Best Shoes for Parkinson’s patients

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The best shoes for Parkinson’s patients can make a world of difference in terms of comfortability and stability and prevent falls that could cause injury or death. 

Parkinson’s disease can be a debilitating illness. Some people with Parkinson’s report having difficulty walking, while others experience a tremor in one hand or arm. The symptoms vary from person to person and it is difficult for doctors to diagnose the disease until they have ruled out other illnesses that could cause similar symptoms. 

It is important for people with this condition to get their feet checked regularly by a podiatrist because problems with your feet can make you more likely to develop complications from Parkinson’s such as foot ulcers, bone loss, and fractures of the bones in your foot. In this article, we will discuss the best shoes for Parkinson’s patients that are best suited for people who suffer from Parkinson’s so you don’t have to go through the trouble of trying them.

Read on to learn about the best footwear options for those living with Parkinson’s Disease. 

10 best shoes for Parkinson’s patients

  1. Friendly Shoes-best walking shoes for Parkinson patients
  2. Friendly Shoes Men’s Excursion Mid-best shoes for shuffling gait
  3. RUNMAXX Men’s Fashion-best slip-on shoes for Parkinson’s
  4. Friendly Shoes Women’s Excursion Low-Top– best women shoes for Parkinson’s
  5. Terra Men’s Venom Mid Cut Work– best men’s shoes for Parkinson patient
  6. Casbeam Men’s Running Knit-best lightweight shoes for Parkinson patients.
  7. Women’s Diabetic Slippers-best high-quality shoes for Parkinson’s patient
  8. Vibram FiveFingers Men’s V-Train 2.0-best all in one shoe for Parkinson’s patients
  9. MBT Women’s Gadi-best durable shoes for Parkinson’s patients
  10. Cole Haan Men’s 2.Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford-best value shoes for Parkinson’s patients

Quick overview of 10 best shoes for parkinson’s patients

Product NameFeatures
Friendly ShoesBreathable linings for all-day comfort, Dual-density heel,  Patented rear Easy Shoe Access
Friendly Shoes Men’s Excursion MidSuede sole, Absorb shock and alleviate pain, Lateral support, anti-slip stability,
RUNMAXX Men’s FashionWearable and top-quality rubber sole, High top shoe style, With an ergonomically molded,
Friendly Shoes Women’s Excursion Low-TopAbsorb shock and alleviate pain, Lateral support, anti-slip stability,
Terra Men’s Venom Mid Cut WorkSynthetic sole, Superior comfort & strength, Single-density PU footbed
Casbeam Men’s Running KnitVentilating shoes insole, Breathable and lightweight mesh upper, Knitting Fabric + Elastic MD Sole
Women’s Diabetic SlippersEasy To Put On & Off, Skid Resistant Sole, Ideal for those who need extra stretch, 
Vibram FiveFingers Men’s V-Train 2.0The updated panel lacing system, Rubber sole, Distinctive rope traction
MBT Women’s GadiMBT’s proprietary sensor technology, single-density Midsole,  A natural cushioning,
Cole Haan Men’s 2.Zerogrand Laser Wing OxfordLaser-cut wingtip upper pattern, Fully padded sock lining, Fully rubber outsole

What is Parkinson’s disease and what are the symptoms?

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects the nervous system and causes shaking, trouble walking, and difficulty with speech. The symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease can be caused by the loss of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control muscle movements in your body. About 60% of people who have Parkinson’s Disease develop it before they turn 50 years old.

Other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are stiffness, restlessness at night, and stiff muscles. Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects nerve cells in the brain, which causes shakes, tremors, slowness of movement, and stiffness of limbs or trunks.

There are other symptoms to look out for, including depression, anxiety, changes with mood swings, and cognitive problems such as memory loss.

Symptoms usually begin on one side of the face first before they spread to both sides over time. There may also be drooling through not being able to control saliva or phlegm building up quickly if you have trouble swallowing food/fluids properly.

10 best shoes for parkinson’s patients Review

Now it’s time to go through the detailed review of our 10 best recommendations. We will discuss the pros and cons of each product in detail so you can decide which one is perfect for you. 

Friendly Shoes-best walking shoes for Parkinson patients

Product review:

The Friendly Shoes Easy Shoe Access™ is the best patented, zippered technology that makes it easier for individuals with limited mobility or Parkinson’s patients to slide their feet into shoes.

In addition, the unique design of the zipper allows the wearer to easily pull on and off their shoes without bending or twisting. 

The Easy Shoe Access System makes it easy for anyone to get their foot into a shoe quickly and easily. Two, low-profile entry portals are located at the instep of the shoe and make it easier for you to slide your foot in, even if you have limited mobility or range of motion. 

The Easy Shoe Access System is available with a standard zipper or our patented wrap-around zipper that allows you to pull the shoe onto your foot without having to bend over. It’s perfect for arthritis, back pain, neuropathy, MS & Parkinson’s Disease.



  • With the patented rear easy shoe access, you can quickly put on and take off your shoes without bending down.


  • Friendly Shoes can provide you with a hassle-free experience every day. 
  • No more struggling with laces or tying knots! 
  • Simply step into the shoes and pull them up.


  • The anti-slip soles will keep you steady and balanced while walking, standing, or running. 
  • You’ll feel safe and secure in our high-quality shoes that offer exceptional comfort for all-day wear.


  • The patent-pending rear easy shoe access makes it a breeze to put on and take off your shoes. 
  • The anti-slip stability gives you the confidence you need when walking in slippery conditions. 
  • Smooth, breathable linings keep your feet comfortable all day long.


  • Breathable lining
  • Patent-pending design
  • Anti-slip design


  • Some say it’s not easy to put on

Why do we recommend this product?

The patented Easy Shoe Access technology features larger entry portals than straight zippers and an easier-to-pull design than straight or wrap-around zippers. The discreet, patented design is ideal for those with limited mobility, from stroke patients to seniors. In addition, Khombu insoles provide comfort and support for your feet when you need them most.

Friendly Shoes Men’s Excursion Mid-best shoes for Parkinson’s patients

Product review:

The Excursion Mid is our second and best pick for Parkinson’s patients. it is a casual shoe designed to support and stabilize the midfoot.

The upper has a premium full-grain leather with a padded collar for comfort. With patented Easy Shoe Access technology, you can change the insole for a custom fit. 

Enjoy all-day comfort with our removable memory foam insole. Crafted for comprehensive comfort, this shoe is perfect for Parkinson’s patients who experience shuffling or freezing of gait (FOG).

 It features a removable memory foam insole, Easy Shoe Access technology, and patented Torsion Control Technology. The Excursion Mid also has a leather upper with suede overlays and a rubber sole for slip resistance on various surfaces. 



  • The Friendly Shoes Men’s Excursion Mid is perfect for those who suffer from foot pain. 
  • With its dual-density heel, metatarsal support, and anti-slip stability, you’ll be able to walk with confidence.


  • The suede sole can last longer than other brands on the market! 
  • You’ll get more miles out of your shoes without worrying about them falling apart.


  • Metatarsal support, dual-density heel. 
  • The shoe provides a stable platform for the foot during the gait cycle when the heel strikes the ground. 
  • It provides an increased level of control and shock absorption to help prevent excessive pronation.


  • The shoes’ unique design supports your arch to help reduce excessive pronation when walking or running. 
  • It helps relieve pain in your lower back and knees, making them perfect for long walks or short ones. 


  • Patented Easy Shoe Access technology
  • Suede leather
  • Dual-density heel


  • Bit expensive

Why do we recommend this product?

The Friendly Shoes Men’s Excursion Mid is a stylish shoe that offers the comfort and support you need for everyday wear. This men’s casual shoe features leather uppers with stitching accents, an Easy Shoe Access system, and a removable memory foam insole for all-day comfort.

RUNMAXX Men’s Fashion-best slip-on shoes for Parkinson’s 

Product review:

Runmaxx Men’s Fashion is the best slip-on shoes for Parkinson’s patients, which can help you to prevent from slipping on any kind of surface.

It is perfect for giving you the most comfortable experience. This shoe has a high-quality TPU rubber material, durable, safe environmental protection material, arch support, and so on. 

The running shoes will be your good partner when you exercise or do outdoor activities like walking, jogging, or hiking. You can wear it without any problems, giving you a comfortable walking experience. 

The RUNMAXX high-top sneaker is an excellent combination of fashion and function. The design features a classic lace up front with an elasticized ankle for a secure fit. These shoes are perfect for everyday wear or athletic activities such as walking or running. 



  • The high-quality rubber sole absorbs shock and impact, reducing stress to the foot. 
  • The perfect shoe for anyone with a weak ankle or recovering from an injury. 
  • With the shoes, you’ll be able to walk longer and further than ever before!


  • These men’s fashion shoes are different from anything else you’ve seen before. 
  • It has a variety of styles that will suit any taste, including boots and sneakers.


  • These fashionable men’s shoes are perfect for any occasion! 
  • Slip them on to go out with friends, or wear them around town. 
  • They’re great for work too!


  • High top shoe style
  • Fashionable, stylish design
  • Casual sneaker design


  • Some complaints about the bottom quality

Why do we recommend this product?

The RUNMAXX Men’s Fashion Walking Casual Sneaker has arch support and breathable mesh fabric. The rubber sole will keep you steady and comfortable all day long as well as protect you from slipping or falling. You can wear these shoes to work, school and college. 

Friendly Shoes Women’s Excursion Low-Top- best women shoes for Parkinson’s

Product review:

The Friendly Shoes Women’s Excursion Low-Top is an excellent shoe for women who have difficulty bending over or reaching down to tie their shoes.

This low-top sneaker features our patented Easy Shoe Access technology with larger entry portals than straight zippers, easier pull than straight or wrap-around zippers, and a discreet, patented design. 

The patented Easy Shoe Access technology features larger entry portals than straight zippers, easier to pull than straight or wrap-around zippers, and a discreet, patented design. In addition, the Excursion has a lightweight upper with superior breathability, high-rebound cushioning, and an antimicrobial lining with FreshGuard® odor protection.



  • The patented technology allows for easy access to the back of your shoes. 
  • It makes it easier and faster to put on and take off. 
  • The design also reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon.


  • Enjoy a pleasant cushioning with every step you take! 
  • You’ll love how the shoes feel on your feet all day long.


  • The shoe’s upper with an innovative style that will make you look great while wearing them! 
  • From work to play, these shoes are perfect for any occasion.


  • The low-top sneaker features an effortless slip-on style with a lightweight upper made from premium leather. 
  • These sneakers are ideal for trouble bending over due to back pain or other conditions. 


  • Easy to on and off
  • Mid-top sneaker
  • Patented technology design


  • Design can be improved

Why do we recommend this product?

The patented Easy Shoe Access technology featured in the Friendly Shoes Women’s Excursion Low-Top Sneaker is a discreet, patented design that allows easy on and off access with less effort. In addition, the shoe features larger entry portals than straight zippers and is easier to pull than straight or wrap-around zippers.

Terra Men’s Venom Mid Cut Work- best men’s shoes for Parkinson patient

Product review:

The Venom model is the most popular and best style of Terra work boots for Parkinson’s patients. The reason for this is simple: it offers a combination of comfort, durability, and performance that no other work boot can match. 

These boots are made from full-grain leather and have a rubber outsole for maximum traction. The mid-cut height will keep you protected while working on the Jobsite, and the Terra Fireman-Flex® technology provides you with a flexible but supportive fit. 

If you’re looking for work boots that will help protect your feet and provide support, then look no further than the Venom Mid Cut Work Boot! It also has an attractive price tag and comes in a wide range of sizes to fit any man’s foot.



  • Terra Men’s Venom Mid Cut Work Shoes with Comfort Tech Technology provides you with the ultimate comfort and support. 
  • The mid-cut design is perfect for any job and offers a secure, comfortable fit.


  • These men’s shoes have the toughest materials available to ensure maximum durability. 
  • They’re also slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and non-marking, so they’re ideal for use on most surfaces.


  • The patented odor control system is guaranteed to keep your feet fresh all day long by wicking away moisture and controlling odor-causing bacteria. 
  • It even includes an antibacterial treatment that fights against foot fungus!


  • This work shoe features a slip-resistant outsole, which provides traction on slippery surfaces. 
  • The mid-cut design provides ankle support and stability, while the breathable mesh lining helps keep your feet cool and dry all day long.


  • Mid-cut design
  • Odor control system   
  • Non-slip resistant


  • Some complaints about sizing

Why do we recommend this product?

The Terra Men’s Venom Mid Cut Work Shoe is a revolutionary new design in comfort and support. The direct-injected PU midsole/outsole offers a low profile, lightweight, flexible and durable platform for your feet.

Casbeam Men’s Running Knit-best lightweight shoes for Parkinson patients.

Product review:

Casbeam men’s running knit sneakers are a great pair of shoes, which have a lot of advantages. These are the best lightweight shoes for Parkinson’s patients and are suitable for summer wear.

The breathable mesh fabric upper with perforated detail offers excellent ventilation and a comfortable wearing experience. 

The rubber sole is light in weight and adds to the comfort level. This casual running shoe will be your favorite all year round! The shoes have a good selection of materials that make them lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

These casual sports shoes are great for everyday wear, running errands, or even walking your dog.



  • Casbeam Knitting Shoes have an elastic MD sole, making the shoes very comfortable all day long. 
  • It has a mesh upper that allows air to flow through the shoes, keeping your feet fresh and dry.


  • The upper part of Casbeam Knitting Shoes has a lightweight mesh fabric which makes them highly comfortable to wear all day long. 
  • They also feature a lace-up design that helps you adjust the shoe’s fit.  


  • Made from knitted fabric, these lightweight shoes are comfortable and durable. 
  • The mesh upper allows air to circulate throughout your feet, keeping them cool and dry during long days on your feet.


  • These lightweight shoes feature a flexible MD sole. 
  • It provides extra cushioning for your feet while walking or running. 
  • You’ll feel more secure in these sneakers. 


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Casual sport shoes
  • High-quality material


  • Some complaints about the quality of the shoes

Why do we recommend this product?

Casbeam Men’s Running Sports Shoes is a pair of casual sports shoes, breathable and comfortable. It is suitable for walking, running, training and so on. The material of this shoe is high-quality mesh cloth, which has good air permeability. The upper material is soft and comfortable to wear all day long.

Women’s Diabetic Slippers-best high-quality shoes for Parkinson’s patient

Product review:

Diabetic Slippers are a perfect gift for women who suffer from diabetic edema and are a good choice for those who want to relieve their swollen feet. They can be worn in the house or outside when you need to walk around. These shoes will help your feet feel better and more relaxed so that you can enjoy every day with less pain.

These are the best shoes for Parkinson’s patients. They have adjustable straps to fit your feet and prevent edema, whether in or out of the home. In addition, the soft sole is comfortable and breathable, which will help relieve your swollen feet all day long.



  • These shoes are easy to put on and take off. 
  • They feature a Velcro strap that goes around the ankle. 
  • It makes it easy for you or your loved one to slip them on and off with ease.


  • These slippers have an extra-wide width, so they won’t pinch or squeeze your toes together, which can cause blisters. 
  • The uppers have soft leather, breathable and comfortable against the skin.


  • The soles of these diabetic shoes are skid-resistant, so you’ll feel safe walking across slippery floors in the kitchen or bathroom. 
  • Non-slip soles also help prevent falls when you’re out in public places like shopping centers or restaurants.


  • Skid-resistant
  • Velcro strap
  • Adjustable strap


  • Sole is not so thick

Why do we recommend this product?

The Women’s Diabetic Slippers Walking Shoes Indoor Outdoor Relief for Swollen Feet Elderly has a soft, breathable, thick leather upper. The sole has a high-quality rubber that can effectively absorb the impact force when you walk. It also has an adjustable strap to ensure a stable fit.

Vibram FiveFingers Men’s V-Train 2.0-best walking shoes for Parkinson’s

Product review:

Vibram has been recognized globally as a leading brand in the Specialty Footwear industry for decades for its innovative products and superior quality. The men’s V-Train is a versatile and comfortable shoe designed for people with Parkinson’s disease and disabilities. 

The Vibram FiveFingers V-Train holds firmly onto the ground while providing a substantial amount of traction to your feet. Its unique cut, high arch support, and streamlined design create a shoe that will grip onto the ground firmly. 



  • The Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0 provides the ultimate traction and maximum durability and performance. 
  • The Vibram® XS Trek rubber compound is ideal for running, fitness training, cross-fit, yoga, pilates, and other indoor or outdoor activities.


  • The panel lacing system allows for a precise fit to your foot’s unique shape.
  • The lace pocket keeps laces tucked away, so they don’t dangle on your feet while you exercise.


  • A stretch mesh upper with hook and loop closure makes it easy to get on and off quickly without having to tie laces every time you put them on.


  • Comfort of use
  • Easy to put on
  • Maximum stability


  • Some complaint about sizing

Why do we recommend this product?

The Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0 provides the ultimate traction and maximum stability so you can get the most out of your workout. Besides, these shoes are perfect for any outdoor activity. You can even use them during your daily commute.

MBT Women’s Gadi-best lightweight shoes for Parkinson’s patient

Product review:

MBT Women’s Gai is the best lightweight shoe for Parkinson’s patients. It is a good choice for you. The unique curved sole can provide the ideal foot striking platform. In addition, MBT Shoes can strengthen and tone your muscles while you walk. 

The natural motion of your feet will increase circulation, improve posture and relieve stress on joints. These MBT Shoes have high-quality materials and comfortable and breathable uppers that allow air to flow freely.

The upper is made from breathable mesh and synthetic leather, making it soft and comfortable. The insole with a removable anatomical cork/latex layer that offers excellent comfort and support.



  • MBT Gadi is the ideal shoe for women who have Parkinson’s disease. 
  • The curved sole provides a natural foot striking platform. 
  • It allows you to walk with ease and confidence.


  • MBT Gadi has MBT’s proprietary sensor technology. 
  • It helps you to maintain balance and stability while walking.


  • MBT Gadi has a unique pivot axis technology that allows your feet to move naturally in all directions. 
  • This feature makes it easier for you to walk, run, jump or climb stairs without feeling tired or exhausted.


  • MBT Gadi offers comfort and support through its soft leather upper material that hugs your feet perfectly while still allowing them to breathe freely. 
  • It also comes with an adjustable lace closure.


  • Comfortable material
  • Pivot axis technology
  • Easy to put on


  • Some complaints about the smell on the arrival

Why do we recommend this product?

The Gadi is a lightweight walking shoe that features the MBT® Sensor Technology. The Gadi has a curved sole, an ideal foot striking platform, and provides stability for your feet. In addition, it stimulates the muscles in your legs, buttocks, and lower back while helping you tone up your body simultaneously.

Cole Haan Men’s 2.Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford-best walking shoes for Parkinson’s

Product review:

Cole Haan Men’s 2.Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford is a classic dress shoe with a modern twist. It is crafted in premium leather; this lace-up oxford looks like an artisanal product with impeccable craftsmanship and quality. This style is built on our iconic ZeroGrand last for comfort and support, with a low heel to make walking easy.

This artisan quality and impeccable craftsmanship shoe feature a leather upper, a lace-up front with metal eyelets, and an elasticized heel for added comfort. The outsole is made from rubber to traction on various surfaces, while the stacked heel gives you more height and stability.



  • The full leather lining offers a comfortable fit that will not wear down over time. 
  • This shoe has premium materials that last for years of use.


  • The laser-cut wingtip design gives this shoe an attractive look that you can wear anywhere without worrying about its appearance. 
  • These shoes are great for everyday use or special occasions like weddings and parties to look your best.


  • They have a rubber sole with deep flex grooves that provide maximum comfort and flexibility. 
  • It is essential when you spend long hours on your feet.


  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Laser-cut wingtip design
  • Maximum comfort and flexibility


  • Complaints about poor packaging 

Why do we recommend this product?

Cole Haan Men’s 2. Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford is the best walking shoe for Parkinson’s, crafted with artisan quality and impeccable craftsmanship. The Cole Haan 2.Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford has a classic wingtip design that is timelessly elegant and features an innovative zero-drop sole that provides equal cushioning under the heel and ball of the foot.

Best Shoes for Parkinson’s patient’s Buyer guide: 

With the right shoes, you can still enjoy all of your favorite activities. Parkinson’s disease affects a person’s mobility and balance, but that doesn’t stop them from being active. Here we will discuss what to look for when shopping for new footwear.

Shock absorption:

The first factor that you need to look for in the best shoes for Parkinson’s patients is the ability to absorb shock. With every step, people with Parkinson’s disease are susceptible to falls if they do not have the right amount of cushioning in their shoes.

Stability and support: 

Next on our list is stability and support for the best footwear for Parkinson’s patients. If you plan to participate in any activities that require a lot of motion or balance, these features will be vital in supporting your feet throughout this process.

Maximum traction: 

Also, look for maximum traction while wearing them inside and outside because slippery surfaces can make even the most stable person fall when suffering from PD. It may take some time looking around before finding something suitable; however, once you find what works good enough for yourself, don’t let go!


Another essential factor to consider is the price. It’s easy to get carried away when thinking about shoes because we only think of how good they look and not their true purpose. The most expensive pair in this review maybe $300, but you should expect them to last many years and prevent any accidents in the process so that it can be a worthy investment for your health!

Customized Fit: 

The final thing I want to point out regarding footwear is to ensure that both feet are treated when fitting yourself with new ones. After all, one shoe being different from another will cause even more problems than before, such as blisters or irritation on top of already existing balance issues which isn’t something anybody would want hanging around while doing everyday tasks!


Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that affects motor skills. It causes people to have tremors, slowness of movement, stiffness, and balance issues. Shoes are one way for patients to improve mobility in their feet and legs. This article will answer some questions about shoes for Parkinson’s patients.

Q. What helps Parkinson’s patients walk?

A perfect pair of shoes can help Parkinson’s patients walk better. The main factors of a good walking shoe are flexibility, cushioning, and stability. For example, some shoes for people with Parkinson’s have more flexible soles to make it easier for those who need ankle support as they walk.

Q. What should Parkinson’s patients avoid?

The pakinson/s patient should avoid shoes with a lot of extra features, such as buckles or zippers. It is because it can make it harder for Parkinson’s patients to put on and take off their shoes without help from another person.

Q. What kills patients with Parkinson’s?

The Parkinson /s patient should avoid too heavy shoes, as this can cause problems with balance and walking. The patients also need to wear comfortable socks because thick-cushioned or tight socks can affect the gait of those who have Parkinson’s disease.

Q. Does Parkinson’s affect your feet?

Yes, Parkinson’s patients can affect feet. It can cause problems with balance and walk. Moreover, Parkinson’s can also affect balance. Symptoms include tremors or shaking, slowness of movement, stiffness, rigidity in muscles/limbs, loss of balance & coordination problems, etc.


Our team of experts has researched the best shoes for Parkinson’s patients. We’ve narrowed down our 10 favorite brands to make your decision easier. Find more information on each pair of shoes by clicking here! Happy shopping, and don’t forget that we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about this list or anything else related to footwear!

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