best toy cash register with scanner and receipt

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Curious about trying out the best toy cash registers with scanner and receipt for your child? Are you looking for something fun and easy to use to teach your child about counting, numbers, and money?

What makes a toy cash register stand out enough for you as a parent to buy it? Is it because it has your child’s favorite color or cartoon character? Or maybe it’s the accessories that come with it?

8 best toy cash register with scanner and receipt.

List and review of 8 best toy cash registers with scanner and receipt for your convenience.

  1. Minnie Mouse Disney Junior Bowtique Cash Register– best toy cash register
  2. FUNERICA Durable Cash Register Toy for Kids– best affordable toy cash register
  3. Boley Toy Cash Register with Scanner– best working calculator toy cash register
  4. Boley Kids Toy Cash Register– best realistic toy cash registers
  5. Battat B. Toys Cash Register Toy Playset– best scanner and cash register
  6. Funerica Toy Cash Register– best toy cash register with scanner and receipts for kids
  7. Victostar Toy Cash Register for Kids with Checkout Scanner– best toy cash register
  8. Little Tikes Shop ‘N Learn Smart Checkout- best educational Toy Cash Register

Benefits of Toy Cash Registers

No matter how old your child is, fake toy cash registers are among one the best toys that support your child’s brain development. Most parents are often in a hurry to purchase a toy for their kids, but taking your time and being intentional about the kind of play cash register you buy whether for your older child or your young toddler will result in a much better playtime for your little one.

Let’s play pretend

Pretend play is a powerful tool that enhances cognitive skills like problem-solving, social interaction, creative thinking, language, dialogue, and emotional intelligence. By copying real-world situations, your child not only develops their own imagination they also learn to understand how the world functions.

1+2= money?

A child with a good grasp of mathematics will most likely be good at money management when they grow up. An added advantage of toy cash registers is that it helps your child to start being more comfortable with money and mathematics. If you foster an environment where your child understands the basic principles of money even at a young age and makes it fun, it can help them when they are older.

Academic skills like counting, addition, subtraction, and number recognition can be made fun and interactive by using toy cash registers. In addition learning to recognize the different types of money like coins, bank cards, and cash bills helps to develop their understanding.

Choosing the best cash register

As a parent, you have unlimited choices but there are some factors that you might not think about. It’s not all about what you see at first glance. Consider the following;

Your child’s health and durability

Whilst the toy manufacturing industry has made strides in using Eco-friendly material it is still important not to let your guard down. Always make sure that the toys you buy are safe and non-toxic, especially if your child is still in their putting everything in the mouth phase.’

Durability is also important because you don’t want to buy an expensive toy made out of cheap material that shatters when not if, but when your child accidentally drops it or throws it across the room.

Hello terrible twos!

Equally important is the overall appearance and attractiveness of the toy. If it gets discolored too quickly without experiencing much trauma or if it has very tiny essential parts that can go missing and take away the quality of the play experience from your child and give you the headache of looking for them, then it is probably not a good choice.

Your child’s age

It is always advisable to go by the recommended age for the toy. Good research has gone into this classification. If your child is still very young then the little coins or pretends food can be a choking hazard. So please make sure that you buy according to those guidelines.

The price

Whilst value for money is definitely subjective, there is nothing that could be as frustrating for you as a parent as buying a toy that is just going to sit on the floor in your home, barely touched. Children will quickly outgrow toys so it’s best that you take your time when choosing and not spend a ridiculous amount of money for a toy that might be too overwhelming for your child or too bland and uninteresting that they hardly play with it.

The added accessories

Depending on the manufacturer, some toy cash registers come with added accessories that could enhance your child’s playtime. The various things to look out for are:

  • Does it come with a range of shopping items like toy food products and shopping baskets?
  • Does it have a theme from one of your child’s favorite cartoon television programs therefore making it an instant hit in your home?
  • Is it electronic and does it have audio sounds such as songs or phrases that could improve the experience for your child?
  • Is it a realistic toy cash register that prints receipts, has a scanner, a microphone, a working scale, conveyor belt or a working calculator that will help your older child grasp and understand basic shopping and calculation principles?

Knowing and evaluating these factors will help you choose the best pretend and play toy cash register for your kid.

8 best toy cash register with scanner and receipt reviews.

Let’s have a look at Our Review of the 8 best toy cash registers with the scanner:

1. Minnie Mouse Disney Junior Bowtique Cash Register.

best toy cash register with scanner and receipt

Product features

  • Fun Minnie Mouse phrases
  • Realistic cash register sounds
  • Play money, coins and a pretend credit card
  • A working calculator
  • Various assorted grocery items and a scanner with sound
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries which are included

Product description

This toy cash register comes highly recommended for little girls. It is a great fun cash register for kids that are besotted with the Disney character. The design is very bright and engaging and the bedazzled boutique look can be captivating to your little princess. It also offers great playtime for your kids and their friends.

One disadvantage, however, is that there is no off button, so the sounds emitted by the toy could be quite annoying and overwhelming (for the adults of course). The description from the manufacturer says that it has a working calculator, however, the toy only makes a sound when the numbers are pressed and the calculator is more of a prop so no ‘real’ adding or subtraction can be taught.

The recommended age is 36 months to 8 years however for older kids this toy cash register might not be ideal because it is pretty rudimentary and more suited for imaginative pretend to play.


  • Has large buttons
  • Scanner makes beeping sound
  • Cheaper


  • Play money is made from flimsy paper material
  • Cash drawer is too small for the play money

2. FUNERICA – best Durable Cash Register Toy for Kids.

toy cash register that prints receipts

Product features

  • A microphone and calculator function
  • 8 coins, play money, and credit cards
  • 6 fruits that can be cut and a chopping board and knife
  • A scanner that lights up and produces a scanning sound
  • Cash drawer that produces sound upon opening
  • A unique feature where your child can watch coins roll inside the toy and get a change on each purchase

Product description

FUNERICA toy cash register is perfect for developing your child’s cognitive skills. Featuring bright and captivating colors we rate it as one of the best toy cash registers with scanners and receipts.

This toy cash register is very durable and therefore ideal for younger children who are still a bit heavy-handed with their toy. The play food items offer additional stimulation and can help your child improve their fine motor skills by using the knife and cutting boards. The interactive speaker is great for improving listening and dialogue skills.


  • The coins are big enough to reasonably deter any chocking.
  • It is durable
  • Calculator function helps basic math skills


  • The cash drawer can stick and make it difficult to close or open.
  • The sticker around the screen peels off without much trauma to the toy.

3. Boley – best Toy Cash Register with Scanner.

Product features

  • A real working calculator
  • 30 play money bills
  • 42 play money coins
  • 2 play credit cards
  • Requires 2 AA batteries that are not included
  • A pretend scanner that lights up and makes a sound

Product description

Boley is another great educational toy cash register. This toy cash register is ideal for early educational imaginative play.

The calculator helps develop math skills and the quantity of the bills and coins allows your child to learn about making a change with little limitation. The added sounds and lights provide stimulation for your child, it is a great way to pretend play.

The actual size of the toy should be taken into account as the picture can make it seem bigger than it actually is.


  • Oversized coins helps prevent chocking
  • Size is perfect for young toddlers
  • Made from 100% nontoxic material


  • The play money is not strong and can be easily ripped
  • The pretend cash drawer is small making it hard to get the money out

4. Boley Kids Toy – best Scanner and Toy Credit Card Reader Cash Register.

toy cash register that prints receipts

Product Features

  • A scale that measures the weight of the groceries
  • A working pretend conveyor belt
  • A solar-powered calculator
  • Play coins and play money
  • The credit card that makes sounds when passed through the credit card scanner
  • A beeping scanner and amplified microphone
  • Pretend groceries and shopping basket

Product description

Boley Kids realistic toy includes an electronic cash register with scanner and Credit Card Reader, calculator keypad with calculator sound effect, coin slot. It makes realistic sounds when coins are inserted or removed from the machine’s drawer.

The toy is great for encouraging dialogue due to the microphone and the welcome, thank you, and goodbye functions that are triggered when you press the relevant buttons.

The perfect way to teach your toddler boy or girl about simple math, business administration, and imaginative pretend to play all at once! This 19-piece set is made with child safety in mind and is compliant with a variety of rigorous safety standards. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.


  • It has large buttons to help younger kids
  • Solar powered calculator so no need for batteries
  • 100% nontoxic


  • The volume levels of microphone can be a bit too high
  • The scanner has short cables that make it difficult to stretch and scan the play food.

5. Battat B. Toys Cash Register Toy Play set.

Product Features

  • A beeping scanner and cash register
  • 26 pieces including 3 coins, 15 bills, 4 pretend vegetables, and 1 grocery basket.
  • A working conveyor belt and a microphone
  • A working calculator
  • A lockable drawer
  • Play money, coins, and a credit card that also makes a sound when inserted
  • 2AA batteries included.

Product Description

This Battat Cash Register Toy Playset is a childhood classic! It’s just perfect for tiny hands and big imaginations, with realistic sounds and sturdy design. The light-up Scanner is a fun addition, and kids will love the movable conveyor belt, pretend microphone, Beeping buttons, and lockable drawer.

Battat’s Cash Register Toy Playset is the perfect gift for your tiny tycoon! This playset includes a cash register, cash drawer key, 3 Coins, 15 paper bills, 1 pretend credit card, and 4 pretend veggies.

This educational toy encourages your child to use their imagination while improving their social and fine motor skills. Introduce basic math and money concepts with Battat’s Cash Register.

This children’s cash register is recommended for kids ages 3 years +. Batteries are included: 2 x AA batteries required.


  • It is made from high quality material
  • The lockable drawer is a great addition


  • Themoney drawer can get stuck at times.
  • The space in the drawer is too small and the play money fails to fit well in the drawer.

6. Funerica Toy Cash Register

Product Features

  • A shopping basket with an assorted food set
  • Play money and coins
  • A mini stove with cooking utensils like pots and spatula
  • A play cutting vegetables set with a chopping board and knife
  • A chef hat
  • A working calculator
  • A scanner that lights up and beeps
  • A scale that displays a price on the cash register when an item is placed on it.

Product Description

Definitely the toy cash registers with the most accessories on our list. This toy cash register really is two toys in one. Your child can play pretend shopping and restaurant or cooking at the same time.

The cutting accessories help with developing fine motor skills and the calculator assists with math problem-solving. The colorful design will keep your young one captivated.

Funerica Toy Cash Register makes a slicing noise when they pretend the food is sliced up. It is recommended for children ages 2 years to 9 years. In our looks, this makes it one of the best toy cash register with scanner and receipts for kids


  • The toy is very durable can be used for a number of years
  • It has over 40 accessories
  • It is two toys in one


  • The actual size of the toy cash register is smaller than it looks in pictures.
  • The base of the handheld scanner is not securely attached and can break or detach easily.
  • Overall product quality is not as strong.
  • The money also doesn’t fit well into the drawer.

7. Victostar Toy Cash Register for Kids with Checkout Scanner.

Product Features

  • 20 plus accessories; including 8 grocery food items and a shopping basket
  • A credit card and separate credit card slot machine
  • A working scanner that beeps
  • Pretend play money with 6 coins and cash bills
  • The 1.5 AA batteries (not included) for the cash register and scanner
  • Mini screwdriver to open the battery cap

Product Description

This Victostar Toy Cash Register is the perfect gift for any child who loves to imitate the adults in their life! This set comes complete with 20+ accessories, including a variety of pretending groceries, fake coins & bills, and a swipe-able credit card. Your child will love spending hours playing with this realistic cash register toy!

This fun and the educational toy can be used to pretend to run a restaurant or grocery store, and teach your kids the basics of counting and currency recognition. With realistic sounds and lights, this cash register is sure to provide hours of family fun. So push the button and start the business!

This cash register is perfect for kids! It’s made of high quality and durable materials and has been extensively tested to ensure that it meets all safety standards. Your toddler will treasure this toy as it grows with them through childhood, inspiring fun and learning along the way.


  • Very simple design
  • The detached credit card reader is a unique bonus


  • The cash drawer occasionally sticks.
  • The actual size of the toy is generally smaller than the average

8. Little Tikes Shop ‘N Learn Smart Checkout

Product Features

  • 5 interactive modes (free play, shopping list, checkout counter, speed scanner, and music mode)
  • A free app with added games compatible with most devices
  • Assorted food items like vegetables, meat, pizza, cheese, and eggs
  • A fridge and grocery bag
  • Working conveyor bet
  • Cash register
  • Scanner and aisle light
  • Pretend money and credit card
  • Smart scan technology

Product Description

Little Tikes Shop toy cash register is very different from the traditional ones. It offers so much more stimulation and can keep your child occupied for quite some time because of the five different play modes.

This toy comes with an electronic conveyor belt, cash register, scanner, and aisle light. It is supported by a free app that is compatible with most devices and this increases the educational and positive playtime value of this toy.

Additionally, it is one of the most realistic toy cash registers on the market because it offers a real complete pretend shopping experience.


  • It is fordable so saves storage space
  • Uses modern technology


  • Much more expensive than the average toy cash register.
  •  It has to be assembled


Pretend and play cash registers are a great way for your child to learn and play. Whilst the above cash registers all have something to offer you, our winner for the best toy cash register with a scanner and receipts for kids on our list is the Funerica Toy Cash Register. It caters to a bigger age range and with its extra accessories, it ensures that your child is constantly entertained. It is also generally very durable and you will not pay an arm and a leg for it. It is really two toys in one.

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