: Now drill a hole in the wall next to the air duct’s side. Simply pull the end of your coaxial cable out and bring it down to the baseboard. After this, clip the coaxial cable to the baseboard. Attach the free end of the cable to the coax input. Do not forget to check the label “Ant” before attaching it.

Step 7: Place the air duct cover back and reattach all the screws. Once you can perform all these steps, you’ll be able to run an antenna cable through your house roof.

One must follow the same procedure while running an antenna cable on a tin roof. Apply sealant after removing two screws from the capping. Put your base onto the surface and reinstall both the screws. With this approach, no holes are drilled into the roof. This can cause strapping, sturdy installation.

Connecting Coaxial Cable to Outdoor Antenna

As mentioned earlier, the first thing is to remove the TV’s power adapter and switch off all the connected devices. After this:

  1. Attach a coaxial cable to the ANT jack on the back of your television.
  2. Attach the cable to the cable TV jack also.
  3. After this, turn on your TV.


1.) Is it possible to run a cable line on your own?

Yes, it is possible. This approach helps you in saving your money. All the required tools are easily available, and the information is also present on the web. Check all the rooms where wiring is required and perform the task.

2.) Can I get both antenna and dish at the same time?

Well, it is possible to get both at the same time. If your dish network is associated with an AV port on your television, it also attaches to a tuner port. One needs an AV input button on their remote to perform the switching process to switch from antenna to dish.

3.) Is it possible to use the existing coax cable for an antenna?

Well, it depends upon the quality of your current wiring. If it is in good condition, then there is no harm in using it. But if the condition is not good, consider getting a new antenna or using a new RG6 cable.

4.) How to run cable behind your wall?

In such a case, a Fish Stick is introduced into a Hole. A fish stick is basically a stretchy rod that contains a small hook. One can easily pull all the wires from the space between the studs by using a fish stick.

5.) Is it possible to connect a coaxial cable to television without input?

Yes, it is possible, but it requires a digital converter box. The use of this box helps users in enabling the use of an antenna with television that lacks the necessary coaxial port. One can also attach the antennas to the TV using a converter box. A converter box also contains built-in tuners.


A roof antenna helps in providing free television to users. It receives all the transmission signals from confined broadcast towers. It is important to install the cable correctly to receive the required output. One must get all the necessary tools required in the installation process. This article contains a complete guide about running an antenna cable through the roof. Check the guide above for a detailed understanding.

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