How to Hot Wire a Cart?

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Most modern vehicles nowadays follow all the safety measures to prevent hot-wiring. This can be done in some of the old vehicles. Knowing this procedure can help you if you lose your cart keys and need to drive them again.

Every cart’s manufacturing process is different. It is normally suggested to consult the owner’s manual so that everything can be managed properly. This article is for you if you are looking for information about how to hot wire a cart. Check the guide below to understand things in detail.

How to Hot Wire a Cart?

Hotwiring is a process when you start up your cart’s engine without using a key. The entire process looks quite simple in real life, but it’s not. For the old vehicles, this approach was easy as the electronic locking systems were built into the vehicles. But now it’s a little more complicated. In modern vehicles, you have to deal with the central computer systems, which manage the entire locking mechanisms of the cart.

However, note that hot-wiring a cart can be risky to your security and the well-being of your cart. If you cannot handle things perfectly, then there is a slight possibility of an electrical. The improper approach also affects the vehicle’s wiring. It is important to take all the safety measures to handle things well.

Safety Instructions to Follow

One must follow the below-listed instructions to manage the job well.

  • Make sure your cart’s power is completely turned off
  •  Look for the two wires that are connected to the cart’s ignition.
  • After this, cut the wires and strip the ends proper
  •  The next step is to touch the wire’s ends together to start the engine
  • Do not forget to secure the wires together using electrical tape.

It is important to follow the safety measures so that you can end up getting the desired outcome properly. A small mistake can sometimes lead to bigger issues. To save yourself from the entire problem, check everything thoroughly before starting the process.

Step-by-step Guide

Here in this section, you will get a complete step-by-step guide on how to easily hot wire a cart. Check the guide below.

Step 1: Use a Screwdriver

The first step is to make use of a screwdriver. Put it into the keyhole of your cart. Turn it on and see if it works or not. In some cases, this approach will work, but for some, you need to perform the other steps as well.

Step 2: Remove the Access Panel

To remove the access panel, you first need to remove all the screws on the steering column cover. Once you can do it, you will see the access panel. Remove them by pulling them out. After doing this, you will get access to your cart’s wiring.

Step 3: Properly Check the Wires

In this step, you will see different bundles of wires. Each one has a different color and is separate from the other. These are for car lights, warmers, batteries, wipers, and ignition. You need to focus on the battery and ignition one.

Check the manual to see which wire is connected to the cart’s battery and which is associated with the ignition system. These wires are normally red, but to make sure, check your cart manufacturing manual so that so cannot face any trouble later on.

Step 4: Find the Wire Connected to Starter Motor

The next step is to look for the wire connected to the starter motor. Do not forget to slice some pieces of the insulation off this wire’s end too. Take the wire end and touch it with the other two.

Step 5: Cover Wires Properly

Once you attach the wire ends, the next job is to cover the end. Make use of electrical tape to perform this job. This will ensure proper vehicle safety and protect you from any future mishap.


1.) Is hot wiring a cart an easy job to perform?

No, it’s not. In modern carts, it is quite difficult to hot-wire a cart. The latest carts provide maximum safety and security to their users. Thieves are unable to hot-wire modern-day carts. However, this approach somehow works for old carts.

2.) Is it safe to hot wire a cart?

No, it’s not safe. As mentioned earlier, the newer carts contain built-in safety measures that prevent them from getting hot-wired. Keep this noted that the hot-wiring process can cause permanent damage to your cart. So try to avoid it and look for other possible solutions.

3.) How long does it take to hot wire a cart?

For an expert, it’s just a matter of two to three minutes. Those performing this task for the first time might require some time. They need to check each wire in detail while performing the job.


Hot-wiring a cart is not a difficult job to perform. There are many reasons for doing it. However, it is suggested to look for other possible solutions before doing this one. The reason is that this entire process is quite tricky and causes permanent damage to your cart if not managed well. This article contains a complete guide on how to easily hot wire a cart. It is suggested to take all the safety measures before performing this job. Check the steps above for a detailed understanding.

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