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Using the best product for engine knocking will help you to get rid of that annoying pinging engine sound. Let’s learn about the right product that will help your engine.

If you’re experiencing a pinging irritating sound coming from the engine. Then, its engine knocks and it could severely damage the engine if left unnoticed.

Well, several factors could cause engine knocking. But, the good news is that you can address this issue by using the best product for engine knocking.

However, engine knocking could be due to improper supply of air to fuel mixture. Plus, you may observe engine knocking because of the lack of lubrication in the upper cylinder of the engine.

Maybe, valves or lifters craved for lubricating oil. Moreover, there could be carbon build-up or a lack of high-octane fuel. Also, it could be due to bad spark plugs.

Consequently, your vehicle’s engine will produce a disturbing sound that can be a downside for your engine.

So, if you’re facing a similar situation and want an immediate solution to this ticking sound. Then, you should pay attention to your engine maintenance. In that case, you’re in dire need of an oil additive to quiet engine noise.

Before adding any product to your cart, you can go through our list of top-notch oil additives to get frustration-free results.

Top 8 best products for engine knocking review.

You can go through the best oil additive reviews. Well, here we are going to provide a list of the top 8 oil additives. Let’s dive into all features of products to get detailed information.

1.Rislone 4102 – Best Concentrated Engine oil additive.

Product description

If you’re seeking the best oil additive for engine knock. Then, you can probably get an immediate solution to your engine knocking issue by using Rislone 4102.

Well, Risoline is specifically designed to eliminate deposits of varnish, sludge, gum, or contaminants. These factors are the core causes behind your engine knocking.

Moreover, it also works out as a lubricant to provide oil to all metal parts of the engine. In this way, lifters and valves could function properly.

However, you can easily use one bottle of Rislone 4102 for six quarts. But for larger systems, it will provide 5 quarts in one bottle.

Most importantly, if you’re running an old engine. Then, you need to pour more additive oil. Because old engines require more oil to repair all corroded parts.

Therefore, you can rely on Rislone confidently. Consequently, this best engine knock additive will amaze you through its powerful performance.

Product features

Here are some important features of the Rislone 4102 engine treatment:

  • The best solution to lessen wear and friction within the engine
  • Lubricate engine parts to improve performance of valves and lifters
  • Offers a reduction in all contaminants, gums, sludge, and dirty substances
  • This high-viscosity formula will not void your vehicle
  • Can also enhance oil pressure
  • Capable to improve engine performance
  • Usable for every type of the engine

Technical details

Rislone is the manufacturer of this product. Well, the product dimensions of this oil additive are 1.9 x 3.4 x 7.6 inches. Also, it comes with a 4102 model number with 1.06 pounds of weight. Its manufacturer part number is 4102.

However, one bottle of 16.9oz provides 4 to 6 quarters. But for larger engines, it can provide 5 quarts within one bottle.

Moreover, if your vehicle has an older engine. Then, you have to feed two bottles to your old engines. In the end, you also need to change oil and filter after every 100 miles to get rid of engine knocking.


  • An affordable solution for engine knocking
  • The engine runs smoothly after one dose
  • Works perfectly as a lubricant and reduces friction
  • A guaranteed formula to clean all parts of the engine from sludge


  • Doesn’t offer free shipping services

2.Liqui Moly 2009 – Best Anti-Friction Oil Treatment.

Product description

If you’re looking for the best product for engine knocking. Then, you may find this product as the best oil additive for engine knock. Well, liqui moly 2009 works out by lubricating all friction surfaces.

Moreover, it is one of the best quality products in the market. Because this additive oil empowers the engine. It helps to distribute air properly with the fuel mixture. So, gas could burn evenly and reduces knocking within the engine.

Most importantly, its chemical composition contains molybdenum disulfide that primarily reduces friction. It also functions as a lubricating agent.

However, it also assists in lowering engine temperature even during hot temperatures. Additionally, this additive oil enhances MPG and lowers chain chatter valves.

Above all, you may experience a positive change in the performance of your engine that will run smoothly. Further, this additive oil will work perfectly to eliminate all ticking sounds from the engine.

Product features

Some key features of Liqui Moly 2009 Anti-friction oil treatment are as follows:

  • Its chemical composition includes Molybdenum disulfide as a primary agent
  • Works as a lubricating agent by forming a thick coating on all friction surfaces within the engine
  • This best motor oil additive doesn’t only work for engines but also fix different sounds or vibrations of multiple gadgets
  • Capable to subdue all annoying sounds of the engine even at higher RPM

Technical details

This 300ml container of Liqui Moly 2009 weighs only 6.4 ounces. Its manufacturing brand is Liqui Moly with item model number 2009.

Although, this engine wear protector is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, it can cause allergic reactions when it comes in contact with the skin.


  • Enhances the performance of the engine
  • Works out to uproot knocking sounds from engine within less time
  • Play a vital role to reduce friction and make engine happier again


  • Not suitable for motorbike engines

3.Lucas AI Innovations – Best Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer For Engine Knocking.

Product description

Striving to get the best oil additive to a quiet engine. Then, the wait is over. Because Lucas AI innovations provide an excellent oil stabilizer to improve the working of the engine.

Engine knocking could be the result of improper diffusion of air particles with fuel mixture. Consequently, gas burns unevenly, and ticking sounds become a part of your driving routine.

But, only the right product can solve this core issue. Therefore, getting the best car oil additive could easily deal with all irritating sounds. Well, this oil stabilizer has fundamental properties that could work out for reducing friction and wear.

Moreover, you can utilize this oil stabilizer for different engines. Because this oil additive can improve the functioning of engines by coating a high-bear film on all friction surfaces.

Most importantly, you can freely use this oil without worrying about changing oil again and again. Meanwhile, this stabilizer oil can also enhance the lifespan of existing oil.

Product features

Some chief features of the Lucas AI Innovations heavy-duty stabilizer are as follows:

  • Suitable for every type of engine and always provide productive results
  • Offers a powerful engine start-up by lubricating all metal parts
  • Works as an anti-friction agent to reduce friction
  • Act as a source of lubrication
  • Its chemical composition has synthetic and mineral oil
  • Removes all debris and dust from the engine
  • Enhances consumption rate and lower engine temperature
  • Also works great for older engines
  • Increases lifespan of the engine
  • Doesn’t work for ford power strokes
  • Have the ability to seal worn cylinders

Technical details

The manufacturing brand of this stabilizer oil is Lucas Oil. The product weighs 7.6 pounds along with item model number 10002. Moreover, the product dimensions are 4 x 6 x 6 inches.

Well, this bottle contains 3.78 liters of oil.


  • Compatible for any engine, gasoline, or diesel engine
  • Capable to increase oil pressure and lower engine temperature
  • Minimize knocking and leaking


  • Pricey product

4.Rislone 4405 – Best Engine Oil Supplement Concentrate with Zinc Treatment.

Product description

If you’re fed up with ticking sounds coming from the engine and want to buy an inexpensive product. Then, you may find out Rislone 4405 is an excellent product among all oil additives comparisons. Because Rislone 4405 functions as a lubricating agent to lubricate all moving parts of the engine.

Although, this additive oil doesn’t only reduce friction. But, it also provides the horsepower to the engine by extending its lifespan. Moreover, this engine oil also heals out all worn seals that will ultimately increase the engine performance.

Most importantly, if you’re seeking one solution to all problems. Then, look nowhere. Because Rislone 4405 can function within every engine from your car to diesel, truck, or racing cars.

Well, it functions by enhancing the zinc and phosphorus ZDDP level that can safeguard tappet camshafts.

Overall, this product can be a game-changer for every type of engine. Because it knows how to fix engine knocking within no time.

Product features

Some basic features of the Rislone 4405 engine oil-supplement with zinc treatment are as follows:

  • This best car additive oil can work for every type of engine from diesel to truck engine or racing applications.
  • Offers complete prevention to camshaft wear
  • Increases the oil pressure of the engine
  • Works perfectly for older engines
  • Capable to lower piston scuffing
  • This high-viscosity formula also lower the temperature of the engine
  • Have the ability to avoid oil thinning at higher temperatures
  • ZDDP forms a thick film on all metal parts to prevent metal worn out

Technical details

Hy-per Lube by Rislone is the manufacturing brand of the Rislone 4405. Well, this additive oil weighs 11.2 ounces. However, the product dimensions are 1.8 x 3 x 6.6 inches with item model number 4405.

Moreover, its installation is quite easy for every engine. You can use a full bottle for gasoline engines and 1996 models. While using a half bottle for 1997-2004 engines will do the job perfectly.


  • Perfect additive oil for older engines
  • Prolongs the engine lifespan
  • Removes all knocking sounds


  • Doesn’t provide information regarding warranty

5.BestLine Premium Synthetic – Best Engine Treatment with Nano Diamond Technology.

Product description

If you’re thinking of getting an Oil additive for engine knock that can immediately remove all annoying sounds. Then, relying on the best line premium engine treatment will show a noticeable difference in the performance of the engine.

Well, it will also amaze you through its nano-diamond technology. Its nano-diamond technology is a rare feature that reduces friction and wears from all metallic surfaces.

Moreover, it also works to restore compression and enhance the lifetime of the engine. In this way, it also helps out to protect your engine from all corrosive agents.

Meanwhile, it also functions as an anti-corrosive agent. So, if you’re willing to get a single product with multiple abilities to work.

Then, this best additive to quiet engine noise will satisfy all needs of the engine and will let your engine run smoothly.

Product features

Here are some chief features of the best line premium synthetic engine treatment:

  • A perfect product with a promising formula to increase the lifetime of your engine by 80%
  • To enhance the fuel mileage, it offers strong agents to reduce friction from all metallic surfaces
  • Provides complete protection to all engine parts from corrosion
  • Clean up all debris and dust that act as a barrier in the high-performance of the engine
  • Works exceptionally as an ideal product for every type of the engine
  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee in case of no improvement
  • Protects against thermal breakdown and oxidation

Technical details

The best product for engine knocking weighs 1.2 pounds. Its manufacturing brand is BestLine Superior Lubricants. Moreover, its manufacturer part number is 853796001047 with the package dimensions 7.5 x 3.4 x 2 inches. Also, it has model number 8.53796E+11. For use, one bottle for every 5 quarts will work perfectly.


  • Durable and reliable product with low viscosity than other additives
  • Offers complete protection to the engine from corrosion
  • Works out to remove engine knocking
  • Provides 100% money-back guarantee


  • Causes reaction with Toyota oils

6.REV X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment – Two 4 fl. oz. Bottles.

Product description

Hunting for an ideal product that could magically work out for all worn-out seals along with removing engine knocks. Then, you can get a flawless product that will fulfill all requirements of your engine.

This high-performance oil additive will perfectly overcome all knocking issues. Also, this additive oil protects the engine from the devastating effects of all contaminants by removing all.

Although, the best oil additive to a quiet engine is completely free from unfavorable additives. Well, this fact will help to secure the engine from corrosion and prolongs lifespan. Above all, this additive oil also knocks out all dust particles to keep your engine clean. Moreover, it also contains effective lubricating agents.

However, these agents lubricate the upper cylinders of the engine and help to lubricate the lifter and valves. Further, this additive oil also deals with the worn-out seals that are one of the major causes of engine knocking.

So, if you’re searching for an all-in-one formula. Then, you can not ignore the top-notch features of REV X Stiction.

Note that this additive oil has specific ingredients to deal with stiction. Because stiction is known as static friction and a major cause of the improper functioning of the engine and even engine failure.

In the end, this stiction fixer will enable your older engine to run smoothly as it used to run at a young age.

Product features

The important features of REV X Stiction fix oil treatment are as follows:

  • Deals with the major issue of stiction in diesel fuel injectors
  • Free from all harmful additives (contains no Teflon, moly, graphite, or acids)
  • Enhances the life of the engine by acting as an anti-friction and anti-wear agent
  • Capable to increase performance by decreasing the operating temperature
  • Have the ability to increase torque and provides powerful performance to the engine
  • Workable with every type of lubricating agent
  • Useable within lawnmowers, cars, trucks, diesel engines, SUV, and motors
  • Also helps for engine start-up even during cold temperature
  • Successfully remove all noise coming from the engine by improving engine performance up to 80%
  • Cleanse every toxic component from the engine for better performance

Technical details

The manufacturing brand of REV X Stiction Fix oil treatment is REV X with item model number REV0402. Moreover, the OEM part number of this additive oil is REV0401. Well, its product dimensions are 3.5 x 2 x 3.75 inches. Also, this product weighs 5.6 ounces.


  • Works exceptionally for all types of engines
  • Provide excellent start-up during cold temperatures
  • Lubricate all metallic surfaces
  • Increases efficiency of the engine


  • Doesn’t provide warranty relevant information

7.Red Line 81403 – Best Engine Break-In Oil.

Product description

Another high-quality product is here to offer an affordable solution to engine knocking. These best oil additives for cars can enhance the performance of the engine by uprooting all causes of engine knocking.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a high-performance additive oil. Then, your search is over. Because Redline 81403 engine break-in oil is the best product for engine knocking.

Moreover, this specific formula contains extra zinc that can provide excellent lubricate properties even at high RPM.

Also, zinc plays a vital role in preventing foaming and lowering friction. However, with the improvement of engine performance, it doesn’t increase gas mileage.

Consequently, your engine will experience a new life and runs perfectly without producing knocking sounds. Well, after using one bottle you will never hear the audible engine sounds that usually accompany you during your journey.

Product features

Some significant features of the Redline 81403 engine break-in oil are as follows:

  • Due to the presence of zinc in its manufacturing formula, it offers excellent lubricating properties
  • Remove all knocking sounds coming from the engine
  • Works great for every type of engine and racing applications
  • Also increases the engine performance
  • Offers a higher level of ZDDP
  • Doesn’t contain any corrosive material in its composition

Technical details

Redline is the manufacturing brand of this additive oil. Although, its product dimensions are 9.25 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches. However, this product weighs 9.9 ounces. However, its item model number is RED81403. Most importantly, this additive oil is vehicle-specific. So, check out directions before using. This 16 fluid ounces bottle contains 473ml.


  • Durable and reliable product
  • Enhance the longevity of the engine
  • Reduces engine knocking


  • Vehicle specific

8.Archoil AR9100 – Best Oil Additive (16oz) for All Vehicles.

Product description

Want to know about a worthy product for all diesel and Power stroke engines? Then, the Archoil AR9100 is one of our top picks. Because this additive engine oil can provide productive consequences after using only one bottle.

So, if you’re willing to get a single product with various features. Then, Archoil comes up with the nano lubrication technology.

Well, it doesn’t only provide effective results by quieting engine sounds. Plus, it provides the horsepower to the engine and increases engine efficiency.

Overall, this product functions as an anti-friction and anti-wear agent to enhance the lifespan of the engine.

Product features

Here are some salient features of the Archoil AR9100 oil additive:

  • Suitable for all gasoline and diesel engines
  • Works on the principle of the nano lubrication technology and lubricate all metal surfaces
  • Stamp out injector problems for power stroke 6.0 and 7.3 L
  • Provides complete protection to all engine parts during cold temperatures
  • Capable to reduce friction and knocking sounds from the engine
  • Contain corrosion and rust inhibitors

Technical details

This model FBA_AR9100-16 has product dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 inches. Well, its manufacturing brand is Archoil. Also, this 16oz additive oil weighs one pound. For use, you can take 1.2oz per quart of the engine oil. While a 16oz bottle for Powerstroke and a dose of 3.2oz per quart for hydraulic and gear oil.


  • Protects all components of the engine
  • Reduces friction
  • Enhances engine efficiency


  • Expensive product

A helpful buying guide to choose the best product for engine knocking.

If you’re going to buy engine oil additives. Then, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind before investing to avoid frustration-free buying. These major factors will help you to select the best product for engine knocking.

Capable to reduce friction

Firstly, we need to check out the presence of the anti-friction agents in the additive oil. Because all metallic parts within the engine when come in contact produce friction.

Due to friction, these parts cannot operate properly leading to a reduction in engine performance. Therefore, an ideal additive oil should have the ability to deal with friction.

Should be corrosion resistant

An additive oil should be free from corrosive agents. Because corrosive agents can damage all metallic components of the engine. As a result, the engine stops working. So, you should wisely invest in a worthy product.

Chemical composition

Well, before buying any additive engine oil you have to look over for its composition. However, an oil additive with lubricating, anti-friction, and corrosion-resistant agents will work perfectly. But, oils with higher levels of phosphorus and zinc could function effectively.

Enhances MRP

Always look for an additive oil that can enhance MRP. However, an increase in MRP can improve engine performance.

Increase in engine performance

An additive oil doesn’t only function to stop engine knocking. But, it should have excellent properties that can increase overall engine performance.

Must have lubricating properties

Above all, an additive oil should have enough lubricating properties. So, it can lubricate all metallic parts of the engine properly to prevent engine knocking.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Do oil additives work?

Yes, oil additives don’t only help to quiet the engine knocking. But, it also helps to improve the performance of the engine by increasing its lifespan. Because oil additives have specific ingredients to reduce friction and help in lubricating all engine parts.

Can I mix out multiple engine oils?

Yes, you can mix out numerous engine oils of different brands. But, it will not practically improve the engine performance. Also, you have to follow the recommended oil viscosity by manufacturers of the vehicle.

Is oil additive a worthy product?

Yes, oil additives are worth every penny. Because these products have several antioxidants, anti-wear agents, lubricating agents, corrosion inhibitors, and many other agents. These agents collectively work to improve engine performance.


The best engine oil additive review can ease your process of buying a perfect oil additive. Because it’s quite tricky to choose the best product for engine knocking among a dozen of products. Therefore, if you’re having confusing thoughts and want to get details. Then, you can follow the above section to know more about the best product for engine knocking.

Well, you just need to make a wise decision. Because our vehicles entirely depend upon the engines. So, if there’s something wrong with the engine. Then, you should immediately sort out the issue before facing the worst situations.

Lastly, we’re hopeful that our buying guide and product review will enhance your knowledge regarding oil additives. So, invest your hard-earned money wisely.

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