How do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

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Moen is known for selling high-quality bathroom, kitchen, and shower faucets. They also promise to provide as much information about their products to their customers. If you are also a user of Moen Faucets, just like many other people, then you may also have to change your faucet at some point in your life, if not now.

Most people throw the packaging of new products considering it garbage. So when you feel the need to change your faucets, follow the below guide to find the model number on your Moen faucets. 

What is the Moen Faucet Model Number?

People using Moen products may need to find the model number of their Moen faucet for any reason. We know that most of the products by Moen are reliable, but there may come a time when you face any issue with it. So to solve that issue, if you go to the Moen website, you are asked to provide the model number of the Moen faucet to indicate the specifications of the faucet you are already using.

This number can also be used to check the warranty status of your moen products. Moreover, when the customer contacts Moen customer support, they are asked for the faucet’s model number to confirm the warranty and its specifications, etc. If you look at the spray wand and water spout, you will see the number “A12.18.1”. Many people consider it a model number for their faucet, while it is not.

You are mistaken for sure. So look carefully while finding the model number of your faucet. Otherwise, you will get a wrong faucet that won’t work with your already installed system. It usually starts with numbers like 7 or 8 and may include some letters. Search appropriately before buying a new faucet.

Need to Find the Model Number of My Moen Faucet

Moen is well known for its durable and high-quality faucets. It produces faucets that last much longer than any other brand. Moen has a variety of faucet models that can fit according to your need. It provides a unique model for each faucet. Each faucet has its unique model to distinguish it from other Moen faucets.

No matter where you use Moen faucets, some additional knowledge about these faucets is not insufficient for you. The company makes the faucet parts according to the model of the facet. To check whether there are any parts suitable for your Moen faucet, you can find them by checking the tap and the model number of the features.

Most of the Moen faucets have a minimal lifetime warranty. Therefore, if you want to the Moen customer service center for help with the faucet, you need to tell them about the model of the faucet you are already using.

The model number of Moen faucets is mostly a combination of letters and numbers. If you know the model number, the customer service supervisor can tell more about the faucet model and guide you to get the correct information about the taps. To replace the parts of moen faucets, you should know the model number.

Moreover, the model number can also be found on the faucet manual or the user manual you get along with it. You can use the faucet model number to order the correct part of the faucet.

How to Find the Moen Faucet Model Number?

There are two ways to find the model number of your Moen faucet. Follow the below-mentioned guide to find the model number.

Method 1: Check the Box or User Manual of You Moen Faucet

In any case, if you happen to be a person who stores the boxes of all the tools and gadgets somewhere in their garage, then it is effortless to find the model number of your moen faucet. This box has a lot of information about the model number and its parts. So just go to your garage or the place where you store all of this trash and find the faucet box.

If you can find the box, you can get a lot of information about it and model numbers like color, origin country, warranty, etc. If you have the user manual, just read through it, and you will find a model number on some pages. It also tells how to install the faucet. Thus, it will make your life easy. However, most people don’t keep the box or throw it after some time. In that case, you will have to look for another method.

Method 2: Find the Model Number on the Official Website of Moen Faucets

Go to the main website of Moen faucets and click on the service tab. Choose the “Find my product” option and click. This will help you in finding the model number of your Moen Faucet. Your screen will display three options in the next tab, i.e., Bathroom, Kitchen, and Smart Home.

Click on the category that matches your faucet, and then subcategories of faucets will come. Now you will see a list of all the available Moen faucets in your chosen category. This list may be long, so you will need time to find the model number of your faucet.

One can filter the search according to the specifications of your faucet. This will help you in finding the model number quickly. All the options that come after searching will have their model numbers mentioned below, and you can find the one that matches your faucet. 

These are the two main methods that can help you find the model number of your faucet. However, you can also find the model number with the help of the Google Image Search Feature. This process is a bit long and tiring, so find the model number with the methods mentioned above.

Important Factors while Finding the Model Number

Consider the following points before finding the model number of your Moen faucet. 

  • If the name “Moen” is not mentioned on your faucet, it means that your faucet is not from this brand. 
  • Look at the right place for the model number. First, point the spout aerator from where the water comes out, in a way that it faces the 3 o’clock position. After doing this, the model number will be written on the opposite side of your faucet. The model number of Moen faucets typically begins with “7 or 8,” which has 4-5 digits followed by letters.
  • Moen products always have a universal symbol indicating hot and cold water. Red indicates hot, while blue indicates cold.


Moen faucets are best known for their high-quality and good customer service. Moen is well known for its resilient and high-class faucets. Moen contains an assortment of faucet models that can fit according to your requirement and need. This article includes a complete guide to help you look for the model number of your faucet. Find the model number of faucet and change it quickly.

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