best exterior paint for metal railings

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If you want to keep your railing rust-free and clean, you need to be on the lookout for the best exterior paint for metal railings. Therefore, there are numerous choices available in the market of paints and spray paints. You can either choose the liquid-based paint or the spray paint, and the option is yours.

The best in quality paints last longer and keep the objects safe from fading and dulling. Now the question is how to paint outside railings. But now, this isn’t a challenging job any more. Let’s unveil the facts.

5 best exterior paint for metal railings recommendation

  1. Rust-Oleum 1979502 – best Painter’s Touch Latex Paint.
  2. INSL-X AMW100009A-01 – best Water Block Acrylic Masonry Waterproof Paint.
  3. Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant – best Indoor & Outdoor Coating.
  4. Rust-Oleum 7592838-6 PK – best Professional High-Performance Enamel Spray Paint.
  5. Rust-Oleum 7215502 – best Hammered Metal Finish.

How to Paint Outside Railings?

Well, this is a 5 steps instruction on how to paint the outside railings seamlessly. Let’s dig with it.

  1. To remove the debris, loose paint, you need to wash the surface properly.
  2. Then proceed to sand the surface of the targeted object, you have decided to paint. The sanding the important part. It prepares the surface to adhere to the paint sufficiently.
  3. As your surface get dry and ready to paint; it’s time to move towards priming the railings with a high-quality primer and let it dry. You can use the brush for the application of primer. However, get hands-on with any good quality primer.
  4. Once the primer gets dry, grab a medium in a size paintbrush and the paint (most significant and as per your choice). Give one coat to the railings and leave them to dry.
  5. The first coat can take a good amount of time to dry. Wait until you find some parts for retouching or recoating. Give them thoughtful attention and enjoy freshly painted railings.

Best Exterior Paint For Metal Railings review.

Here we have gathered some of the renowned exterior paint for metal railings. This information will help you to reach the best paint of your choice.

1-Rust-Oleum 1976730 Touch Latex.

If you want to give your railing a softer and finish appearance with less gloss, then opt for the Rust-Oleum which is an excellent choice for sure. The amazing fact about this paint is that it gets dry to touch within 30 minutes. And you can go for the re-coat in 16 hours. 

 This is the best paint for outdoor metal furniture, which can be applied with a brush, sprayer, or roller as well. You can paint up to 120 sq ft. railings with this paint by Rust-Oleum.

However, some before-beginning instructions are there that you need to follow them. For instance, before applying the coat, you need to sand the targeted surface or the project with 180-200 grit sandpaper. And then, proceed by washing with the degreaser and let the surface or project dry entirely. Now, you are ready to go to paint. 

More about this paint will give the surface or the object a fresh look with the perfect finish. It works best at hiding unwanted marks. You can use it to complete a variety of projects, including indoor and outdoor, and the paint will easily be applicable on different surfaces like metal, wood, masonry, plaster, and even unglazed ceramic. However, if you are going to paint on metal railings, then spraying is a pretty much better option as the metal railings are intricate to paint. 

About the paint formula, it’s a water-based acrylic that provides an attractive satin finish. Besides, it’s low at producing odor all around. Everyone wants long-lasting paint that can protect the project overall as well. As a matter of fact, this paint is reliable to deliver protection to the metal railing from the harsh environment and meanwhile resists chipping the paint out. Overall, this paint will meet your painting the metal railings needs for sure. 


  • Water-based acrylic formula
  • Covers up to 120 sq ft 
  • 30 minutes dry to touch 
  • Compatibility to various materials 
  • Low odor and prevent to chip 


  • Best for indoor and outdoor works 
  • Low odor 
  • Availability in various colors 


  • It may require more than two coats to cover the drips and sags

2-INSL-X AMW100009A-01 Water Block Acrylic Masonry Paint.

For quick completion of the project, this water block acrylic masonry paint has a quick-dry feature. This is the water-based formula that requires the pre-stirring of the object or the surface before applying a paint coat. Besides, on different surfaces, it can work so well. The final application of this paint turns out quite smooth and sleek. Moreover, on different surfaces, including metal railings, this paint can be a good-to-go. Also, you can use rely on this paint for interior and exterior concrete walls. 

This is the best paint for outdoor metal furniture that comes with high alkali resistance. Up to pH-13, resists the alkali, offers a strong sealing and builds a blockade to prevent the water from absorbing. However, this paint does not bring you the hassle of pre-mixing or pre-wetting the objects. Also, priming isn’t necessary if you are choosing this paint for your metal railings. This means that you can apply the coat of paint on bare masonry surfaces. In dry places, it gives wonderful results.

About its functionality, this paint by INSL will fill all the gaps and provide a hard-wearing finish all the time. This is easy-going if you wet the surface or the object too, and for railings, this paint is quite ideal. The dark side of this paint is that it gives off an unpleasant smell, so make sure to work on the added place with adequate ventilation.

However, there are some restrictions regarding the temperature. You can only paint as long as the surface and the air temperature find amid 10 degrees to 32.2 degrees. This mildew-resistant paint can resist up to 12 psi hydrostatic pressure. The company provides preparation and application tips along with a paintbox so the users can understand them clearly.

Key Specifications:

  • Hold out up to 12 psi hydrostatic pressure
  • Water-based formula
  • Mildew resistant
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Up to pH-13 high alkali resistant


  • Waterproof
  • Mildew resistant
  • Give outstanding finish


  • Limitations regarding temperature and humidity

3-Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant.

Liquid Rubber has been producing nature-friendly and high-quality products for people who love to do their jobs independently. This is the best paint for wrought iron railings that gives a protective yet satin finish to different surfaces. There are so many ways that you can use this paint. The compatibility of this paint is quite great. You can opt for painting on metal, wood, concrete, and more.

When it comes to flexibility and durability, it seems that this paint is an ideal choice for painting metal railings. This environment-friendly rubber waterproof sealant is water-based. This sealant provides lasting protection from UV sun rays and keeps the objects safe from degrading.

Furthermore, there is 1000% elongation in the last or final membrane of this paint, which is remarkably flexible. So as to build up a waterproof membrane on your metal railings, you just need to open the container, and here you go to start the painting. Once you are done with the painting, the leftover material can be saved for next usage.

For the application, you can apply this sealant/coat with a brush, roller, or with a premium quality piston paint sprayer. This all-purpose waterproof sealant comes with endless work possibilities and can grant benefits in multiple other ways. This sealant takes 28-48 hours to dry. About weather conditions, this works in 25 degrees to 50 degrees temperature. Overall, this water-based sealant is safe for the environment as well as your family, pets, and plants too. It contains no solvents or any harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds). For indoors and outdoor projects, you can use it; besides, it’s non-flammable as well. So, you can use this best exterior paint for metal railings without getting worried.

Key Specs:

  • Comes with 1000% elongation
  • Water-based
  • Waterproof sealant
  • Non-flammable
  • Nature-friendly
  • Contains no VOC and solvents
  • Flexible and long-lasting


  • Stops UV rays
  • Environment friendly
  • Non-flammable


  • Quite expensive

4-Rust-Oleum 7592838-6 Professional High-Performance Enamel Spray Paint.

You can say it the best paint for outdoor metal furniture. This high-performance enamel spray paint gives industrial strength and durability. Unlike other paints, this is an oil-based formula that is great at resisting corrosion and chipping. This spray paint holds a strong resistance against fading and dulling of the object’s colors. Besides, it protects from abrasion too. So as to give long-lasting protection, the company formulated this spray paint in a way that prevents rust. So, the metal railings are so much protected with this enamel spray. 

If you’re finding the enamel spray paint for the iron railings, that can not only paint but can give a glossy appearance to them. Then this spray paint by Rust-Oleum is a perfect choice to do the paint job on railings. You can easily get your hands on them in attractive colors. 

These best exterior paint for metal railings will withstand weather since they are top-tier in quality. This enamel paint can be a good companion for ferrous, non-ferrous, metal, wood, masonry, and other materials. With this spray paint, 14 sq ft. you can easily cover, and merely in 15 secs, it gets dry. However, after an hour, you can give a recoat to the object. This comes with fast-drying technology that you can use to spray at any angle. With the high output tip, it covers 50% faster compared to its counterpart. Overall, this is super easy to use and best in performance. 

Key Specs: 

  • High-quality oil-based enamel spray 
  • Covers 4 sq ft. surface 
  • Corrosion, abrasion, and rust-resistant 
  • 50% faster in coverage 
  • Easy-to-use and any-angle spray 
  • Ideal for wood, metal, concrete, masonry, and more 


  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting protection 
  • 15 secs dry to touch 


  • After 20 minutes spray can stop to bring out the paint from the bottle 

5-Rust-Oleum 7215502 Hammered Metal Finish Paint.

You can trust Rust-Oleum for any type of paint job, but their paints are highly recommended for painting your metal railings. This paint is supposed to be the best exterior paint for metal railingsamong many others available on the market. This is the paint that can fight against corrosion and rust, and without sacrificing durability, you can see your furniture and iron railings in that same color when you painted them. However, you need to make sure to apply two coats before finishing the paint.

There is a relaxation of not priming the surface of the product as you start the paint. This superior in coverage paint will protect the metal railings and fade or dull the color. This is how you can give them a vibrant look. Rust-Oleum is considered to make it capable of withstanding weather and rust. This paint accommodates different surfaces, for instance, wood, concrete, metal, masonry, and of course, there are more.

About the formula of this paint, it is an oil-based one and able to deliver a fine application; meanwhile, it gives excellent rust protection. You don’t need to wait for several hours to make it dry. After the final application, it just takes 2 to a maximum of 4 hours to dry. And you can cover up more than 100 q ft with this paint. You can use this paint in order to hide the flaws, scratches, and other imperfections. Besides, with this paint, you’ll be able a give a fresh look to the rusted and pitted metals. To painting the iron-wrought railings, you can consider this paint for sure as it guards against the UV rays as well.

Key Specs:

  • 4 hours full cure time
  • Rust resistant
  • Metallic exterior finish
  • UV protection enabled
  • Covers up to 100 sq ft.
  • Durable and withstand weather conditions
  • Oil-based paint formula


  • Quickly dries up
  • Easy and sleek application
  • Gives lasting protection against rust


  • Flammable, so need to alert while using it

Most Frequently Asked Questions (F&Qs)

What is the best paint to paint the metal railings of the house?

Well, there is a wide range of paints available on the market for painting the railings. However, you have thought to reach the best one. Then consider the Rust-Oleum’s paints to paint the railings. Rust-Oleum is offering the high-quality, and best color for wrought iron railings paints to the consumers.

Does the primer necessary before the application of paint?

You need to prime some paints before applying the paint coat; however, some paints don’t require the primer too long for the last.

Can I paint the rusted metal railings?

Yes, of course. But you need to focus on the pre-preparation of the paint, which means you need to prime at first and then paint.


Finding the best exterior paint for metal railings is no more difficult. With a couple of focal points, you can get the best one for your railings. Herein, we disclosed the best paints that not only work on the railing but on other surfaces too. Now, you can paint on your own without spending many bucks. By following a proper procedure, you can meet the best results in painting the railings.

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